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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Dorset Cottage

A lovely short Roué film.
Pretty Cindy has to drop her white knickers for several smarting slaps from Mr Ford. Her bottom blushes beautifully as she is made to adopt various positions for her chastisement. The film then moves on and it is a somewhat irate Mr Ford who orders Cindy to bare her rear-end in readiness for another hiding. We learn that this further punishment is due to the girl being a little light-fingered; attempting to steal her mentor's wallet. Cindy extracts a clothes brush from a drawer, takes down her knickers, lifts her pretty dress and lays her upper body over a table. Her bottom, gorgeously framed by stockings and suspenders, then receives a thorough whacking with the wooden-backed clothes-brush. In time her young buttocks are a bright crimson as she sobs her way through her awful ordeal.
M/f; Time: 17 minutes
One of the absolute jewels if you are, like we are, admirers of tense little age play melodramas, where young girls without options face older men. The stories are simple and innocent, yet highly erotic. A few others to keep in mind – Room 2D, Half-Term Punishments, Four O’Clock Report, Big Girls Do Cry and more.
The scene is an English cottage, portrayed by the camera as an architectural watercolour. Student Susie is the tenant. Her landlord country gentleman Mr. Ford reviews her dishevelled finances and declares “sorry” and “promises” are not enough. Asking her how her finances can be “rectified,” eyes downcast, she knows. “I suppose you’re going to have to spank me again, aren’t you?”
She is soon bare bottom across his lap on the daybed, her buttocks like a kitten in his hand, receiving a moderate but humiliating spanking. The actress is a perfect, youthful, pageboy brunette, innocent and demure of gesture. After the spanking, Ford sends her to take a bath, knickers still down, showing us downy adolescent fuzz.
Cottage exteriors, 19th century rustic interiors, very Roué, reflect scene change. Susie creeps back downstairs to Ford, wearing only pyjama tops. Roué often used stairs to highlight sweet bottoms in scene transition. She displays her bare lower half to Ford, playing the game – we note two perfect little gluteal dimples.
Susie is in his net. Her teases her on finances and she agrees to take a spanking for new pairs of shoes. A nice combination — a girl can never have enough shoes and we can never have enough spanking. After this hand spanking, she’ll accept money for a pair of jeans. She is mantelpieced for another hand spanking and sticks her bottom out without prompting. He counts out the pound notes.
More hand spanking kneeling on a chair. “Stick it out.” Close-ups of her ladyhood in this embarrassing pose.
Another scene change. Ford leads her to a room. She wears a sweet gingham pinafore dress and looks, well, we’re always advised that age records are kept on file. “It’s in the top drawer (she knows this means the clothes brush). I want your wicked little bottom ready in two minutes. Across the table!”
She agonizes and slowly prepares, brush out, skirt up, knickers down. Close-up of her perfect marquee buttocks, framed by white garter belt and stockings. It seems she lifted money from his wallet. A moderate, sexy hand spanking, sweet anguished facials.
If this Laird owns more real estate, he can keep his days entertaining.
Part 1:
Part 2:


  1. Showing how good girls behaved back in the 80s

  2. I have always felt she deserved a caning as well. My aunt used a hairbrush on me many years ago and when I broke a window on my uncle's greenhouse when kicking a ball in their garden. A week later stupidly my cousin and I did it again. They decided that it had to be the cane. Uncle Rupert fetched the cane and I had to bend over a chair. Aunt lifted my summer frock and Uncle Rupert gave me six of the very best. My cousin had the cane as well. I was 20 at the time and she was 19 and we could not really argue against them - we didn't in those days. At bedtime we inspected each other's bottoms which were well striped. Aunt had little sympathy for us.

  3. Bring back those times I was at my peak

  4. This movie, like several others, was always spoilt for me by the bumbling performance of the 'landlord'. Considering that none of the girls in these films were trained actresses, they always managed to give convincing performances. The men, however, supposed to be dominant types in authority, too often seemed embarrassed, floundering and unsure what to say. The great exception was Alan Bell, of course, with his measured delivery and icy, withering sarcasm.

    Still, I stress that is no complaint against this marvellous blog and its posting of archive material!