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Thursday, 1 November 2018

Amanda’s Story

From Janus 7
‘Amanda, you should know by now that not paying attention in class means a hot botty and extra prep after school-hours, and if ever I catch you passing notes again to your friends when you should be concentrating on your maths, I will have to inform the Head. His cane is thinner than mine, Amanda, and leaves a more defined track on a plump white rear. He has no qualms about removing knickers either, my girl, and he delivers no less than six strokes at a time, very hard, Amanda, yes, very hard! It is impossible to sit down afterwards for several hours. Matron usually provides a cool sitzbath on such occasions, to lessen the sting after such an ordeal and to relieve the symptoms of severe shock! I have been present at such an event, my dear, and I can tell you now that it is not a beautiful sight for any eyes, the poor victim weeps uncontrollably as her pale globes ripen considerably and the squeals and yelps are enough to make one consider giving up the profession of teaching… but there is no other way to keep you wilful creatures under control… Amanda why are you sniggering?… Why, you little strumpet! How dare you stick out your tongue like that! Bend over that desk, this minute, and read your text aloud on the Pythagoras Theorem. Come on! Louder!
THWACK! THWACK! The cane rained down on Amanda’s bottom and the professor made her lift her skirt and bare her buttocks so that he could stripe her bottom with his cane. ‘Aaaiiooww! (sob)… (hiccup) T…Th…The square on the hy…hypotenuse of a r…right angled Aaaaaiiow!… triangle is equal to the sum… No! Please!… of the squares on the Aaaiiow!… other two sides!’
THWACK! THWACK! Her bottom was fiercely red and she was whimpering pitifully. The professor admired his handiwork! ‘Not quite up to the standard of the Head’s, but I’m getting there! Just be thankful I did not send you to him, Amanda. Back to your quarters, my dear. You may see Matron first if you feel the need for a fuss and some ointment!

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