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Thursday, 4 October 2018

Jane on Gran Canaria: First Photo-session

The second of three Jane features from Blushes 65
Jane and Bill Rawlins, BLUSHES photographer, are in the bar of the Hotel Metropole on Grand Canary in the Canary Islands. Just a few hours ago they left Gatwick in the cold, misty rain of a typical early December English afternoon and now they’re here on this sub-tropical island with the temperature about thirty degrees warmer.
‘Well, how is it?’ Bill asks. ‘OK? Your room OK?’
‘Fantastic! Great!’ Jane enthused. ‘This is a really fantastic place. Though I’d never really heard of it before Mr Greene said we were coming here. And this hotel: really swish!
‘Yes and all courtesy of our great magazine! Our generous editor, Mr Greene. We’re going to have a great time — but also we’ve got to earn our keep. Pretty Jane’s got to earn her keep. Starting tomorrow morning. Right?’
Jane made a face. She has convinced herself, sort of, that she can do this and it’s no problem. But every now and then the thought that she can’t do it looms up to the surface of her mind. Posing for these shots, these stories for the magazine. It would be great to be out here with her boyfriend, Ian, of course. But Ian is all that way back in England. Poor Ian. England in December is pretty horrible.
But Ian doesn’t know that Jane’s doing the photos. Not yet. She hasn’t so far been able to mention the subject to him. So it wouldn’t be so great if he was here. Jane is out here in this super place, in the warm sunshine and this super hotel, with only Mr Rawlins. He’s OK, fiftyish and seems quite a nice bloke, but when Jane thinks about it she doesn’t feel too happy. Scared in fact. Can she do it? Those sort of photos that they want for the magazine?
Jane forces a weak grin. This other bloke is supposed to meet them here in the hotel bar. The bloke who is to be in the photos with Jane. Mike Vulker his name is. He should be here any minute now.
Jane can feel herself getting scared again. From what she can understand the editor and Mr Rawlins don’t even know this man, not really. She is not at all keen on doing those shots with a complete stranger.
Just then Bill says, ‘I think this is him.’ Meaning a big man with a beard who has come in.
The plot is that Jane is on holiday with her boyfriend and this bloke Mike sees her in the bar and takes a fancy to her. He really gets the hots for her. And he is not just some ordinary bloke on holiday: he has a hotel out here and is also into other stuff as well. Drugs, and also girls. Girls who are on holiday alone can get taken on a trip that they definitely won’t fancy. They can get shipped out to brothels on the mainland, one of the African countries, or sold to rich Africans or Arabs who really go for a pretty English girl. This can happen to a girl on holiday alone — and sometimes even when she’s with someone.
This is what the character who is this Mike Vulker plans for Jane. Enjoying her first himself of course and then selling her off. Getting her drugged and when she comes round she’s in this brothel or somewhere.
It’s a really scary plot because ever since they told her Jane has had the nasty feeling that somehow it could really happen. Which is made worse when Mike says this. ‘We could play it for real. Do it for real!’ It’s a joke of course, or meant to be. But Jane doesn’t think it is very funny.
Mike is supposed to introduce himself to Jane and Ian in the bar and they think he’s a friendly and pleasant bloke. He offers to show them round the island; which seems OK because the invitation is extended to both of them. They accept, but in the morning Ian isn’t feeling at all well which is not surprising as Mike has managed to drop something in his drink. Jane is persuaded to go anyway…
At breakfast Jane tells Bill in a panicky voice that she doesn’t feel like doing it She hasn’t had a very good night. Kept awake by the silly thought that Mike was going to appear in her room at any moment and take her off. To an African brothel. Jane doesn’t tell Bill this of course, it is too stupid, she just says she doesn’t feel like it Can’t they… call it off?
Bill laughs and tells her not to be silly. That’s the reason they’re out here: to shoot the photo-sessions. Mike appears a few minutes later. They are to go out right after breakfast for the first shooting session.
It is out in the country, a drive out through the beautiful tropical vegetation and then, up the mountain road. Finally they walk along a mountain track to find a suitable spot. It is hot already, hot walking in just shorts and top. Jane’s shorts of course are very soon to come down. When Mike makes his first play for her. In the story he threatens that some of his acquaintances will get at Ian if Jane doesn’t cooperate. They could get him done for drugs or something. If Jane isn’t nice.
Bill wants some shots now in this rocky place that he says will do nicely. Jane climbing on the rocks first of all: some nice shots from the back showing her shapely long legs and her super bum in the little denim shorts she is wearing. Posing for this at least is not too bad. But in a moment there will be the ones with Mike. When he makes her take the shorts down, plus the brief little pink knickers Jane has on underneath. And pull up her slinky little black top, with no bra under it. To show her bare tits.
Jane doesn’t want to think about it. She is up on the rocks now. Sticking her bottom out for Bill’s camera. Far down below over her shoulder she can see the glassy blue sea, with above it the great wide sweep of the paler blue sky. Jane experiences a sudden grip of vertigo. She is going to fall off the rocks and down.
She hangs on grimly and the giddy feeling passes. Bill takes a few more shots of Jane’s bottom. Then he wants some action with Mike. Mike is in just his swim shorts now. He is very big; heavy. He must be twice as big as Ian. All over perhaps? Jane has the scary thought of being fucked by Mike. She doesn’t want it of course but he’s fucking her anyway — as he does in this story they’re supposed to be doing.
As if somehow guessing this thought Mike says, ‘We’re going to shoot the whole thing. Right Bill? All the screwing and everything.’
Both men laugh and Jane tries to join in with a forced laugh, to show she knows it’s a joke. She doesn’t feel like laughing though. But it is a joke. Bill said they were only going to do some spanking shots. And maybe one or two with this stick he’s brought along. The stick across Jane’s bare bottom. Jane said she didn’t want the stick, but Bill has brought it anyway.
‘Not that stick,’ Jane gasps now as her hands go to the belt of the shorts. Mike is standing a couple of feet above her and seems massive, a giant. His shorts are on a level with her face and she can see the bulge of his cock. It seems to be getting bigger: he’s probably getting a hard-on at the thought of the coming action. Jane gets that giddy feeling again.
‘N… No stick,’ she repeats numbly. She is dragging the shorts down. And then after a moment’s hesitation the little pink pants.
Jane squeals as he grabs her and drags her down. Bill has backed off and is clicking his camera. Mike is sitting on a rock with Jane across his lap. She gasps as his big hand gropes her bare bum. Underneath her Jane can feel his big stiff cock. The hand lets go of her bum and then cracks hard down on it.
Jane yells out, and struggles to get up but Mike has a firm grip of her with his other arm. He lands another heavy wallop on her bare bum and she yells out again. And then gives a strangled sort of squeal. The hand has slipped in between her legs. Mike’s fingers are groping her pussy.
Jane struggles fiercely but can’t dislodge the hand. Indeed if anything her struggles serve only to open her up more. Mike gets two fingers up inside her.
Laughing, he asks Bill, ‘Are you getting some good shots?’
Bill is. He is moving around frenziedly clicking the shutter. Jane is still squealing, with Mike’s hand right there, working at her cunt. In her cunt. He finally does stop, his hand coming away. But it is only to start spanking her again. More of those heavy, stinging wallops.
Mike finally does let up. Releasing his grip on her. Jane, wriggling only weakly now slithers off him. Her bum is bright red and she is half crying. ‘You… you bastard,’ she stutters.
‘Don’t be silly,’ Bill says. ‘He didn’t hurt you And I’ve got some really great shots. Now… a couple with the stick.’
No!’ Jane yelps. ‘Not that bl… bloody stick.’ But Bill just tells her again not to be silly. Mike won’t hurt her with it. And Mike is grabbing her again. Pulling her to her feet. He has the stick in his other hand and is bending Jane over. And she is really too weak to struggle. All shaky after that business with his hand between her legs. Mike is forcing Jane’s head down.

Mike has really whacked the cane in. Maybe a good deal harder than Bill meant. It has really scorched Jane’s bare bum and she is writhing about and making this awful noise. But Mike still has hold of her, so that Jane’s head is bent down and her bottom up and out, and Bill isn’t saying anything about not hitting her so hard. He seems only interested in getting his photo shots.
Mike’s powerful arm delivering a second wristy shot of the cane. Just as hard — if not harder. Virtually on top of the line of the first one which had left a nice bright red stripe. Jane sounds as if she’s going berserk.
Mike hits her twice more before letting go of her. Jane slumps to the ground, both hands clutching at her red-hot bum. She is crying now alright. Making sobbing sounds. With real tears sliding down her cheeks. Bill gives Mike a little grin and puts his camera down. Bending over Jane he asks if she is OK.
It doesn’t come out very clearly, with the sobbing she’s still doing, but there is not much doubt the answer is negative. Combined with some strong things about Mike.
Bill commiserates. That sting she’s feeling (and he’s sure it’s not that bad) will wear off in a couple of seconds. He says he’s got some really great shots. And now, Bills says he’s got to nip back to the car. He seems to have left his spare films there. He won’t be long; Jane and Mike can stay here.
Jane is perhaps too preoccupied with her still throbbing bottom to appreciate the situation, which is that she is now alone here with Mike. Until she feels his hand on her hot bum. She gives a sharp squeal. Mike has sat down next to her.
‘We can have a little bit of fun now,’ he says softly. ‘With old Bill gone. Just me and Janey.’
Mike is pulling her up, into a sitting position close up to him. Jane’s head is still concentrated on her poor bottom and she can hardly see, with her eyes misted with tears. Mike has taken her hand, Jane blinks her eyes.
Her head and her eyes clear at about the same time. Her hand, it is on Mike’s bare cock. He has slid his shorts partially down and his big stiff cock is out. Mike has put Jane’s hand on his hot bare cock.
With this stunning realisation Jane yanks her hand away, or attempts to. As if she has inadvertently put it on a red hot stove or something. But Mike has hold of Jane’s wrist and she can’t really move her hand. He pushes it firmly back into full contact.
‘Come on, sweetheart. Let’s be nice. I want pretty Janey to give me a nice suck.’
Jane can’t believe this! She must be in some awful dream or something. But of course she isn’t. Jane is here with Mike in this hot, secluded spot and very much wide awake. Bill has gone off, perhaps designedly the thought now comes to her, to leave her alone here with Mike. She has her shorts and knickers down and Mike is making her hold his bare cock. As he says.
What Mike is saying is also unbelievable. But on the other hand it is not because it is what Jane has half thought all along. Mike does know people who will pick up pretty girls and send them on unwelcome trips. A girl can have what seems like a nice friendly drink with a friendly stranger. She can have too much to drink and when she comes round, she could find herself in one of those places.
Yes, it can happen for real just like in this story they’re doing. Would Jane like to fall into the hands of these people? It can very easily happen. But Mike can ensure Jane doesn’t, because he knows these characters. If she is a nice friendly girl.
Mike says that of course he isn’t threatening her. No. But these things can happen and he can make sure it doesn’t happen to Jane. And all he wants is that they have a little friendly fun. And what Mike means by fun, is what he said back at the beginning. When he first put Jane’s hand on his cock. Mike has still got this great big hard-on. He wants Jane to go down on it.
No!’ she hisses. ‘No…ooo. I can’t. I don’t… do that.’
Mike says he is sure Jane does. All girls do it. And if she hasn’t she certainly wants to try it. And no, Bill isn’t going to come back at any moment. He told Mike he might take a little kip by the car. Which confirms that Bill has deliberately left Jane alone with Mike. And of course the other thing is, what Mike has said. These awful people who are hanging about looking for girls. Jane doesn’t doubt that they exist.
No…’ she repeats, but more weakly now. The thought of perhaps being drugged and taken off, to an awful brothel somewhere, is too much. It is an impossible thought.
‘Bill… Is he taking… a kip?’
Jane has done it before. Just Ian of course. Sucked him. She has done it a few times. But that is Ian her boyfriend, not Mike whom Jane only met yesterday and who really scares her and she doesn’t fancy, not at all. But if it’s either that or possibly being picked up by these dreadful people. Jane makes herself. Getting over on her knees between Mike’s spread legs. Oh Christ! With her bare bottom still stinging from that bloody stick but she has no thought of that now. Not with this other. Her mouth wide to take it. Jesus! She can’t… take it… Or thinks she can’t, it’s just too big. But then Jane finds that somehow, she can.
Mike has hold of her head. Two hands. Pulling her right down onto it. Filling her mouth, her throat, so that she is going to gag. And then sliding half out again. And then in again. In and out.
She hears Mike groan. ‘Fantastic.’
It goes on. How long? Jane has no idea. Kneeling here with the hot sun on her back, on her bare bottom, and her mouth somehow taking this enormous thing. But he doesn’t come. That’s one thing at least, Jane doesn’t get all that stuff flooding in her mouth. Because after it has gone on for some unknown time Mike pushes her back. So that he comes out of her mouth. He says he wants the other now. A proper fuck.
Bill conveniently stays away until it’s all over. Until Mike has finished his fuck and Jane has been able to get straightened up, with her knickers and shorts back up and her top pulled back down covering her tits.
There has in fact been not only the fuck but something else as well. After he had finished screwing Jane, taking her from behind as she bent over against the rocks, Mike made her frig herself off. Lying back on the rocks and doing it with her hand. With her legs spread wide and her top pulled up to expose her tits. Jane protested that she didn’t want to do this, but it wasn’t a very desperate protest. Because all the other stuff, sucking Mike and then fucking him, had her turned on. In spite of the fact that Jane hadn’t wanted to do any of it. So that when finally Mike said he wanted her to do herself with her hand, she did it. Bringing herself off.
Yes, Bill appears when all this action is over. With a grin he says he’s sorry he’s been so long. But they’ve been OK, enjoying the sun here, haven’t they? Mike, grinning too, says, ‘Sure. It’s been great here in the sun. And we’ve been getting acquainted, me and Janey.’
Jane doesn’t say anything. Gives Bill a look and then looks away. At least he doesn’t know anything. Although of course he may suspect. She had got Mike to promise he won’t tell Bill — although whether that promise means anything is something else.
Bill, grinning still, says, ‘Well, shall we have a bit more action with the cane?’
What Jane doesn’t know is that Bill has photographed the whole thing. All that steamy action with Mike is now on film. He didn’t go all the way back to the car but merely to that point about 50 metres away and was behind that big rock. With his big telephoto lens pulling in every little detail.
Mike knows. The two of them planned it, to get some hotter action than Jane was likely to agree to. She will have to know later of course. If it’s going in the magazine. But right now Jane is blissfully ignorant. Concerned only that she doesn’t want any more of the cane.
But Bill would like just a few more shots. Of the cane landing on Jane’s bare bum.


  1. What a lucky girl ... splendid Jane. Hope she got pregnant in the end.

  2. I accept that she's not classically good-looking, a bit goofy, etc. but the thing that is so appealing and attractive about Jane is that it was all so believable.

  3. fleas keep the Jane stuff coming! and keep up the great work!