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Sunday, 16 September 2018

Women in Uniform — Nurses

From Uniform Girls 18
Nurses always excite a lot of male interest. They are angels of mercy but also very much sexual objects: nubile young women, innocent-seeming and yet with their knowledge of things medical; the human body and its workings including obviously the mechanics of sex. In lectures they have described to them full details of the aroused male member without a blush appearing on those delicious cool cheeks.
And of course they are in uniform: that demure starched white dress or blouse and skirt, with the broad belt tight around the slim waist; the dark nylon stockings (the ardent admirer can always tell himself they are stockings even if they may be tights); sensible flat, soft-soled shoes which perhaps emphasise her practical nature (she will know what to do, in even the most exotic fantasy: ‘Yes of course Mr Smith’); while at the same time there is that rather silly, impractical cap which may be taken as evidence that she has to submit to authority (it is a silly cap which she can’t enjoy wearing). So there is the immediate thought that she can be made to submit to her admirer. (‘I don’t care about Matron, Nurse Wilkins, I said take your knickers off and give them to me. Now.’)
Yes, nurses certainly command a special place in the lists of men who love women in uniform. Derek S, for instance. Derek, 47, who worked in a bank, said he adored all girls and women in uniform but nurses came out top. His interest had started in his late teens when he broke his leg and had to go into hospital. It was an impressionable age of course and suddenly being surrounded by all those stunning creatures had his head spinning — and his generative organ in an almost constant state of arousal.
There was one in particular who got him going: Maureen, a young, sweet-faced, curly-haired brunette, smiling and friendly, who was normally on his ward. In those days of course the nurses were wearing stockings and Derek, like no doubt all the others in the ward, would be constantly on the look-out for stocking tops and that glimpse of bare thigh which as the nurses went about their duties — bending over beds etc. — would frequently be revealed under the short starched skirts. Derek looked up Maureen’s skirt as much as any of the other nurses’ but he felt a special pang as he did so. And he also felt a pang knowing that the others in the ward — men mostly — looked up Maureen’s skirt too. Derek was definitely smitten: her looks, her body in that sexy uniform and besides, he felt she had a special smile for him alone.
Then one night when he was lying awake in the silent ward he saw Maureen come over to the bed next to his. The occupant, a young man who had only arrived the day before, was evidently awake as well and Derek could hear a low, indistinct conversation as Maureen stood at the side of the bed. He felt a stab of jealousy recalling that she had shown some seeming interest in the new arrival, Colin. The low talk stopped and there were other sounds: sort of gasps from Maureen. Derek could see quite clearly now in the half-light: Maureen with her legs slightly apart and her hips working. Colin had his hand up her skirt, had his hand on her pussy. He was masturbating her — and Maureen was letting him do it.
The full realisation that this was what Colin was doing actually came a bit later. Derek’s mind refusing to believe such a horrendous thing at the time. But the next night it happened again and he more or less had to believe it — and then in fact Colin told him. That Maureen didn’t wear any knickers on the night shift, and she came over to his, Colin’s, bed and let him ‘wank her off’.
Poor Derek was devastated. Sweet Maureen, his heart-throb, who continued to smile at him with those big brown eyes and joke — while she was letting Colin do that! It might of course have turned him off nurses — and all women — for life, but it didn’t. What it did was to turn them (nurses) into impossible dream women: even more attractive and free with their favours when they wanted to be, but not to Derek. That became the supreme turn-on thought: the impossibly attractive nurse who would submit to other men but not to Derek. What he should have done in that ward of course was to call Maureen over and then slide his own hand up her skirt. Very likely she would have allowed it. But an inexperienced youth doesn’t know that. He watches, and suffers — and no doubt guiltily masturbates.
Derek had married but not a nurse. He had had girlfriends who were nurses though and with them his relationship was mostly of a masochistic sort in line with his fantasies. He didn’t want to screw the girlfriend but liked to be kept on tenterhooks as it were. A lifted uniform skirt to reveal stocking tops and perhaps knickers for instance; maybe even allowed to slide his hand up there while his lady friend gave a prim, reproving look. That sort of thing sent shivers of excitement through him.
Derek’s tendencies were certainly not unique. Uniforms in general, with their overtones of control, can frequently bring out the masochistic side although perhaps this is more commonly seen when the admired sex-object is in a military-type uniform. More commonly the attraction of a nurse is the male dominant one: the sweet young nurse, who as such is a kind of servant and thus intended to do someone’s bidding, can be dominated in some way. She can be screwed, that archetypal form of male domination, or alternatively she can be beaten with a cane or strap etc. Beating of course has very strong sexual overtones. Or equally she may be made to perform some humiliating exercise, parading around in her uniform in some manner. All of this is pure male domination which men may either merely fantasise about or wish to carry out.
Are nurses aware of these strong desires they evoke in the male? Many certainly are, for it would seem that a lot of nurses do come up against the fact of this sort of thing. Men wishing to take them out for the purpose of screwing them, or to give them a taste of the cane. Of course this can be true for any girl but these more basic aspects are perhaps not so near the surface. One nurse I talked to, Karen D, a pretty redhead of 24, said it was a commonly accepted fact among nurses that men liked to take them out and screw them largely because of the uniform. New nurses were told of this fact of life as it were and of course reacted in different ways. Some in disbelief, or shock, but others, perhaps with a knowing smile, evidently did not find the idea too dreadful.
Perhaps I should refer, in passing at least, to the commonly held belief that nurses will engage in sexual intercourse with virtually any doctor who asks them. I believe there may be a large degree of truth in this. Again it is the element of control and discipline coming out: nurses are taught to follow unhesitatingly a doctor’s advice and instruction. There is also the frequent strong hope, amongst unmarried nurses at least, of marrying a doctor. He is a glamour figure, to them and to married nurses as well. So with these various factors, if the doctor’s instruction is not ‘Let me see the record, Nurse Greenley’ but ‘Why don’t you slip your knickers down?’ the response is usually the same: she does it.
One aspect of this situation is the matter of foreign doctors. Without being in any way racist one can say that many of them eagerly take advantage of their position to have intercourse as often as possible with English girls and young women. A nurse may well be less happy about having sex with an African or Asian doctor than with an English one. There is the thought of that dark sperm inside her and, even with a sexually educated nurse, the illogical fear that somehow it may remain there, dormant but potent, to show up in any subsequent offspring she may have. Ridiculous, you may say, but I have had an otherwise sensible young married nurse, who had been having intercourse at the hospital with an African doctor, voice this very fear to me.
But many nurses are reluctant to say no. A doctor is a doctor, a figure of authority, and he may also accuse her of being racist if she refuses. So she agrees — and perhaps hopes it will be only that once, and hopes also that he will not tell his friends and colleagues or they too will be after her. Both these hopes are frequently in vain I should imagine.
What about nurses training colleges and hospitals? Those stories that we see (in Blushes for instance) of the cane or a strap in use. Can they have any basis in fact?
The stock answer that one gets is of course no. No properly accredited institution would countenance such disciplinary measures, especially nowadays. I was told this by, for one, a 40-ish Matron who became quite pink as she answered that it was impossible, unthinkable. Yes, I said, but wouldn’t it be possible for an individual doctor or instructor to do it, in lieu of some other punishment? She went even redder in the face and reiterated ‘Of course not!’ But there was a tremor in her voice and she seemed embarrassed. I was immediately suspicious — one develops a sort of sixth sense after a certain amount of interviewing. I guessed that she had been caned herself — or something similar.
It turned out to be true, although it took some persuasive questioning to dig it out. Suzanne T, now a fully-fledged Matron at a nurses training hospital, had been caned as a young nurse, at the age of 19. How delectable! For she was still an attractive woman with an excellent ripe but firm bottom under her crisp blue skirt. She didn’t want to talk about the details (not surprisingly!) but now I had the main fact out of her she didn’t have a lot of choice. (I suggested it might be amusing if her young nurses heard about her experience!)
It had been an unofficial caning of course, which I imagine is the case with almost all of them. It was something to do with the drugs cabinet — being falsely accused according to Suzanne, but I can’t vouch for that. In any event she agreed to a caning from the doctor who had apprehended her or set her up or whatever it was. (An Indian doctor incidentally). Giving her a sharp look I said I was surprised he hadn’t wanted intercourse, wasn’t that the usual thing? Suzanne squirmed at this and looked decidedly agitated as she nonetheless shook her head. It occurred to me that perhaps it had been intercourse together with the caning. But I didn’t press this. I asked her to describe the caning.
It had been in his flat. He had made her strip down to suspender belt, stockings and shoes and then bent her over the arm of an easy chair for the caning. Six real stingers across her bare bottom. And that wasn’t all for he had made her submit to the same thing on two further occasions. Not nice at all apparently. At this point I did question Suzanne further about my other suspicion: that the doctor had screwed her as well. She finally admitted that he had and had made things worse by refusing to use any protection, insisting on the full satisfaction of flesh against flesh. Suzanne herself was not at that time into using contraceptives (although she was not a virgin) so she had spent some very fraught weeks immediately afterwards.
Had she been caned on any subsequent occasion in her career? She gave me a sharp ‘NO!’ I didn’t press her on it, but I did point out that what had happened to her with the Indian doctor could obviously happen to other nurses, then and now. Suzanne didn’t deny it. I also asked her about the sex aspect, i.e. did nurses generally submit sexually to doctors as many people thought. Again, and flushing again, she didn’t deny it, only saying that perhaps some did and others didn’t.
One nurse I spoke to was Beth R, 27 and blonde. She said that at her training college a lot of the student nurses had been caned including it seemed virtually all the best-looking ones. A couple of the senior instructors were doing it and most people knew although it certainly wasn’t officially acknowledged. No one complained for fear of not passing the course or getting a black mark against their name.
Beth herself had been caned by both men and had accepted it like all the others. She had not committed any serious offence but the two men had simply picked on very minor matters as an excuse. One of them had jokingly said it was ‘part of the course’. Skirt up and tights and knickers down and a whippy cane across Beth’s bare bottom. The other one had actually made her wear stockings and a suspender belt instead of tights when she came to his room for it, so that no attempt had been made to hide the fact that it was being done merely for his pleasure.
Beth said she hadn’t come across anyone being caned subsequent to the training course but she accepted that it could happen, on the quiet. What about sex? was my question then. With doctors. Or indeed relationships with patients or other men.
Beth had a regular boyfriend and so was unwilling to admit that she got involved in anything like that. Other nurses then? Oh well, she was prepared to agree that other nurses might. Yes, quite a number of them probably did. Some girls felt they had to if a doctor wanted it. Doctors were very important people in hospitals of course and if they wanted to be awkward, to have a word with Matron… Married ones as well, I asked. Beth said yes, some of them certainly. What about foreign doctors? Heatedly she said that foreign doctors were always the worst. A lot of them acted as if nurses were there simply to have sex with. And most Matrons weren’t any help. they wouldn’t do anything about a complaint. So a girl usually had to agree to it.
This brought me back to Beth herself. If this was the situation how was she herself avoiding it? This time Beth was reluctantly prepared to admit that she couldn’t, not entirely. I then learnt that she was currently having regular sexual intercourse with two doctors, both from Asian countries and both, she claimed, very much against her will. As for frequency, when she was on night duty it could be most nights, sometimes both men in one night. In spite of Beth’s claim that it was always against her will, she admitted that both men could bring her to orgasm. Didn’t that mean she enjoyed it, then? She said no, it was merely a physical thing, and a matter of technique. Finally she admitted that she did enjoy it, while it was actually happening. Beth was very concerned that her boyfriend was somehow going to find out what she was doing. What would she do then?
I have been discussing nurses in the public domain as it were, the NHS, but that is only one side of the nursing profession. There are also the various large private medical organisations and in addition many nurses may be employed in a range of other situations, e.g. Health and Beauty Farms, private employment, etc.
Private employment is of especial interest because here we may well have the situation where an individual is hiring a nurse essentially as a sex-toy. A man who is keen on nurses can thus, if he can afford it, have one of his own. Nurses agencies accept that this happens, and not infrequently, but it is no concern of theirs. The nurse is a free agent and does not have to agree to anything she doesn’t want to.
That is the line that is taken but it glosses over the fact that she will have to sign a contract, so it will not be easy to decide she doesn’t like what she is expected to do (or submit to) and leave on the spot. She may be threatened with legal action. The attraction of course is the money. Nurses in private agency employment get paid considerably higher sums than their counterparts in the NHS, or even those employed by the private medical organisations. The gentlemen we are talking about who fancy having a pretty young nurse in their private residence can afford to pay well for their pleasures and are prepared to do so.
Many nurses are therefore attracted to agency work, either after a spell in the NHS or straight from college. Some have an idea of what they may be getting into while others, especially the latter, do not. What they can be getting into can be as wide as men’s fantasises about nurses because we have here the situation where a man can act out his fantasies. Anything goes. Or almost anything. Jeanette whom I spoke to was perhaps a typical example. She had got on the books of an agency straight from college and had been with them for nine months. She was a pretty, very shapely blonde, clearly the sort of girl wanted in the more off-beat private practice situations. She had been shocked by some of the requirements at first and wanted to get out as soon as possible, but she hadn’t. The money was too attractive.
One client, Mr X, she had been with now for six months. Mr X was 60-ish, a retired businessman living with his wife. He didn’t have anything wrong with him but Jeanette nonetheless went to his house every afternoon when he was home, wearing her nurse’s uniform under her coat. With her uniform she wore dark nylons and a suspender belt (‘They all want that,’ Jeanette said) and also, for Mr X, no knickers. Her duties involved making tea for Mr X (and standing at his side while he drank it and also stroked her bare bottom and thighs) but in particular going in the bathroom with him and, after he had had his bath, giving him a massage on a massage table he had in there. The massage was full body but finished up with Mr X’s penis. He had to be masturbated to orgasm.
Sometimes the orgasm did not come very readily, but Jeanette had to work at it until it did.
Mr X’s wife did not apparently object to Jeanette’s presence and ministrations, which she seemed to be aware of. At least, at home in the bathroom, she knew where he was. Jeanette’s visits were explained to others by the claim that Mr X had a bad back which needed manipulating.
Jeanette had had clients who wanted to cane her and she had had one who wanted her to whip him. And there were of course those who wanted sex. She was more coy about that but I gathered it had taken place. There were also men who wanted her to get in bed with them without sex taking place, a young nanny figure presumably. Others wanted her to pose for revealing, i.e. no knickers, camera shots, but she wasn’t keen on that. But all of this she was in general ready to accept. It was better than being paid slave wages on the NHS, she said. She was filling a need, she was helping humanity. Wasn’t that what a nurse was supposed to do?

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