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Friday, 12 October 2018

Jane on Grand Canary – Thigh High Camera Angles

The last of the three Jane features from Blushes 65
Jane’s second day on the beautiful sub-tropical island of Gran Canary. It is eight o’clock in the morning and from her balcony she can see another cloudless day, it is no doubt going to be hot again later. But after yesterday Jane is not sure she wouldn’t rather be back in rainy, shivery England. After yesterday and that Mike. That first photo-session and what he did, what he made her do. And without much doubt Bill was in on it, he knew what Mike was going to do. More or less at least.
At least there won’t be Mike today. He has some other business to attend to (perhaps picking up girls for brothels, Jane thinks) and so it is going to be just Jane and Bill Rawlins today. Bill wants some more shots.
Down at breakfast Bill confirms this. He wants to get some nice ‘flasher’ shots today. Shots of Jane in a pretty dress with no knickers underneath. With her skirt accidentally on purpose raised to show Jane’s bare bottom. Or her pussy. That’s what flasher shots are. Jane has put on her shorts and top again for breakfast but Bill is going to want her to change into a dress.
‘You’ve got such a lovely body, Jane,’ Bill tells her. ‘All the readers are going to just love some nice flasher shots of our delectable Jane.’
Jane isn’t at all keen on doing flasher shots showing her pussy. Presumably she will have to agree to the bottom shots but not her pussy, not if she can avoid it. But she can argue about that later. What Jane wants to talk about, now she’s alone with Bill, is Mike. What Mike said about girls getting picked up for brothels, like in the story.
‘He… He said he knew some people who did that,’ she now tells Bill. ‘And… And it could happen to me.’
Bill laughs. ‘So he told you that and got you scared… so that you let him fuck you.’
Jane flushes slightly but doesn’t deny it. She certainly didn’t want to fuck Mike but she had no choice. He fucked her out on those rocks; and then again in the afternoon. Back here at the hotel when Jane had gone up to her room for a nap. A knock at the door, and it was Mike.
I… Is he just saying it? To scare me,’ she asks. It would be nice to have Bill tell her that Mike was just joking, no one is really picking up girls or anything.
But Bill is not very reassuring. Perhaps he also thinks it’s a good idea to have Jane on tenterhooks, a little bit scared of what could happen to her. He shrugs:
‘It’s not impossible I suppose. I mean some girls come here looking for a spot of excitement, don’t they? You’d better stick nice and close to your good friend Bill, Jane dear.’
Yes, it does seem that ‘good friend’ Bill would like to get in the action himself. When they have finished breakfast they go back upstairs, for Jane to change into something suitable for the flasher shots. She shows Bill what clothes she’s brought; and Bill chooses a pretty yellow dress to start with. It looks really great, he tells her. Bill’s hands go round Jane. To fondle her bottom which at this point is still in the tight little sports shorts.
Yes Bill is coming on a bit strong now. Quite possibly spurred on with the knowledge that Mike has fucked Jane. If Mike Vulker… why not Bill Rawlins, is Bill’s reasoning. Jane manages to wriggle away but Bill doesn’t want to let go. He reminds Jane that she is not to wear any knickers under her dress. In fact no underwear at all. No bra. So that Jane’s tits will show nicely under the thin cotton dress which is sleeveless with a tight top.
Jane pushes Bill away and goes to get changed. In the bathroom, not out here with Bill watching. But of course he’s going to be waiting when she comes out. All nice and nude under that pretty yellow dress.
Bill hasn’t yet told Jane that he took those shots of her with Mike when he was supposedly away at the car. Those shots of her fucking Mike. Going down on him. Is now the time to disclose this? Jane didn’t really react when he mentioned screwing Mike. Just flushed.
Jane reappears, in the yellow dress now. Bill is sitting on the bed. Maybe he won’t mention the fucking shots just yet.
‘Great! You look really super, Jane. So you were a naughty girl yesterday. Screwing Mike.’
‘He made me,’ she blurts, flushing anew. ‘Telling me he knew those people and they might pick me up. Blackmailing me.’
‘Oh I wouldn’t call it that, Janey dear. Come and sit here with me. We don’t need to rush out right away.’
Jane doesn’t really want to sit down with Bill on the bed, especially with nothing on under her dress. She can guess he’s on the make now and she doesn’t want it. Jane is not scared of Bill like she is of Mike but that doesn’t mean she wants to screw him. No one said she was going to have to screw blokes on this job. No one mentioned that.
‘No,’ she tells Bill. ‘I… I’ve got a boyfriend remember.’
Jane has sat down on the bed and Bill has his arm round her. His other hand wants to go up under her skirt. Between Jane’s thighs. To get at her bare and unprotected pussy no doubt. And once he’s got his hand there…
No…’ It was clearly a mistake to admit she let Mike screw her. Now Bill just thinks he can do the same. His hand is being very persistent; while he tells her there’s no need to worry. He will make sure Jane doesn’t fall into the hands of any villains. Because probably there are these characters about, on a holiday spot like this.
Yes, Bill can certainly see some advantage in keeping Jane a little bit on edge. Keeping those seeds of doubt in her mind. Because then… she is more likely to be nice and friendly. Isn’t she?
With what Bill has said, is saying, Jane is being more cooperative. Bill has his hand way up now. Between those silky-smooth warm thighs, bare and unprotected. With just beyond his fingertips now Jane’s equally bare and unprotected crotch. Her nice warm pussy. She is half lying on the bed now, with one hand over her dress there or thereabouts but not making a really serious effort to stop Bill. A breathy ‘no…ooo…’ as now his fingertips do reach the promised land. Jane’s warm and getting-wet cunt. Because in a situation like this even if she doesn’t want it a girl’s business can get all ready for it. Even if she has got a boyfriend back there in rainy old England and every now and then thoughts of him flicker through her mind.
‘No…ooo… Bill…’ But not really trying to stop the fingers which slide up into her. She can’t. Jane can’t jump away and in an angry voice tell him to cut it out. She has got to keep Bill on her side. And if he wants to do this… Well blokes do want to do it. And anyway it’s got her going a bit. Turned on. Beginning to be.
Yes. Things develop. As things generally do in a situation like this. So that before much more time has passed they have developed all the way. Bill is fucking Jane. Jane on her back on the bed and Bill on top of her. He is not a great big bloke like that Mike. More Ian’s size, though of course a lot older. Older blokes can keep going for longer, that’s what they say, not that Jane has had any experience of older men. Well not really. Though there was Mr Milport at school. Or rather when Jane had just left. Earlier this year. When she wanted a reference. Yes there was that — but we haven’t heard about that episode yet. That was all though.
Bill is keeping going. Longer than Mike did. Longer than Ian does. Jane doesn’t want to think about Ian, her boyfriend. Not when she is being screwed by Bill Rawlins. She feels pretty bad about it. Especially as at the moment… she is quite enjoying it.
Afterwards Bill wants the flasher shots. After he has fucked Jane on the bed. He has had his pleasure and now is all ready for action. But Jane feels even less like posing for flasher pictures than before. She is not feeling at all good about having let Bill fuck her. Not that she really let him, Jane tells herself, he just did it. Made her let him do it — though maybe not quite so forcefully as Mike yesterday. No, Jane is not feeling good about it. There is her boyfriend for one thing. Thoughts of Ian are now uncomfortably entering Jane’s pretty head. Uncomfortably guilty thoughts.
Well, Jane has had to fuck both Bill and Mike now. And with Mike not just a fuck of course, she had to suck him as well. Even if they did make her do it, it’s pretty awful. If Ian knew… Jane knows what he would think: that she shouldn’t have given in even if they did force her. Maybe he would think she should let herself be picked up by these people. Shipped out to a brothel in Africa. And then fucked until she doesn’t know which end is up, by a load of blacks who really go ape if they get a pretty English girl. Is that what Ian would want?
No, Ian wouldn’t think that of course. What he would think is that those people don’t exist. Mike and Bill are just trying to scare Jane. So that they can fuck her. As they have done. And Jane is really stupid to believe them. That is what Ian would think. All these not very good thoughts are rolling around in Jane’s head now that the screwing is over and she’s up off the bed with her dress pulled back down. Bill has found her black courts in the cupboard and says they will go nicely with the yellow dress. The shiny black patent-leather high heels and Jane’s long bare legs. Plus her bare snatch as well, he says grinning.
‘No!’ Jane says sharply. ‘I really don’t want those shots. Not… showing everything.’
Bill tells her not to be silly. The editor is expecting sexy shots, that’s why they’re out here enjoying themselves. To get some nice sexy shots of beautiful Jane. Sexy shots of her beautiful bottom. And her pussy. Her pretty tits.
‘Shit!’ Jane blurts. Not very ladylike but then she is not very happy. ‘Who says I am enjoying myself? You may be. You and that Mike. When all you want is to screw me.’ Jane is feeling distinctly tearful.
Bill puts an arm round her and tells her again not to be a silly girl. They are going out for a nice drive in the car, a sight-seeing trip round the island. Think of all that horrible cold and rain back in England — while they’re out here in the tropical sun. Sunbathing. A nice picnic. Of course she’s having a good time. Isn’t she? Bill gives Jane a big squeeze. She blinks her wet eyes. Well perhaps.
Bill slides his hand down to feel Jane’s cunt. She squirms away. She certainly doesn’t want another session on the bed. ‘Come on. You said.’
But first of all, before the drive, Bill wants some shots here in the hotel. Flasher shots. Jane yelps ‘Not here!’ But in fact the place is more or less deserted now, almost ten o’clock and the residents no doubt out to the beach etc. So it is possible — though certainly scary.
Bill poses Jane in various public parts of the hotel. Including the foyer, when the receptionist has left her post for a few minutes. And Bill insists on the shots he wants. Open-leg shots in other words. Full pussy shots. This is what the readers want and therefore it is what the readers must be given. It is a heart-stopping business, when at any moment someone could suddenly appear… While Jane is seated for instance in that bamboo chair in the foyer, or more accurately lying in, with her legs spread wide and the hem of her dress up round her waist.
No one does appear when Jane is exposed like this, but it is enough to cause a girl to have kittens. And likewise when Jane is kneeling on a cane chair in the main lounge, again with her skirt up round her waist.
Other shots: Leaning over the balcony. Leaning over the billiards table in the sports room. Where in fact a youth does come in here while Bill is getting a couple of shots of Jane over the table — and surely he must have seen? Jane leaning right over and balancing on one leg, her other leg up. Her skirt right up. Her bottom quite bare… and everything between her legs bare and on show.
Jane almost falls off, in a panic, when she realises someone is there. As Bill quickly moves in front of her. But… flush-faced and standing now, with her skirt back down, Jane can see in the youth’s face that he has seen.
‘No, I don’t think so,’ Bill says. But he is not being very honest. What he really thinks is that yes, pretty certainly that young chap did see Jane’s bare cunt. But anyway, not to worry.
It is not a problem, is it? And they are going out now. In the little hired convertible. Bill has got in some excellent shots and has earned a spot of relaxation. In fact they both have.
But of course the day’s work is not yet over and Bill will want more shots, at any attractive location they come upon on their drive. He tells Jane to bring another dress, to give a bit of variety. Also her bikini, for swimming and sunbathing which he can also shoot for the mag. For his part, Bill says, he is going to take along that cane. For any touching up of Jane’s bottom which may be necessary.
As Jane squawks a protest (No. Not that cane again!) Bill’s mind is running on. They could in fact shoot some more shots for that story. They haven’t got Mike today but there are other possibilities. There are usually plenty of locals, boys and young men, hanging around the hotels and along the front, trying to offer their services as guides or for any other odd jobs. In fact as Bill and Jane now walk out of the hotel two of these boys, aged about 17, immediately importune them.
Bill waves them away. But his thought is: why not hire one for a bit of extra action with Jane? Any one of them would naturally jump at the chance. Some caning action perhaps, which could be incorporated in the story.
Sitting in the little convertible Bill tells Jane his idea. Her reaction is perhaps predictable. ‘No! No Bill! No way!!’
‘Why not? It’d just be poses for the story. We could pick a nice good-looking one. I would have thought you’d much rather have that. If you say you don’t go for Mike. We could even have him screwing you in some of the shots.’
Is Bill serious? He can’t be. Being caned… and screwed… by one of these young peasants. Jane is going slightly berserk at the thought. Bill tells her to calm down, he’s trying to drive the car. ‘But why not…?’ he asked innocently.
They have found a nice deserted sandy beach and Bill has parked the car. Jane has changed into the little white dress, and replaced her black heels with white ankle socks and her trainers. Bill is going to take some more shots first, before they have their picnic on the beach. Shots of Jane by the car. Bending over the boot, etc.
She still has no underwear on. No knickers in particular, and Bill gets some more nice flasher shots. Pussy shots.
Jane is not particularly concerned about posing for pussy shots, not right now. If Bill wants more pussy shots he can have them.
What she is concerned about is his threat to hire one of those boys to be with her. Bill can’t see why it’s a problem to her. Or says he can’t. Jane is not really sure why the thought is a problem. She has done it with Mike — and probably will have to again. But somehow the thought of one of these foreign youths, simply hired for the purpose, is too much. Yes, definitely worse than Mike. Because also Mike may be horrible at least he is not a complete stranger.
They go down on the beach with the picnic things. Bill spreads out a blanket and sits down. He takes out a bottle of red wine, opens it and fills two glasses. He gives one to Jane and raises his own:
‘To our new BLUSHES star. Who is going to have all the readers going wild and clamouring for more, more.’
Jane takes a tiny sip. She doesn’t feel like drinking; or eating anything. Not right now. Not while Bill is still talking about getting one of those boys.
Bill. Look… you don’t mean it.’
Bill does actually. He can visualise in his head some really great shots. Jane and perhaps quite a young boy, 16 or 17 say, a nice handsome one. Both of them quite nude — or perhaps Jane could have just those white socks on — and really going at it. This handsome kid really fucking the daylights out of her. All the different positions. Doing the whole lot.
Yes, now Bill has thought of it he really does mean it, the idea is a great turn-on in fact. But Jane does seem dead against the idea, for some reason. So he is going to have to lead up to it. Probably she’ll be a lot more receptive when she’s got half a bottle or so of this excellent wine inside her.
Putting down his glass Bill lies back on the blanket. Smiling up at Jane. ‘We’ll see, shall we? Let’s relax and enjoy this marvellous spot. And perhaps pretty Jane is feeling… what shall we say: nice and companionable?’
Because Bill with those great shots of Jane and the boy in his head is feeling horny. As Jane can see, from the state now of his shorts. Which are extending up like a small tent. Jane herself is not feeling horny but as with those photo shots back at the car, she is prepared to be cooperative. To oblige Bill. In the hope that it will influence him in that other business, yes, she can cooperate. Do whatever Bill wants, within reason. Certainly forget any little qualms she may have regarding Ian for instance.
What Bill feels like right now is a little bit of what Jane did for Mike yesterday. At the beginning, after Bill had gone off but not as far as Jane imagined. Going down on Mike. Yes that is exactly what Bill, with his tent-like shorts, feels like. A little bit of that. If Jane wouldn’t mind obliging.
And Jane as we have noted is in an obliging frame of mind. Anything. Anything? Well this at least. Yes. Jane is very soon performing with an excellent show of cooperation. Indeed enthusiasm. Though whether it will affect Bill’s intentions remains to be seen.


  1. Excellent stuff fleas. I must say I have never seen any of these. I think she looks super.

  2. I would love to know what she is doing now.

  3. Keep up the good work fleas. So you have a film where the schoolgirl spanked has to do a blouse opened set of 'star jumps' as a warm up?

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