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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Cambridge Blues

I do love the Cheek-to-Cheek videos – the super-saturated colours, the gorgeous girls and the fun plotlines. Nice to see some familiar backdrops in Cambridge in this one, and the girls are very convincing as students.
3M/3f; time: 42 minutes
Moderate spankings, the extraordinarily attractive Cheek-to-Cheek models, and a naughty fantasy of how spanking is embedded in British elite culture. College professors freely spank their students for transgressions, and the girls accept it and even earn extra money by stripping and being spanked on-stage at a club.
Blond Louise Wilshire and brunette Natasha Beecher, both CTC actresses with credits, jog outdoors and discuss how their friend has been spanked for skimming cash at their hotel job, where Louise and Natasha have in fact stolen also.  Natasha discusses the experience of being spanked with an incredulous Louise, and in a flashback we see her mildly slippered on dark knickers over a stool. Both girls’ bottoms are so beautiful we don’t need crackling discipline.
An extraneous shower scene with blond Louise for the purpose of highlighting her dynamic figure has been inserted. She dresses in sexy lingerie, which suggests she intends to undress again soon.
The two girls are seen on the street — tall, svelte, long legs, tight bottoms, as they report to a faceless male voice, a school official, and are accused of skimming 200 pounds at the hotel. Both girls are given mild bare bottom hand spankings bent over the man’s office settee.
On their way to work, Louise and Natasha know there will be more, but “He’s not going to go to the police because we could tell about him spanking us and all the other girls.” Therein lies the little quid pro quo which supports this entire elite perversion.
Another flashback: Natasha got her bare bottom spanked by Dr. Williams for schoolwork failures. When she tried to excuse her work, “I’ve been really struggling… with money,”  the professor got his cue and will have a promoter of a spanking club contact the girls. But first, “the time has come to get to the bottom of the matter.” Natasha drops her jeans, the professor expertly bunches her black panties, and she takes a moderate tawsing.
The girls discuss the spanking “shows” they can be paid to perform in. They report for an audition, where another faceless male voice offers them a “wee gram before we start.” To the pulchritudinous Louise: “Pop your things off.” She strips down to panties, goes over a stool, where the male pulls down the panties, and she squawks down the walls during a moderate slippering. She’ll be fun on stage.
The girls change into school uniforms and are seen making introductions on-stage to an unseen audience. Natasha leaves and returns in minimal white thong and sports bra for a mild tawsing over a trestle, the spanking done by a third girl, the “ex-head girl Debbie Fuller.”
Louise comes on stage next in a red leotard and calmly strips it off to a G-string. Another girl, Amy, strips to her G-string. Amy horses Louise, a position out of academia. Natasha does the tawsing. Glorious British bottoms all over the stage.
Head girl Debbie is positioning herself over the trestle, a preview for the next film, as the scene ends.
Part 1:
Part 2:


  1. They are all so public school. Wonderful film.

  2. Just a bit silly that Cambridge college students are wearing school uniforms! But it's always nice to have some exterior shots and recognisable locations, to prove that there's a real world out there, and that the girls in these spanking videos must interact with the general public in daily life.