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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Test of Obedience

Photo-story from Janus 106 featuring the lovely Mel Penny
It's terrible. Truly terrible. To be told to go to a strange man's house and do whatever he orders. Gruesome. But necessary. Oh yes, necessary.
Patricia hasn't a clue what will happen to her. She doesn't even know the man's name. All she knows is that he's a friend of her Master, to whom he owes a favour. She thought she was quite advanced in submission, she certainly gets aroused by the games Henry plays with her, but this is different.
The man is older than her lover, and colder. He doesn't smile. He doesn't want her to look at him. What does he want? What does Henry want? He knows what it can do to her.
‘Don't invade my privacy, woman. Don't look at me unless I tell you to! Turn around. Grasp those ropes. I want the balls of your feet on the exact centre of the Xs. If you once let go or break posture, I'll report you for disobedience.’
The crop. The riding crop. Henry always used a strap. ‘This is your last chance to say no.’
Patricia feels even more incredible than ever.
A video featuring Mel will follow…


  1. Definitely look forward to the video

  2. One of the best Janus set as we follow her journey from surliness to obeisance. Excellent impact shots as the crop slices into her fleshy bottom. It would have been nice to get a proper look at her tits (hopefully we will in the video). What puts this a cut above is the final scene with her kneeling obediently in front of him, his riding crop hovering menacingly over her as she thanks him appropriately for the valuable lesson. Janus really pushed the envelope on this one. I wish they had done this more often.