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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Detention Room – part 2

The continuation of last week’s Blushes video
Retrospective article published in Uniform Girls 50:
The last video The Detention Room put out by the Blushes organisation was a final effort to put their individual stamp on a class product before changing laws stopped spanking films forever, thus giving them a little place in posterity.
They broke away from the ‘shorts’ that everybody else in the business was putting out, in some cases as little as 12 minutes and were the first to give a full 1 hour of erotic spanking action. This film however, was to be the longest ever produced at 1 1/2 hours duration with a very concentrated theme. The girls involved would at first be humiliated and made to feel small, (many people think this to be the most essential and important part of a punishment session), then spanked, more humiliation and the progression into being caned, every movement and expression faithfully recorded in colour and live sound. Some of the punishment sequences being shown in slow motion for a really amazing effect showing the action to be the real thing. The result is almost a piece of ‘art’, if this overworked word can ever be used on such a sexual theme. Sonic of course thought it too arty, wanting only explicit scenes of punishments. The proof of the pudding being in the eating, the resultant sales gave nothing away, for although they were good it never reached the figures of Half Term Punishments, which has now become the biggest selling spanking video of all time. Ironic is the fact that Half Term Punishments was the very first video by the Blushes team and The Detention Room the last. Half Term was also only 1 hour running time but there was a much more elaborate story line and 4 girls all receiving various punishments with lots of background ‘naughty bits’. The buyers of these videos don’t always realise of course, what exactly they are about to get for their hard earned and maybe it was just the packaging that let the sales down a little.
Spanking videos continue to be sold, no-one really knowing if the changed law applied to these particular videos and even if it does, whether or not and when it will become an offence to sell them.
So here for your perusal are some action shots taken during filming see if you can get the flavour of this unusual video, or maybe only seeing the actual film will suffice.
The young ladies involved (both 18 years old) were only given outline direction of the story line with no script, they didn’t know what was coming next and the words and yelps are theirs. The result is very realistic, it must be, because it is real.
Review from Spanking Film Review:
Historic ageplay, very young bottoms and older schoolteachers, lovely naughty stuff from the early Blushes genre; two beautiful schoolgirls snared by older men, with the focus always on the “bottom.” Here two misses are held in detention and are to be punished for their poor academic performance. Actors Alan Bell and John Hotten play ‘Mr. Fordyce’ and ‘Mr. Elliott’ and will torment and spank the girls in a classroom setting and in a manner best not discussed with the school board. And you would need to be sure of no interruptions.
Jane, a blonde, and Penny, an unusually striking brunette, retrieve safety pins from their desks and are shown how they will pin up their short uniform skirts, part of the long foreplay to the main event. Each girl stands, fails on a quiz question, then pins up a corner of her skirt, until both skirts are fully pinned up and the girls’ well filled-out regulation knickers are completely on display. Jane, and especially Penny, show delightful distain at having to be so humiliated. But we are just getting started.
Matters escalate. When the girls miss their next questions, they must remove their panties and pin them to the blackboard. We’re watching closely. Both girls remain bare from the waist down, but wear blouses, sweaters, knee socks, and heels from here on. Very sexy. Jane gets the first spanking, over a stool, after 18 minutes of anticipation and safety pinning. Penny is then spanked a little bit harder and is the first to start with the sniffles.
A camera angle from the rear of the classroom presents a view of two bare-bottomed girls seated at their desks between torments. The girls are made to kneel on their desk seats and lean forward onto the desktop, presenting the obvious visage. Various spankings at their desks and over the stool accrue from failed questions. The two men keep working on these bottoms until detention is over. Sweet stuff.
Of course the cane has been lurking. Jane is first and must kneel precariously on the stool, her pretty bottom high and bright, for about 10 moderate strokes. Pretty Penny is much less fortunate and we are the beneficiary–she takes about 40 increasingly hard strokes. She teeters delightfully, hands-on-head, to keep her balance, kneeling erect on the hard stool, as Fordyce laces her bottom, kept front and center in the camera. Ouch.
Part 4:
Part 5:
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  1. It is, of course, a superb movie with some really beautiful spanking and caning action. However, I can't help but be slightly bewildered and baffled by the 'slow' sequences and yet, at the same time, even these are not without their peculiar rewards.

    I'm also struck by the behaviour of the blonde girl at around 5.20 in Part 5. She seems genuinely tearful, distressed and resentful, especially in the way she angrily shoves at the stool after her caning. Can't help thinking this was a 'real life' protest by the actress at the rigours of 'the job' rather than the behaviour of her 'character' as if it was the latter I do not think she would have been allowed to get away with such a defiant and truculent display.

  2. must assume A Bell was distracted at the time i am sure it was sorted off camera soon after

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  4. Yes the review is right - the brunette is ‘unusually striking’. She is one of my favourite Blushes Girls. She is on the cover of Supplement 5 & there are lots of nice shots of her pert bottom & tits, as well as her young pussy. (I think she would dread unwanted fingers & other parts of the male anatomy in her pussy & it is to be encouraged as part of a full punishment). She appears as a choir girl in Uniform 2 & is dealt with in and out of her surpluses. In Blushes 47 she is on the cover again as a rain-bedraggled urchin turning up at a country house for shelter. She is duly relieved of her wet clothes and punished when naked. New Blushes Volume 2 Number 20 pulls pictures from her previous Blushes appearances together including some nice ones in and out of her pajama bottoms at bedtime. It is great to see her writhing in pain perched on the detention room stool, with some glimpses of her pussy as she recoils from the cane. If you want to see much more of her pussy and tits, then see the above magazine issues. Oh, and there’s also a nice double page spread of her in Blushes 11, in a preview of the upcoming start of Uniform Girls. Again it is a nice shot of her pussy.