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Friday, 23 November 2018

Fun and Games with Jane

From Blushes 70
‘Hello, lovely Janey! Well how have you been?’
‘OK,’ Jane says a little shakily.
Yes she is on Grand Canary again. Mike has met her at the airport, then driven here to the hotel, the Metropole where last time Jane and Bill Rawlins stayed. But now it is Jane and Mike. This nice room on the second floor with the hot sun streaming in through the window.
Just herself and Mike. Three nights in this room. The thought is almost too much.
‘How about a drink?’ Mike suggests. Jane says yes please. Maybe a drink will make her feel better. Or maybe make her feel worse. Make her feel sick. Three nights with Mike. In that double bed. Three days out in the Super Grand Canary sun of course, doing more shots for the magazine. That’s maybe not so bad although Mike is capable of plenty of awful stuff outside. But it is in here, in that bed: that is what Jane is thinking about. She should have refused. But she couldn’t. Maybe Mike won’t want to sleep with her? But she knows she can forget that thought.
Mike comes over with two drinks from the little fridge in the cupboard. He puts them on the low table and sits down in the easy chair. Grinning up at Jane as she stands nervously by the table in her pretty yellow-flowered summer dress.
‘Great. Shall we get comfortable? It’s two weeks since I’ve seen you. I really missed you, Jane. Come here and sit on my lap. And why not… take your knickers off first?’ Mike laughs. ‘Unless you’ve got them off already. Mmm? So that whoever you were sitting next to on the plane could put his hand up and feel your pussy. Some lucky bloke, eh?’
Jane shakes her head. Mike insists: he wants her on his lap and with her knickers off. Well, what can she do? Jane’s hands slide hesitatingly up under her dress. To her brief pale-yellow knickers. Oh Christ! Her knees feel all rubbery…
Jane’s knickers come down her long legs. They are bare, showing some tan from that last stay. Then off over her white high-heels. Mike takes her arm and pulls her down. She half falls down onto his lap… and squeals as his hand immediately slides up between her bare legs.
Mike grunts. His hand forces her legs apart. Sliding further up. Jane gives another squeal as his fingers get at her bare pussy. One slips into her.
‘So I suppose you’ve been having a hot time with that boyfriend, eh? Going at it like a couple of rabbits. Bunny rabbit Jane!’
‘Cut it out, Mike,’ she says weakly. He has leaned her back with her skirt up round her waist. Mike’s big hand is cupping her pussy, one finger up in her and another rubbing at her clit. It is awful but it is bound to get to her. Bound to get her hot. Jane tries not to think of Ian. As Mike’s mouth comes on hers. His tongue pushing in her mouth…
He breaks off the kiss and takes his hand away from Jane’s now wet pussy. Mike pushes her up. ‘Let’s go outside. Get some of that sun.’
Outside there is a wide balcony surrounded on three sides with a low wall which has masses of red and pink pelargoniums growing in the top. A mattress laid down on one side of the white stone floor. The whole of the balcony is in the full glare of the afternoon sun which is beating down out of an intense blue sky.
Mike tells Jane to take her dress off. He is stripping off himself… and Jane sees his big, stiff erection. She swallows, looking away. It looks monstrous, twice as big as Ian’s, though she knows it’s not really. She knows because she’s had both up her. And both in her mouth. Oh Christ… She feels light-headed in this really hot sun. But in a way she wants it… Or part of her wants it. Mike’s big cock…
He makes her kneel and take it in her mouth. She sucks it. Kneeling on the mattress and with the hot sun on her bare back and buttocks. Closing her mind to everything else. The big prick filling her mouth and the hot sun burning her bare flesh. Her mind floating above the pure sensuality of it. Is Mike going to come in her mouth No. He takes it out. And tells her to turn. On her hands and knees. Mike wants the other. But what…? Where…? Jane shudders as bending over her from behind he rubs it against her slick-wet cunt. He puts it in. In her cunt. Jane moans. For the moment there had been the thought that he wanted the other place. She has never had it there. In her bottom. It would be impossible. Impossibly big. But that wouldn’t stop Mike, not if he wanted it. Jane thinks of it impaling her bottom. She makes another moaning sound, as it slides in and out. In her slick cunt A slick-tight fit. She moans again. She is hot alright. She is going to come.
Oh God! It feels great! Unbelievable!
Lying on the mattress. Side by side with Mike on their backs. All Jane can see, squinting in the burning sun, is pale blue sky, with just in the edge of her vision part of those brilliant flowers. She thinks of Ian. A feeling of guilt, but she had no choice. Well, maybe she had a choice about enjoying it. About coming. No, she couldn’t help herself coming. But if Ian ever found out… that she has screwed Mike. And Bill. And that other young bloke. Screwed them. Sucked their cocks. Oh Christ! She tries not to think about it.
‘Ever tried one of these, Janey?’
What? She opens her eyes into the dazzling sun and at first can’t see anything. Then… Mike is holding something up. It is pink. Like a… man’s thing. Stiff and erect. And then she knows what it is. She has never seen one before but it has to be one of those things. What do they call them? Dildos. Yes. It’s a dildo.
Laughing, Mike brings it down and slides it over Jane’s nude boobs. ‘Ever tried one? I bet you have. I bet you’ve got one hidden away at home. For when that Ian’s not there and you’re in bed all alone. I bet you’ve got one for any lonely nights. Eh? Slide it in. Much better than your finger. Or a candle say.’
‘Cut it out. I don’t do any of that stuff. Hey!’
Mike has slid the thing down her body. Over Jane’s belly to her nest of curls. She reaches down to grab it.
‘Don’t,’ Mike tells her. ‘Lie still and take your hand away. And open your legs. I’m going to put it in. Give you a bit more. I know our hot Jane can always take a bit more.’
She protests. He can’t. The thought is too much. But she can’t stop Mike in whatever he wants to do it seems. Jane has to open her legs… and Mike rubs the thick smooth head of the dildo along the slippery-wet lips of her cunt. She yelps again… but he slips it in. It feels just like… being fucked. Mike slides it in and out.
‘Don’t!’ she whimpers. ‘Please…!’
‘Don’t be a silly girl. You’re lapping it up, I can see that. Loving it. Come on, let me see you come.’
It is really awful, Mike doing her with this horrible thing. But there is nothing Jane can do and it is getting to her. She has just come with Mike and now… Jane is getting hot again. This thing which is just like a big stiff prick sliding in and out.
‘Please Mike…’ But she does want it. Jane’s hips are now rocking rhythmically. It feels great. It’s awful but it feels great. And she’s going to come again.
Aaahh… wwaaaaahh… Aaayyaa00000hh…!!
Jane just lies there. Drained. Feeling awful. Or at least telling herself she feels awful. She should feel awful after coming with that horrible thing in her. Mike is getting up off the mattress. He tells her to stay there; he is just going back in the room for a moment.
Jane anyway has no wish to get up. She feels too whacked out. Exhausted in this really hot sun… and from her two big orgasms. She closes her eyes. Maybe she drifts off to sleep.
‘Hey! Wake up!’
Opening her eyes and trying to collect her thoughts. Yes she must have dropped off, for five or ten minutes perhaps. It is Mike, with his jeans on again now. Whereas Jane of course is still lying nude on the mattress. yes Mike… and someone else!
She gives a shocked squeal. Another bloke! With one arm covering her nude boobs she grabs for her dress.
‘No, don’t bother,’ Mike tells her. ‘You’re OK like you are.’ He turns to the other bloke. ‘Don’t you think, Marcel?’
The stranger gives a sort of embarrassed smirk. He is young-looking, maybe not much more than Jane’s own age, tall with smooth black hair. He is dressed like a waiter in white shirt and black bow tie. He has his eyes wide on her nude body of course — and something else. Jane suddenly remembers the dildo. It is lying innocently next to her on the mattress — in full view. With a yelp she swipes it away out of sight.
Mike laughs. ‘No need to be shy, Jane. We all know girls like to use those things. Marcel here knows, he’s a young man of the world. But I haven’t introduced you. Marcel; Jane. Marcel works here. And he’s going to do something for me. So shall we go inside?’
Mike won’t let her put anything on. Not apart from her white high-heels. Nothing else. Because that’s how Mike wants her for what Marcel is going to do.
‘What? What…?’ struggling to her feet while trying to cover her bare boobs and pussy from the waiter’s keen gaze. As Jane’s mind clears from her nap there is the realisation that Mike must have thought up some other dreadful thing. What…?
Mike tells her Marcel is going to spank her bottom. This young waiter is to spank Jane’s bare bottom.
No!’ she squeals. They are back in the room now, Jane still trying to cover her nude body. Mike tells her to put her arms down. Marcel has seen girls’ pussies and boobs before. And she is going to get her bottom spanked. Not too hard but enough to teach her to be sensible. She was moaning and complaining the last time she was out here and Mike doesn’t want a lot of that. So… she’s going to have a lesson.
Jane tries to plead but as usual it’s no good. She is properly awake now and fully conscious of the awfulness of what Mike wants. It’s bad enough to be in here with nothing on in front of this horrible waiter but to have to lie nude over his lap and be spanked is ten times worse. She is close to tears. Horrible Mike! First using that awful thing on her and now this! She cowers away, shaking her head. Pleading.
Mike grabs her. Twisting Jane’s arms behind her back and pinning them in one hand. His other big hand coming round to jiggle her nude tits.
‘You see she’s a very naughty girl, Marcel. Very disobedient. A lot of English girls are of course. They should get spanked a lot more. They need discipline but all they want is pleasure. Like Jane here, lying out there in the sun and bringing herself off with that thing. Not good, eh Marcel?’
The young waiter, smirking, shakes his head. His eyes are almost popping out of course, at Jane’s nude body held right in front of him and writhing weakly in Mike’s grip. His eyes fixed primarily on Jane’s blonde-bushed cunt.
‘Have a feel,’ Mike invites him. ‘Feel her cunt. You’ll see, it’s all wet from coming.’
No!’ A wild shriek. ‘Don’t you dare!’ Jane renews her struggles, kicking her legs up. Marcel licks his lips, not sure if he dares touch her but Mike urges him on. Marcel comes forward, wary of the kicking legs.
‘If you kick him it’ll be the cane, my girl,’ Mike grits in Jane’s ear. But anyway the waiter has got in close now, trapping her legs. She squeals as his hand cups her bush. His face, inches away, is hot with excitement as his fingers push in between Jane’s thighs. She gives a shuddering sob, trying to keep her legs closed but she can’t. The waiter’s hand has thrust right in and is at her sticky-wet pussy. His fingers slide up into her.
Jane feels sick. She is gasping for breath and also crying now. Mike’s voice in her ear tells her not to be silly, it’s her own fault for not agreeing to the spanking without a lot of argument. He tells Marcel to let go of her and go and sit on the bed. Is she going to be sensible now? And get over his lap?
Jane is sobbing. In too much of a state to answer — or do anything else much. Mike still has hold of her and propels her to the bed. He pushes her down over the waiter’s lap. Jane flops down helplessly, like a rag doll. Marcel’s hand slides lightly over her bared nates, as if he is still not too sure of all this; of being presented with this lovely English girl to spank and manhandle. But he has already had his hand on her cunt, hasn’t he? His fingers in it. And Mike is telling him to go ahead.
He splats his hand down on the resilient flesh. There is a satisfying staccato crack. Mike tells him to hit harder, not just tickle her. His second smack to the wobbling flesh is harder, this time bringing a sharp yelp. Mike says harder still. Jane needs a good walloping. So then the waiter starts to really whack his hand down.
Splatt!!… Splattt!!… Splattt!!… Splattt!!…
It is as bad as when Mike himself has done it. Not as bad as a caning perhaps but really stinging. Jane is gasping and yelping. Squirming her red-hot rear like a landed fish. As the heavy spanks continue unabated. At last Mike tells him to stop. He bends down in front of her, and lifts her head. Jane’s face is red and wet with tears, her blonde tresses everywhere. Mike’s face comes close and he gives her trembling mouth a little kiss.
‘Had enough now?’
Yes!’ she gasps. ‘Yee…eeess!
Mike gives her another kiss. ‘Just a little bit more, Jane. A girl’s got to learn her lesson, eh?’
He tells Marcel to start up again. A little bit harder.
The spanking does eventually finish. But Mike’s fun and games aren’t quite over. The games with the waiter. He says that for all that hard work Marcel has done he is going to need a little reward. Isn’t that fair? Jane has now been allowed to stand. She can just about stand on her shaking legs. She doesn’t answer Mike. Marcel, though, is grinning and nodding his head. In anticipation of something. Some sort of reward.
The reward Mike has in mind is Jane herself. Marcel should be allowed to have her. Marcel’s eyes widen when he realises what Mike is saying. His face flushing. And Jane…? Her face flushes too.
No Mike!! No…ooo…
‘Yes. I think so.’ Mike’s voice is calm and matter-of-fact. As if it is nothing exceptional for Jane to be told she is to be screwed by the waiter. ‘Yes. Marcel will like that I think. Eh Marcel?’
Marcel nods vigorously. Oh yes, he will like it alright. Jane meanwhile is getting somewhat hysterical. Unable to believe what Mike is saying — but at the same time knowing he is quite capable of saying it. There was of course that young bloke on her other stay here — in the back room of that cafe. But that time Jane had had quite a drop to drink and never really knew what was happening until afterwards. Now… she is cold sober.
No Mike! No, Please… Not that! Something else please!
Mike says there isn’t anything else. Nothing else that Marcel wants. He looks to Marcel who confirms this with an eager nodding of his head.
‘So come on, Jane. You’re not being very cooperative. How shall we have you? Why not kneeling at the side of the bed.’ Mike laughs. ‘As if you’re saying your prayers. Yes, kneeling by the bed. But with your knees nice and wide — so that Marcel can get properly at it.’
Jane can’t believe it, it is like some awful nightmare. She is kneeling on the carpet with her body lying over the side of the bed. Still naked of course except for her white high-heels. And hot Marcel is at her. Behind her. He has unzipped and pulled down his tight black trousers. And his underpants. And he is there kneeling behind her. With his greedy stiff things now eager to get to work. It is between her spread legs. Sliding along her wet slit. A couple of times, and then finds her entrance. The waiter makes a grunting sound as he gets the head of it into her tight tunnel. And then a sound of greedy pleasure as he rams it fully home.
Mike laughs softly. ‘Be honest, Janey dear. You loved it with that Marcel. You really loved it.’
‘I didn’t. I hated it! I really…’ Jane’s voice tails off into a slightly tearful whimper.
Mike’s hand comes over and strokes her face.
They are in the bed. It is dark now, night-time, and Jane can see only faint shadows in this room where earlier she had to let the waiter screw her over the side of the bed. After getting that spanking over his lap. After that Mike sent him away and then he had her himself in the bed. Screwing her himself. And then they got dressed and went out to a restaurant for a meal. But she didn’t feel like eating anything. And then… back here.
They are lying side by side and Mike is gently stroking her face. Softly he says, ‘Maybe tomorrow we’ll have Marcel again. And this time a couple of his mates as well. How would that be?’
Jane makes a gasped exclamation — which is stifled as Mike turns her head and kisses her. He takes her hand and moves it over… to his cock. It is big and stiff.
His low, teasing voice: ‘Why not, Janey? Wouldn’t it be a nice big turn-on? Three or four of them in turn. There’s that older bald-headed one for instance. I’ve seen him giving you some really hot looks. He’d really appreciate a go…’
Jane squeals in horror at the thought. Mike couldn’t really… But the dreadful thing is there doesn’t seem to be anything he wouldn’t do.
Mike’s hand goes to her pussy, and then he gets over on top of her. Entering her he says it again: ‘Yes. Three or four of them. That should do the trick for hot Janey.’


  1. Fabulous story and a great set of pictures too. What a lucky girl that Jane really was. Fleas have you got any nu west videos of Debbie?

    1. The thought of Jane being spanked, caned and passed round to give pleasure to any men her owners see fit is a big turn on. I can think of a number of celebrities I would love to see in this position...