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Saturday, 8 September 2018


From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.18
The sun streams in through the large window. A sunny June morning. Nicola thinks of the beach, out there beyond the trees of Mr Farnell’s garden, maybe half a mile away. Would she rather be on the beach? Rather than here in Mr Farnell’s studio? She makes a face. But you like it, don’t you, she tells herself. Mr Farnell and his games. His training. You like it, Nicola. Even though it can hurt. Yes you even like that bloody cane. Well sort of.
Is he ready for her yet? She has got her uniform on. The T S VICEROY uniform. It says that in bold navy letters on the front of her white tee-shirt. That and navy cotton knickers, plus white knee socks and white gym shoes. Oh, and her belt. A grey webbing military-type belt, round her waist and with straps either side at the front up to her shoulders and down behind, crossing in the small of her back. Mr Farnell’s special belt for his girl cadets.
Yes that is the uniform and she has changed into it and is ready here in his studio. Ready for what. Trumpet practice? Yes that, although she can’t really play it. Not that Mr Farnell minds too much, she suspects. It gives him an excuse to use the cane. On her bottom!
She makes another face. Gazing out of the window again. Thinking of the sunny beach. The beach can be interesting, especially now the season has begun. Plenty of people. Boys of course. Yes but also men. Older men are very keen on young girls. They know more than boys, also they’re not shy about asking, a lot of them. And they will offer a girl money for what they want…
But she can’t be there this morning, because it’s one of her mornings with Mr Farnell. And Mr Farnell pays too of course.
She turns from the window as now she hears his footsteps. He comes briskly in. He is in his sixties, grey haired and stocky. He is carrying his cane.
‘Nicola! You’re supposed to be at attention. You know the drill, once you’re in here waiting for me.’
‘Sorry sir.’ She comes to attention, heels together and hands straight at her sides. Shoulders back and her quite good-sized tits sticking out. The straps of the belt on either side of her tits serve to emphasise them. Also as she mustn’t wear anything under the tee-shirt, no bra or anything , and as the tee-shirt is tight, her nipples are clearly delineated.
‘Are you smirking?’ he asks.
She wasn’t, really, but now he has said it she can’t really control a little smirk.
‘No sir.’ Shoulders back a little more. She squirms. Thinking of her bottom. And her pussy…
‘You were smirking, Cadet Parsons. And I have taken due cognisance of the fact. You certainly need more discipline.’
He has come to a stop two feet away from her and now he raises the end of his cane. It comes up to the bulge of her pussy. She has the tight cotton knickers pulled tautly up, as required, and they are really tight over the bulge of her pussy. Delineating the indentation of her sex. She gives a little yelp as the point of the cane pokes her.
‘Oooh! No sir…’
‘What?’ He is rubbing the end against her there. The furrow…
‘It… you know… Ooohh…’
‘I’m not sure that I do. What I do know, or strongly suspect, Cadet Parsons, is that you probably spend a good deal of time playing with yourself. Masturbating in other words. That can of course make a girl very sensitive in that region. And if her sexual parts are overly sensitive, giving her an itch, she can’t concentrate on her training.’
‘No sir!’
He is continuing to prod and poke her. A girl’s pussy can’t take a lot of that. Whether or not she indulges in excessive masturbation. (And Nicola does do a certain amount of it.)
‘No sir…! Please! Oooohh!! You’ll make me… my knickers… all wet…’
‘Well why don’t we have them down then? Come on. Get them down. And turn and lean against the window. Let’s have a few cuts of the cane on your bare bottom. That’ll give you something to get wet for.’
Nicola yelps. The cane! She doesn’t like the cane. She hates it. When she gets it at least. It’s just that at other times the thought of it can be a turn-on. The thought of it can get a girl’s knickers wet alright…
Protesting, she has none the less got them down and bends forward. Reluctantly offering her bare bottom. Waiting for the first one… She clenches her bottom-cheeks, then relaxes them. He hits you harder if you’re clenching. Oh Christ! She can feel herself getting all wet and sticky…
Nicola is still at school but won’t be for much longer, it is June now and this is her last year. Well she won’t be sorry. Not that she knows what she will do. Get a summer job probably but then? She is anyway not worried. Her boyfriend Eric left last year and has a job in the bank. Eric of course doesn’t know about Mr Farnell. Or some of those men with their eager requests on the beach. Eric is quite mature and serious. Is that what she wants. Someone serious. To get married, babies, all that?
Nicola doesn’t really know what she wants. But she’s not bothered at the moment, not with one thing and another. Mr Farnell is one thing. He is an acquaintance of her father, that is how she met him. Not on the beach! He gave her a lift one day, when it was raining, and in the car just happened to mention that he had this club. Very private of course. A few girls. A training club, for girls who might have some thought of the stage or entertaining of some sort.
Mr Farnell did have this show at one time: The Training Ship Viceroy, which was mostly girls in a sort of sea cadet uniform dancing around on stage. But that show went bust. Mr Farnell is still very much interested in his girl sea cadets though. He says maybe he will start something else. Maybe a smaller group, or just one or two girls, for private clubs say. Maybe, that is one of his thoughts. And has a few special girls up for something like that.
That is what Mr Farnell really likes of course. The training. A girl in that special cadet uniform that they wore in his old show. Training in the studio in his house. Prancing around. Showing off your legs and bottom and tits. Maybe playing an instrument or something too. Nicola is supposed to be learning the trumpet. She is a trumpet girl.
And of course there is the cane! Discipline! Because Mr Farnell is really keen on that, you need discipline in show business he says. Discipline using the cane? Yes, with Mr Farnell, or at least spanking your bare bum. You have to agree to it.
Of course Nicola’s mum and dad don’t know about Mr Farnell’s cadet training. Not being up with show business they might think it was funny. Kinky! And nor does anyone else know. It is strictly private. Nicola understands that. And so do the other girls. Well, a girl doesn’t want everyone to know what she is doing all the time, does she?
Mr Farnell has got three other girls as well as Nicola. Jane and Sharon and Debbie. Jane is Nicola’s age, the other two are younger. Hot little numbers, Jane says, perhaps disapprovingly. But Nicola doesn’t know those two very well except to see them at Mr Farnell’s sometimes. Mr Farnell of course usually has just one girl at a time for a training session. He likes to give a girl his whole undivided attention.
‘Well how was that!’ Mr Farnell asks. He has given Nicola four strokes with the cane, and is sweating a bit and breathing heavily. From the exertion of it but probably even more the excitement. Well, caning a pretty schoolgirl like Nicola on the bare bum is exciting, no question.
‘Christ! Jesus!’ Nicola is standing up from her bending position and vigorously rubbing her suffering rear with both hands. The cane has left bright red stripes on her and her whole bottom feels as if it has been under attack by a swarm of killer bees.
‘I could give you a couple more. To properly tone you up. Would you like that?’
‘No…ooo!’ she squeals. ‘You almost killed me as it is.’
Mr Farnell flicks her thigh with his cane. ‘You know you like it, Nicola. And you certainly need it. You need to learn a lot more discipline.’
He flicks her again. ‘Well if you really don’t want any more, we’ll do some marching practice. On the spot and then up and down. And you may as well take the knickers off. More freedom of movement and also of course if I do need…’
She yelps as he whips the cane in. ‘Bloody hell!’ She reaches for her already lowered knickers.
‘OK! Just don’t hit me any more…’
Her whole body shaking, Nicola pulls her knickers off. Her bum is scorching, she could do with sticking it in the breeze of an electric fan or something. Yes it is still bloody stinging, but at the same time she does have that swoony tingle. Between her legs and elsewhere. Christ! No, it is not just her bum that is hot. Caning can do this of course. Mr Farnell caning your bum, not to mention his other little tricks. Yes she is hot… and has the sudden thought of the beach. After her session here with Mr Farnell. Go for a stroll on the beach. Strolling along like a girl does. Letting the men see your legs. And your tits and bottom. And then maybe…
Yes she does feel like that alright. But right now some more bloody training. Marching for Mr Farnell. Knees nice and high. Arms swinging. And of course her bare bum, the cheeks of her bare bottom, in motion too.
Nicola does go on the beach later in the morning when Mr Farnell has finished with her. It is a nice sunny day and there are quite a few people, summer visitors, families with kids, the usual thing. And men, by themselves. Some of them with families of course but they have wandered off by themselves. Looking around. Or looking for girls. Further on, away from the main beach which is always the most crowded part. On beyond the rocks. Yes that is where a girl can go if she wants a bit of action. It is where Nicola goes. Just wandering, looking at this and that. She is wearing what she wore to Mr Farnell’s this morning. A blouse and short skirt. Sandals. But she doesn’t have her knickers on, they are in her leather bag.
One or two men say hello. Ask her, maybe with a nervous little laugh, if she wants to go for a walk with them. She smiles and says no thanks. She likes to refuse one or two first. To get properly in the mood. Then — the third or fourth one, she does say yes.
He is ordinary-looking, not bad looking in fact. Maybe her father’s age. Yes he looks OK. Not someone who will turn nasty if she won’t agree to everything.
‘OK,’ she says. ‘I don’t mind.’ A little smile. ‘Are you here on holiday?’
He is. With his family. He says, ‘In fact I’ve got a daughter just like you. Eighteen. Is that what you are? A nice sweet girl just like you.’ He pinches her arm.
Nicola laughs. He has guessed her age right, but she says, ‘Actually I’m seventeen.’
Further on she agrees to sit down, a sandy space behind some rocks. ‘But I can’t do anything,’ Nicola says. ‘I mean I’ve got a boyfriend.’
He wants to kiss her. And get his hand up her short skirt. She struggles a bit, laughing. ‘Hey! No!’ Then his hand finds she has no knickers on. He gets all excited of course. And actually Nicola is pretty excited too, Mr Farnell mainly has got her like that. But naturally she pretends she isn’t.
She says, ‘It’s just… I knew it was going to be hot. So I didn’t put any on this morning. Normally I wear them of course.’
Yes he is all excited. She can see his big bulge. She says actually she is pretty hard up. So that maybe… Well, she might let him do that. His hand up her skirt. If…
Two pounds. They agree on that. She can sometimes get more but two pounds is OK. Nicola lies back and opens her legs. She wants it. His hand at her cunt. Yes her cunt is wet and wanting it. She gives a nervous giggle. His fingers part the lips. Her cunt is swollen, throbbing. She groans as his fingers work her.
He brings her off. She half sits up, on one arm. He takes out his cock. Her eyes fix on it. It is big and stiff. The big purple head. She bites her lip. Says no…
Mr Farnell is with Jane. A training session for Jane that same afternoon. Actually the training as such has finished. The marching on the spot and up and down. A bit of caning too of course, that is always part of a training session with Mr Farnell. Now they are sitting on Mr Farnell’s settee. Jane is wearing her T S VICEROY tee-shirt with white knee socks and gym shoes but that is all. No knickers. They have come off at some stage of the training session. She is sitting bare-bottomed on the settee.
Mr Farnell is naturally interested in Jane’s bare bottom, and other bare parts of her. But at this moment he is mainly interested in something else. He wants to talk about Nicola.
‘Well, she’s friend of yours, isn’t she? Come on. Tell me all about her.’
Jane says she isn’t that much of a friend. What does Mr Farnell want to know?
Mr Farnell wants to know if she has a boyfriend. Jane laughs. Yes. Ah. Do they do it. Fucking in other words. Jane giggles, and says she doesn’t think so.
‘Well what else then? I’m sure you know all about her. You girls tell each other your secrets. Tell me. Or we just might need to get the cane out again.’
Jane gives a scared little yelp. She sucks her lip in. She does know things about Nicola of course. Things Nicola has told her in strictest confidence.
‘Uh… well… She does go on the beach. You know like some girls do.’
‘What?’ Mr Farnell asks.
Doesn’t he know? Jane tells him. ‘Well men will ask you to go for a walk with them. I mean they’ve asked me but I won’t. But Nicola, well, she will sometimes say yes.’
It isn’t true that Jane has never gone off with men on the beach, she has. But Mr Farnell is not interested in querying it, he is interested in what Nicola does. He is very interested. What does she do?
Jane doesn’t want to say, or at least that is what she says. In fact she doesn’t mind. It is exciting, telling Mr Farnell Nicola’s secrets. Her sexy secrets. No, not fucking, Jane says. Not that. But she lets them play with her ‘Her pussy, you mean?’ Mr Farnell asks. Another giggle from Jane. Yes.
‘Sometimes… she doesn’t wear any knickers when she goes. So she doesn’t have to get them off for them to do it.’
Mr Farnell considers this information. And anything else? Jane pauses. Should she say anything else? But it’s exciting, isn’t it? Yes. Well also, she thinks, maybe that other. Mr Farnell gets her to spell it out. Masturbates them? Yes, Jane giggles. Yes she does.
Yes, Mr Farnell is extremely interested in Jane’s revelations.
‘But don’t say I told you. Please Mr Farnell.’
Mr Farnell says he won’t.
Two weeks later. Things have progressed somewhat now. Mr Farnell has progressed in his endeavours in show business. Those little intimate shows he had in mind. Well now he has organised a couple. The idea is based on his old Training Ship Viceroy show but now it is just the one girl putting on a performance and before a very small and intimate gathering. Two or three gentlemen, or ‘punters’ as Mr Farnell refers to them. The shows so far have been held in Mr Farnell’s studio where the girls do their training. He does have the thought of performances in other venues, intimate back rooms in pubs for instance, but that is for the future.
Yes just one-girl performances and the one girl is Nicola. Mr Farnell has told her that none of the other three are up to scratch as yet, not good enough to give performances. The real reason of course is that he doesn’t have that little lever of persuasion that he has with Nicola. Her going on the beach with men. Mr Farnell somehow has found out about it. And he has suggested, rather righteously, that he should tell Nicola’s father. Well naturally she doesn’t want that, her father would go right up the wall. And so she and Mr Farnell have come to an arrangement. Which is, guess what? Yes. Mr Farnell won’t say a word if Nicola will do these performances for him.
Nicola is not at all keen but she has no choice. Mr Farnell says they are artistic performances, Nicola is an artiste and with the experience she is getting she would go on to big things. But Nicola doesn’t believe this. The men just want to ogle her body. Ogle it — and the rest if you want the truth.
She has to start off in the regular T S VICEROY rig, but then take her clothes off. A striptease. Finally she is wearing just that special sea cadet belt with the socks and gym shoes. No tee-shirt or knickers in other words. She has to do some marching and dancing just like that.
But that is not all, there is the rest. For one thing the men get to spank and cane her. Audience participation Mr Farnell calls it. They are told they can do it if they are not fully satisfied with her performance. It is all part of the fun of the show, Mr Farnell says.
And there is more participation too by Mr Farnell’s punters. Well if you can do it on the beach with strange men why not here, Mr Farnell says. In his bedroom for instance. A little private fun with a punter in the bedroom. That’s alright, isn’t it? Well no. Not really. For one thing the punters want more than she is prepared to agree to on the beach. She doesn’t want any of the other but Mr Farnell says why not. It’s all good fun. And all part of being an artiste.
Jane smirks when she meets Nicola. She knows that Nicola has given those performances now, two or three at least.
‘You must be Mr Farnell’s favourite,’ she says. ‘Being chosen like this.’
Nicola thinks that Jane may have told Mr Farnell about the beach, that is how he knows. Yes she thinks so, even though Jane swears she didn’t. Cross my heart and all that.
Jane would like to know a few details about the performances. She guesses that Nicola has to do some of that other stuff. Does she have to fuck? Is that part of the performance It is a really exciting thought of course. She asks Nicola, with a little giggle. Nicola says, ‘No. Of course not.’ But she flushes when she says it. And Jane thinks that Nicola does have to.
She thinks of telling Nicola’s boyfriend Eric. Telling him that Nicola does these special shows. That would be really exciting. Yes but Eric would be bound to say who told him, wouldn’t he. And then if Nicola knew that she would start telling things about her, Jane. So she’d better let things stay as they are. And it’s already pretty good, isn’t it? Thinking of Nicola having to do it! Christ!!
So Eric doesn’t get to know about it. No doubt just as well. He is already wondering what Nicola is going to do when she leaves school. Is she going to get a proper job?

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