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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Sports Mistress – part 1

Another one of my favourite films, this features Mel Penny (Test of Obedience) and Jenny Close (Caned for Truancy, A Chelsea Morning and Elixir of Life)
This one has two reviews on Spanking Film Review. Here is the first:
Bare bottom being caned in the opening frame! The actress ‘Karen’ (aka ‘Jenny Close’), is kneeling over two back-to-back chairs, being caned by ‘Sheila’ (actress ‘Melissa’), who seems to be a prefect or junior instructor, not much different in circumstance than Karen, but with the authority to get her pants down and use the cane. Karen got drunk and did not return to school quickly enough. Sheila informed the headmaster, got authorization to spank, and expects him to stop by and check the progress. Sounds good.
After the caning, the girls sit and chat as if this is normal. They discuss spanking, and Karen recalls a spanking SHE had in school, setting up the first of a series of flashbacks which make up this film. Karen has been caught smoking, the disembodied voice of the headmaster is that of the late ‘John Kirwood,’ and it will be the cane. First, a slippering on white panties. “You bastard!” He gets the cane, Karen’s pants are still in place. The first stroke is wild. “Ow, pretty high up, sir.” CP models of course want the meat of their buttocks to take the action. After two on the panties, they come down. There’s a wild mark on her back. Four more on the bare. “Ah, shit!”
To the present, Sheila recalls an encounter she had with a boyfriend who was into the scene. She is stark naked across his lap, a lovely bottom filling the space. He handspanks and uses a small strap, and rubs. “I think you are enjoying this….I think we’ll give each one a half-dozen more, shall we?” We believe this is the first time we have ever heard the buttocks referred to as two entities. Closeups of Sheila’s fingers and toes contorting during the experience. “Perhaps you’d like to go somewhere to finish the evening.” He gets between her thighs as her sensational tush writhes.
Another flashback; Karen tells a story of her boss (John Kirwood) spanking her at the office. She’s been siphoning petty cash and bare-butt is better than the police. There is a floor to ceiling mirror placed to help the view of this fortunate actress. He has pulled her out of an office party, and soon sends her back, gasping.
Flashback: Sheila is spanked by her boyfriend for flirting. She thought it would be just a spanking, but it will be the cane, first on her black dress. The hem comes up. “Let me see those knickers you were flashing.” About a half-dozen and some rubbing.
Back to the girls at the table; ‘Jasper,’ the headmaster–of course John Kirwood, enters. Sheila explains how she caned Karen, but Jasper thinks it was not enough, not the right cane. He puts Karen on double chairs–this is the scene which opened the film. About 15 strokes, facials, and a bottom not be out-done. And her knees are wide enough that her full pussy is on display. Repeats and slo-mo.
Jasper turns on Sheila–we knew. “You get a dose of the same.” Almost 30 strokes are shown, great angles. In spite of his experience, Kirwood checks with the director.
I will post the second review with the second half of the film next week.
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