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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Report of the proceedings

From Blushes 22
Report of proceedings…
On Sunday 18th May, a meeting of the Society was held at the home of the Chairman, Mr B. W. Gates, to discuss the general business of the Society and in particular to consider the items on the Agenda, which was as follows:
1.    Minutes of the previous meeting.
2.    Proposed outing to Rye
3.    Demonstration by Mr D. G. Waldridge.
A tea and sandwich interval of 15 minutes.
4.    Video film (Courtesy of F. Bradshaw).
The meeting commenced at 2.15.
Thanks to the Chairman were expressed by all present, for his kindness in allowing the Society to meet once again at his home.
The Minutes of the previous meeting were read, and were found to be inaccurate. After some discussion, the fault was laid at the door of the minute taker (rather unfairly) and it was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Mrs H. Henshaw, that the minute taker should be soundly spanked (despite her protests). Some discussion ensued and the motion was then put to a vote the decision being unanimous that the minute taker, Miss A. Gates, should indeed be spanked.
A sound (and unmerited and unnecessarily humiliating) knickers-down spanking was then administered by D. G. Waldridge to Miss Gates’ bottom.
A short hiatus then ensued, while Miss Gates retired to the loo to compose herself, before returning to propose the motion that people who gave up their Sunday afternoons to be of assistance to others ought not to be taken to task overmuch if their efforts (entirely voluntary) proved inadequate. Miss Gates was informed that as a non-member, she was not entitled to put any such motion, and it was pointed out that, in any case, no seconder had been forthcoming. Miss Gates was then told to resume her seat and to allow the meeting to be continued.
The Minutes to the previous meeting were then accepted, after amendment:-
The proposed visit to the home of a friend of Mrs Henshaw’s to view a mural which has been painted on the wall of Mrs Henshaw’s friends’ summer house, the subject matter of which might be of interest to members, was discussed. A recommendation that Mrs Henshaw’s friend should be invited to the next meeting of the Society, instead of everyone dragging off to Rye in Kent to look at some old wall, and that Mrs Henshaw’s friend should bring slides, was made a proposal by the chairman and seconded by G. Forbes. The motion was passed and Miss Gates (general unpaid factotum) was instructed to include the item on the agenda for the next meeting.
Mr Walker then asked it to be recorded that Miss Gates surreptitious wriggling of her bottom was a source of irritation to him, and suggested that if she did not desist, she should be spanked again and then made to continue her minute-taking standing up.
Tea was then served by one Miss Collins, a ‘guest’ of D.G. Waldridge, and afterwards a demonstration was given by Mr Waldridge of an interesting idea he had hit upon to utilise a length of ribbon or rope, in conjunction with a pair of knickers (worn by a suitable subject) to present the female bottom in a way likely to facilitate the punishment of it, and generally to amuse by exhibiting in a humiliating way the girl deserving of such spanking. Mr Waldridge’s subject was the same Miss Lucy Collins who had brought round the tea, presently an inmate of the Council Home for Delinquents of which Mr Waldridge is both Principal and Chairman of the Board of Governors.
The demonstration being completed, though somewhat marred by Mr Waldridge having neglected to provide either rope or ribbon it was then proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Mrs H. Henshaw, that Miss Collins should in fact be caned, in order that the point might adequately be made, and since otherwise there would be little point in having brought the girl in the first place. Miss Collins was then caned by Mr Waldridge, who resisted suggestions from other members that they themselves might ‘have a turn’, since Mr Waldridge had already enjoyed the opportunity to spank Miss Gates, on the grounds that Mr Waldridge, as Principal, was responsible for the girl’s welfare whilst she was away from the Home and in his personal charge.
After further refreshments, a video film was presented for the interest of the members, depicting a girl being caned, the girl being the niece of Mr G. Blake.
The meeting concluded at 5.27 after there was found to be no other business.
Notes taken and minutes typed by Miss A. Gates 19.5.86.
Meeting called to order. Young Miss Collins, a ‘guest’ of Mr D. G. Waldridge, and who should not be privy to Society business, is ordered to place her fingers in her ears. This she does, under protest.
Miss Gates, the minute taker, is already at work and looks quite relaxed. However, there are surprises in store for her.

The Minutes of the Society’s previous meeting have been found to be inaccurate. Proposed by the Chairman, and seconded by Mrs Henshaw, the motion that Miss Gates be soundly spanked is carried unanimously. Stoutly, Mr D. G. Waldridge, a man of great experience in matters of discipline, takes Miss Gates over his lap.
Miss Gates yells loudly, whilst young Miss Collins, her ears still blocked, looks on in startled dismay.
Still the spanking continues. Society members look on with approval. Miss Gates’ cries grow ever more anguished.
Finally, bottom red, she is allowed off Mr D. G. Waldridge’s knees. She wipes away some tears. 
Miss Collins is handing around refreshments, Mr Walker complains that the constant wriggling of Miss Gates is a source of annoyance. Miss Gates is informed that drastic action will be taken if this does not stop forthwith.
It is now time for the demonstration promised by Mr D. G. Waldridge. This requires a rope or ribbon. However, Mr Waldridge has neglected to bring either.
There are protests from members when Mr Waldridge, who has already spanked Miss Gates, announces that it is he who will cane Miss Collins. It is generally thought that he is over-indulging himself. However, since the girl is in his charge — as he forcibly points out — he is responsible for her welfare and discipline. Members, albeit reluctantly, defer to his authority.
Miss Collins — Lucy Collins — becomes very distressed when Mr Waldridge announces that he is going to cane her before Society members even though the point of the demonstration he had arranged has now been lost. ‘It will do the girl no harm anyway,’ he states in an off-hand way. This, some feel, could be a matter for debate.
Lucy Collins, now very aware of her nudity and all the eyes upon it — both men and women in that circle — is ordered to pull out a chair into the middle.
She kneels upon it, looking imploringly at Mr Waldridge, but that gentleman is impervious to such pleas from young ladies. As Principal of a Home for Delinquents, he has to be.
Lucy turns to Mrs Henshaw, beseeching that, if she must be punished, could it not be in private? Mrs Henshaw merely states that it is a matter for Mr Waldridge, in whose charge she is.
Lucy almost responded. How can a woman watch another woman being treated so, she wants to ask? Then she checks the outburst in time.
Her mind is quickly diverted by the first cut of the cane from Mr Waldridge. She utters a gasping cry. Miss Gates, whose Minute-taking seems to be over for the moment seems rather pleased by this new development. It is nice to watch someone else suffering, for a change. 
Despite Lucy’s cries and pleas, Mr Waldridge continues to cane her. He is not, by any means, being over-severe, but the girl squirms constantly, bucking in the chair on which she has to kneel.
Mr Waldridge orders her off the chair. Thinking it is at last now over —and most thankful for that — Lucy claps her hands to her bottom. Oh how those weals are burning. Immediately, she is told to take her hands away again. And Mr Waldridge gives her several more strokes of the cane across the tops of her thighs.
The Chairman asks whether there is any further business but receives no response. Accordingly, the Meeting is formally declared closed.


  1. Good to see you're continuing the great work with your very fine blog Fleas, thank you! You kindly posted a request from me several months ago, the "Fiona's Pink Knickers" story from Blushes No.63. I have another request for you if I may? Having trouble getting, in hard copy or on-line, the New Blushes Vol. 2 No.9 issue, and would love to read the stories in it again. If this is possible I'd be very grateful