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Friday, 16 November 2018

Feedback — More Schoolgirl Jane

From Blushes 69
Dear Editor,
I am writing in response to your first JANE issue which is really great. You are certainly right: your models are always fantastic but having a proper BLUSHES Girl is something else And she does seem ideal for that: a sweet and lovely girl who seems quite innocent but also is getting screwed, etc. That is a really great combination.
What I personally would like more of is the school aspect. Or let’s say more of that business when Jane went back for a reference after leaving. Incidentally we don’t actually know what happened when she got the reference — there’s scope for another little story there. But what I’m thinking is that Mr Milport doesn’t keep it all to himself. He’s got a close chum at school who would also greatly appreciate having a little go at Jane. Well, I imagine they all would if the truth were known. Teachers can be a randy lot (I know because I know a few of them) and once they know a pretty girl is prepared to be cooperative they’re sniffing round like a pack of hounds!
But I am thinking for the moment of just this special chum of Mr Milport’s. He’s the History bloke, call him Mr Blaker (you don’t want to use real names anyway, I know). Mr Blaker is middle-aged and not exactly a heart-throb and his wife is nothing special either — which is why all these good-looking girls going through his hands (mostly not literally unfortunately) can get Ted Blaker all frustrated. His mate Milport is aware of this and now is his chance to be a real mate.
He gets on the phone and tells Blaker a bit about the Jane episode. ‘There’s probably something there for you too, old boy, if you want to give it a try.’
Mr Blaker is almost coming in his trousers at what Milport has told him. Jane Simpkins of course is one of the girls he’s really had the hots for! And now here is Ron Milport he’s had her bare-bottomed over his lap. Spanking her bare bum! And no doubt groping everything in sight too! Milport has also hinted at other choice little pleasures as well. Jesus on a bike! It is almost too much!
So Blakey gives Jane a call. All sympathetic. Saying Mr Milport has told him of her problems in getting a job etc. Well maybe he can help: he’s got a few contacts. As we know Jane is pretty despondent and whether or not Mr Milport has actually given her that reference yet, her experience with him hasn’t done anything to make her feel any better. And Mr Blaker does sound so sympathetic. So she agrees to see him.
Mr Blaker meets Jane in his car. And takes her out to a nice secluded spot in the country. He is probably close to having a heart attack with excitement. His stiff prick is almost bursting out of his trousers!
What has sweet Jane let herself in for?! Once again!
As soon as they are parked of course Blaker is almost immediately groping her. Still all sympathetic of course but he can’t keep his hands off her nubile body. Groping for Jane’s tits. She tries to stop the hands but Mr Blaker is too hot to be stopped. Anyway he knows she’s cooperated with his chum Milport which is a real green light. His frantic fingers are grabbing the buttons of Jane’s light coat open and then burrowing in. To grope Jane’s tits in her thin and flimsy frock. And then of course up her skirt. Poor Jane! She should have guessed at something like this.
All the time of course the hot and randy teacher is mouthing his weasel words. About these marvellous contacts he’s got and all Jane will have to do is give his name — if she is nice and cooperative, that is. Yes he can get her a job. No problem. And all Mr Blaker wants is a little show of appreciation. Jane to stop squirming about and let him… get his hands here and there. He only wants to be nice and friendly.
Unfortunately Mr Blaker’s being nice and friendly seems to mean first of all getting his hands on Jane’s nude tits. That it what he wants. He is trying to get at her bra strap. And before long he succeeds. Well, Jane doesn’t want her bra ripped… Yes Blaker gets her boobs out. Oh! Ooooh! Really…
Dreadful Mr Blaker has got his head down. His mouth is at Jane’s bare flesh. Ooohh!! He is sucking a now turgid nipple.
But this is not all. Naturally he wants the rest of Jane as well. Not just her lovely tits. Mr Blaker after greedily sucking each one is grabbing at Jane’s cute little knicks. He wants them off — all part of being nice and friendly. And he won’t take no for an answer. He is too hot and aroused now. And well, Jane doesn’t want her knickers ripped either, does she? So she is forced to give way. It is too much but what can a girl do? Her knickers are coming down… Off.
Mr Blaker gets his hand up there. Of course. At Jane’s hot cunt. Not that Jane is aroused by all this but girls’ cunts, nestling snugly between their thighs, are naturally pretty warm. His hand is at it. This is really too much.
But there is then something more. Something else that Mr Blaker wants. And not what Jane may have imagined. It is not what she does with boyfriend Ian — which is what Jane, ever since the start of all this frenzied mauling, has been expecting. No, and neither is it that thing which Mr Milport wanted, at his house. But it is something just as bad.
What it is is… Jane being spread out on the seat. With one leg up on the seat. And Mr Blaker’s head going down there. His face…
Jane has heard girls sort of referring to this. With girlish giggles. She hasn’t been sure exactly what they meant. But now clearly… it was this. Mr Blaker’s greedy mouth there. It is at her pussy. Slobbering… Sucking… It is really awful. He is sucking her cunt. How awful. But at the same time… it can get a girl excited. She can’t help getting aroused by it, even though it is so awful. So that Jane is very soon responding. And in no time at all she is coming!!
Well, how about that? Ask our dear girl about that. Am I right in my guess? She’s had some of that. Either after leaving school or of course before. Ask her to tell us about it. Or tell her she’s got to tell us about it. Or get a good caning.
B.R.W., Manchester
We have asked Jane and she says NO, definitely not. But I’m not sure if we can believe her. Maybe I should get that cane out — to test if she is really telling the truth! Thanks for your letter. The Editor.

Hello Again BLUSHES Readers!
Yes it’s me again! Jane! How did you like the last issue! On Grand Canary! That was really great! I wish you could have all been there because it was so fantastic. especially of course after awful England in the winter.
Actually looking at the magazine does make me blush a bit. More than a bit in fact! I suppose that’s why it’s called BLUSHES! And reading it even more! I had no idea the Editor was going to put all that in. All that you know. [Editor’s note: Jane presumably means the screwing, etc.] Actually my mind is all rather hazy about the whole thing and I don’t remember a lot of details as to what actually did happen.
[Editor’s note: Don’t believe her, of course she remembers. And it did all happen, I am assured. I have been kicking myself that I didn’t go as well, but someone’s got to mind the shop.]
Well, all I can hope and pray is that my boyfriend doesn’t see it. If he does it will be curtains for our relationship I should think. Unless I can do some really fast talking!
Actually I have just had a really good weekend at home in Kent with Ian. Kent is really nice and now hopefully the worst of the winter is over. I have to say it’s not as nice as Grand Canary though!. Ian knows I was out there but I told him we were doing travel photography. (A little white fib!)
Oh yes, Mr Greene has told me to put this bit in. While I was there I went to see that chap who introduced me to BLUSHES. Stephen his name is. I have got this sort of arrangement which is that I will go and see him now and then because of his getting me the job. To say hello. And also of course for him to smack my bum. I have been told to tell you that.
This was at his house on Sunday morning and I rode over there on my bike. It’s not all that far from where I live. Anyway he gave me some coffee and I told him how I was getting on and about Grand Canary. And then he wanted his little reward, which was for me to get over his lap so that he could take my knickers down and spank my bare bottom. All I can say is that it wasn’t as bad as that Mike on Grand Canary. Not half as bad.
[Editor’s note: According to Stephen Milford that is only half the story. He says that after reading the last BLUSHES featuring Jane he realised he had perhaps got the wrong idea about her. That she wasn’t all that innocent after all. And therefore on this occasion he didn’t only spank her bottom. But maybe to save her maidenly blushes somewhat I’ll leave it at that!]
So anyway I’ve had a good weekend with my dearest and now we’re here in the BLUSHES office to discuss my next assignment. I am sure there will be lots of great ideas from your readers, though of course I hope they won’t be too awful or too painful! Please spare your dear Jane. Dear readers! Actually because it takes time to get letters back after the magazine comes out we have not had any yet, it is too early. Well just one and I won’t bother to mention that one.
OK. Well Mr Greene says I’ve got to put it in. Well it is an awful one really. This reader says he wants me to be caned and then screwed by ten blokes one after the other. Well, I don’t think that’s very funny. Or very nice! I don’t think he can be one of our regular readers. He’s probably more a regular reader of one of those other magazines and just happened to see me in BLUSHES.
So come on, regular BLUSHES readers. Jane fans! Can I call you that? Let me have some nice suggestions. Or quite nice. I mean I know I have to take a bit of spanking, that’s what I’m here for. And the cane too: just a bit. But… I know you want to be easy on me, OK?
See ya. Your own
Dear Readers. This is your friendly editor, Derek Greene, and the above is Jane’s latest effort with the pen. We are of course all very pleased with her here. She is such a lovely fresh and unspoilt girl and also a very good sport. Well I don’t need to tell you, the cane does hurt! But Jane is still smiling. In fact she is just the young lady we have always wanted for our BLUSHES GIRL.
To repeat what Jane has said: please send in all your suggestions. Even if we don’t (or can’t!) act upon them all I am sure other readers will appreciate your thoughts (so long as they are printable — and we’re reasonably broadminded here.)
But for the moment…
Well, I’m sure you’re not going to believe this. And even more our lovely Jane is not going to believe it. But the fact is we’ve had this phone call from Mike Vulker out in Gran Canary! You will all remember he’s the big bloke who featured a lot with Jane in our last issue. Anyway he has suggested that she comes out for another visit.
He’s very keen to see our lovely girl again. Well who wouldn’t be! He’s so keen that he’s prepared to pay for her trip. And how can I refuse an offer like that! But it’s true what he says, which is that there’s a lot more beautiful scenery out there which they didn’t shoot last time and where we could get some more great shots of Jane.
Also it is a bit early yet over here to take outdoor shots of our girl. Not without the risk of getting poor Jane’s bum frozen! And we don’t want that, do we?
Anyway it’s just about decided. I am sure you readers will he only too pleased to get another set of really great shots of Jane out there. I haven’t told our girl yet. It’s going to be one BIG SURPRISE. Well, another great holiday for her. But also… as you may have gathered she’s not all that keen on Mike!
Hello Readers
He’s just told me. I can’t believe it! I thought they were kidding! But then Mr Greene showed me the ticket. I still can’t believe it! Tomorrow afternoon! And this time it’s just me going out. I mean I won’t even have Bill Rawlins with me. I’ll just be out there with that Mike. Mike Vulker who is a really horrible bastard! Mr Greene says to tone my language down but I’d say that is too good for that Mike. I’ve got to be out there with him for four days!
I said I wouldn’t go of course. In spite of it being another four days out on Grand Canary and that super sunshine. But of course they’ve persuaded me. Mike is going to be really nice to me this time! Ha-ha! So they say! I don’t think he’s capable of being nice. And they’re telling me what a lucky girl I am to get another trip, and Bill and Mr Greene and Richard are saying how they’d love to be going. Oh yes, but they’re not me are they?
Mr Greene says I’ve got to stop whining. Richard says he is going to write another great Grand Canary story. I still can’t believe any of this! I’m going to have to tell Ian I’m going off again. Oh Christ!
Anyway, that’s it for now.

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