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Friday, 21 September 2018

Introducing Jane

From Blushes 64
READERS! We would like to introduce a very exciting new development in BLUSHES. Her name is Jane!
We think — no, we are sure — she is just what we and you have been waiting for!
So… read on!
A few weeks ago we received the following letter from a reader:
Dear Editor of Blushes:
I am a big fan of yours who for a long time has admired the photographic work and story lines of your magazines.
BLUSHES and UNIFORM GIRLS are the best! But if you will allow me, there is always a certain limit to how far a story with its photographic illustration can grab the reader. And this is set by the knowledge that the girl in the photos is a model who is posing for the shots. If you see what I mean. The ultimate would be having as it were a real girl who was actually doing whatever is happening in the story (or more correctly perhaps having it done to her!)
Well I think I have found such a girl for you. A real live fantasy girl! Her name is Jane and she lives down here in Kent. I enclose a couple of photographs. Doesn’t she look lovely! Sweet and innocent! Yes, she is! Jane is just the girl that we like to imagine is in those stories. To have some of those things done to her: painful things and certainly sometimes embarrassing things but which nonetheless can happen to a girl. And this lovely sweet girl who is just 18 is prepared to take part in some BLUSHES stories.
Are you interested? Isn’t she just what you — and all of us readers — have been waiting for!!
To give you a bit more detail. I met Jane through a bloke I know who isn’t really a BLUSHES man but does like a pretty girl. He said he knew this really cute girl who was just leaving school and looking for a job, and did I by any chance know of anything. I didn’t really but I was happy to meet her and he brought her along to the pub. She was all he had said: a really sweet-looking blonde with a lovely figure. And a really nice girl too, not tarty or anything like that.
I didn’t really know of any jobs I could put her on to but then I had my great idea. My fantastic idea! Of course being such a seemingly sweet and innocent girl she might well reject it out of hand although nowadays girls are a bit more blasé, aren’t they? Anyway I must admit that even the thought of just putting the idea to this lovely Jane was a bit of a turn-on. I said I’d see what I could come up with (in a manner of speaking!) and arranged to meet her again. Without the other bloke! I took Jane out in the car and found a quiet place to park… and showed her a couple of BLUSHES mags!!!
Yes, she did blush! I asked Jane what she thought, telling her it was just a fun magazine. I told her the Editor of the magazine was looking for a special model (did I take a little liberty there!): a nice, pretty girl who would be photographed for stories for the magazine and maybe write little pieces describing her experiences.
Jane was meanwhile leafing through one of the mags. Looking at the photos. As I say I could see she was blushing. She half turned to me, her face red, and shook her head. She muttered that she didn’t really think… etc.
I then did my big persuasion act (I am in selling I might add!) on behalf of all your readers! I told Jane she might get on some nice trips (a story set in a Mediterranean resort for instance — why not?). And of course there would be payment. Right? Etcetera. I probably said a lot of other stuff, I can’t remember. But anyway the upshot was that eventually Jane said she’d like to give it a try. Though nothing too way out. But you wouldn’t want anything too way out anyway, would you, for sweet and innocent Jane? Would you!!
She certainly seems sweet and innocent. When I told Jane that she shrugged and grinned. She’s got a boyfriend but didn’t think that would be a problem. Maybe he wouldn’t need to find out. And if he did… I got another shrug of those pretty shoulders. I think she’s quite an independent girl.
Anyway as I say I got her agreement. I could hardly believe it. Maybe there are heaps of pretty girls out there just waiting to be asked!! I got Jane to say yes, she’d give it a try. She asked me what you would pay her and I said I didn’t know. (!) To be negotiated, a mere detail. And then…
Then something I’m sure you’ll want to know. And the readers too (you’re going to print this I hope?) We had a little test. A screen test without the camera. Not the casting couch in the back seat of the car but… I did smack Jane’s bottom! A little test so she could see what it was like. Because Jane was (is) going to have her pretty bottom smacked a lot!! She didn’t need too much persuading to let me. She after all needed to trust me I told her, be cooperative, as I was her agent so to speak in this. So we did it. I did it. It was a nice day and I happened to have a rug in the car (be prepared!) We walked into these woods a bit and found a clearing and we did it on the rug. The spanking I mean! Me sitting on it and Jane sort of across my lap. It was fantastic! Well I don’t get to do that sort of thing every day of the week. Jane was wearing this dark navy skirt with a pink blouse and the skirt wasn’t tight so there was no problem hauling it up. Underneath there was a white slip. And tight white knickers. No tights or anything, just these marvellous silky smooth legs. Fantastic!! I smacked her ripe rump with the knickers up. And then managed to persuade Jane to let me take them down!!!
That was all we did! Really! Because she really is a nice, sweet, innocent girl. It was the first time Jane had had her bottom spanked. She got a bit hot and bothered, but I didn’t do it hard, to hurt her. I guess I got a bit hot and bothered myself, with my hand on her bare bottom. But anyway…
So that’s it more or less. My spanking her didn’t scare her off. She’s still interested. Are you interested? She’s waiting for you. Lovely Jane. A BLUSHES dream girl.
Stephen Milford
Sevenoaks, Kent
P.S. Jane has just popped in with a snapshot her boyfriend took in early summer, I’d like to keep it but duty calls, It’s enclosed for publication but let me have it back. S.M.

EDITOR: Were we interested? Your Editor was down in Kent just as fast as his wheels would take him! We have met Jane and she is quite as delightful and sweet and lovely as our friend described. BLUSHES readers are undoubtedly in for a treat.
So my message is: WATCH THIS SPACE! We will have our first piece featuring Jane in our next issue.
Meanwhile we have the following letter of introduction from the lovely lady herself:
Hello BLUSHES Readers,
My name is Jane and I am going to be appearing in BLUSHES Magazine. It is very exciting but also rather frightening. I have certainly never done anything of this sort before. Because for one thing I only left school last year and have been looking for a job since then. So I suppose I haven’t done much of anything. Not yet. I just hope I get on alright. I did want to be a model when I was younger — but then a lot of girls do.
The Editor asked me to write something about myself, but there’s not really a lot to say. I live in a little village in Kent but I’d better not say exactly where. It’s got a shop that sells papers and magazines but certainly not BLUSHES or anything like that. The people in the village (or most of them) would certainly not approve. And that definitely includes my Mum! I’ve got a boyfriend (kind of), the same age as me which is 18 and he certainly would not approve either. But anyway I think a person should be able to do their own thing.
I said I’m 18 years old. Also blonde, 5ft-6inches tall and quite slim (35-22-36). I’ve got quite an old bike that I like to ride around the countryside and I’ve had time for it this last year because I haven’t been able to find a job. I suppose it keeps you fit. What I think I would really like is a nice little white Mercedes sports car! Yes I’m a dreamer!
Anyway I think that’s it for now. I’m not really a writer! Failed my English at school!!!
You’ll be seeing me. If I don’t get cold feet!!
Yours, Jane

EDITOR: So, Dear Readers, something to look forward to? I can assure you all definitely YES!
If you have a special idea or situation for Jane to take part in, let us know, we’ll see what we can do. All the staff and associates here who have seen and know about Jane are feverishly thinking up the most outrageous situations for her, the poor girl will be worn out in the first month.
There’s a waiting list already; and on top of that the resident photographer WILLIAM has just wizzed her away on a “foreign assignment” that nobody knows anything about, including me. There better be some good photos, I’ve just seen the expenses book and he’s booked them into a top hotel in the CANARY ISLANDS — AND it’s bloody snowing outside my window here!!

Several features with Jane appeared in later Blushes. I will post these over the next few months.


  1. Jane was the reason why I love Blushes Magazine

  2. She was terrific - would love to know what happened to her. The mind has always boggled over it.

  3. The other thing was the Win Jane competition. Always wondered how that worked itself out? Did someone actually ever win her for the weekend?