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Friday, 19 October 2018

Jane on Grand Canary – Red-Hot Performance

The first of two Jane stories from Blushes 66
Breakfast time on Day Three. Jane is looking really fetching in a blue check shirt and pale blue jeans, her curling corn-blonde hair freshly washed and her full mouth softly emphasised with pale pink lipstick. The big blue eyes have a slightly wary look though. As she wonders what Day Three here on Grand Canary will bring.
And straightaway Bill Rawlins, when he joins Jane at their table, tells her. ‘We’ve got him back today. Mike is going to do another shoot.’
No! Oh No!’ Jane vigorously shakes her head, sending the blonde curls swinging. ‘Oh Christ! No!
No, Jane is not at all keen on a reappearance Of Mike. Not after Monday, their first day here, when she had to do that stuff with him. Yesterday with just Bill was not nice, as he did his best to get the same as Mike. And succeeded to a considerable degree. Jane had to perform with Bill as she had with Mike. Screwing, and the rest. But even though Bill is keen to do those things to her he is not as bad as Mike. Mike scares her.
Bill laughs. ‘I think you like him really. And if you don’t want Mike, don’t forget we haven’t got one of the local lads yet.’
No!’ Jane’s blonde head vigorously shaking again. Yesterday Bill had the marvellous thought of hiring one of the local youths who are everywhere offering their services. To do a shoot with Jane, including Bill said, some heavy shots. The youth caning Jane and then screwing her. Maybe having her suck him off. To Jane this idea is really dreadful. Disgusting. Even worse than the prospect of more shots with Mike. Bill didn’t press it yesterday, but only because Jane in desperation kept him off the idea by doing everything he wanted. Including screwing Bill twice. And sucking him off. Jane certainly wouldn’t have done any of that if she hadn’t been so scared Bill was going to go ahead with his awful proposal.
Bill, pouring himself some coffee, shakes his head. ‘Don’t be silly. We’ve got to be professional dear. It’s nothing to get excited about.’
No, Bill didn’t press it yesterday not with Jane being so cooperative and letting him get into her. But he is very keen on his great idea. It will be a big turn-on watching Jane with one of these young lads. Even more so if she isn’t keen and clearly Jane isn’t at all keen. Yes he is definitely going to have her with one of these no doubt extremely horny youths. He can keep her nice and sweet with the thought of it for the moment. Nice and sweet and prepared to put out. Because Jane is a really fantastic fuck. She hasn’t done a lot of it in the past apparently. Just the boyfriend Ian. Now there has been Mike and himself in the last couple of days and it is evidently something of a new experience for her.
‘Mike should be here shortly.’ Bill continues. ‘Then we’ll go out. It looks like another great day, eh? Think of all those poor characters shivering back home. The poor old editor. And your boyfriend. I saw on the news they’ve had some big storms. How is that boyfriend. Jane? He was going to ring you last night.’
Jane says ‘OK.’ Ian did call last night and said how awful the weather had been — and how he was missing her. It was for Jane to talk to Ian after what she’d had to do with Bill. Not to mention also with Mike the day before. If Ian guessed she was getting into that sort of thing he would go berserk. Ian doesn’t even know about her spanking and caning., which is going to come out in BLUSHES magazine. Ian doesn’t know about BLUSHES. What if someone saw it and showed it to Ian?
Jane hasn’t really considered that awful possibility. But at least she hasn’t slept with Bill. Not yet at least. Bill suggested they might move in together last night but didn’t press it when Jane said no. No, she hasn’t slept with him yet. just screwed him several times. And sucked him off. Oh Christ…
Bill asks if she has written anything yet. Jane shakes her head. She is supposed to be writing a piece for the magazine, about her holiday out here. An edited version presumably. But not being a very keen writer Jane hasn’t started this yet.
Bill says she had better get on with it or she is going to get her bottom spanked. Again. And caned too. In her piece Jane has got to ask the readers for ideas for stories which the magazine can shoot. Stories in which of course Jane gets spanked and caned. And no doubt other things as well. It’s alright for her to say she doesn’t like being spanked and caned — which of course is the truth. The readers won’t mind that Jane doesn’t like it. In fact a lot of them will prefer it that way, it will make it more spicy.
Oh No! Oh Christ!
Jane doesn’t say it out loud but to herself. She is being left alone with Mike again. Out here in this beautiful spot halfway up the mountain overlooking a deep ravine and miles from anywhere. It is a different place from yesterday, the other side of the mountain, and they’ve left the car and walked again. Bill has shot some pictures of Jane but now, like yesterday again… he is going to go off and leave her with Mike.
They’ve no doubt arranged it between the two of them. Or more accurately Mike has persuaded Bill. What Bill has told Jane this time is that he has to go and get his other camera which is back at the hotel. But it is just an excuse, Jane knows it is. So that she is left alone with Mike. So that Mike can have another go at her. And if Bill is going back to the hotel he could be a long time.
Mike grabs her as soon as Bill heads off back to where they’ve left the car. ‘Don’t!’ Jane yelps. But of course there’s not much point saying that. She struggles weakly as Mike pulls her tight against him, one big hand sliding in the crack of her bottom through the flesh-hugging blue jeans.
‘Lovely Jane! I really missed you yesterday but I was busy. So no one’s picked you up yet and carried you off? To be put in one of those brothels and fucked by all those… those horny black men. Eh Janey? They’d all be flocking in from everywhere once the word was out. All wanting to get at his delicious new piece of fresh blonde meat. Mmm?’
‘Cut it out!’ she yelps. ‘It… It doesn’t really happen. Does it? You’re just kidding me.’
But Jane does believe it happens and also that Mike knows these people who kidnap girls, maybe even is part of the gang himself Just like in the story that they’re shooting. She would like Mike to deny it but he doesn’t. He wants to have her again of course. Fuck her. And if Jane is scared that it’s all real then she is going to let him, that’s no doubt what Mike thinks. And of course this is true.
Mike  says they can do a few more shots, with Bill haying left his other camera and the tripod with them. Some shots of the two of them. Of Mike roughing Jane up a bit because she’s not being very cooperative. In the story Jane has been told that if she cooperates and goes quietly she will only have to spend two days in the brothel. Then she’ll be returned safe and sound to Ian. So just two days of being fucked day and night, that is all! Then it’ll be all over. This promise is supposed to persuade Jane to go quietly but Jane hasn’t done that. She has tried to escape a couple of times. So now they’re stopped at this deserted place and the big guy who is Mike is going to sort her out. Take Jane’s jeans down and really wallop the hell out of her bare bottom. And after that…
‘Come on, Jane, we want to give the BLUSHES readers some good shots of you. Over this rock with your jeans down. And your knickers, if you’re wearing any under the jeans.’
‘Don’t!’ Mike’s hands are grabbing at the belt of her jeans.
‘I… Oh Christ. I’ll do it. If we have to I’ll take them down. But you don’t… have to hit me. Not for real.’
Mike backs off and Jane undoes her belt. Then the zipper. Why did she ever get involved in this? she asks herself, for perhaps the hundredth time. She knows Mike is going to want to belt her bum. That big meaty hand slamming down on her bare backside. Oh Christ
Yes Mike does. Of course he does. Slamming Jane’s bare bum will be a very heady pleasure. Of course he wants some more shots of it too. And also he will want…
The camera shots first. He poses Jane over a convenient rocky outcrop. With her jeans down and her little black knicks pulled down too. Jane leaning over so that she is looking down into the ravine. A lovely pose. Jane’s bare bottom bulbing ripely out to the camera. Mike tells her to bend further over. As far as she can, and with her legs slightly parted. It is a superb pose which gives a clear view of Jane’s pussy.
The camera moves in close… click… click… click… Recording, every little detail.
OK. And now… some spanking. Jane does need the real thing, Mike says. So that she can fully enter the role she is playing. So she can feel she really is the girl who’s been abducted. That is how Mike explains it: his need to wallop Jane’s bare bum. She’s got to have the real thing, not just pretend it And not only that:
Also all those BLUSHES readers want to see you with a nice red bum, Janey. They’ll want to see it really humming hot. You know what I mean?’
Mike is about to demonstrate what he means. With Jane still bent over the ledge he has his hand on her bare bottom, stroking and squeezing it. The hand slides down and pushes in between Jane’s legs, fingers reaching for her pussy. She doesn’t try to resist. Haying him play with her pussy… is better than that hand walloping into her bum. She doesn’t want to be screwed either (even less) but even that… if it was instead of a hard spanking…
‘Please Mike… No spanking…’ Jane’s voice trembled.
‘No? What shall we do instead then? You give me a nice suck?’
‘No!’ Jane squeals. Mike’s fingers are working at her pussy. She doesn’t want that. Not sucking him. Nor does she want to be fucked. But if it is a choice…
It isn’t a choice. Mike’s hand comes away. ‘You’ve got to have the spanking, Janey. But afterwards perhaps… if you don’t want a lot more spanking… we could try something else, eh?’
Jane squeals out in anticipation, and then for real. As Mike’s hand slams in. Mike can really hit a girl’s bum when he wants to. That big hand… with the heavily powerful right arm behind it. Each hit knocks the breath right out of Jane’s lungs. Her breath jerking out in a shuddering yell. But there is no one to hear the yells, and wonder perhaps if a girl is being savagely murdered here. The tourists don’t generally venture this far from the beaten track. These yells might have the odd mountain goat cocking his ears; but that is all.
Yes it is really dreadful. Mike seems to be hitting even harder than that other time. Jane’s shrieks are interspersed with frantic cries: ‘Stop! Stop Mike!! Stop!’ But Mike doesn’t. Or at least not yet. He wants to get her really softened up. And anyway the readers want Jane’s bottom really glowing! Don’t they? Bright cherry red!
Finally he does desist. To reach for the camera. ‘Hold that pose, Jane.’ Mike’s voice just a little breathless with his efforts. ‘Stay bent over. I’ll get a couple of shots. And then… give you some more…’
‘No!! No Mike! No more!!’
‘No? What then? What would you suggest instead?’
Mike wants Jane to suck him. Pulling her up and turning her round he offers Jane this alternative. She might have guessed it, if her mind couldn’t only think about the fiery red-hot sting in her poor bum. Jane thinks about it now of course. She doesn’t want to do it. But if it’s this or more of the horrendous spanking… Perhaps Bill will suddenly appear, and save her. But Jane knows he won’t. Bill will give Mike plenty of time, to get what he wants. Of course.
Mike is telling Jane what he wants her to do… and Jane is doing it. Undoing his belt. Pulling down the zip of his black jeans. Pushing down the jeans… Mike backs down onto the ledge which moments earlier Jane was bending over. And obediently she gets down between his spread thighs. Mike’s big stiff cock. She has it in her hands. Jane doesn’t want to take it but she is going to. Dipping her head forward. Her pink-lipsticked mouth wide. As before there is the thought that she can’t take it, it is too big. But… it is amazing what a girl can arrange, what she can get in her mouth. When she has to.
By the time Bill returns Mike has had all he wants. Jane is feeling a bit shaky, a little shivery, but it is over now. She has performed as required and is now properly clothed again. As of course Mike is also. Bill grins.
‘Been amusing yourselves?’
Mike grins too. ‘Of course.’
Jane tosses her head and, flushing, says, ‘Shit!’ Not very ladylike perhaps. As Bill, grinning still remarks.
‘Well I don’t like being screwed all the time.’
‘Tut-tut,’ from Bill. ‘But you’re not being screwed all the time, Jane darling. Not even most of the time. If you think about it. Just be a nice girl. And how about giving me a little piece?’
Jane replies with something else that is not at all ladylike.
Two hours later: In an attractive little cafe along the coast the three of them are consuming a seafood lunch washed down with an excellent dry white wine. A bottle and a half of the wine have already been drunk and as a result they are all in quite a merry mood, Jane included. Yes, Jane is in decidedly better spirits. Bill at least isn’t really all that bad, she thinks. And even Mike, with the memory of what he did this morning now a little blurred by the wine, is perhaps not a complete monster.
And another thing: Mike has just said he has to go off this afternoon, to attend to some business. So Jane won’t have to endure any more of Mike, not for the rest of today at least. That can’t be bad.
‘I suppose you’re heartbroken that we can’t do any more shoots together, Janey,’ Mike jokes, squeezing her thigh under the red tablecloth.
She smiles. ‘Of course. Then squeals as the hand reaches further up to feel her cunt. Jane pushes the hand away. ‘What are we doing then, Bill? Maybe I should start that writing. Or can we go on the beach? I’d much rather go on the beach.’
‘Don’t Bill. No…’ Jane’s voice is a little blurry, the result of too much wine.
They are not on the beach and nor is Jane doing any writing. Jane and Bill are in a little room at the cafe. It is a simple, basic room furnished with a bed and a couple of chairs. After their lunch and with Mike departing Bill suggested that they have a siesta. No, not on the beach which was Jane’s thought, it would be more restful in a pleasantly cool room. And the cafe had a room. This room.
Jane and Bill are sitting on the bed. He has his arm round her and his other hand is squeezing one of Jane’s tits. He has her check shirt partially unbuttoned and as Jane has no bra underneath it is her bare boob Bill is squeezing.
‘No Bill…’ It is not so much what Bill is currently doing that Jane is saying no to but what he wants. He wants her to lie down on the bed. So that he can fuck her. Jane is feeling decidedly muzzy-headed from that wine, she was stupid to have drunk so much, but she is clear in her head what Bill wants and she doesn’t want to give him it. No more fucking. She has had to fuck Mike this morning, and suck him as well. And yesterday had to do the same with Bill. She doesn’t want to be doing it all the time. Not when she’s got a boyfriend back home who would go really berserk if he knew.
‘Come on, pretty Janey. Be a nice friendly girl. In a little while… I’ve got it real treat for you.’
‘What?’ What is Bill saying?
Jane’s mind in its fuddled state can’t really concentrate on this idea. Nor does it want to concentrate on stopping Bill’s designs. If he is intent on fucking her… she will probably have to let him. The line of least resistance. And Bill is pushing her down on the bed. And then fumbling at the belt of Jane’s jeans.
She can’t stop him. Bill gets her jeans off. And the little black knicks. She shouldn’t have had that third glass of wine. Not if she didn’t want this. Which is Bill now fucking her. Jane’s legs spread wide and Bill on top of her. His stiff cock up inside her. As he fucks her Bill says it again:
‘Yes… a nice… treat… Janey. After we’ve… finished…’
And when he has finished Bill won’t let her put her jeans back on. Bill has pulled his own jeans up but he wants Jane to stay as she is. In just the unbuttoned blue check shirt. He is looking at his watch.
‘He should he…’
And there is then a knock at the door. ‘Yeah. Come in.’
It is one of those boys. A smooth-faced youth of perhaps 17, slim and of medium height in singlet and shorts. One of the legion of local youths who are everywhere hoping to get a little part of that cash the tourists are all loaded with. Bill has evidently carried out his promise, or threat. To hire one of them to get to grips with Jane.
‘No Bill!’ She squirms on the bed, pulling the shirt down in an attempt to cover herself. ‘No!’ Jane’s head is clearing now alright.
Bill laughs. Going over to lock the door and coming back to the bed. ‘Yes Janey. You’re going to have a nice bit of fun. With our young friend here. Isn’t he handsome?’
Jane squeals… as Bill tells the youth to take his shorts off. And his underpants. Bill is getting his camera out. ‘No!’ Jane squeals again. Looking wide-eyed at the youth. He is in only his singlet now. He has a good-sized prick and it has come up. Sticking stiffly out. The boy’s eyes are hot, eager, as he greedily takes in Jane’s semi-nude body.
Bill tells him to get on the bed with her. Kneeling for starters. He wants Jane sucking the boy’s prick. For starters.
‘Come on, Jane darling. Let’s have a red-hot performance.’

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  1. Jane is a sure-fire winner every time

    for those who want to see some of the Blushes models in their 'other' modelling days ... a good link to scan through to see familiar faces.