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Friday, 28 September 2018

Letter from Jane on Grand Canary

The first of three Jane features from Blushes 65
Hello BLUSHES Readers!
Yes this is me again! Jane! And guess what? I’m out here on the island of Grand Canary which I expect you know is part of the Canary Islands. It’s down here off the coast of Africa. (I expect you all know that too but I didn’t. Not before they said I was coming here and I found it on the map, I could not have told you where the Canary Islands were!)
But anyway it’s really great; really fantastic! Especially of course at this time of year, December, when the weather in England is so awful. While you’re all freezing and getting those awful storms that I heard about on the radio we are going around in shorts and a little T-shirt. And of course me in some of the shots Bill has been shooting even less than that!
Bill I should say is Mr Rawlins who is the BLUSHES photographer and it is he that I am out here with. The reason of course is to get some nice shots (of me!) for the magazine. So we’re not out here for a holiday really, it is work. But of course it is pretty nice to be working on the island of Grand Canary and I am really grateful to the Editor for thinking of this. (He said that as I was just starting with BLUSHES he wanted to send me on a nice assignment. But they wouldn’t all be as nice as this! I hope that doesn’t mean anything awful!)
Anyway it is really great. I am only sorry that my boyfriend Ian can’t be out here too, but then it is work that I’m here for and I couldn’t expect the Editor to pay for Ian too. And also he wouldn’t really be too happy to know the kind of work I am doing. I.e. modelling work. With quite frequently my shorts and knickers down. Including of course being spanked.
Ian doesn’t know any of that yet. He’ll have to know some time I suppose and hopefully he will understand that it’s nothing really awful. Nowadays modelling is not thought of as such a dreadful thing, with Page Three Girls etc. However Ian is a bit old-fashioned in some ways. And so is my mother! Who of course doesn’t know either!
But anyway don’t think about all that! Right now it is the third day we have been here (Tuesday I think but you can sort of forget the days). It is the late afternoon and I am sitting on the balcony of my hotel room writing this. We have done shoots on all three days, so clearly it has not been a holiday but hard work! Apart from shots of me by myself we have been mostly working with this bloke who the Editor knows and who lives out here. He owns a hotel I think. His name is Mike. He’s OK but I must admit scares me a bit. Probably because I tend to think of him as the character in this story that we’ve been shooting. I mean as if he really is that character and will do those things.
Well you will see what the story is when it comes out in the magazine: I am out here with my boyfriend (!) and this character sees me in the hotel bar and fancies me. Only the trouble is he is a real villain, into drug smuggling and the white slave trade. That means kidnapping girls of course. For rich Arab sheiks. And also for awful, you know, brothels. Girls can be captured and never seen again. Or maybe just kept for a while and then returned, after having had all that stuff done to them. Well it’s a pretty scary story. Maybe you readers will think it’s great of course, but I would prefer something less scary. As it’s the first thing I’ve done.
It is silly of course and that is what I keep telling myself: it is just a story. Maybe I am just too impressionable, that is my problem. Inexperienced, that is the main reason. Of course according to the Editor this is really great, it will mean I will look all scared in the photos and that is good. When I am being spanked and that. Caned! Yes, I have been caned too, by that Mike. And if you want to know, a cane on your bare bottom is really killing. Blue Murder! I don’t know how any girl could not look dead scared when she is getting the cane — though Bill says some girls like it! I can’t believe that.
Anyway we have done various photo sessions in the beautiful countryside here. Especially up on the mountain and also some on the super beaches that are here. Shots of me of course (!) doing my all for BLUSHES magazine. Suffering pretty awful pain for the magazine. That Mike can really hit a girl’s bottom when he’s got her across his lap. With her shorts and knickers down. Or of course if she’s got a dress on, the skirt of it up round her waist. Really awful! He’s really big for one thing, with an arm like — what? A sledgehammer? Yes.
Bill has also taken some shots of me in different parts of the hotel where we’re staying. (Which I should say is pretty plush, I am glad I’m not paying for it. Well I wouldn’t be able to, would I?) Glamour sort of shots. In some of them I am wearing a dress but haven’t got any knickers on underneath. I don’t know exactly what these shots show because Bill hasn’t developed them yet. I hope it is not too much! Anyway you will all see when the magazine comes out.
In a couple of places where we were doing these shots we had a real scare with someone coming in, but managed to, you know, straighten up just in time. (I think just in time.) Bill said that if someone had seen I could have been done for indecent display in a public place. And they could have put me inside — unless I was nice to the magistrate or whatever. I think he was just trying to scare me. (Editor’s Note: Bill Rawlins says he told Jane she could have got off a charge by fucking the magistrate. Or possibly instead of being banged up she might get the option of a good caning! Maybe there’s a good story line here!)
So that’s what I’ve been doing really for the last three days. Some sight-seeing (we have got a super little convertible hire car) and we’ve had some great meals, wine etc. But I have been working. And as I say suffering! For all you BLUSHES readers!
And that leads me in to what I am supposed to be saying in this letter (as well as recounting what we’ve been up to). Which is to tell you all to write in. With your ideas for stories. In which my own sweet self (!) can be the star. If you have any ideas for action in which you would like to see me then please write in. I would myself say nothing too horrible. But Bill says the message from the Editor is it can be as awful as you like! Ugh!
So all the best to you all for now. In a few more days I shall be back there in freezing England!! What a thought! But at least I shall be seeing Ian again. And I will be away from that Mike! I’ll miss this super sun though!
Be seeing you!
Your (well spanked!) JANE


  1. What a lovely girl she sounded.

  2. Would love to find her .. Bill Rawlins. Stephen Milford .. Mike in Grand Canaria .. I wonder if those people can be found?