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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Discipline Report

From Blushes Uniform Girls 26
One would hardly describe Brigadier Harrington (rtd) as a man who inspired a sexual response, and yet his methods of dealing with waywardness always projected the naughty young miss into a state of being very aware of her shameful exposure because the eventual interview with the austere ex-military man left the female in a state of undress. He reasoned that her disciplinary punishment must be accompanied by a mental humiliation by being in a state whereby she would be ever-conscious of the fact that she was totally exposed and revealing all her charms once her uniform had been removed. Her uniform and the underwear too, of course.
Every member of the corps under his administrative command was also aware that he was a man who required the utmost in obedience and who suffered nothing to become an obstacle to the inevitable conclusion to what he had in mind when he decided that they deserved to be reminded that all naughtiness or breaking the rules resulted in a personal retribution which he himself would conduct. He was a stickler for the rules was the Brigadier and he applied his firm military disciplines with a rod of iron, and a will to match.
Perhaps Maxine could be considered one of the more attractive of the corps and at twenty years of age her natural attributes were of the highest calibre in womanhood. A nubile nymphet who was very naturally able to feel trembling fear at being in the office of the austere man and who knew that there would be no leniency, no chance of being let off for the naughtiness that she had so stupidly committed; she had hoped that her ‘criminal offence’, for it was a criminal offence if it broke the rules, would not be discovered, but it had and now she was waiting very fear-filled and inwardly trembling at what the outcome was going to be. She did not want to have to remove her neatly pressed and properly fitting blue-grey uniform, but such was the trained discipline in her that she knew that when commanded to do so, she would have to overcome the natural reluctance to expose her pinky and shapely curves and that she would just have to do as she was told. Even when the punishment was being given to her soft rounded bottom, she would have to try and stay bending and showing the Brigadier that she was able to keep herself in that state that only invited the punishment to continue and also to make her wriggle her body no matter how much she wished that she did not have to do so. She did not want to have to let him see those soft secret areas of her body when her legs, ankles and thighs seemed to become limbs beyond her control and she knew that she would kick her lower area about despite the deep wish to keep herself still and closed up tight. But there was the interminable period between undressing and actually making her smooth-cheeked bottom a target for whatever instrument the Brigadier might want to use on them. There was always that period between coming through the door and then getting ready, and that period was filled with fraught frustrations when the whole body just had to stand still whilst the officer reminded her of the helplessness of her situation by what he could do with his hands… and not only what he could do with them, but also what he actually did with them and the places on her person where he would put his hands. He was very inventive at the places he could put his fingers and this was all to instil a greater degree of discipline into the naughty young misses that he had under his control.
Maxine, fair haired and quite tall now stood rigidly to attention. The deep blushes on her attractive young face were the only outward signs of her inner distress and deep-seated worry. Her knee-length tight-fitted skirt, grey-blue pulled round the soft swells of her bottom and the tapering columns of her thighs twixt knees and lower tummy were easily seen by the outlines of her lower torso as the uniform was intended to do. The slim waist was also a delight in symmetric curvature where the upper garment pulled into her body immediately above the flared hips. Then the tunic moulded against the full rounded breasts which even now were actually aching slightly because the nipples, for some reason which Maxine could not fathom, were thrusting into the blouse of her uniform. This should only happen in a sexual experience so why was she now aware how the sensitive buds of her nipples aching with the contact of her uniform blouse?
The waves of her tresses were bared and there was no hat so that the deep pinky blushes of her face really did show to the roots of her hair. Her arms were straight down to her side, stiffly held like that in the attitude of being fully erect at attention and her legs too were ram-rod straight with the heels correctly held together. Very polished high-heeled shoes encased her feet which were also dressed in the very silkiest of black hosiery. When one reported to the Brigadier, one dressed as perfectly turned out as though for a Royal Parade… even better if that was at all possible. She had been standing like this for two or three minutes now, and the silence of the room was only broken by the Brigadier’s fingers turning over the pages of a file of documents on his desk before him. Maxine wondered whether that sheaf of papers were about her… her personal record perhaps. He coughed lightly as though something in the report had irritated him and then he cast a brief glance towards the immaculately turned out young miss before him.
His mind at that moment was musing with the factor of her punishment. Was he going to cane her, tawse her or spank her… or perhaps all three? He was most certainly going to do one or the other… or he might take it into his head to give all three and thereby save himself the trouble of having to work out the options! She would, of course have to undergo some stern postures; postures that she would probably find very humiliating and there would be no doubt that she would not want to do them, but there was equally no doubt that she would do them because she felt that she had to posture according to his strict commands and even demands on her absolute obedience to him.
For a fleeting moment she wondered what would happen if she just refused, but as soon as the thought of rebellion had entered her mind she discarded it with an equal feeling of sheer horror. Say no? That idea was the silliest thought she had ever had! One did not even think like that. What on earth possessed her to even let the thought enter her pretty head?
‘You may remove your skirt,’ he interrupted the silence.
It was not the command that made her jump, but rather the breaking of the silence.
‘Yes, sir,’ she managed to respond verbally.
At least he did not watch her as she unzipped the side fastening and then there was a rustling as the crisp uniform was pushed down shapely legs to be removed from her high-heel clad feet. She looked for somewhere to put the skirt and then placed it neatly on the back of the chair… she resumed the rigid pose of standing to attention and now the deep blushes of her face deepened as she stood with the superb thighs covered in black silky stockings became visibly on view. The whiteness of her creamy thighs contrasted attractively with the briefest of panties modestly covering the fair-haired thatch at the juncture of her legs. But the darkened area of her soft downy hair was visible as it showed as a dark triangle against the material of her panties and Maxine was very aware that her very most private parts would not have the luxury of being covered for much longer… not only that natural protection of hair would have to be exposed but every little area round it if the Brigadier told her to do so… that and anything else too. Little shaking sensations rippled in an endless flow through her and she could not stem the tide now that it had started.
‘Now the tunic,’ he spoke with a crisp stern voice.
The upper part of her uniform was soon over the back of the chair and now, Maxine was reminded how the hardened nipples must surely be seen by him as they pressed out uncontrollably against the material of her white tight-fitting blouse.
‘Come round here,’ he directed the quailing young miss.
Smartly and without any apparent hesitation, Maxine went round the side of the desk. The Brigadier, turned the leather chair round to face her.
‘Tie and blouse off,’ he was slowly reducing her to a state of shocked nudity and helplessly she was compelled to obey him.
Her firm breasts, unbrassiered, were now fully exposed as she once again adopted the attention position. Her shoulders, eased back only enhanced the attractive quality of her titties but she could not stand any other way! She just could not help letting her slightly uptilted nipples reveal the sexual connotation of her responses. She did not want them to, but there was a natural reaction that came from her mentality and not from her physical side, and what was worse, as he sat there studying the twin orbs, the nipples seemed to get stronger and harder!
‘You know what happens to naughty girls,’ he reminded her.
‘Yes, sir,’ she could have burst into tears at her shame and also her helplessness.
‘And you have been naughty,’ he reminded her.
‘Yes, sir,’ she admitted with added misery.
‘Bend over the desk,’ he required her bending torso now.
Was he going to let her keep her panties on? Her mind at least dared to think the unthinkable. No! Surely not. It was unheard of that a girl kept her panties on when she was punished on her bottom. But this might be an exception. Perhaps he really was going to let her retain something of her already shattered dignity… perhaps!
She felt the coldness of the desk top as her shapely firm breasts crushed onto it and then she was concerned at only pressing her thighs very tightly together… she reached out so that her fingers were able to grip the other side of the desk and then she had to physically hold herself in check as his hands stroked over the lower halves of her bottom… those halves that the panties did not cover.
Her teeth were busy chewing the inside of her lips as her mouth went dry at the sheer helplessness of her own dignity as his hand ‘tested’ the quality of what he would soon be punishing.
‘I do not like the situation where a woman is caught in the act of sharing her bed with another woman,’ he reminded her of her ‘crime’.
Maxine inwardly squirmed. It had been an awful exposure as far as she was concerned. Whilst she and Janine were in the bed, it was alright, but when a duty officer had discovered them, the immediate aftermath had been too awful for words. She had not ceased to feel the ignominy and shame for one second ever since it had happened.
‘Did she caress your bottom?’ he was now going into the full ‘confession’ interrogation part of the punishment… and she knew she dare not tell a lie because Janine had already been this way with the Brigadier and Maxine knew that he would have closely interrogated Janine as well… so the truth would have to be told. He was breaking down any defence mechanism of her modesty by making her feel more and more humiliated as the time went on.
‘Yes, sir,’ she said miserably.
‘Whilst you were bending it like this?’
‘No sir… I…I was lying next to her,’ Maxine explained miserably. She knew that he already had the answers… he was using her as an instrument to further her own degradation. What else had he learned from Janine? Her very soul felt damned now.
‘Whose idea was it that you two share a bed?’
‘It… it was mine, sir,’ she moaned in helpless honesty of revealing that it was herself who had engineered that whole act in which she and Janine had been caught.
His fingers and hand still ‘tested’ the pliancy of her rounded buttocks.
‘Did she play with your breasts.’
‘Yes…yes, sir,’ she choked out in a soft moan of shame.
‘Stand up,’ she was surprised.
Again, Maxine stood stiffly to attention…
‘She did this?’
A shock wave of hopeless inadequacy swept through her as the Brigadier’s hands closed over the throbbing mounds of her superb breasts…
‘Yes, sir,’ she felt truly degraded now as she stood letting his hands fondle her shapely titties.
‘And how about here?’
She gasped with the sudden onslaught of sensations that she had not expected to feel when his fingers wormed between her legs and he felt the hot slot secreted between her thighs… could he do this?… Yes, he bloody well could she reminded herself, and there was nothing she could do to stop him doing just that and a whole lot more if he wanted to, and Maxine knew that he would most certainly want to! She was honest enough to know that she had brought this down on herself…
A constant sound of mewing reactions continued to emit from her mouth as her helpless system responded to the fingers at her warm slot… down there between her legs… her thighs slightly parted so as to cause no hindrance to the exploring digits shamefully exposing her weakness to prevent this and any other thing happening if the Brigadier had a mind to do it. Then he wanted to know what else Janine’s fingers had done by playing expressly with the hardened nipples that betrayed Maxine’s high sexual state. How could she feel so fruity when her whole mind was fearfully dreading the time when he would insist on her bending her shapely bare bottom for the cane… or the tawse… or a spanking… or all three? She envisaged that it would indeed be all three because he had emphasised the heinousness of her ‘crime’; and also she had admitted that it had indeed been she who had instigated it by seducing Janine.
Janine had certainly helped her to feel very sexy and they had enjoyed a very decidedly loving session in the bed; that is until the orderly officer had discovered them. Since that moment right up to the time when she had stood before the outraged Brigadier, Maxine’s head had been in a whirl of fear and something worse than trepidation. The uniform itself leant towards her natural response to a discipline instilled from the moment she had put it on when she had been recruited to the corps. Soft whimpering sounds from her generous-lipped mouth betrayed her utter confusion and also there was a spark that ignited high inside her sex area as the austere military man did as he liked with her dampening sex lips. He ceased at long last and when he did, Maxine’s head was spinning like a top… a sexual top that is… and even when he told her to take her panties down and off, she was a little slow to respond because of those dizzy waves running rife through her body.
It was a whole lot worse when he told her to stand fully erect and to get her hands at the back of her head… this only emphasised the perfect roundness of her titties and because they certainly looked attractive the Brigadier just had to satisfy himself that they were as good as they looked. They were indeed! His hands once again tested the springy flesh and Maxine more confused than ever realised that because of the discipline, she was submitting more to him than she would ever do for a dozen other men altogether… or women for that matter.
The nipples were given a special squeeze and the enhanced state of hunger exposed itself as the stalky knobs became hard like small pips. And to make matters worse, the effect of his hands on her breasts seemed to actually stir up the cauldron of heat between her legs. But it was the different heat that she would soon be feeling that worried her… she hated this complete submission with no arguments allowed of her torso… but there were other things that the Brigadier could do that she would learn to hate a whole lot more… she might even find herself admitting later that she would much rather he made her stand as she was now doing, playing with all her soft parts and places… much rather that than the awful swingeing punitive attention she was going to get.
He had pulled himself away from the chair and was now seated on his visitor’s high-backed piece of furniture. The scenario had changed somewhat too because the shapely bottom, fully uncovered, was now towards the ceiling and the smooth tummy that had been on view before the seeking eyes of the Brigadier was now firmly pressed onto his lap. The hard-nippled breasts were dangling nakedly attractive towards the office floor and the cheeks of that same bottom were already showing the first signs of his handprint where he had started to spank them… so far, the mouth that had mewed in response to the unwanted thrills when his hand had been seeking out her sex bud had made no response to the tingling fire spreading over the cheeks of her bottom… but soon he managed to elicit a gasp of pain as he increased the strength of his palm. Once he had breached the dam of her obstinate silence, her vocal reactions became a very methodical reaction each time the loud spank filled the otherwise silent room… it was now like a well-practised act… the spank… then the ouwerch… pleeease!
When both cheeks were fully induced with the agonising tomato-coloured pain, he told her to get up. If she had thoughts of modesty regarding her nakedness before she went over his lap, such thoughts were banished… the only response she could feel right now in her mind was the terrible sting throbbing in one long and unending throb of pain sweeping through her bottom and blistering tingles in her skin. When he directed her to the armchair, she wanted to beg him not to injure her any more.
‘Anything Brigadier… anything, please sir,’ she chokingly begged him.
‘Don’t you attempt to bribe me with your slutty invitations,’ he snapped furiously.
Maxine did not want to sound slutty, and she was sure that her pleading was not meant to convey a sexual invitation… so as she spread her lovely thighs wide to kneel on the arms of the chair as indicated, her system once more realised the agony of sheer humiliation as her beetroot-coloured bottom thrust back very roundly and her torso draped helplessly over the chair back so that any idea she might have of modesty and dignity were forgotten. Not only her bottom but her recently excited sex mouth… the pussy itself was blatantly and rudely revealed… this was something that she was aware of… that is until the cane bit deep into the moons of her pronouncedly attractive, naked bottom. Again, a regular pattern of sounds etched into the otherwise silent room.
A sharp swish… a pronounced thwackkk… a responding ‘oooweeerrr… noooo… ppllleeasee,’ accompanied by a strong thrusting movement from side to side of a shapely rounded pair of nates… the bottom of Maxine doing the rhumba of reactive pain. Only the distinctive sound of her voice changed in octaves and decibels… the pleading words became strangled imploring notes… until a full twelve strokes had been delivered and left the unmistakeable tell-tale lines… and each of those lines left its own sense of real cutting pain, and yet when they combined they became the colossus of total burning hotness that actually radiated out from her bared bottom.
She remained draped over the chair-back, and the response to her nates was very pronounced as the cheeks themselves seemed to twitch in uncontrollable consistency… he made her stay there until the twitching itself ceased. Forgotten now was the fact that she was showing herself off so shamefully… only the agony of her punishment was etched on her mind. Her mentality could only assume one emotion at the time… pain rode over everything else she might have felt.
She moaned when she heard him remind her that he wanted her to remain where she was… then a burning horror that she would never have believed possible burst out like a rocketing firework all over her backside… six harsh leather strokes of the tawse erupted pain in all directions from the burning hotness of her bottom… and then it was finished… over… she stood before him, her fists pressed to the streaming waterfalls of her eyes… she felt that she only possessed a bottom… there seemed to be nothing else right now… only the sheer throbbing sensations from her bum.
‘You will be excused parades for three days,’ he penned her report.
‘Thank… thank you sir,’ she sobbed
‘And no more of this getting into bed with another woman rubbish,’ he reminded her.
‘No sir… never,’ she assured him.
‘Or else I shall have to have you in here and touch you like this all over again,’ he told her.
She trembled as she stood docile to let him stroke her between the legs again… Lord, but she was sexually hot down there… and she did not care that he even poked his finger high into her receptive tight hole…
‘Oh please sir… if you continue doing that,’ she moaned in a whisper. ‘I shall be thinking of ways to make you have me in here again… on discipline report!!!’