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Sunday, 2 September 2018

A Visit from the Inspector

From Blushes Uniform Girls 45
Hilary’s mother told her to eat up, a girl needed to eat properly. Even if she was feeling pretty sick. Really scared. Tight-lipped Hilary shook her blonde head. She had hardly touched her tea and certainly couldn’t make herself eat any more. Her father, sitting opposite, gave her a sympathetic smile. He could understand the poor kid was in a bit of a state. Not that Hilary was a kid any more at 17. But that only made it worse, the school inspectors could be especially hard on the older ones. And from what people said particularly so on a good-looking 17-year-old like Hilary. Using as an excuse that guff about good-looking girls needing firmer discipline.
Hilary tried to raise a smile back at her father, but not very successfully. She didn’t feel like smiling. Well would any girl? With a school inspector due in an hour’s time. Hilary could imagine herself being caned, that was the main reason she couldn’t eat anything. Not that she had done anything that might deserve a caning. There was nothing wrong with Hilary Marsdon’s school record, which indeed was good. And nothing else either, nothing outside of school that could be cause for complaint. It was really only a routine visit. But nowadays you could be caned on a routine visit.
Nowadays, in the late 1990’s, things had got a lot more strict. As a reaction to all that easy-going attitude in earlier years. Everyone wore a uniform to school again for one thing, right up until you left at 18. Not that that was a problem although some pupils, girls especially, complained, thinking of those days when in the Sixth Form at least girls could wear what they liked. No uniform wasn’t a problem — but the new-style school inspectors were something else.
An inspector could more or less do what he liked in the way of discipline. A pupil didn’t need to have a bad record. And especially of course this went for girls. The excuse was that girls in particular had to be kept on the straight and narrow. Just think of all those unmarried mothers that you used to get! With the taxpayer having to support them naturally. People were not so happy with that sort of thing nowadays. So the average voter and taxpayer was not going to complain if perhaps an inspector was caning a pretty girl when there was no real need. No real excuse — except the fact that he enjoyed it.
At least there wasn’t a great number of school inspectors. Not at the moment at least — although apparently the government intended to rectify this. So a girl, even a pretty one, might with any luck get by without that dread letter to her parents, and the even more dread visit which it gave notice of. So pretty Hilary Marsdon had never had a school inspector visit. Until now.
The letter had arrived last week, addressed to Mr David Marsdon:
Dear Mr Marsdon,
This is to inform you that I intend to make an inspection visit with regard to your daughter Hilary Marsdon on 4th of May. Your presence will also be required. I expect to arrive at about 6 o’clock.
Not having had it before in a way made it worse of course. Maybe if you had had the sickening experience already, had had your bottom caned, well at least you knew how bad it was. And of course it wasn’t 100 per cent definite that you would get the cane. But then again that little uncertainty didn’t exactly make you feel any better.
Hilary’s friend Elaine had had a visit a month ago. She had been caned. On her bare bottom. Hilary knew that. She had that to think about.
‘Look, if you’re not eating go and do something else,’ David Marsdon said. ‘You don’t have to sit here looking so miserable.’
Her mother, Susan, wasn’t happy at her leaving the table without eating, but Hilary was grateful to be able to go. Not that there was anything she could settle to do. The only thing Hilary felt like doing was running away – but that was hardly an option.
She went to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed, as she thought. Hilary’s pretty, flushed, scared-looking face framed in her long soft blonde hair. She was still in her school uniform which normally she would have changed out of by now. But the inspector wanted her in her uniform. The navy cardigan over white blouse. Her school tie. Grey knee-length skirt. White knee-socks. Her low-heeled shiny black shoes.
In about another 20 minutes she would be standing like this in front of the inspector.
His name was Mr Ruskin. Middle-aged with a cropped greying beard. Susan Marsdon had taken his overcoat and he was now in a dark grey sweater. They had gone through into the lounge: Hilary’s father and Mr Ruskin and Hilary. Her mother wasn’t required Mr Ruskin said. He sat down in one armchair and David Marsdon, not feeling a lot happier that his daughter, sat in another. Hilary wasn’t invited to sit. She stood nervously near her father.
Mr Ruskin began with a few general questions to David, while consulting a file he had taken from his case. Did he have any trouble with her at all? Any problems with boys?
David shook his head. Hilary was asked if she had a boyfriend. Flushing, she said, ‘Well… sort of.’
The inspector wanted to know what that meant. He asked her the boy’s name. Hilary stammered, ‘Kevin Banfield.’ The inspector wrote it down; asked for his age and address and wrote that down too.
‘So what do you do with this Kevin, Hilary? When you’re in quiet little corners with him where no one can see you. Let him take your knickers down and play with your business? Mmm? Or perhaps it’s the full thing. Letting him put his stiff thing inside you?’
Flushing bright red Hilary vigorously shook her head. Blurting out that she did nothing at all of that sort.
The inspector just gave her an appraising look and wrote something in his file. He turned to David Marsdon whose face, reflected his daughter’s hot embarrassment.
‘Unfortunately, Mr Marsdon, what a 17-year-old girl says in that regard is not too reliable. Tell me, do you give her a reasonable amount of discipline at home?’
David said yes. The inspector replied, ‘I am talking about physical chastisement of course. Does she get her bottom smacked? Do you use the cane on her?’
David shook his head. Hilary was biting her lip now, at the mention of the cane.
Mr Ruskin pursed his lips. ‘Every girl of that age should be getting something of that. From her father. Is it something you have a problem with Mr Marsdon?’
David shifted awkwardly in his seat. It was something he had a problem with. Hilary was a big well-developed girl and she was of course his daughter. The thought of taking Hilary over his lap and spanking her quite womanly bottom… well it wasn’t something he had actually contemplated. If you were talking about her friend Elaine then yes, David Marsdon could certainly contemplate that. Having a go at Elaine’s round rear.
David said he hadn’t actually found it to be necessary. The inspector replied… ‘Well I do think it’s necessary. And I’d like to see you do it now. Take her over your lap and give her backside a good hard spanking. I’m sure it will do Hilary a world of good. Don’t you think so Miss?’
Hilary had gone very red in the face again. ‘Come here Hilary. Let me take your knickers down for your father.’
Hilary opened her mouth as if to protest, then closed it again. An unhappy glance at her father, with the vague hope perhaps that he might firmly tell the inspector that it wasn’t on. But of course it was very definitely on. She finally shuffled reluctantly forward.
Mr Ruskin took her arm and pulled her closer in. ‘You’d better move a bit sharper than that, young woman. I shall be using the cane on you myself very shortly — and if you can’t move immediately when I tell you I shall be giving you a double dose. Got that? Now lift your skirt up. Right up round your waist.’
This time the response was more immediate. Hilary’s two hands sliding her grey skirt quickly up. Right up. Two pairs of male eyes see her softly rounded thighs and navy nylon knickers above. The tight knickers show the shape of her hips… and for the keen eyes of the inspector there is the firm bulge of her pubis directly in front of him. From where David sits he sees the ripe curve of Hilary’s bottom. He swallows. Mr Ruskin’s hands have gone to the waistband of the tight navy knickers. Fingers inserting. Hilary’s knickers are corning down. Baring her pale bottom, and sliding on down her trembling thighs.
The inspector’s eyes are riveted on the blonde-bushed mound. Hilary, holding her skirt high, looks straight ahead, not focusing her own eyes, not wanting to look at him — but knowing of course what is the focus of his attention. Her pussy. She can feel it bare and exposed. Almost as if it is being handled by those staring eyes. And then… she gives a shuddering little gasp. Feeling a touch. An actual touch. His hand. Lightly cupping her. Lightly holding the crisp curls and the quiveringly sensitive flesh beneath. Mr Ruskin’s hand holding her pussy.
‘Are you sure Miss that you don’t let that boyfriend…?’
David can’t see but he can guess what the inspector is doing. Where he has his hand as he repeats those earlier intimate questions about Hilary’s boyfriend. The lecherous bastard’s hand is right there fondling her pussy. But David can only sit and watch. As Hilary stutters out her replies. Her denials that she engages in sexual activity with Kevin. Watching the rear view of his daughter with her skirt held up round her waist and her knickers halfway down to her knees. Her bare quivering bottom squirming. Her ripe bare bottom which this lecherous inspector is shortly going to make him take over his lap. David’s head is in a turmoil. And in spite of himself he can feel he has got an erection.
The inspector finally tires of what he is doing. Taking Hilary’s arm he turns her and delivers a sharp smack to a bare cheek. Then pushes her towards her father. Her face is bright red now, as she comes forward, hesitates and then lowers herself. And somehow David has got to make himself do it.
Inspector Ruskin watches. Watching the unhappy father is almost as good as looking at the delicious daughter. It is an arousing little preliminary to the main course. David Marsdon is doing it now. His hand reluctantly coming down on the bare flesh. Curtly he tells him to do it harder, he is supposed to be spanking the girl not fondling her. Hard spanks! The hand does come down harder. There are gasping little squeals from the suffering girl. Suffering more from embarrassment than anything else at the moment. But he will change that of course. Inspector Ruskin will shortly change that. Upstairs? Yes, he thinks he will take her upstairs. To her room. Apart from anything else it will have the parents — this stupid and no doubt repressed David Marsdon and his wife — on tenterhooks. Desperately wondering what he is doing to darling Hilary. Apart from whipping his cane energetically into her ripe round rump.
Yes. Actually Susan Marsdon is rather attractive. An older version of her delicious soft-faced blonde daughter, and not all that old; early thirties. If young Hilary gets him particularly excited… it would be nice to have the mother up in the bedroom afterwards. Put her through her paces. And then she can tell her stupid husband afterwards if she wants to. Tell him what she’s had. Yes that would be very pleasant. But first of all of course…
Inspector Ruskin has had enough of Hilary being spanked by her father. The lovely girl’s bottom is quite red now. She is just about ready for the real business. He tells David Marsdon to stop. Hilary can get up. She can pull up her knickers and drop her skirt. He gets to his feet.
‘Yes. Well I think that was quite an edifying experience. For both of you I hope. At this age a girl does need that from her father, and on a regular basis. I should like it done twice a week at least from now on Mr Marsdon. Is that all right? Or would you rather use the cane on her?’
Sweating David shakes his head. No, not the cane. But yes he will do the other. He doesn’t want to stand up because he has an erection. He had had it throughout his ordeal. It has been pressing up against the yielding flesh of his daughter in a sickening way. Making him sweat but there hasn’t been anything he can do about it. And now…?
There is the hope that this whole ordeal may be over. The inspector may have had enough of torturing them and will leave. But David knows this is not very likely. And he can recall that earlier mention of the cane.
In Hilary’s bedroom now. There is just her bed, her dressing table over by the window and near the door an easy chair with polished wooden arms. Only Hilary and the inspector are here of course, her parents are downstairs no doubt conversing anxiously in lowered voices. With apprehensive glances up at the ceiling. Imagining… Because they have seen Inspector Ruskin go out to his car and come back in with his cane.
Hilary is standing nervously with the inspector. Nothing has happened yet — but of course it is going to. The cane is on the bed. She has had that really awful ordeal downstairs. The public display of having her bare bottom smacked by her father. And before that… this dreadful inspector fondling her pussy. But now of course there is going to be something a good deal worse. That sickening looking cane. Yes that. But also… the possibility of other things as well. Things that Hilary doesn’t dare think of but which nonetheless want to push into her mind.
Mr Ruskin is saying something about the cane. It is something all girls of her age should have. They should have it on a regular basis. And as she hasn’t had it at all he is going to need to give it to her quite hard. But she must remember that it is for her own good. Has she got that? Mr Ruskin says that first of all she is going to have it with her knickers on. In a little while she will have to take her knickers down and have it on her bare bottom but first of all it will be over her knickers. That will allow her bottom to be acclimatised to a certain extent before she gets it on the bare. Has she got that too?
Hilary can only nod dumbly. The inspector is taking the cane from the bed. This awful thing is happening now. He tells her to lift her skirt up round her waist and bend over. With her hands on her knees. Sticking her bottom nicely out.
As in a dreadful dream Hilary does it. Mr Ruskin’s hand is at her knickers, pulling them up more tightly over her thrust-out bottom. Yes it is like a dream… but then the dreamlike sensation is abruptly broken as the cane zips into her bottom.
Oh Christ! It is like a red-hot poker has been applied to her tender rear. As Hilary’s slightly bent knees almost buckle with the shock Mr Ruskin sharply tells her to keep still. The cane whips in again.
He gives her three. And then says he would like her up on the easy chair. Kneeling facing the back.
‘All right so far’ Mr Ruskin’s voice is bright and cheery. His hand gropes Hilary’s humming bottom.
She stumbles forward and clambers onto the chair. He wants her skirt held up again. And her poor red-hot bottom pushed out. He is going to give her some more of course. She makes a desperate little plea but is told to be quiet. What she is getting is for her own good remember. Then the cane zips in again. Three of them across her knickered bottom. Then Mr Ruskin wants her knickers down.
Hilary can’t take any more of this. Especially not on her bare bottom. Mr Ruskin tells her to be quiet, or he’ll have to give her a lot more than what she’ll otherwise get. He has pulled her knickers down now. His hand is fondling the heated bare flesh. Which now bears a number of bright red stripes. Keep nice and still, she is told.
Hilary lets out a desperate yell as the first one zips in across her trembling bared cheeks.
Hilary is downstairs now, in the sitting room with her father. The dreadful ordeal is finally over. She is sitting on the settee, her flushed face and reddened eyes a clear indication of those recent hot tears. Indeed there are still uncontrolled sobs coming at irregular intervals. It is five minutes since the inspector brought her down from her room. David Marsdon, sitting anxiously opposite, has asked if she is OK but Hilary for the moment seems incapable of words.
It is still running through her head of course, as no doubt it will for days to come. That cane! Whipping agonisingly into her bare bottom as she knelt on her chair. And also of course the other. Afterwards. When Inspector Ruskin was sitting in the chair and she had to kneel in front of him. Close in between his spread legs. While he delivered his homily about discipline. And at the same time.
Yes it was all going through her head. Like a nightmare. It was a nightmare.
Hilary gave another of those shuddering sobs.
David bit his lip. At least it was over. Hilary’s caning was over. He and Susan had heard the desperate yells from upstairs as the cane was applied. It had been pretty awful but at least it was over. Of course there was still that other. He had been told he had to continue to spank Hilary’s bottom. Twice a week. He didn’t want to do it. For one thing he unfortunately found it arousing. Still he was going to have to do it. He glanced up at the ceiling. What was this dreadful inspector saying to Susan?
When he came down with Hilary he said he wanted to speak to Susan alone for a few minutes, and had then suggested that she go upstairs with him. They could easily have gone into the dining room, but no, he had said upstairs.
‘Have you ever had it? The cane?’ Inspector Ruskin asked her.
Susan nervously shakes her head. Her face flushing. No, definitely not.
She is in here with the inspector. In Hilary’s little room with the door closed. Standing by the bed and uneasy at being in here alone with him. It is where he caned Hilary of course — and if Susan has been in any doubt Mr Ruskin has just described the caning in some detail. Hilary kneeling on her chair for part of it, also standing with her face in the seat. Hilary with her knickers pulled down and her skirt up round her waist. Susan would definitely rather not know these awful details. The cane is still there lying on the bed.
The inspector with a half-smile says in that case didn’t she think she should? Wasn’t it sensible that a girl’s mother should know exactly what it felt like. To have a whippy cane applied to her bottom. Bare of course, as her daughter’s had been on the bare.
Susan Marsdon shakes her head, the flush on her pretty face deepening. Is she supposed to laugh at this idea? Is it a little joke? If it is it is not at all a nice one (although could you expect pleasant jokes from this dreadful person?)
Inspector Ruskin says briskly that he is not joking. And he does think it a very good idea. So he is going to do it. He wants Susan to take off her skirt and then take down her knickers. Then kneel down over the edge of the bed. He is going to cane her bare bottom.
Hot-faced Susan Marsdon cannot believe it. It is an impossible thought! The inspector tells her grimly to get on with it. Or does she want to be sent before a Domestic Affairs Court, for inadequate supervision of her daughter? She could be given a prison sentence: a short one but extremely unpleasant. And Hilary would probably also be given a custodial period which she would find very unpleasant as well. Is this what Susan would like?
There is clearly no answer to this. Susan looks desperately round but there is no way out. She is going to have to do what the inspector wants. Her hands go the zipper of her skirt. Trying not to think. Mr Ruskin says thickly, ‘Why don’t we have the knickers right off Mrs Marsdon? More freedom of action, don’t you think?’
Desperately trying not to think, to blot this out of her mind. Susan with her skirt and knickers off now. She is wearing no stockings or tights so she is bare below the waist. As she stumbles down into the position the inspector wants. Kneeling at the side of the bed. His hand is at her bare bottom. Fondling the hot silky flesh. ‘Some women can find being caned is quite arousing, Mrs Marsdon. Mmmm…?’
The hand is pushing her legs apart. And then sliding in the space between her thighs. Inspector Ruskin’s hand is there at Susan’s pussy. Fingers slipping in between the wet lips.
Susan and the inspector come down the stairs. In the lounge Hilary and David hear them and get to their feet. Susan is hot-faced as she enters the lounge. She has been caned — and she has also been screwed. The inspector after caning her has screwed her in that same position, kneeling at the side of the bed. Can David see this on her face? she wonders.
From below David has half-heard yelps. Which could have been Susan being caned. Yes that horrendous thought has entered his head. And the other? Has he had the thought of the other? Susan with her knickers down for a caning — the inspector simply going ahead and doing the other.
Inspector Ruskin, with a sardonic smile, thanks David. It has been a very useful visit. He says he thinks he may come again next week. To see how Hilary is getting on. He slides his hand behind Hilary and squeezes her bottom.


  1. Where they got those girls from God only knows. Another stunner

    1. Hilarys Guardian27 August 2019 at 04:44

      Oh Hilary's a stunner alright. Shame this photoset only got used once, this is a girl who would have made the perfect candidate for Green Gables or St Angelas. I imagine if Mr Evans had got his hands on her the knicker elastic in those bottom tight navy blues would have been worn out! Quite clearly a young lady who would benefit from the attentions of a strict disciplinary regime.

    2. Yes, cane and cock would have been the mantra for pretty 18 year old Hilary. The masters at St Angela's would have been all over her with absolutely no respite for our young heroine. She would think she spent more of her life out of those navyblues than in them, with them spending more time warming her ankles than cuddling round that peachy little
      posterior. Mr Evans seems intent on reducing her to floods of tears every night, the Head seems determined that she meets every single one of the Governors and demonstrating all her wriggly hipped charm to them under the 'stick' and the Matron, she's the worst of the lot.
      'Yes Hilary just lie back on the couch and relax dear,open those thighs and now put your tongue out, good girl, good girl.'

    3. Oh God and she's got photos, photos. 'Well Hilary that you should keep you from being a silly girl and making all sorts of awkward fuss shouldn't it. In future you'll come to see me after supper and learn a few tricks with that pretty tongue of yours. You won't get your homework finished and I'm sure that'll result in a dozen with the tawse in the morning but hey ho, not my problem.
      Now if you could deliver up your friend Elaine into my clutches I might see fit to give the photos back...'

    4. 8.30 the following morning finds an unwilling Hilary being guided, by a set of Mr Evans bony fingers grasping her ear, towards Room 2d. To her utter embarrassment her grey skirt has already been pinned shoulder high and her knickers are in the bends of her knees causing a shuffled attempt at a walk.
      'Yes miss, come along'grits Evans, ' a good session with my Mr Whippy in room 2d and you won't be late with your homework again.' Then horror of horrors, two boys from her class, Kevin and James, ' is she going to be caned sir? Any chance we could watch sir?' 'I don't see why not boys, come with us.'

    5. On reaching the room Mr Evans firmly locks the door on the inside. 'Now lads, Hilary is about the most recalcitrant young lady in the whole school and she needs to be taught a proper lesson. I intend to ensure that she'll remember today for a very long time. To make a start let's have her stripped stark naked please, 'God, no..' Hilary squealed as the two boys advanced on her. Despite her frantic struggles Hilary was soon naked down to her socks and shoes, tears starting into her eyes at the blush making thought that Kevin and James had both managed to insert inquisitive fingers right up her during her undressing.
      'Good lads, now one arm each and hold her down over the desk. She's getting 24 so I'm sure they'll be a bit of caterwauling but it's for our young lady's own good. Ready'...swish, 'noo, no, ouchhh!'

    6. The caning complete and with a bawling, wriggling, desperate Hilary slumped over the desk Mr Evans ushers the two boys out into the corridor. 'Wait there lads, I just need to lecture Hilary on her shortcomings for a moment or two and then you can help her to straighten herself up.' Outside the boys can hear faint protests and mutterings followed by what sounds like a kiss, a somewhat rhythmic creaking of the desk and some odd low moans from Hilary followed by what sounds like the cry of a cat.
      As Mr Evans, looking slightly sweaty and furtive, exits and ushers them back into the room they see Hilary slumped on her back on the desk, legs akimbo, eyes closed. 'Get her dressed and tidied up and back in class in one hour. Take your time lads, a proper lesson remember,' grins Mr Evans handing Kevin his favourite stingy tawse.'

    7. We'll draw a discrete veil over what followed. Suffice to say that a young lady who has just received two dozen withe cane will often be both inventive and compliant in order to avoid getting a tawse laid across her already blazing backside. Both Kevin and James returned to class with big grins on their faces and Hilary was a very well exercised young lady indeed by the time her hour was up...

  2. They re still around just harder to find

  3. Replies
    1. Perfect story, perfect girl, perfectly presented for the cane. Unfortunatley it transpires that Hilary's behaviour does not improve despite a number of visits from the Inspector (accompanied on the last occasion by several of his friends). Her Mother offers all sorts of services to save her but on the Inspector's fourth visit he brings a government training order, poor little Hilary is to be put to work as a state sponsored Social Counsellor (a whore in layman's terms). Of course she will need a lengthy training course first and the application of the cane and strap will feature prominently. I think the photo three up from the bottom might have been her undoing...

    2. First stop at Green Gables, which is where our young lady finds herself, is a session with the Psychologist. Under constant questioning, accompanied by frequent application of a broad leather tawse, Hilary finally admits to servicing boyfriend Kevin. Oh dear, two dozen with cane for that young lady. As you're such a slut you can get on your back and offer me the same after I've warmed you up..

    3. Further belittling sessions with both a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist will follow. In time continued pressure on Hilary will lead to hear speaking with a pronounced stutter, much to everyone's amusement, and her trauma will lead to her bursting into floods of hysterical tears at the very mention of the strap or cane. Now young lady about your uniform..

    4. Photo 21, the regulation knickers should be right off, the knees more widely spread and she be ready to receive after the 12th stroke willing or not.

    5. So are you saying that her mother sought to influence the Inspector in his official, lawful duties by offering to service him? A married woman who vowed to serve, honor and obey? Disgraceful! Of course if the Inspector demands her service then she should accede immediately to his demands but to OFFER herself in order to subvert his lawful business?

      Has the slattern no respect for her husband and master? Has she no respect for the Inspector's authority?

      She should be placed into immediate disciplinary detention. Obviously her husband has completely failed to run his household with sufficient authority with both his wife and daughter wayward and sluttish - incapable of keeping their legs closed! Both are obviously need complete and total reprogramming!

      The daughter should be placed into strict a 'Counsellor' training regime at one of the excellent reorientation institutions where constant discipline and sexual activity will have her ready to service her clients - however, wherever and whoever they are - in an official state brothel.

      The mother should be entered into the Government Forced Lesbian Conversion programme where she will be put under ther less than tender care of the the Governesses who will enforce constant lesbian sex on her - accompanied by spankings, paddlings, strappings and canings - until the only thing she can think about is the next pussy she will have to lick or the next dildo (or dildos) that will penetrate and pound her.

    6. Hilary should be 'encouraged' to perform live in front of her Father. As he has failed so totally in his duties he should be further humiliated by having to pay his daughters Counsellors and thank them for their services. On weekends he should take Hilary round the neighbourhood, in uniform but collared, leashed and walking at heel, and personally offer her services to the residents. Naturally they will not be satisfied with her efforts and she will be thrashed. Photo 16 above will be blown up to poster size and exhibited all over town.

    7. Of course multiple photographs and videos of her training and subsequent service will be made available through her social media channels.

    8. Yes, I particularly like Photo 2, I hope that's the last time she'll be sitting comfortably on that chubby little backside.

    9. I'm sure Hilary will be delighted to be attracting all this attention. What a shame we don't know who this pretty blonde actually is, suspect she's married with kids by now. What a nice surprise for her if this blast from the past re-emerge.

    10. Married - well bedded and regularly disciplined I hope. And with daughters now ready to enter training.

    11. What a lovely thought. Hope she's kept her old uniform and is made to wear it when it's discipline time. Would love to see Mother and daughter caned side by side, maybe in front of a dinner party full of guests after complaints about the food. I trust Hilarys early experiences in Uniform Girls put her on the right path and she accepts instruction without question.

    12. Of course she will have to be exercised hard in order to ensure that she can still get into her uniform.

      I'm thinking that there will be two daughters - one now 22 and the other 17 (there will be a brother between them) with the older recently having passed out from her training programme and now entering into an arranged lesbian marriage to an older woman. The younger daughter is still in school of course where she finds herself in regular, frequent disciplinary detention under the supervision of Mrs Bryant and Mr Finford who have begun to mould her sexuality to prepare her for her time at the local branch of Green Gables.

      Of course they both still live at home under their father's discipline and as you say they will be disciplined alongside their mother as a matter of course.

    13. The younger one is the very spit of Hilary when she was younger and can be seen in photo 20 above engaged in a disciplinary session with Mr Finford and his favourite cane. She is called Nicola, she is terrified of the prospect of Green Gables (that's the idea of course) and is being sent on a number of Reorientation weekends to prepare her for the ordeal ahead. Her mother has made sure she is on the pill and understands her responsibilities. We don't want any little Nicola's as a result of Mr Finfords attentions. Hilary herself is now being regularly strapped and caned by her son to prepare him for his future responsibilities which she finds excruciatingly embarrassing.

    14. It is envisaged that Nicola's friend Sophie will be sold to her brother when her training is complete. At present she is completing her National Domestic Service with Basil and Reggie. They are making quite sure she is kept 'gainfully employed' either on her knees or on her back with a well warmed backside to keep on her toes. She should be very experienced by the time the sale goes through.

    15. Photo 16 shows Hilary finally beginning to acknowledge her place. Will her shoes come off before she goes on the bed? If they don't the scuff marks will show us two things, one what a naughty girl Hilary is and two that she's a young lady who now understands the connection between canes, bedrooms, beds and her bottom. Bet she wriggles a lot the first time.

    16. Photo 18 shows well how the cane has stung our young heroine's cheeks. The first time she would have needed a good hard dozen to ensure her responsiveness. Subsequently six, or twelve with strap, should be enough to get her to offer up,

    17. Of course Susan Marsden will see both the scuff marks and the other evidence when the Inspector has her splayed out over the bed with her face pushed into the mattress for her well deserved caning.

    18. On doing some more rigorous research on this fantastic blog I think St Angela's would the ideal destination for Hilary. Mr Evans would think all his birthdays had come at once and I think Room 2A would be permanently engaged. As per his approach with Rosie Bottomley I think Hilary Marsden would be in for a long and painful stay.

    19. An excellent idea to have Hillary disciplined by her son. The humiliation she would experience would be exquisite for her and highly edifying for him. At least he will not then fall into the same deficient conduct as his grandfather in failing to properly govern his wife and daughter. His father was specially selected for his mother to ensure that Hillary was henceforth kept under tbe strictest I'd control and that any female issue did not end up going the same way as her mother. As one can see by the current predicaments of all three of them as well as his son's growing authority SMS expertise, that he has done an excellent job.

      Which stand in steak contrast to Hillary's father. When authority over Hillary and responsibility for her ongoing schooling after her initial reformatory detention was transferred to her mother's new wife her father was a broken man. But that should be a salutary lesson to all, male or female, entrusted with the ownership, supervision and discipline of women of all ages.

    20. Yes a properly disciplined female household is key. Instruments of punishment should be prominently displayed in both front room and bedrooms, a punishment book should be maintained by the girls (with full details of post disciplinary performance) and the girls should dress appropriately at all times. As a refinement to Hilary's punishment by her son he should invite half a dozen of his mates round. Naturally Hilary will be expected to 'entertain' them afterwards, using her mouth to relief any discomfort they might be feeling having watched her get a dozen stingers with a swishy rattan cane

    21. Photo 13, love the look of nervous anticipation on her pretty face before she slips her regulation navy blues down. Nice weight to the bottom and thighs and her flat shoes emphasise this. Looks like a bottom that will wriggle enticingly on my hands as I have her on her back afterwards. Think I'll ask David and Susan to watch and give verbal and written reports on her performance and enthusiasm in bed.

    22. Of course Hillary has been greatly helped by annual return trips to Balcombe Manor. A month spent every June, under the auspices of Mrs Blackett and by her authority Gilman and the numerous gentlemen visitors who called daily has always proved a highly effective refresher from which she has always returned more deeply biddable, obedient and compliant, legs parting readily on her return for her husband and master's pleasure. And it was shortly after her return from her most recent spell with Mrs Blackett that she was put to work teaching her son *everything* a man should know with her bottom, her mouth, her pussy and her secret knot-hole.

      Her husband is. I'm sure, a very proud man.

    23. Balcombe Manor is where young ladies of all ages should spend their summers instead of trolloping around on the beach. A month under Mrs Blackett (literally if required) and thrice daily caning soon knock any thoughts of dissent out of their pretty little heads. At her husband's instruction Hilary was serviced by no fewer than twenty men consecutively one afternoon. The video was sent to both her daughters to show them what their future holds. Of course Nicola will have a similarly tough time with Mr Evans and the team at St Angela's.

    24. Photo 12, looking apprehensively at the cane on the bed and wondering why her pillows have been piled in the middle of it!

    25. Photo 1, Hilary is lectured pre-caning. Awkwardness and silliness have no place in discipline she is told and nether has false modesty. Her skirt is coming up and her knickers are coming down so that she finally learns that her bottom is not just for sitting on. Young ladies, she is told, have other services to fulfill after their bottoms have been warmed and these services are best performed on their backs in a cosy single bed. Right Hilary shall we begin?

    26. Well of course it's one of Mrs Blackett's nieces who is Nicola's older sister's wife and Mistress to be.

      Their wedding ceremony (and the doxy's collaring) is next weekend. I understand that the gist list is long and that the photographs and video of the day - and of the wedding night will be available to all very soon afterwards.

      The happy couple have their present list at a local sex shop.

    27. That's good to hear, forced marriages should very much be the norm these days. Does Nicola's older sister have a name? Will she be pierced and ringed at the ceremony or just collared? Incidentally I hope Nicola and Sophie will be bridesmaids, whilst a straight future is envisaged for them one day's education at the hands of their own sex won't harm them (well not much anyway). I assume the bride will take a full vow of obedience?

    28. Photo 15, young lady you feel distinctly sticky, are you aroused by the cane - some girls are of course. I expect you're thinking about cock, well six more stingers with this rattan might change your thoughts

    29. Of course she will!

      As for piercing - I understand she was pierced recently - you'll find the film of it in the usual places. I understand that the intention is to replace her current piercings with more ornamental jewellery as part of the ceremony - just before the formal caning. A bit unorthodox but I'm sure it will be instructive for the girl.

      Her name is Sandra but they haven't announced if she will be renamed at the wedding yet. Im sure they want to keep some of the day secret.

      Yes the two bridesmaids (though obviously the 'maid's part is inappropriate - perhaps 'bridesmades' would be better?) will find a day as lesbians quite edifying. It is, after all, the tradition for the bridesmades to be pulled at these events. I'm Sandra's wife and Mistress to be has sisters or girlfriends who will be keen to get them out of their bridesmade's dresses and bent over before they put then on their backs.

    30. Sounds fun although I'm not sure Nicola and Sophie would agree, still a few tears always look very pretty at a wedding. In a change to normal etiquette the bridesmades are to be led down the aisle on a collar and leash and with darling little puppytails protruding from their bottoms. While the ceremony takes place they will keep busy servicing the front row of the guests. Later there will be wedding games with two girls bound to Sybians to see who can get to thirty screaming orgasms first (don't drown out the speeches girls). Hilary can be our 'something borrowed, something blue', borrowed by Mrs Blackett and utterly humiliated by appearing in a live 'blue' performance featuring several local youths and an overly inquistive dog. The guests will roar with laughter, poor Hilary

    31. Photo 21, the denouement. Slip those knickers right off Hilary and glide your legs apart for me. Hold her please Susan, a good receiving posture is the first thing she has to learn. Stop struggling Hilary or you'll get the cane again and now, aah in you to the hilt. Tell her Susan, tell her to work her bottom and hips...lovely

    32. Yes Susan - she's her mother's daughter right enough - she feels just like you did all those years ago. Mmmmmm - do you remember - in your bedroom in the house you grew up in - on your knees - your bottom ablaze? Mmmmm you were just as hot and tight as Hillary is! I remember you did need a second caning before you were ready for it! Still Hillary can have another caning when I'm done inside her.

      Now tell her to squeeze Susan. Tell her to work her tight little cunt! Her cock-squeezer!

      Yes that's right...oh I come...deep inside her!

    33. Lovely, now if she's not on the pill we had better take some precautions. That's right Susan get your tongue right in there and lick all my Cum out. Why that's a very pretty moaning sound Hilary are you enjoying yourself? Now smile for the camera girls, I'm sure the neighbours want to see you both hard at work.

    34. Photo 14, won't those pretty shapely legs kick as his swishy cane leaves white hot streaks across her peach. I would carry her downstairs afterwards my hands cupping her hot cheeks and her tear stained face tucked into my shoulder. Letting her down in the lounge in front of David and Susan I give her a sharp smack to propel her into the corner and tell her to put her hands on her head. Now Mrs Marsden upstairs please I've got something you can help get out of my system..

    35. Photo 4, what I really love about this imagining of a future state. Pretty little Hilary is going be caned for no other reasons than being blond, good looking, and seventeen. She has done nothing to deserve this caning, nothing to deserve the Inspector groping her and humiliating her and of course neither has her mother. Mr Ruskin can do it because he wants to and the law allows him to..perfect, just perfect!

    36. Mrs Marsden please remove your dress...and knickers down please...come and bend over here...touch your toes...a few dozen with the strap before the cane...and then you can show me what you've been taught to do with your mouth.

    37. Photo 10, nicely posed, I think the Inspector can really whip his cane into the underledge of her cheeks. Surely someone should be sitting in the seat to allow her to be trained in giving oral relief while under the cane?

    38. Photo 7, spankable. Here's where I think the Inspector went soft, when he asked her about her sexual exploits with Kevin he should have taken her over his knee and taught her about reciting her sins under discipline. Deny her sins and he will keep on spanking her, confess ans she gets a caning. It's not fair but then it's not supposed to be.

    39. Photo 19, come in Mr Marsden take a good look. Oh wow, I think you want to have her don't you?

    40. I came across Hilary a number of years after this photoshoot when she was twenty three. At that stage ladies, even married ladies, up to the age of thirty could be referred to a government corrective office for a course of disciplinary treatment if it was felt their behaviour was inappropriate. Naturally many of these accusations were trumped up but most in society felt that young ladies could always do with a sharp reminder as to what their bottoms were for.
      Hilary had been silly and awkward in refusing some quite reasonable requests from her husband to provide friendly services to several of his business acquaintances. Had been uncooperative at work with her female boss and had been spotted out on the streets incorrectly dressed (skirt below the regulation length - 10''- and heels insufficiently high. Despite her winging and wailing she had been sentenced to four weeks back in full uniform at my new place, Green Gables. I'll recount her subsequent adventures through the day, suffice it to say she was a very contrite and co-operative young lady by the end of her stay..

    41. Yes I had heard from her boss that she had been sent for residential correction. She was looking forward to having a more cooperative, compliant Hillary back.

      I'm sure her husband is thinking similarly but one wonders why he allowed this situation to develop.

    42. Oh she'll more compliant alright. The first day at Green Gables will be spent learning the rudiments of knicker training. This will maximise the embarrassment she feels at a grown girl being put back into the navy blues so fetchingly modelled above. She will learn to wait outside before class skirt pinned up, knickers at knee height and hands on head. Unfortunately for Hilary both the caretaker and Matron spend a lot of time patrolling the corridor and both have an eye for a pretty young miss.
      Once inside class she will familiarise herself with my little routines. If her name is called she must immediately stand, push her knickers down and put her hand up. Slowness will result in six with tawse on each hand. I think we're going to see some improvements in Hilary..

    43. Yes - she will find that the caretaker's and Matron's wandering hands on her bottom - fondling, pinching, spanking - quite humiliatingly uncomfortable. It will be good for her - preparing her for what awaits her.

      How long will she be permitted to retrain even her downed knickers once in class?

    44. Once knickers are down down is where they stay. Shuffling around the classroom, navy blues around her ankles, skirt pinned up and with a childish pout on her face really rubs in her position in life to our delightfully overgrown 23 year old schoolgirl. First lesson of the day, an essay describing all her faults, foibles and kinks. She'll surely spend much of the rest of the morning bottom up over her desk, howling, bawling and kicking as a whippy 3' rattan decorates those plump cheeks of hers. Picture those tram lines in her final photo above but more so. Our little treasure will soon wish she's back outside being felt up by the caretaker, well that can be arranged Hilary.

    45. Might I suggest that her knickers should be on the desk in front of her as she writes her essay? In order to help focus her attention?

      She should then have to read it out loud in class - or perhaps at assembly - detailing all her sexual preferences and proclivities, confessing her addiction to masturbation, her lesbian tendencies, her general sluttish appetites and her need for strict discipline.

    46. Yes Hilary will be asked to read out loud standing on her chair. At this point her knickers will have been replaced around one ankle to give our grown up young lady the little girl lost look. Her next task will be to write to all those she has slighted and offer both apologies and a list of sexual options for the gentleman and ladies to choose from. Naturally they will all wish to beat the daylights out of her first.Photo 17 above demonstrates very nicely our heroine's reaction as 3' of rattan scorches across her cheeks and photo 16 shows her nicely on her knees and able (if not entirely willing) to complete her penance.
      Matron, who has a very mean streak looked at a copy of the final photo and suggested an enema might be helpful!
      At the minute however Hilary is occupied with our caretaker down in the cellar, he said something about stoking the boiler, no idea what he meant...

    47. A confession from me, Mr Evans of St Angelas, reference photo 19. Contrary to what might have been expected from Hilary's previous demeanour she started struggling when she realised what I had in mind but I was aroused my head in a whirl and my trousers lowered I pinioned the struggling girl, pushed her legs apart, and then forcibly mounted her. And then delivered a series of exquisite thrusts which in my over-excited state resulted in an all-too-rapid climax. It was marvellous, fantastic — while it lasted. But then I came down to earth with a thud as the realisation of what I had done hit home with crystal clarity; not least the fact that the wretched girl, now crying, had of course had no form of contraception. Oh well, that's what she's here for I mused and sent her to Matron to be dealt with.

    48. Well no problem from me that's what she's here for in fact fact this was my first formal interview with darling Hilary. ‘Yes, you're quite a lovely girl Hilary.’

      Still holding herI continued, ‘But that can be something of a problem, I’m afraid,young lady. You see I’m quite sure various members of my staff are bound to find you very attractive as well, and that is where your problem will arise. It is unfair, I know, but human nature being what it is, I’m afraid they will be rather after you. You will, I’m afraid, be getting much more than your fair share of punishment. And it certainly won’t be the cane across the hand which I gave you earlier. No, it will be your bottom they will want to get at: it will be knickers down and spanking and caning of your bare bottom. Probably on any trumped-up excuse.’

      He gave her rounded breasts a final squeeze, then removed his hands. He moved round to face her. Hilary looked queasy. I was openly feeling her breasts it was like some kind of nightmare.

      But I was talking again — still in that mild manner. ‘Anyway, with that in mind I think it only fair to give you now a caning to your bottom. So that you will at least have some preparation for it. Otherwise you might find it quite simply unbearable.’

      My hands were reaching for the waistband of her skirt. ‘As we’re alone I might as well take your skirt right off. And your knickers as well.’

      The zip of her skirt was down and then the skirt was sliding down to the floor. MY hands were at her tight blue knickers (photo 4) pulling them down; then as in a dream she was stepping out of them.

      My eyes greedy as the girl stood before me, nude below the waist except for the white knee-socks and black strap-over shoes. Pale smoothly rounded curves with, at their centre, a smallish bush of brown curls. She saw the direction of his gaze and one hand slid over to self-consciously cover it.

      I shook my head. ‘Yes, my dear. I’m afraid with you being such an attractive young thing that really there will be no stopping them.’

      She looked even sicker and the pretty blue eyes were now rather watery-looking. I shook my head again.

      ‘No, it’s not at all a nice prospect. You’ll simply get no let-up. However I could… I just possibly could… do what I’ve done once or twice before with a very pretty girl. Which is to put her off-limits to the rest of the staff. Of course I can only do it very rarely as otherwise it would destroy the whole basis of discipline at Green Gables’

      She said numbly, ‘Please, Sir…’

      ‘Yes, then of course you would have only me dealing with you. And really I wouldn’t need to cane you more than… mmmm… shall we say two or three times a day at the most. Whereas if I let all the staff loose on you, well…’

      I shook my head sadly as if words failed him.

      ‘Well, what do you think,Hilary?’

      She had started to cry — at the awful prospect which I had presented. The alternative, having me deal with her, couldn’t be as bad.

      ‘Yes Sir. I… I…’

      ‘You’d like to do that?’

      ‘Yes Sir.

      Needless to say I lied, Hilary's with Matron now and she's the worst of the lot!

    49. Good that she's being kept busily employed - I'm sure it will be hot, sweaty, grimy and uncomfortable for her down there. She will, no doubt, hate it and probably sulk and be generally awkward. However I'm confident that the caretaker with his large, heavy, calloused, dirty hands will soon spank that out of her and no doubt she will be more cooperative for him afterwards. Her knees will no doubt be grubby and snuffed by the time he finishes with her.

      After her time in the cellar she'll need a shower - I'm sure Matron will be able to supervise that - before her next class.

  4. Actually Hillary I think I would like you to bend over again, I think your mother should cane you now...

  5. Oh there'll be grubby and scuffed alright. She's going to be getting the same treatment Mr Evans gave her, those plump little titties will be well covered in coal dust as well, photo 14 in Reorientation weekend captures the overall look (albeit in a bedroom). Matron will need to supervise a vaginal douche afterwards both to prevent any 'accidents' and because that dreadful caretaker put half a tube of Ralgex up Hilary first - to get her hopping as he put it! Next the cold shower and then Matron, and her 10'' strap on, will be joining Hilary for a warm one.

  6. Photo 20, --//----

    ‘No-woh-woh!’ Hilary was gasping already in anticipation of what she was going to get. There was hardly room in the small bedroom to move and Susan was holding her already. ‘Yes, Hilary, you silly — now stop it! I thought I’d cured you of this,’ Susan said. Her arm rose and moved as of old, forcing Hilary’s back down. With a sickly thrill Hilary heard the key turn in the lock. ‘Get her knickers right off, Inspector,’ she heard Susan say. Trying to kick backwards she received a burning smack on her knickered bottom that made her yelp. ‘M...M...Mummy don’t let him!’ Hilary shrieked even as her already-teased bottom cheeks were bared, her school skirt rucking up above her hips just as her nightie had done last night.

    ‘Not hard ones, Inspector — just bring her up to it as you did before!’ Susan said, though it took all her strength now to control the sinuous wriggling of Hilary’s slender, curvy body as a long-swishing cane whistled across her offered orb.

    ‘Nooo-hooo-noooo!’ came Hilary’s thin wail. This was the way Mummy used to cane her, skimming it, biting a little but never deeply — just going on and on until her knees buckled and her raging cheeks sought and longed to be pressed comfortingly against something to cool the stinging, the burning.

    ‘Oh-ho-ho! I don’t want to!’ Hilary sobbed, receiving now another and another, the hissing cane making her cheeks contract tightly while her waist was tightly ringed by Susan’s arm. ‘If you don’t be quiet, Hilary, you’ll get it harder. I know what you want all right,’ Susan jerked; ‘be a good girl now, come on — push it out to him!

  7. Surely a lengthy encounter with Matron's strap after the cold shower before the warm shower and her strap-on.

    Squealing and crying as, Matron's sturdy thighs slapping against her poor, abused bottom she struggles and strains around the 10, fat, inches; with her tits and her nose squashed up against the shower wall.

    'That's right Hillary... what a good slut. That's right...all of it inside you...yes oh you like that... wiggle for me girl! Work that hot little bottom. I'm going to sit on your face soon so I can enjoy that slutty little tongue.
    Oh yes! There we go...that's right. There you go! You're coming nicely girl aren't you? Mmm? What a dirty girl you are, aren't you?


  8. A bright shaft of afternoon sunlight slanted across the Headmaster’s office to highlight the blonde bowed head of a girl seated at a table at the side of his large polished oak desk. It was 4.15 and the raucous clamour of departing pupils had now died away, leaving the school largely deserted except for a few masters, like the Head, holding a detention.

    The brightly-lit head remained bowed as its owner continued, unhappily, to write over and over: I must endeavour to do very much better. James Gillman fiftyish, tweed-jacketed, looked momentarily up from the papers he was marking and experienced a pleasant glow of anticipation. She was an extremely attractive pupil. She was also a very special pupil. And his instructions were to make her life very unpleasant indeed. Her name was Hilary Marsden.

    The reason she was very special was that although she at present was not wearing a wedding ring Hilary Marsden was married. She was also 23, though she looked no more than 17 in the school uniform and with her blonde hair loose over her shoulders. Hilary Marsden in fact was a young married lady who had not been behaving very properly.

    So she had to be punished. Being a schoolgirl again was that punishment. This was her first day, getting kitted out with her uniform in the morning and starting at Mr Gillman's school, Green Gables, after lunch. A lesson of English with the Head had conveniently brought her this detention. Hilary was to attend school for two weeks. They were to be two weeks that she would not forget for a very long time.

    Oh dear Hilary, so many options on this great blog to torment you with.

    1. I'm sure that she will find that 2 week stay ends up extended to a month or two.

      Hillary looked up nervously from her lines to take in the sight of the ferocious looking cane on the desk in front of her.

      Of course she was no stranger to the feeling of the rod across her buttock . Over the years she had felt it more often that could be counted - ever since that very first visit from the Inspector several years before. But none of that made it any more bearable - especially given her age now.

      The Headmaster hav made it quite clear that she would be feeling it again - at length and applied with maximum vigour - as soon as her lines were completed.

      She shuddered. But the wad no escaping it. A recalcitrant such as herself could expect no less when sent back to school.

  9. ‘Ever had it before? A nice whippy cane on that bottom?’

    Numbly Hilary nodded her head.

    ‘Good. You’ll find it most stimulating. Not perhaps the stimulation that you’re used to but stimulating nonetheless. It really gets those nerve endings jangling, as you’ll see.’

    Mr Gillman had been clearing one side of his desk and now got up. ‘Bend over, Miss. Lie yourself across the desk. Knees nice and straight and stick your bottom out.’

    Hilary felt as if she wanted to be sick. ‘Look...’ she gasped.

    ‘Get over it! Or I’ll have Mr Evans in here holding you.’ There was a long curved cane in his hand now.

    Hilary stepped forward and bent over. How could they do this to her. The shaft of sunlight had moved round and was now on Mr Gillman’s desk, momentarily dazzling her as she lay across it. She closed her eyes, the shiny surface warm against her cheek. Her fingers clutched at the edge. With a shiver of terror Hilary felt the cane laid across her bare bottom, pat-patting the soft flesh. She held her breath.


    The breath burst from Hilary’s mouth in a yell of anguish. The cane had zipped in across the full meat of her bottom like a glowing hot poker. A red blur of pain exploded in her head as her pertly rounded rear performed a frantic dance. Its pale soft flesh was now decorated with a tight pair of rapidly reddening tramlines.

    ‘No!’ she yelled. ‘NO!’ But as the words gasped out there was a second CRACK! biting in half an inch below the first stroke.

    Mr Gillman’s voice, somewhat breathless with effort and excitement: ‘You will, my girl. You’ll take six.’

    Hilary had no idea how she took them, her mind giving up registering detail after the first two and seeming to float helplessly above the intense shocking pain as the cane repeatedly struck down. But six it was. Six nice bright red double stripes on the taut rounded bottom cheeks. When it was over the pretty young housewife could barely stand up and her face, red and blotchy and wet with tears, really did look like a 17-year-old’s. As for her bottom it felt as if a thousand wasps had been at work on it.

    Somehow Hilary managed to put on her skirt and knickers, and then her blazer. Outside, humiliating school satchel in hand, she crossed the deserted yard on tottery legs; then made for the bus stop. Still ringing in her head was Mr Gillman’s parting shot.

    ‘I hope that’ll give you something to think about, young lady. For your information I shall be giving you a dose of exactly the same medicine every afternoon that you’re with us.’ This had been accompanied by a sharp slap to her stinging bottom as she went out

    1. On the bus she was keenly aware of the driver's narrow eyed gaze and she blushed deeply as she sat down gingerly.

      She knew that it was quite obvious to any observer that she was no longer of school age. And there was only one reason why a girl over 18 might be seen in school uniform - and at that time of day - the traditional end of detention time. The driver and everyone else on the bus knew that she had been sent back to school to be disciplined and moreover that she had just been dealt with.

    2. Perfect, R T Mason, he knew how to get to young ladies of all ages.

    3. Photo 4, exactly why Hilary should be caned regularly. She's a pretty, shapely, uniformed young lady - a daily session under the cane will do her the world of good. It will also teach her that young ladies are best served by learning their place in relation to older males. 'Yes Hilary, cane then bed for you sweetheart.'

    4. Perhaps a touch of the tawse before I have you on your back sweetie.

      Yes - I think so - a strapping applied over a caning always hurried a girl along. Isn't that right dear?

    5. Kevin, the boyfriend, should certainly be asked round to witness her canings and, in time, learn to apply them. Hilary will get to accept that being under the cane or strap is for her own good. Incidentally I think knickers can be permanently dispensed with indoors and I hope the naughty girl is not wearing a bra.

    6. Well if he's going to take control of her he'd better learn quickly - otherwise she'll have to be given to someone else to deal with. It won't just be how to discipline her sufficiently severely that he needs to learn. He'll also have to come to fully assimilate how to dominate her. Out of a sort of soft-heartedness he may not, at first, understand that it is best for her that she is kept under strict control with a firm hand so her legs open easily so she can be used hard.

      He'll also have to learn how to train her fully so she can strip and perform for whoever he might want to loan her to.

      Still I'd be quite willing to show him - get him started as it were.

      Don't be too gentle with her Kevin - no not like that - harder - she needs it harder Kevin! Lay that cane on harder. Really whip it in - make it bite.

      Yes if she's wriggling - it's working. No - dont listen to her crying - of course she wants you to stop - but you mustn't pay any attention to that!

      Now - let's check her pussy - is she ready for your cock? Good - now get up inside her. I'll use the other end - now that's how you stop her crying.

    7. She'll learn that her tears are a good thing and show that she's learning. While she's bawling and wailing, dancing round the room hands clasped to that pretty posterior Kevin will be filming her for his latest video - Hilary Learns Her Lesson.

    8. Hilary will begin to understand the connection between cane and bed. As time passes, and after a good number of real scorchers with 3' of flexible rattan, she will realise that young ladies have a duty of co-operation and consent. Provided that she presents neatly when told and performs her exercises enthusiastically she will be dealt with firmly but not harshly.
      Any backsliding however and she'll have a caning she'll remember for life and be eating her tea standing up for a week.

    9. As long as the boy learns how to train her.

      I've concerns about sending a boy to do a woman's job!

    10. Oh I'm glad you're back. Perhaps you should supervise, having Hilary put to Kevin under the watchful eye of another after her caning would be excruciatingly embarrassing for both. If this caused Kevin to fail to perform he could be dismissed and you could take over. At this stage I would like Hilary to be coaxed and cajoled firmly towards full submission.

    11. Incidentally there is a very good earlier story, Not Gainfully Employed, in which our young heroine, Elaine Robbins, finds herself in very hot water with two older gentleman. I think this could be spiced up no end with the introduction of a couple of lesbian mistresses. Have a look and see what you think...

    12. On the subject of being given to somebody else to deal with I would encourage Hilary being passed round to others. It can only benefit her by broadening her education and skill set. Perhaps we should introduce a Trip Advisor type review system;
      Natalie (29), 478 clients, rating 4.6
      Natalie wriggles very prettily after a knickers down spanking.
      Natalie is very good with her mouth and swallows all she is given.
      Natalie bleats and whines very prettily under the tawse which encourages her master to lay it in harder.
      Natalie hates the cane and pouts beautifully when told to pull her knickers down and go and get it.
      Natalie can be contacted on xxxxx and is waiting for your call.

    13. Ref 'Not Gainfully Employed' I think Hilary would make an ideal Social Counsellor. I would propose she starts her induction immediately with a weekend at the Inspector's house, I should imagine when word gets out they'll be queuing round the block. I imagine she bleats and wriggles deliciously on her back especially after a scorching dozen with a cane..

    14. A weekend with the Inspector followed by six weeks in disciplinary detention where she will be taught everything a girl need to know to perform her duties both on her knees and on her back.

    15. A couple of wizened old whores should be brought into supervise and, much to Hilarys motification she has to give a full public daily demonstration of lessons learnt on Kevin, the boyfriend. Strangely enough he seems quite happy with the arrangement.

  10. I think at least two months, maybe more.

  11. I imagine a sort of mirror world to that of Not Gainfully Employed in which young women might be subect to mandatory terms of service and be required to undertake mandatory lesbian conversion programmes. Young ladies might be the streets and find themselves coerced, cajoled and otherwise manipulated into compromising positions that would see them sent for Forced Lesbian Programming.

    The Department for Forced Lesbian Conversion, Reorientation and Disciplinary Instruction has as its crest two crossed canes and large dildo and harness above the marked haunches of two kneeling females.

    1. Yes young ladies on the streets should expect to be near constantly harassed. Under new legislation this is seen to be their fault under the 'must have been asking for it' guidance. If they do complain they are likely to be charged with soliciting and shipped off to a reform centre.
      Like the cresst, hope it's tattooed (or branded) on the little sluts arses .

    2. Only when they complete their conversion training to show that they have been fully and officially converted.

    3. That way they can demonstrate their enthusiasm for their conversion by their willingness to show it off. And in that basis I'd have it tattooed on their inner thigh.