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Monday, 8 October 2018

Gymslip Punishments

From Roué 10
One of the most common interests of the sado-masochistic-uniform scene is the schoolgirl in her gymslip. The arousal which is engendered in male minds by the sight of a nubile adolescent in her school uniform is only surpassed by the prospect of taking a cane to her plump knickered bottom.
It is obvious that blossoming sixteen-year-olds can be a source of sexual fantasy. They are developing fast, but not yet women. They are innocent but yet they often appear coquettish and ripe for adventure. They have a mystery and potential about them which is obvious to their contemporaries who are also struggling to discover to discover the secret of their burgeoning sexuality. And for many men the vision of these delightful creatures remains with them for the rest of their adult lives.
Like many other fetishes it starts with childhood and adolescence. Given the normal puritan, guilt-laden attitudes which still prevail in our society, and the simultaneous excitement of sexual discovery by adolescents, it is not surprising that these experiences can be traumatic and create a pattern of sexual desire which remains as the trigger for future sexual behaviour.
Though the administering of corporal punishment to girls is not as common as many people would like to think, nevertheless it does occur, and it did use to happen, of course, and became part of sexual mythology. Given all this, it is quite understandable that girls in their uniforms, because after all most of them still do wear them, are a potent force for fantasy.
Take the following description of an adolescent experience which had a dramatic effect on the narrator. His main interest is voyeuristic and he is particularly carried away by the girl’s knickers.
My interest goes back to one day when I was a teenager and a shapely schoolgirl forgot her modesty in mixed company. She hitched her gymslip way above her waist to heave her slipping knickers back into place. In my day girls wore regulation wool knickers with elastic at the legs and waist and stockings. This girl had navy blue gym knickers and black stockings and her white thighs made a fantastic contrast between the two dark areas, white suspenders completed the picture. They held her stockings high leaving about three inches between the stocking tops and the elastic-legged knickers. I’d never seen such a sight spontaneously exhibited like that before.
We all whistled and shouted and I felt a distinct stirring in my loins and the blood rushed to my face. The visual power of that sight, the knickers and stockings and the upraised gymslip was quite shocking and although it only lasted for a few seconds until the girl remembered where she was and hastily pulled her skirt down, I was a steaming glowing wreck.
My confusion became obvious to my companions and I became the butt of their remarks. Didn’t I like knickers? Well, yes, er, that is no. No? Oh, so you don’t like them? They teased me terribly, girls and boys. ‘Let’s hear you say knickers,’ one of them shouted.
Of course, I couldn’t say the dreaded word and finally two of the boys grabbed the girl and pulled her gymslip over her Head. I took one look at the sight, now a love-hate affair, and tried to hide my Head in shame. The girl’s struggles to get free only made matters worse as her knickers and stockings moved this way and that until she was finally able to escape.
That experience was not forgotten by my friends and I was constantly teased. In the end I became addicted to raised gymslips and the sight of school knickers but the problem was that I couldn’t really enjoy any of it. On one occasion two girls got hold of me, lifted their gymslips and then made me run my hands all over their knickers and my fingers wriggling to escape made the sensations very strong. The effect of all this lasted for years and although I have calmed down now, I still get a great thrill from looking at pictures of schoolgirls in their uniforms showing off their knickers.
This is a typical example and is self-explanatory. The guilt and the desire are inextricably bound together as are the elements of fetishism, though in this case there is no mention of corporal punishment. It is purely voyeuristic with masochistic overtones.
The kind of fantasy that involves uniforms with discipline is amply illustrated by this example which is allegedly told by a girl who suffers corporal punishment.
I was at a private girls school from twelve to eighteen and it was run on very strict lines. There was a stern attitude to work and discipline which seemed to work as the academic achievement was very high. We had to wear uniform of course. Short green gymslips with a sash, white blouse and striped tie, green woollen knickers and stockings. One always had to walk very carefully and sit down in a proper manner to avoid showing one’s stocking tops and knickers. We soon learned how to be ladylike and modest.
Punishment was always given by the Headmaster in private. He always made it clear to the parents that he ran a strict regime and apparently had their approval. Punishment varied and as I didn’t usually get into serious trouble I mostly just got the strap on my hands. I did however receive the cane a couple of times, six strokes across my tight knickers. I had to bend over the desk with my gymslip raised, after having pulled my knickers up as tight as they would go between my thighs. But for more serious offences and when one had already been punished several times, the Head gave the cane on the bare bottom.
I received my first bare bottom caning when I was about sixteen-and-a-half years old; I will never forget it. I must say that if the idea of caning your bare bottom is to humiliate as well as punish you, it certainly works. The offence I had committed was smoking while on the school premises, and I was caught red-handed by my form mistress and promptly marched along to the Head. After she had explained my offence to him she left me with him in his study. He lectured me for about ten minutes then suddenly ended the conversation by saying that I was to receive six with the cane but as I had been an offender before it was obvious that the normal method of caning had not had the desired effect and he therefore thought something more severe was called for to make me more obedient. Therefore the punishment was to be given on my bare buttocks as would any future punishment.
I was made to bend over the end of his desk (as was usual with any caning) my short skirt pushed up my back and he tucked it into my school blouse. My knickers were then pulled down to my knees, and I was made to place my legs about two feet apart. With him standing behind me I felt totally embarrassed as I was very aware that I could be viewed naked from my waist down and was most humiliated. After again lecturing me for about another three or four minutes he commenced caning, giving all six strokes with about a minute between each one. They stung very much and I can remember thinking I was determined that I would keep out of trouble in the future to avoid this type of punishment. But, of course, I didn’t, being in high spirits at that time. I tried very hard but I couldn’t avoid getting another couple of bare bottom canings.
There was one difference when I was in my last year, however. The senior girls had a different uniform. We had a longer skirt and wore tights instead of stockings. When you got caned on the bare you therefore had to remove your tights and skirt yourself, fold them neatly, and place them on a chair. The Head made a point of telling you that tidiness was most essential, and only then would you be told to place yourself over the desk.
This is, of course, a typical fantasy for male consumption, but as we have explained in a number of similar articles, fantasy is the main ingredient. Few people have the opportunity to enact this kind of thing but they have been hooked on it. There has to be some kind of reconciliation. Schoolgirls themselves are not readily available to male fantasists and in any case are likely to lead to conflict with the law but the image of the girl in her uniform will not just disappear. Some people, with the aid of a willing partner are able to overcome this difficulty. Take the following account.
My wife and I are both twenty-nine and discovered our mutual interest in spanking after some playful bottom spanking soon after we were married eight years ago. During this time we have gradually developed a system which now acts as a powerful aphrodisiac to our lovemaking. My wife mainly acts the passive role, although sometimes we change round.
She always dresses as a schoolgirl for her punishment and has several uniforms including a pleated green skirt, brief blue mini skirt, short gymslip, many different kinds of knickers, white knee socks, black stockings and a couple of very young-looking short cotton dresses.
She dresses in one of these outfits and then we use a dice to decide the instrument to be used and the number of strokes to be administered. We have canes, tawses, birches, whips and paddles. Each has a number on it from two to twelve and she throws the dice to choose the instrument. Then she throws one dice three times to decide the number of strokes she is to receive.
Having made these decisions she then bends over the back of a chair with her hands on the seat ready for punishment. I raise her skirt above her waist and give strokes equivalent to the number of the first throw of the dice over her school knickers. Then I take her knickers down to below her knees and admire the redness on her bottom which is already showing. Then she gets the number of strokes which were shown on the second throw of the dice on her bare bottom.
So far all these strokes have been given fairly moderately, stinging but not bruising. Then I remove her knickers completely and give her the last cuts very hard. They are of course the number determined by the last dice throw. They make her gulp and leave vivid marks. By this time we are really passionate and make long, frantic love.
Sometimes I spank her while we are making love. We find the best position for this is with me on my back and her on top so that I can easily reach her bottom. By getting the spanks in rhythm with our lovemaking we really increase our feelings.
My favourite situation is my wife in gymslip and black stockings with her navy-blue elasticated knickers round her knees displaying her soft white thighs and plump quivering buttocks, cringing in anticipation of the beating to come. I then love to lay on about twelve strokes with a medium swishy cane. I adore the sound the cane makes as it whistles through the air and lands with a thud on her flesh. Also the thin red lines which spring from her white flesh at each blow. I try to lay the cuts parallel from the top to bottom of her buttocks, starting close to her waist and ending up at the tops of her thighs.
Another account of corporal punishment involving school uniforms tries to give a more authentic ring to the story by placing the incident in a school setting and also adds some additional spice that would certainly whet the appetites of many connoisseurs of this genre.
Jane and I first met as pupils at a co-ed boarding school in South Africa where discipline was very strict and the cane in frequent use, Over the years both of us felt it on many occasions and took it for granted until the next time.
By the time we were eighteen, we were in love but unable to meet in privacy. One Sunday we broke bounds and met in a nearby deserted farmhouse. But we were spotted by some passers-by who apparently recognised our distinctive uniforms and phoned the Headmaster. He was soon able to identify it was us who were missing from school and by the time we got back the Head and the senior mistress were waiting for us.
We were given the usual lecture, castigated in no uncertain terms and then sentenced. Jane was to get six strokes of the cane, but I, being regarded as the main culprit for leading Jane astray, was to get twelve strokes. But that was not all. We were informed that as an additional humiliation for our outrageous behaviour, Jane would be caned by the Head, while I would receive my punishment from the senior mistress.
First, Jane was told to bend over and touch her toes. The mistress then raised the hem of her tunic, lowered her knickers to her knees and then stood back while the Head applied six really hard cuts to her naked buttocks. When she got up I could see tears welling in her eyes but I knew she was a brave girl and I was so proud of her that she didn’t cry out loud. I saw her biting her lips with the effort to restrain the sobs that were trying to escape from her lips.
Then it was my turn. Jane had to stand there with her knickers still hanging round her knees and her tunic held up while I had my trousers and underpants lowered by the Head. The senior mistress then dealt out the twelve stingers to my bare bottom. It was all I could do to emulate Jane by not crying out with the excruciating pain.
When we discussed it later, we both discovered that the sight of each other being prepared for punishment and then caned was so sexually stimulating that it quite overcame the pain we felt.
Although we knew we were taking the chance of another severe caning if we were caught, we could not resist finding an opportunity to examine and console each other. We managed to find a hiding place and we exposed our whipped bottoms to each other. The sight of Jane lifting her tunic and taking her knickers down was extremely exciting and I could tell that she felt the same way when I showed her my naked buttocks. We stroked and kissed each other’s weals. Jane’s bottom was a fiery red and I knew that mine looked the same to her.
Since we have been married we often act out a similar scene as part of our love play and the sight of Jane in gym tunic and black stockings touching her toes with her knickers at half-mast really turns me on. I give her six sharp cuts with a thin cane before changing places to let her have her turn.
Whatever the real facts of this case it is obvious that such scenes play an important part in many people’s lives. It seems that such an incident, or something like it did really happen, either to the participants or someone they knew or heard about, or the idea of it happening, because of some other incident, has become paramount in the person’s mind. But it does not matter whether any of these things are really true or not. What is important is that, whatever the reason that has triggered off these emotions, the people concerned are able to come to terms with their present situation and adjust their lives accordingly. They may be able to form a relationship with someone of like mind and play out their roles in some kind of private scenario. Or, as is probably more likely, they can find relief in written and pictorial fantasy. They can participate and find vicarious satisfaction in the fantasies of others. Whatever the case, those who do not share these experiences, should approach the matter with sympathy and understanding not in a censorious manner, lest they be misunderstood about their own inclinations. It is certain that in the world of fetishism and sado-masochism few people are immune.

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