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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Who’s Next Then?

From Blushes 29
Walking across the canteen floor with her tray Kay had the feeling that every eye was on her. She could feel herself blushing, to her mortification. Bright red — or at least an obvious pink. Kay blushed easily so it wasn’t surprising. She forced herself to look straight ahead and act as if she wasn’t blushing. The two girls Maureen and Julie were over there and she would sit with them. She didn’t know a lot of people here yet, they were mostly just faces. A sea of faces at the moment all staring at her as she clip-clopped across from the counter. Maureen and Julie she knew and one or two others. Mr Elwood…
Mr Elwood.
Would he have told anyone? Some of the other men, his colleagues? She was sure he would have. She could picture them having a good laugh together. ‘That new girl, Kay… silly little thing. Well, I said to her…’ And then they would have told others so that by now probably everyone knew. All these faces staring at her knew. They were all smiling to themselves. Smirking. Maybe whispering together. ‘She’s that new girl. And did you hear what Mr Elwood…’ Kay made herself keep walking, conscious not only of her pink face but also her bottom. It wasn’t pink but it was equally obvious, perhaps even more so. She had a tight skirt on and it wasn’t a small bottom. Kay was conscious of its movement. Jiggling as she walked on her high heels. A nice, shapely bottom Kay’s mother told her, and men liked nice, shapely bottoms. Mr Elwood… It had been the target of men’s hands before. A sly pinch or a little fondle on the bus. But nothing like what Mr Elwood…
They were all staring at her bottom, her jiggly bottom in the tight skirt. Smiling to themselves. Smiling about Mr Elwood…
Of course they weren’t. It was all in Kay’s head. That pretty blonde head held firmly up, the big blue eyes looking rather desperately straight ahead, as her shiny black high heels clip-clopped across the room. No doubt they were looking, most of them, a glance of interest at least. She was a very pretty girl and a shapely one. A new face. She had started on Monday, four days ago. In the typing pool, wasn’t she. What was her name: Kath or Kay or something? Oh yes she was worth a glance of interest all right. From the other girls, and even more from the men — the younger ones and the older ones too. The pretty face that did look slightly embarrassed. The firm, upright carriage, high breasts with that nice, slightly independent movement as she walked. And of course the hips and bottom, a nice bit of movement there as well in the tight grey skirt. Good legs in the high heels. Oh yes, an interesting enough sight for male eyes. But they weren’t thinking what Kay thought they were thinking.
Because Mr Elwood hadn’t spread it around. And if Kay had been sensible she would have realised that he was unlikely to. A man wouldn’t want to, what would be the point? It would only cause problems — and possibly queer his pitch for the next time. Because clearly if he had done it once, if this very sweet and pretty new girl had let him do it once, it was more than likely that he would want a second bite. Had Kay thought of that? No, Mr Elwood would not have spread it around. He might have told one or two close colleagues on the quiet but Mr Elwood’s colleagues would be other senior men, who like George Elwood himself didn’t take lunch in the canteen. So Kay was wrong in suspecting lots of knowing glances. She could have saved her blushes. Except that there were admiring glances at her bottom. Which as she progressed across the floor towards Maureen and Julie was swaying, and also jiggling a bit, in a most attractive manner. It was Kay’s bottom of course that had attracted Mr Elwood. That and her pretty face and general air of inexperience and innocence.
You needed these latter qualities if you were going to suggest to a girl that she should let you spank her bottom. You especially needed them if she was going to agree to it.
Maureen and Julie produced welcoming smiles and Kay gratefully sat down with them. Her ordeal was over. Although the fact that she was no longer on general view didn’t mean that people weren’t talking about her. That general buzz of conversation… And Maureen and Julie? Did they know? They were in the typing pool too. Was it all round the typing pool? Had Maureen and Julie perhaps just been laughing about it? Kay glanced at them and then looked down at her tray. A yoghurt and an apple. Her mother said she should eat more at lunchtime, and especially with that subsidised canteen, but Kay although she didn’t like to admit it was concerned about her weight. She was sure it would simply go to her hips and bottom. Which were too big and obvious already.
Maureen said, ‘Oh God, I’ve got that big draft for Mr Elwood to finish this afternoon. He’s a real slave-driver.’
Kay couldn’t look up. Her face was bright red now, she knew. Had Maureen said that deliberately, to get a response? Maybe they wanted her to talk about it. Maybe they wanted to hear all the details. To gloat. ‘How could you let him, Kay?’
How could she? Because she had been scared to say No, that was how. Yesterday afternoon. At five. After he had earlier said, ‘I’d like to see you at five, Kay. In my office. It won’t take long.’ No one had actually seen, or she didn’t think so, that she had gone to Mr Elwood’s office and not gone straight home. As Kay didn’t really know anyone else she went home by herself, so no one would notice. In his office Mr Elwood had spoken about her work.
‘Rather a lot of errors, Kay. Look, we don’t want it to go on your report, that your typing’s not up to scratch. I tell you what we can do…’
She hadn’t been able to believe what he was saying at first, or it had to be a joke. But Mr Elwood had come on strong, all authoritarian like a fierce schoolmaster, and Kay who found him a bit scary anyway had simply folded. If he said that was what he thought he should do then she had to accept it. And she had accepted it. She had got over his lap. He had pulled her skirt up, round her waist. And then pulled her knickers down. That had come as an even worse shock because he hadn’t actually said he was going to do that. Over his lap with her bottom bare. And Mr Elwood then doing what he said he should do. Spanking it. Hard, stinging smacks. On the cheeks of her bottom and on the bare backs of her thighs.
Those details: was that what Maureen and Julie wanted to hear? Julie was saying, ‘I know, he’s one of the worst alright.’ Then, ‘Have you had much to do for him yet, Kay?’
What did Julie want her to say? The details, about yesterday? Kay glanced up, then down again. Shaking her head, she mumbled No. Which was true, she hadn’t had a lot. But enough for him to…
The other two didn’t pursue the subject of Mr Elwood. Perhaps they could see Kay was not going to rise to the bait. Instead they started talking about boys. Boyfriends. This wasn’t much help to Kay who didn’t have a boyfriend, in spite of being so attractive. She wasn’t sure whether this bothered her or not. Sometimes she saw boys who looked nice but how did you get to know them? The couple of boys she had gone out with had not made her keen to repeat the experience. They had both been the same, interested only in grabbing. Grabbing at her tits, grabbing up under her skirt. And when she had objected to this they had both got annoyed. But all the same if she had a boyfriend she would have been able to join in with Maureen and Julie. Instead of having to sit there dumb, and embarrassed looking.
Kay thought afterwards that maybe she wouldn’t go to the canteen at lunch time. But if she didn’t where would she go? Back in the office the supervisor gave her some work to do and Kay got on with it enthusiastically, grateful to have something else to think about. It wasn’t for Mr Elwood thank goodness. She had not actually seen him since yesterday. Not since tearfully pulling up her knickers over her hot bottom and, still tearfully, creeping out of his office like a distraught little mouse. The man at the front door had probably seen she had just been crying. He hadn’t said anything, though, just given her a smile — and then patted her bottom as she went out. He had probably guessed.
The afternoon went more or less like the other afternoons. Being kept busy and everyone else busy but finding time for a jokey remark now and then. Actually if she was honest Kay had to admit that there didn’t seem to be any undercurrent. No little jibes that meant: We know what Mr Elwood did yesterday. Perhaps she was imagining it and it wasn’t general knowledge. Kay began to cheer up just a bit. Perhaps it would be kept a secret. It had happened and it had been really dreadful, but if no one else knew about it it wouldn’t be quite the end of the world. That was what she had begun to think. And then…
At about 4 o’clock, when she had slipped out to go to the bathroom. Coming back, a man in the corridor stopped her. In his forties perhaps, about the same age as dreadful Mr Elwood.
‘Oh hello,’ he said. ‘Kay, is it, the new girl in the pool? I’m Arthur Minfield.’
Kay hadn’t met him before but it was the name she had done some typing for. She gave a nervous smile. She couldn’t help thinking about Mr Elwood of course. And even more when Mr Minfield went on:
‘Look, there was something I wanted to discuss with you. There’s no time now but are you free this evening? It doesn’t have to take long.’
That last bit was almost exactly what Mr Elwood had said. Kay should have answered that she was busy, had a date or something. But she was a rather guileless young person whose first impulse was to speak the truth. ‘Oh good,’ Mr Minfield said. ‘I’ll pick you up then and we can go round my place. Seven o’clock be OK?’
Well, there was no way she could not think about Mr Elwood and yesterday. He was going to make some complaint about her work. And then… how could she get out of it? Tell the supervisor? No, you couldn’t do that, she would just smile, shrug her shoulders. There was no way Kay could get out of it. She had agreed to what Mr Minfield had said, or hadn’t disagreed. She had no choice. She told her mother she had some extra work at the office. Her mother smiled. ‘Overtime, dear? You’ll be earning more than your father!’
In Mr Minfield’s car to his flat. Kay had been telling herself, desperately, that it couldn’t be the same. Not the same as yesterday. Mr Minfield didn’t say anything much in the car, just asking how she liked her new job. But as soon as they were there, up the lift and into his plush flat: ‘Look, my dear… This draft you typed. And this letter…’
He was pointing out mistakes. There weren’t very many, and she had been told to get the draft done in a hurry. But Mr Minfield was making a big thing of the mistakes, and then… he was going on to say the same things as Mr Elwood. About not wanting to give her a bad report; but there was another way…
‘No!’ she yelped. Which was more than Kay had actually said to Mr Elwood. With him she hadn’t got further than shaking her head in disbelief. She shook her head again now. ‘No! You can’t! Not that.’
Mr Minfield smiled. ‘Don’t be silly, it’s nothing really. And you did let Mr Elwood do it. Would you like that fact spread around? Would you like everyone to know about that?’
Kay felt tears come to her eyes. If she had been standing she would have had difficulty remaining upright for she was suddenly shaking all over, but she was sitting on Mr Minfield’s sofa. He couldn’t. He couldn’t do this.
‘Come on, I know we’re going to be sensible. It won’t take long, and it’s just between the two of us. No one’s going to be told. Come on here.’
She didn’t have any choice. If no one else had been told then she had to keep it that way. Kay got up, wiping at her eyes. Her heart was just thumping. She bent down, over Mr Minfield’s lap. He was lifting up her feet, to hook them on the seat of the sofa. Then grabbing her arm behind her back so she couldn’t struggle. Her skirt, a full one this evening, was being yanked up and then her brief knickers pulled down. Kay’s ripe bottom, that object of admiration in the company canteen, now bare, enticingly framed by suspender belt, lowered knickers, nylon tops. She gave a despairing wail as Mr Minfield’s hand began to fondle. And then…
In a secluded corner of the Rose and Thistle three men in business suits sit with drinks in front of them. One who is called George grins across at one who is called Arthur.
‘How did it go then?’
Arthur grins back. ‘Not bad. Not bad at all. Most choice I would say.’
George takes an appreciative swallow. ‘Who’s next then?’
‘Me!’ says the third man, called Stanley, eagerly. ‘I’m next.’
‘Yes,’ says George. ‘Well it’s you or Bill.’
‘Don’t forget Roger,’ says Arthur. ‘He wants in.’
‘Yes. but they’re all after me,’ insists Stanley.

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  1. Never came across this photo story. A fresh faced model. Blushes is sadly missed