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Wednesday, 19 September 2018

The Dressing Lesson

A Janus film
M/f; time: 23 minutes
For our vintage tastes, one of the very best of the thousands of spanking films we have watched and continue to comment on. Our pleasure probably derives from the illicit naughtiness of the story line, the early under-the-counter production qualities, our own formative development as spanking enthusiasts, but mostly from the acting of Priscilla Eastwood, who behaves more like a girl who doesn’t want to be spanked than almost any actress we can think of.
Blond, barely-legal Ms. Eastwood, as ‘Laura,’ is totally naked in a jolting start to the film, full-frontal presentation, receiving a terrible scolding from a man. She is always late, disorganized, and impossible to deal with. His solution – she is going to dress and undress for him as fast as she can, and get doses of the cane on her bare bottom in the process.
The first stroke – Laura kneels on a chair and lets out a squeal/scream that is quite unlike any other actress we have found. The same erotic reaction can be heard in ‘Naughty Au Pair’ and to a lesser extent in ‘The Piano Lesson’ and ‘Schoolgirl Nieces.’  The experience of finding her films is like truffles in the forest for us.
Laura must dress as fast as she can while the man screams in her face — drill-instructor style. Knickers, gymslip, blouse, skirt, shoes, socks, and necktie. Then it’s clothes off, to total nudity, onto the chair, “head down, legs apart,” her ample breasts hang, her wide feminine perfect bottom centred, one crackerjack cane stroke, she screams, and the dressing procedure begins again.
Her schoolgirl clothing is loose-fitting and conventional, not intended to be erotic in itself. Her knickers are full-cut whites, not any naughty thong or bikini.
The humiliating dressing and stripping continues; Laura’s canings are brief – the eroticism comes more from her protesting struggles than the strokes. After each wrestle on the chair, the actress does cock up her bottom for the cane.
At the conclusion of her educational exercise, for a few seconds at the end of the film, she lies on her bed totally naked, writhing and whimpering, in mixed pain and stimulation, legs spread in a little porno show, slightly damaging the ‘innocent’ persona Ms. Eastwood constructs in her films, but it certainly consummates this film.
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  1. Wow. Fantastic. I had forgotten about this gem. Incredible for its time. Thanks so much for posting.