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Saturday, 1 September 2018

Getting Julie Started

From New Blushes 2.18
Brian and Susan Mallen had been having a bit of trouble with their daughter Julie. Nothing too serious but maybe getting a bit too independent and perhaps not concentrating as much on her school work as Brian and Susan would like. She was seventeen now and a very pretty girl. That was part of the trouble of course, the boys taking an interest. There was this boy in particular, Mark. It was difficult, and Brian especially could see things getting worse if he didn’t lay down the law or something. But he didn’t know quite what.
Finally he raised the matter with his friend at work, Darren Williams, one day when they were having a quiet cup of coffee in the canteen. Darren’s response was a bit of a surprise. Well, an eye opener.
‘A good spanked bottom! That’s the answer if a girl’s getting a bit flighty. Take her knickers down and spank her bare bum.’
Brian went a bit red at this. At the thought of it. Well, Julie was a full-grown girl, with a decidedly womanly shape. Including her bottom. He shook his head.
‘Yes. It’s the answer I can tell you. Look at our Karen. We were having the same sort of problem with her. But now it’s all sorted out.’
What was this? Brian had met Darren’s daughter Karen. A year older than Julie and also very attractive. So what was Darren saying? Spanking her bottom?!
Yes. That was it. Darren grinned. ‘She’s quite obedient now. So that I don’t really need to do it. But I do, a routine one once a week whether there’s any reason or not. Just to make sure she keeps up to scratch. Take her knickers down and give it to her on her bare bum. Well to tell the truth I quite enjoy it.’
Brian shook his head again. It was difficult to believe. Karen was a well-developed eighteen-year-old. The thought of her over Darren’s lap with her bottom bare. And his hand whacking down! It was a bit incredible. Also definitely arousing. Under the table Brian felt a growing tightness in the front of his trousers.
‘Of course getting started is the thing,’ Darren said.
Brian surreptitiously eased his trousers. ‘Yes, I imagine.’
‘I mean it’s difficult to just start doing it yourself. You need an outside person. Someone objective. And this bloke. Stanley Newman? Do you know him!’
Brian shook his head.
‘Well anyway he’s into it. Discipline. And I know he’d be very keen to oblige with your Julie. Get her started. And then once he’s got her onto it you can continue yourself.’
It was time to leave and they got up from their table.
‘Of course I could do it for you myself,’ Darren said. ‘Now I’m sort of into it. But your Julie does know me and it’s definitely better if it’s a complete stranger to start a girl off. Old Stanley is your man really. And he’s very experienced from what I can make out.’
Brian told Susan when they were in bed that night. He was still excited at the thought of it. Karen getting it from her dad. Because Karen was a pretty juicy piece. Karen over Darren’s lap with that ripe bottom bare! Yes, but also the thought of Julie too. Julie getting it from this bloke Stanley. And then… he would take over himself…?
Susan said, ‘Christ!’ And then after a pause. ‘But there used to be a lot more of it you know.’ Another hesitation. ‘In fact… I’ve never told you but I got it myself, from the bloke next door. When I was her age. Well I never told anyone.’
Brian had a big erection now. Susan’s hand squeezed it.
‘You mean he smacked your bare bum?’
‘Yes.’ Her voice breathy, as she remembered. Well it had been a turn-on alright.
She stroked Brian’s stiff prick. ‘Well are you going to speak to him? This Stanley chap. I mean, Julie does need some discipline.’
So Brian got in touch with Stanley Newman. He got his phone number from Darren and then arranged to go and see him. Because neither he nor Susan wanted to be entrusting Julie to some sort of monster.
Stanley Newman turned out to be in his forties, of medium height and heavily built. Scary-looking no doubt to a girl if she knew she was to be dealt with by him, but Brian found him to be an amiable enough person to talk to. He lived on a nice estate on the other side of town and over a cup of tea in the sitting room he confirmed what Darren had already told Brian. He would ‘start a girl off’ as Darren put it.
He liked to have her for a weekend initially, for a programme of housework and discipline. And the discipline did involve spanking her bottom. And yes probably a touch of the cane too.
The cane! Brian’s face no doubt expressed surprise, shock even. The cane was a new dimension.
‘Yes,’ Stanley said in his impassive, unemotional way. ‘The cane is something a girl really understands. It hurts more than a spanking of course, but it’s something they need. Well it’s just like training a dog or a horse. They need to experience something they really don’t like. They need to get the thought of it in their minds.’
Stanley went on to talk about the sort of thing you got when a girl wasn’t properly disciplined. The sort of business that was unfortunately so prevalent nowadays. Drugs, you name it. It was obviously something he felt strongly about. That was what Brian told Susan when he reported back. Stanley Newman seemed a serious sort of person, he wasn’t just doing it for kicks.
The business of the cane naturally stuck in Brian’s mind though. Stanley had said that once he had had Julie for her initial weekend he would probably recommend that Brian cane her himself. Brian didn’t actually tell Susan this. But it was a big, hot thought in his head. A thought that, if he let his mind dwell on it, rather embarrassingly gave him an erection.
Stanley Newman had an erection too two days later as he followed Julie Mallen upstairs. It was normal of course, the normal excitement of having a new young girl to deal with. Disciplining young girls was for their own good, and for society’s good. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t exciting too. Sexually exciting. So it was normal for Stanley’s penis to stiffen up, it didn’t signify anything.
And Julie was a very pretty girl, a lovely blonde with a very nice shape. She had just arrived on this Saturday morning for her weekend stay, looking nervous as well she might, wearing a blouse and skirt and carrying a bag with change of clothes, toilet items etc. The bag had been left downstairs and Julie was being taken up to change.
The blouse and skirt were OK and indeed the skirt from the back and below as Stanley followed her up the stairs showed quite a good bit of Julie’s legs including a good view of the backs of her thighs. But Stanley wanted her wearing his own outfit. He liked a girl in one of his specially shortened tennis tunics. The hem of which would barely come down to her crotch when standing up straight. Such a dress was excellent for discipline, for it left a girl feeling constantly exposed and vulnerable.
Stanley gave Julie the tunic dress and told her to put it on. He said she could keep on her knickers but otherwise he wanted just the dress. No bra or anything. Did she understand that? He would come back in for her in five minutes. He went out and closed the door.
Julie looked at the door, a bemused expression on her face. Why did she have to put this dress on? And no bra! At least he had gone out, she wasn’t having to change in front of him. But what Julie didn’t know was that Stanley hadn’t gone very far. He was in fact peering in at her through a hidden peephole in the door.
Rather nervously the pretty blonde began removing blouse and skirt. Stanley licked his lips. And stroked his erection…
Julie didn’t really know why she had been sent to Mr Newman for the weekend, but it was some kind of punishment. It was to do with her parents’ displeasure about her boyfriend Mark. They considered she was seeing too much of him, and correspondingly not spending enough time at her studies. She knew they thought that alright. And now, well, she had had to come here as some kind of punishment. She was to spend all day here with this Mr Newman. And spend the night, and then all day tomorrow. She would normally have been seeing Mark of course. Instead it was this Mr Newman. Who seemed definitely scary. What could he do…?
She had the tennis dress on now and it was much too short. It showed a good deal of her knickers. Mr Newman must have made a mistake with her size…
She was just wondering whether to change back into her own skirt and blouse when he came back in. Julie’s hands automatically came across to cover her crotch. As her face coloured she began to stutter out the problem.
Stanley’s face was a bit red. From the excitement of watching her. And the excitement of definitely more pleasure to come. She was a very choice young thing.
‘What?’ His voice was stern. Authoritarian. ‘What’s the matter? And stand up straight, Julie. Hands at your sides.’
She managed to get the words out. And with the rather fierce look and sound of her host did what he said, standing straight, her hands at her sides. Uncovering the crotch of her brief white knickers.
‘Don’t be silly,’ Stanley told her briskly. ‘It’s meant to be short. I’m sure you know why you’re here. For a spot of discipline. And the short skirt is part of it. To remind you that at all times this weekend your bottom is available for punishment. For a spanking. Or for the cane. Have you got that? If you didn’t know it already then you know it now, don’t you, young lady?’
Julie could scarcely believe her ears. Had he really said that? Spank her bottom! And the cane!
Stanley stepped close. The sternness of his voice abated a little. ‘What you get will of course depend on how cooperative you are. Maybe you can show discipline without too much of the cane. We’ll see. OK?’
His hands reached to take hold of her. She hadn’t replied but she was trembling. He pulled her close. One hand went up to her head, to fondle the soft blonde hair. The other went round her slim waist. And then down. To her bottom. She gave a little gasp as his hand cupped one cheek in just the brief knickers. They were very thin and skimpy nylon. Very nice. Stanley pressed her against himself. Against his very full erection.
Downstairs he told her how she would start. A session of weeding in the garden. For that she was to put on the boots she had brought. Stanley had asked that she bring something solid but if possible fancy in the footwear line and at the suggestion of her mother Julie had brought her calf-length cowboy boots. Stanley very much approved of these when Julie got them out of her bag. Yes, very nice. Quite sexy, he thought. Stanley was keen on rather sexy footwear. Together with very brief tennis skirts, brief and skimpy knickers, etc.
Julie’s head was still in a spin, her heart jerkily thumping. There had been that embrace upstairs which had been scary. But even more there was the thought of being spanked. And the cane! But maybe if she worked hard at this weeding…
She did work hard, in Mr Newman’s flower beds. Kneeling down on the grass in the awfully brief skirt and conscious that she must be showing just about all of her bottom in her very scanty knicks. But she couldn’t worry about that. Mr Newman would be coming out shortly and critically appraising what she had done. She never did this sort of thing at home of course. If her dad wanted something done in the garden she was always busy. But this was different, clearly. Her dad had never threatened her with the cane…
Mr Newman appeared! Not with a cane though, he had a glass of something. Tea. She accepted it, smiling gratefully. Maybe he wasn’t so bad. Maybe he had just been trying to scare her. But still, she would continue to work hard. Then he would be sure to be friendly, pleasant. The thought of Mark came into her head. She would normally be seeing him this morning. Julie felt a moment’s anger at her parents for making her come here. But then the thought of the cane came back and she got on with the weeding.
A bit later Mr Newman appeared at the door and called her in.
Julie stands a bit uncertainly in the sitting room. She has been working away in the garden but Mr Newman nonetheless looks rather stern.
‘OK,’ he says. ‘Right. Put your hands on your head and stand with your legs apart.’
As she looks somewhat agog at these instructions out of the blue she sees him reach behind a chair. And bring out a cane! Julie lets out a frantic whimper.
He steps closer. ‘Did you hear me?’
‘Yes. Yes. B… B…’ Her hands on top of her head now. ‘B…But I’ve d…done the weeding…’
‘Yes, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to be caned. You’re going to be caned, Julie, because that’s what you’re here for. A good caning. And your bottom spanked too. Now come on, stand as I’ve told you. Legs apart…’
She squeals. She is parting her legs but maybe not quick enough for Mr Newman. His hand is there between them, roughly pushing her thighs apart. And in the process his fingers brush firmly against her pussy.
He stands up, red-faced. Points with the cane to the settee.
Mr Newman begins to speak but just then the phone rings in the other room. With a look of exasperation he turns and goes out. Julie is left standing with her hands on her head, her feet in the cowboy boots spread apart. Her whole body is trembling. She can still feel that hand between her legs. At her pussy… And now… she is going to be caned. For no reason other than that Mr Newman wants to do it. She is going to be caned… unless this phone call can in some way call him away. Or something.
She offers up a fervent little prayer. To no avail because Mr Newman is almost immediately back.
‘OK. Sorry about that little interruption. I’m sure you’re sorry, Julie, to have our session disrupted. But now we’ll proceed. Kneel on the settee please.’
She tries to protest. He grabs her arm. She feels faint. Whimpering, she stumbles to the settee, and gets up.
Stanley pushes her knees apart. Pushes her head forward. And then…
Whips the cane in.
A tight line of white-hot pain explodes across her bottom. She lets out a wild yell.
He pulls her down off the settee again.
‘How was that, miss? Sting, did it?’
Stanley makes her stand as before with her hands on her head and legs apart. Briskly he tucks up her skirt at the back. Then pulls down the skimpy knickers. He needs to have her bottom bare.
Julie has to bend over the settee. The ripe cheeks of her bottom with their single angry red stripe. An irresistible target. The cane whips in again. Her bare bum this time of course.
Julie falls forward against the settee. Stanley yanks her up. Pulls her up so that she is kneeling on the seat again. His left hand pinions her wrists in the small of her back.
The cane whips in again. Once. Twice.
All she can think of is the white-hot pain, welling up and out from her stricken bum. The room is going round and round. What is happening…?
She is being pulled up again. Made to stand on her rubbery legs. And now he is pulling off her dress.
Pulling her knickers right off too. So that she is nude apart from the cowboy boots.
His hands are on her. Roaming over her quivering nude body. But all she can really think of is her bottom, and the surging pain of those cane strokes.
It is later, after lunch now. Earlier Julie had to make lunch for the two of them. Nothing too elaborate, beans on toast, etc. But she had to do it wearing just her cowboy boots. Nothing else on and with those stinging red stripes on her bare bottom.
Are the stripes fading a bit now? Maybe, but now Julie has knickers on. A pair Mr Newman has provided. Brief black nylon ones. As he has provided the rest of her outfit, such as it is. Because Julie is in just sexy underwear. With the sheer black knickers she has on black fishnet stockings fastened with a black suspender belt, and her feet are in black high heels. And that is all, she is otherwise nude unless one counts a black ribbon round her neck.
Julie’s outfit is another discipline uniform according to Mr Newman. And now she is back in the kitchen again, this time to make a cup of tea…
Her hands are trembly, and various other parts of her are too. From what has happened already and of course the thought of more to come. In particular what there may be to come when shortly she takes the cup of tea in to Mr Newman. He is waiting in the dining room. She is conscious of her trembling hands. She is not going to spill the tea, is she?
But that is exactly what she does do. As she leans over the cup dips and hot tea descends onto Stanley Newman.
Julie bursts into tears. She does manage to get the cup and saucer onto the table without spilling any more. But the damage is done. Clearly. She sobs, as Stanley, standing now, takes hold of her.
‘I think we’re going to need that cane again,’ he says, not without relish.
And that is what Julie gets of course. The cane again. This time face down across the dining table. The sexy black knickers hauled down, to expose her quivering bare bottom again. Yes, more of that really desperately painful cane.
Afterwards Stanley tells her to go up to her room. Get undressed and get into bed.
There’s a little slip she can put on.
He comes in. Julie, lying in bed, meets his gaze, then looks down.
‘Well. Are we making any progress?’ Stanley asks.
Julie doesn’t answer. What can she say.
‘I suppose if you weren’t here you’d be out with that boy. But instead here you are being disciplined. So that’s progress, isn’t it?’
Julie still doesn’t answer. Stanley takes hold of the bed cover and pulls it down, exposing her. She is in the short white slip and it is rucked up round her waist. His eyes take in the dark blonde bush of her pussy. She moves to pull the slip down, but then doesn’t.
Stanley take hold of her arm and pulls her up. His hand fondles her bare bottom.
‘Yes, a bit of progress I think.’ Then he sits down on the bed and pulls her down across his lap. Julie’s head down and her bare bottom up.
He begins to spank the nude flesh. Julie rolls and squirms, gasping. The spanking hurts, but nothing like as much as the cane of course.
When he has finished Stanley tells her to get back into bed. He goes out but shortly returns. He has changed. He is wearing a dressing gown now. Is there anything under that red and-blue silk dressing gown?
He pulls a chair up close to the bed and sits down.
‘So, are we making progress, Julie dear?’
She bites her lip. She is looking at the front of his dressing gown. It has slid open a bit. It doesn’t look like he has much on underneath.
Stanley sees where she is looking, and deliberately opens the gown further. Showing it to her. His big erect penis. Quite bare.
‘I suppose you know all about this sort of thing,’ he says. ‘With that boy, Mark is it?’
‘I… uh…’ It has a mesmeric effect. She can’t take her eyes off it. It looks huge, a lot bigger than Mark’s.
‘You do it with him I suppose.’
Biting her lip she shakes her head. ‘N…N…No…oo…’
‘No? But I bet you play with it. Eh Julie?’
She doesn’t answer. Stanley takes her hand. Pulls it towards him. ‘Come on, show me. Show me what you do.’
She resists a bit but not really. As he pulls her hand and put it on it. The hot flesh of his big penis. It makes her gasp as her hand grips the thick stalk. It is like a huge muscular snake.
‘She seems quite a bit better,’ Susan says to her husband. ‘I’m sure that weekend has done her a lot of good.’
Brian agrees. They have each separately spoken to Julie about her weekend with Stanley Newman and she has, somewhat ruefully, told them she was spanked and also caned. She hasn’t told them about anything else though.
Susan and Brian have told her she is not to see so much of Mark, and Julie has agreed without too much argument. The fact is that she has to go back to Mr Newman again this coming weekend and she can’t think of anything much other than that.
Oh, the other thing is that Brian has caned her. Yesterday, Tuesday, after supper while Susan was out. Well it seemed a convenient time and he wanted to do it. He wanted to show Julie that he, her father, was involved in this disciplinary business too.
The fact was of course that he had a really strong urge to do it. He didn’t do it hard but it was on her bare bottom. Up in her room, bending across the bed with her skirt up and her knickers down.


  1. As all fathers should maybe we would not be in such a mess

  2. All girls should be disciplined weekly as a matter of routine. This should be recorded and the girl should post it on her social media sites