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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Unexpected Opportunity

Story from Kane 81 by Stan Moore
Mr Grimshaw is our Financial Director, a small, irascible man with a sharp business-like manner that makes him very hard to work for, or to be friendly with. His sense of humour would make an alligator seem pleasant. His main concern in life is money.
Miss Maria Angelina Carnallo is Mr Grimshaw’s secretary and assistant. She is icily efficient and hastily remote; also very hard to get to know. Unfortunately, she has a bird of-the-month build, and a smooth way of moving that makes her very attractive. She also has thick, dark wavy hair and large brown eyes below very expensive black eyebrows, with a cute straight nose. Though she rarely smiles, trying to match Mr Grimshaw’s seriousness, she has perfect teeth and a full sensuous mouth that gives me a lot of trouble when I think about it. Her long slim legs and firm, full breasts are no help either. She makes very exciting thinking.
Miss Carnallo could arouse a bishop. She arouses me without even trying, but she is the most unapproachable young lady I have ever met. This is intentional, on her part, at work; and no one in the office has ever met her socially. She is the sort of girl men like to daydream about in their weak moments, for mental spanking.
The robbery changed all that for me and her!
Miss Carnallo was working late and was alone in the office when the robbery happened. In fact she let the thieves in! They knocked on the outer door, which is always locked after hours, and she, not thinking of a robbery, went and unlocked it and got the shock of her life. She had no chance then — not even to scream! The thieves must have been as efficient as Miss Carnallo herself. I hadn’t been away more than half an hour and it was all over — the robbery that is. For Miss Carnallo the evening was just starting.
That evening I forgot some important paperwork I had intended to take home to work on. This was wanted urgently the following day, so I swore, and went back for it. The lights were still on in the office. Though the door to Mr Grimshaw’s office was open I didn’t see her until I’d found my paperwork and was on my way out. I noticed the low light in there and glanced in and got a big surprise.
I’d been very quiet, hoping to get into the office, find my work, and get out again without Miss Carnallo hearing me and no doubt letting old Grimshaw know I’d forgotten to take the work when I’d left. To him this would have been a dire dereliction of my duty to the firm, as there was a fair sum of money involved, hence the urgency.
I noticed the faint, regular creaking sound as I quickly went through the work on my desk almost silently. Also, there was the sound of very soft nasal breathing, or something. I didn’t pay very much attention to either. Until I found what I was looking for I was all business. The thought struck me as I quickly and quietly checked that all the paperwork I needed was there. Perhaps old Grimshaw had asked Miss Carnallo to move something in his office? She sounded as if she was trying to move something fairly heavy in there. Rearranging his furniture perhaps? Or maybe he’d had some new equipment delivered? Either way I had a possible chance to offer my help, and perhaps find some reason to chat with her afterwards. I’d give her a hand anyhow.
Not wanting to intrude if I was wrong — she may have been entertaining her current boyfriend in there — I padded slowly past Mr Grimshaw’s office door, glanced inside and there she was.
The sight of her stopped me dead! I pushed the door open wider slowly and stared in sheer amazement! All I could see of Miss Carnallo was mostly her long, slim legs, and her very trim bottom. She was leaning over the back of old Grimshaw’s heavy leather armchair — far over! Not the big swivel chair behind the desk, the deep, soft customers’ chair in front of it, with its high, curved back, and its many domed brass nails. I’d have known her cute bum anywhere.
As I stared silently, mouth open in surprise, she moved slightly and the chair creaked softly again as she went up on tiptoe and her knees sank into the smooth curve of the chair back as she strained. She seems to be trying to lift the front legs of the chair up for some odd reason, but she was standing all wrong to do this.
The only light in there was from the shaded desk light, so the office was fairly dim, apart from the top of the desk itself. There were still papers on the desk, as if Miss Carnallo hadn’t quite finished filing these away. What a damn silly thing to notice just then, but I did notice it. And still I stared, utterly confused!
It took time for me to realise that she wasn’t in that position from choice — not head down and bottom high, with her feet well apart and her long legs so well displayed. Not Maria Carnallo! No way! But there she was. No wonder I was confused. And the safes hung open.
As I tried desperately to work this conundrum out she relaxed with a soft sigh. The chair creaked slightly as her knees stopped digging into its back. Her heels settled back onto the carpet and she began to wriggle slowly. Odd, she wore high heels and tights always.
She had no idea I was there, in the doorway, behind her.
By now I wasn’t thinking about the robbery, or thieves. The sight of her the way she was, folded neatly over the back of that chair led to instant thoughts of a fast, hot spanking. Silently I pushed the office door wider open, to see her better, and noticed at last that her neat ankles were tied to the back legs of the chair. When I wrenched my eyes off her legs I saw that her wrists were tied to the chair’s front legs. She seemed to be taking her weight on her shoulders, with her head low over the front edge of the seat cushion.
Naturally, my first thought was to go in and free her. But this, like most of my good intentions, didn’t last very long.
She lay there wriggling her hips slowly. She still hadn’t heard me; had no idea I was there, behind her.
What a superb opportunity! My second thought wasn’t quite so gallant. This was regrettable in one — not by a long — way! Much more exciting perhaps, but definitely not so gallant. This was regrettable in one way though interesting in another. Very odd that she should be bare-foot and minus tights.
My third thought was thieves! Robbery! Phone the police and raise the alarm! Miss Carnallo had been tied thus, head down, so that she shouldn’t see them and couldn’t raise an alarm. Mr Grimshaw’s office door was sound proof and we were on the sixth floor. Conclusion: first call the police, then release Miss Carnallo. This would put me into her good books, at least. Reactions: I looked for the phone on the desk. Gone! Not there! Use the one on my desk, I thought swiftly — and sanity returned equally swiftly. Get the priorities right!
The thieves had been on a loser in Grimshaw’s office anyhow. No real point in rushing about to get the police. No point in rushing… Get the priorities right! Attend to Miss Carnallo first!
There would be very little money in either safe. This was sent to the bank daily. The only thing they could steal would have been legal paperwork. Probably there was very little missing.
Miss Carnallo was a different proposition altogether: she demanded urgent attention. Turning down the opportunity she was presenting no matter how willingly — was not only ridiculous, it was almost impossible! The law could wait. Nothing was to be gained by haste. I took a couple of silent steps into the office and noticed more details. Her wrists were tied with the green wire from the phone that was lying on the floor in the corner. Her ankles were tied with what looked to be her own tights. Her shoes were lying under the chair.
How had the robbery been done? Both safes were open, and old Grimshaw never failed to lock them before he left. I stared at Miss Carnallo’s long legs and trim buttocks, and it hit me. Of course! The thieves had got into the office somehow, grabbed her, tied her to the chair, and made her tell them the combination of the safes. That couldn’t have been very nice for her. Surely it was now up to me to do something to soothe her and help her to get over this — to take her mind off it completely? And I knew the ideal thing!
My mind went back to my second thought instantly, with Miss Carnallo’s welfare in mind, of course. This way I could kill two birds with one stone. A slow, erotic spanking would work wonders for us both. I have never been a man to take advantage of anyone’s misfortune — certainly not a woman — and definitely not Miss Carnallo. But the way she was tied over that chair, was one hell of a temptation. And she still had no idea she wasn’t alone. Nor could she see who I was when she found out! She was far too good to miss. And she may even enjoy it — not that this mattered a great deal; I’d certainly enjoy it.
For all of two seconds I considered this proposition. That she may not enjoy what I had so strongly in mind for her now was a small cross she was going to have to bear. Not very much of a risk really, I have a certain expertise in the matter of spanking ladies.
Now she was making small sounds, but she wasn’t crying, nor did she seem scared. She was far too well controlled to be scared. Perhaps she sensed me standing behind her? She tried to look, but couldn’t quite manage this. Suddenly she shook her head wildly, giving me the impression that she was raging in impotent, silent fury. This was more like her usual self. The thing to do was to try to calm her down, and comfort her. I got rid of my papers. I’d need both hands for this.
The thieves had done a remarkably efficient job on her.
There she was, Miss Super Secretary, normally so cool and calm, and so haughtily indifferent to my approaches. Now she was very approachable! She could barely wriggle; couldn’t turn away, or move; couldn’t even give me her haughty sneer. I had a quick thought that a good tanning may perhaps do her a lot of good. She was certainly easily approachable; intriguingly helpless, she was fascinating. And she’d no idea….
When I’d walked into old Grimshaw’s office I had fully intended to release her, but by the time I’d walked to where she was, over the back of that chair, I had succumbed to the strongly erotic temptation she was offering. Standing close behind her now, my honourably good intentions faded rapidly into sheer zestful enthusiasm for simple lechery. I was as helpless as she was almost. If she’d just stayed still she may have got away with it — and so might I. But she kept on wriggling slowly. The effect was disastrous.
As my hands touched her hips she went rigid and made a small, sharp sound of surprise, or anticipation. Her legs quivered as she tried to get her knees together and became instantly pigeon-toed in the attempt. Though her ankles weren’t tied tightly to the chair legs her feet were far too wide apart, and the chair back was too high. Very gently I ran my hands over her quivering buttocks with her panting quietly.
Her high-slit skirt was dark coloured and contrasted well with her red sweater, and both toned nicely with the honey coloured skin exposed above the waistband of her skirt. Her dark, Latin complexion was easy to see — even in that poor light. With her hot blood she’d be very easily aroused. And with that delicious bum of hers, so would I!
She relaxed slowly, muttering low, furious words, which were well muffled by her thick hair hanging over her face. Threats perhaps, or curses? Her breathing became much shorter and quicker.
For the first time in her life probably she was utterly helpless and completely vulnerable. She didn’t seem to like this very much. Not yet! She tried to kick, but only a couple of times, then she lay quiet, squirming under my hands and shaking her head furiously with her long, dark wavy hair flying and her hands fluttering, anxiously perhaps.
One scream — a squeal even — and I’d have stopped.
Totally against my normally rather chivalrous nature my initial intentions gave way to a strong urge to spank her stupid! In view of Maria’s slight unwillingness I considered this — but only very, very briefly. The answer was obvious — and it was no use asking Maria for her opinion since she wasn’t for speaking to me. It had to be my decision now — and quickly! In any case it would do her good — haughty bitch.
She was still making low sounds of possibly indignant protest, or of pleasure. Neither of us took much notice of this however. The time was nigh for some strong and very positive action. My final decision was made suddenly! And it was she who was responsible, no matter how madly indignant she may be. I raised her dark skirt up over her back, then her lacy slip. This gave me a superb target. Her panties were pale and small and lacy. Very erotic indeed! I patted her gently on the flank and her exposed buttock rippled nicely. Fascinating!
To give her time to settle down I gave her a friendly pat and left her to put my paperwork on a desk by the main office door. The thick carpet made no sound from my feet. I made sure the outer door was locked, then I went back into old Grimshaw’s office and closed both doors silently, not letting the locks engage.
So far Maria hadn’t screamed, squealed, or shouted. She hadn’t even tried to. I was fairly sure of her now. In any case she wasn’t the screaming, squealing type. There was no call for her to scream in any event. I didn’t intend to do her any harm — probably some good! Possibly stop her from being so damned remote and so haughtily superior. The only small point at issue now was how long it would take me to make Maria climax, because that’s what she was going to have to do! I was determined on this! And she may even be obliged to have to try to do it more than once, depending on how nicely she did it for me that first time. This was an exciting prospect for us both — especially if she lost her cool poise and her indignation along with her panties, which was, of course, almost a certainty regarding her panties.
Standing by her hip I swung at her almost horizontally, to catch both cheeks. My first slap brought an instant low sound from her and I guessed then that she’d been spanked before and didn’t hesitate. I’d also guessed correctly that she wasn’t the type to make a fuss and scream blue murder, though she wriggled madly enough.
Each time my palm connected with a sharp Slap! her soft flesh rippled and deflected as she gasped softly. I slapped her quickly but not too hard, allowing her cheeks to resume their smooth, full shape between slaps. And Maria responded like a true devotee of the art!
Her full, firm cheeks were quite quickly flushed to a deep pink colour in the area I’d slapped. A couple of smacks at the tops of her thighs sent her high on tip-toes, jerking, with her bottom clenched furiously and her legs muscles quivering, complaining softly.
Steadily I spaced my slaps to cover the whole area of both cheeks, not trying to concentrate on any one part. Her lush buttocks fluttered fluidly at each slap. Now Maria was moaning softly as she breathed in short, sharp gasps. She was far over the chair now, still on tip-toes. To provide her with more interest I varied the speed of my slaps and saw her flinch on the longer pauses between smacks. With my hands now stinging I paused much longer, until Maria began to relax, then gave her a last sharp couple of quick slaps aimed slightly upwards to contact with soft smooth skin at the very top of her thighs in the area of their creases just below the swell of her cheeks.
The results were immediate, fantastic, and very gratifying. Maria tried to arch her back, wailing softly and gasping rapidly. Her feet left the carpet making small kicking motions through the small arc she could move them still in the tip-toe position.
Though I waited until she began to relax before I repeated these firm smacks the results weren’t as spectacular. She lay there shaking her head furiously, gripping the front legs of the chair firmly, back arched slightly and her feet kicking slowly. We were getting into the swing of the spanking very nicely now, and she was superb! Terrific!
Another short series of sharp smacks to her plumply fascinating cheeks connected. Slap! Smack! Smack! Slap! Smack! With that crisp sound possible only from the hot bottom of the compliant victim. Maria’s soft wailing included low, muttered words muffled by her thick, long hair. I stopped and she sighed deeply, shaking her head again. She was quite close to arousal now. The small tell-tale stain dark in the taut gusset of her pants was spreading slowly, and the warm female scent of her was excitingly strong.
This affected me and suddenly I was firmly erect and strong.
Maria was clearly much more willing now. It would have been almost criminal to have stopped spanking her now, but I had a small decision to make. Since she’d made so little sound of any real protest this was no problem really. The answer was very obvious, to me at least. As my two fingers slipped into the top of her panties at each side she tensed and squealed softly again in surprise, or pleasure. Her red buttocks clenched until they quivered as her panties slipped down over them. Reflex action pressed the fronts of her thighs hard against the chair back until the leather squeaked. Gently I tugged the wisp of thin material down against this small involuntary resistance.
The gusset clung moistly in the shadowed area below her rosy cheeks. More gentle tugging freed this and I slipped the garment down to her knees and stepped back to admire the result in that poor light.
The brief panties, stretched to their limit into a taut narrow band with the gusset loose at its mid-point, drew Maria’s knees back into her original charming stance. She sighed deeply as she became slightly pigeon-toed again. From the small sounds she was making softly she wasn’t too happy about this position. I considered freeing her ankles, but this may have ruined the whole thing for her.
Again she was shaking her head — meaning no, possibly. This was futile, as she was long too late and I never took any notice anyhow. This was the best, and the easiest thing to do, at this stage of the game. A few more sharp slaps may have helped her, but I thought it better to give her a friendly pat on the flank and watch her cheek ripple and shiver in relaxed, normal response. Very erotic indeed!
Her instant response to my fingers stroking her gently in the warm dampness of her crisp curly hair was much more erotic for us both. Maria shuddered rigidly took one swift breath, tried to kick mildly, arched her back and gasped twice and became much more moist and enticingly slippery. I paused and she subsided with a small sigh and began breathing again, moaning softly. She hadn’t been too difficult to approach and showed very little of her previous possible indignation now. I had no alternative but to go ahead.
Seconds later and she was again hopelessly responsive to my firm fingers, wriggling slowly and gripping them fiercely. Slowly she went up on tiptoes again, squirming, while I admired her energy and sheer enthusiasm, and the dull red finger-marks on her hotly flushed thighs and cheeks. She may have been squirming in some futile silent protest at having so little choice in this superb performance; it was very hard to tell as she still refused to say a word. She just muttered soft words I couldn’t make out, to her. One sharp sound of possible distress from her and I’d have stopped, of course, but she made no fuss at all — never even raised her voice!
When I’d first seen her I hadn’t thought she could arch her back, but she had done and surprised me. Her toes were clear of the carpet again now!
Miss Cool Efficiency. Now she was anything but cool! But she was remarkably efficient still — even if much of this was involuntary. How did she feel now? A very good question that I had no answer for, and Maria was in no position to answer. With a hand on her hip I held her steady. She tried to kick again but her tights prevented her from doing more than waggle her feet slowly.
The result was very predictable. My gentle attention to her hot pussy was an unqualified success. She moaned softly, took another swift, deep breath in a single gasp, and became tense and rigid as she went up to a satisfying climax quite easily. I stopped and she relaxed with another low sigh and began breathing again, lying there panting nicely. It was as well that I’d left her ankles tied. Maria was a kicker!
I eased her back until her toes touched the carpet. She lay there, utterly relaxed and sufficiently pacified to be well worthy of my further attention later. She’d enjoy doing that again, I felt sure.
First I had to think how this would end. I couldn’t just lean down and release her; that wouldn’t do at all. The whole idea was that she wasn’t to know who’d made so free with her. Ladies do tend to like to have some small choice in these rather personal matters, usually.
Very quietly, so as not to disturb Maria, I left her. To my mind the normal rules didn’t apply in her case; she deserved all she’d had, and what she was going to get, later — the snooty, haughty bitch. Perhaps she wouldn’t be quite so free with her cool, sneering glances in the future? As I left the outer office I used my key and let the lock down silently. Now she could think about things from her angle, while I thought about them from mine.
The idea came to me as I waited for the lift. I liked it as soon as it struck me. My small problem was solved, but Maria’s were just beginning. I was still full of enthusiasm, naturally.
I took the lift down to the ground floor and walked out of the entrance hall whistling quietly to myself. A short walk to allow myself to simmer down a little, then a nice calm cup of tea to relax me. No hurry at all, Maria would be there waiting for me no matter how long I was away. She may not be in the best of good moods, but this couldn’t be helped.
The brisk walk, the cup of tea, and the walk back, much more slowly, took almost half an hour. I’d had to wait in the snack bar for my tea. I was still whistling, full of contentment and confidence, as I pressed the lift button for the sixth floor. The building now was quite quiet and almost deserted; just about everyone had gone off home. Maria and I had the place to ourselves, apart from the odd few late workers. There would be none on our floor; no-one up there ever seemed to work late but us. If the cleaners saw the outer office lights were on they would leave our place until later. Everything was just as I’d left it when I used my key and went in very quietly. I listened and heard Maria still creaking old Grimshaw’s chair, trying to get herself free. The thought of her folded over its tall back with her rosy bottom on show was amusing and very erotic. Before I’d walked silently to the slightly open door of his office I was firmly rampant again, anxious to go on to a conclusion now.
She was a sight to be seen; though her cheeks weren’t as rosy as before — more a dusky pink now. Somehow she knew I was there this time. She made another attempt to get her knees together — not that this would have done her much good. The small panties stayed tautly in place just below her knees. I stood in the doorway and thought; you’re no gentlemen! What sort of man walks away and leaves a girl with her panties round her knees? An unfortunate mistake made quite unintentionally. I excused myself, and closed the door quietly. The last of Maria’s cool poise and outraged indignation was gone. There was no hurry now. She was wriggling again a sight well worth seeing, so I watched her. She was still completely helpless when she stopped. An expert had tied her. Not thoroughly conversant with the spanking of ladies perhaps; though he’d obviously gained his objective as the open safes proved. My objective was quite different, and more important than opening safes. What I intended to unlock was vastly more interesting than any safe — Maria’s warm, tempting pussy. She would be feeling hopelessly exposed now, and very vulnerable. She would also be as randy as hell, and in a submissive mood. The thing was to keep her this way, or make her even more submissive! In her present situation this should he easy. She was the right type of woman. I’d guessed this for a long time. With a bottom like hers she had to be; it was exactly perfect for spanking, as I’d often thought, but had never had the opportunity to prove.
For some odd reason I still disliked the idea of me taking a very slightly unfair advantage of her. I hesitated, unsure for a moment. But the clear advantage she was still offering was far too strong. Again I succumbed to her delicious temptations.
She flinched at my light, friendly slap on her warm cheek, then her bottom clenched tightly. Expecting another spanking — quite rightly — perhaps. She groaned softly in anticipation.
This time it was very much quicker and easier. Her bottom was in absolutely perfect condition, dull red in places, and pink all over. Also the tops of her thighs. The angry red finger-marks were fading now, but she was in that ideal tender, sensitive state which would have been improved by her having had time to think about it while she’d been alone and the burning fiery sensation had faded a little.
Slap! Slap! Smack! Slap! Two on each cheek.
Her reactions were fantastic! Even wilder than before! And louder!
Smack! — Smack! One at the top of each thigh.
Absolutely terrific! Feet trying to kick madly back arched tautly and legs rigid and quivering. Seconds and the musky feminine tang of her was there, mildly. In true Latin style Maria was easy to arouse. Her nipples were already so nicely erect they were easy to feel — even through her red sweater — and her wild reaction to this was amazing. Fairly rapidly she became just as hopelessly responsive as before. As she relaxed I gave her a few more slaps, here and there at random. Finally she lay fairly still, moaning and gasping softly. Again my gentle attention to her warmly moist pussy had the desired effect. Though she was more languorously responsive now, Maria’s results were marvellous once I found her clitty.
Suddenly I recalled my plan. Maria’s wild responsiveness and my equally wild enthusiasm for it had distracted me from it. I still liked it, and if I was going to use it now was the time. Unfortunately it meant leaving her again. Reluctantly I stopped and let her relax. Silently again I went out, through the office door and out into the corridor, locking the door quietly. A quick walk to the men’s washroom at the end of the corridor, a rapid wash of my hands and a drink of cold water and I was ready. If the little scheme worked — and there was no reason why it shouldn’t — both Maria and myself would be satisfied. Slowly I walked back to the lift and called it up. When it arrived I walked to our office slowly, whistling a catchy little tune. Going in this time I made the usual amount of noise, still whistling. At my desk I opened and closed the drawers and rustled papers and tried not to listen to the small frantic sounds Maria was making, creaking the chair and gasping quickly. Finally I noticed the low light in old Grimshaw’s office. ‘Forgot that damned paperwork,’ I called out. ‘I’ve had to come all the way back for it. Don’t tell the boss, Maria.’ No reply. More faint creaking of the chair, and low gasping. This confused me a little. It would be just like her to refuse to speak to me. So far we hadn’t spoken a word to each other, me for obvious reasons. Answer: go ahead with the plan. I walked over to the door of Grimshaw’s office and pushed it open saying innocently ‘You’re here late. Can I give you a hand?’
‘Good heavens!’ I cried. ‘What’s happened here? I’ll phone for the police!’ Maria groaned and shook her head quickly. She didn’t want any police. She lay there making small sharp sounds and wriggling her hips to confuse me still more. I was oddly suspicious of her reluctance to say something. Any damned thing! ‘Are you all right?’ She looked at me sideways, but couldn’t see me for the thick wavy hair hung over her face. She nodded slowly. I walked behind her and she began to wriggle again. ‘You ought to see your bottom! Who’s been tanning you?’ She shrugged her shoulders very slightly and shook her head. She didn’t know who had spanked her. Or she didn’t care! ‘Oh!’ I said in a tone of sudden understanding, ‘They tanned you to make you tell them the safe combinations!’ She nodded slowly — the lying bitch. I stroked my cool hands on her hot, red skin. She sighed softly and wriggled very slowly in sheer relief. Within a couple of minutes she was beginning to respond again, very mildly, moaning and sighing softly. Absolutely perfect!
‘There’s supposed to be a very strong sexual element in a good tanning — so I understand,’ I said innocently as my fingers brushed into her moist curly hair almost accidentally. She reacted instantly as I asked, ‘Is that so? If you don’t mind me asking. Strictly in confidence, between us, of course.’
I didn’t expect her to answer and she didn’t, just nodded her head slowly to surprise me, and responded more strongly.
‘I’ve heard that, but I never really believed it!’
I paused, she squirmed herself back a little, moaning softly again, and reacting strongly.
Now we both knew what she didn’t want and what she did — no police and more gentle attention.
Yet again my interest centred on that shady area between the tops of her thighs, nicely moist again now — already! And I’d been rampant for some time. My gentle attentions were most effective for her. My only small doubt was the time she would take to climax this time. I needn’t have worried. She achieved a mild climax in seconds that seemed to last minutes and left her limp and hot and very receptive. Her held breath came out in a long, low sigh. I’d certainly been right about Maria! She’d never even tried to make any sort of fuss! No drama at all!
She was suddenly furiously demanding. Desperate even! My little plan was working out very well indeed. Her strong musky scent was very exciting. There was nothing else I could do; I was as randy as she was, and breathing just as hard. I put my hands on her hips. She tried to thrust back at me wildly: her knees sunk deep into the back of the chair squeaking on the leather. I steadied her, then unzipped quickly.
‘Maria,’ I said softly, ‘Are you sure?’
She nodded her head furiously. She was sure all right! But she still wouldn’t speak to me and I didn’t give a damn! I cupped her breasts.
She squealed softly as I entered her and squirmed slowly, gasping, until she was firmly corked, then went up to another climax with myself left far behind. She climaxed four or five times before I reached my peak and introduced a sneaky underhand finger to her that sent her berserk. She achieved an impressive orgasm immediately after me that left us both shattered. I’d never expected such urgency! And she could have gone on! We recovered together, both gasping now.
Gently I withdrew. She lay there totally relaxed. I drew her panties up and slipped her skirt down with her moaning softly, draped limply over the chair now. I’d certainly taken her mind off the robbery.
‘How was that?’ I asked, ‘Are you all right?’ Knowing damned well she was.
She nodded weakly, still panting slightly. Up to that moment I honestly hadn’t realised! Now it struck me!
‘You’re sure?’ I asked her, with real concern.
Again she gave me a slow nod. I should have guessed! Damn it!
I released her wrists first, then I helped her to stand erect. Maria sighed deeply with her hands on her hips and flexed her back, shaking her thick hair back from her face, and I saw I was right. The gag wedged her mouth wide open and was as ruthlessly efficient as the rest of her bonds. I’d never realised she could open her eyes so wide. She tried to get rid of it, but couldn’t. I had to untie it for her. She spat out the large, soft eraser that had been forced into her mouth, worked her jaw a few times, then said, ‘There were two of them! I had no chance! They made me write out the safe combination.’
Since she didn’t tell me I didn’t ask her now. I said: ‘I’ll call the police now. You go and sort yourself out in the washroom.’
While we waited for the police I made some tea and we sat drinking this. I was getting mildly aroused thinking over what had happened… Suddenly without thinking, I said, ‘That was a damned cruel thing I did to you earlier.’ I added, ‘I’m sorry, Maria.’ And realised I’d just blown the whole thing! She’d think I’d planned it all!
She gave me a surprisingly wicked look, smiling, with one dark expressive eyebrow raised. Her teeth were superb, very white and even. She was definitely not indignant now. In fact she looked and seemed to be quite pleased, and quite satisfied. She had a nice smile, wide and sexy, when she tried. She’d never smiled at me very much before.
I knew then, for sure, that she’d been spanked before, often. And she liked it! She’d enjoyed everything that had happened since I’d found her. So I tried again: ‘I never thought about a gag or…’
‘It doesn’t matter. If you’d taken it out I may have screamed the place down when you were spanking me, you swine. I usually do.’
I smiled back at her, without speaking. I had nothing to say. ‘Perhaps you’d better let me tell the police what happened,’ she said calmly. ‘And call me Angelina; most of my friends do.’ She added: ‘It’s been quite an exciting evening so far, hasn’t it?’
‘Yes, I said, it certainly has.’
When the police arrived she was her old self, calm, cool and very capable — the Perfect Secretary in fact. The police seemed impressed.
Mr Grimshaw’s big leather visitors’ chair is still Angelina’s favourite. She prefers lying over its back to anything else in the office — and we’ve tried everything else at least once, when we work late together. My only problem with her is trying to stop her kicking…

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