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Monday, 16 July 2018

Special Choir Practice

From New Blushes 2.20
Avril says she has to see Mr Hoskin this evening. Choir practice. Her mother says an unconcerned, ‘Oh yes dear.’ Avril is 18 and has just left school. She has started a job as trainee in a ladies’ hairdresser in the nearby town, but still lives at home of course.
They are in the kitchen of her parents’ pretty cottage. Except that it is not actually theirs, it is owned by the Vanford estate as are many of the cottages here in the small village of Vanford Magna. So it is owned by Mr James Vanford you could say. He lives in the big house.
Mr Hoskin is the choirmaster at the village church, St Thomas’s. Eric Hoskin also lives in a cottage on the estate and works for Mr Vanford as well. James Vanford as it happens also takes quite an interest in the choir. He is a Church Warden so presumably he can claim an official interest. Yes Mr Vanford has an interest in the choir. Or would it be more correct to say in the choirgirls? That might seem to be Eric Hoskins primary interest too in fact.
All of this should help to explain Janice Walton’s lack of concern when her daughter says she is to see Mr Hoskin this evening. There are all these interrelationships, interconnection, the sort of thing you get in a small village in the heart of the English countryside. A pretty girl going off to see the choirmaster. For a private session of some sort we may assume. And tomorrow she might well be going off to see Mr Vanford too. No doubt another private session, supposedly connected with the choir. But none of this bothers Avril’s mother, or her father either for that matter. Janice and Ken Walton know how things operate. Mr Vanford is a nice, understanding landlord. They want him to stay that way. And Eric Hoskin as well as working for Mr Vanford is something of a crony of his too. Well they seem to have the same interests, don’t they?
Avril knows all this too. It is all part of village life. She has no problems with it either. Except perhaps that sometimes it can be a bit painful. Both Mr Hoskin and Mr Vanford. Either one of them. Well, they have the same interest, don’t they. Pretty much.
Avril is a very pretty girl with thick curling chestnut hair and already a full-bodied figure. She has not got perhaps the world’s greatest singing voice though. Maybe that is why she needs so much practice, so many sessions with Mr Hoskin, and Mr Vanford too. Well, you could think that if you want to. It might seem a reasonable thought: if someone were to wonder why Avril needs all these sessions. Not that anyone in Vanford Magna is going to wonder. It is enough for most people to know what’s what. That Avril is a very nice-looking girl and that the Waltons have that very nice cottage belonging to Mr Vanford.
Not everyone is quite so understanding though. There is Stanley Carter for one. Stanley is Avril’s boyfriend a year older than her. He lives with his parents in the village of Stapleham, just a few miles away. It is far enough away not to be part of the Vanford estate, but of course Stanley knows all the Vanford Magna people. He knows other youths who live there, and of course they can make snide little remarks. Little jokes — which Stanley does not appreciate. No he doesn’t at all like Avril’s frequent choir training sessions.
‘Bloody hell!’ he says on this Wednesday. ‘Not again!’
They are in Stanley’s little van, he has picked her up from work and of course had been hoping for a nice evening. With some action of a sexual nature.
‘Watch your language, Stanley,’ Avril says pertly. ‘And anyway you don’t own me you know, I mean we’re not engaged or anything.’
Avril is not sure she would want to be engaged anyway. Well not just yet. Wouldn’t it be nice to have some freedom first?. She has got that job in Tilton but it’s not exactly exciting work, doing middle-aged women’s hair all day. But Mr Vanford has said he might be able to find her something else.
So she has her own reason for keeping Mr Vanford sweet, in addition to any considerations of her parents. And that means Mr Hoskin too, or he could make complaints to Mr Vanford.
‘Maybe I can see you afterwards,’ she says to Stanley. ‘After my practice with Mr Hoskin.’
And Stanley has to be content with that. They got out of the van and in her back garden she lets him fondle her a bit. Not too much though. When he wants too much Avril pushes him away, Stanley wants to get his hand on her pussy but she won’t let him. His hand there can get her too excited.
Eric Hoskin has his choir practices in the studio at the back of his cottage. He had the extension put up for his painting and maybe odd jobs but then he decided that it would be ideal for choir work, so he had the piano put in in the corner and the room is primarily used for that purpose now. Avril’s appointment is for seven o’clock. She is on time, and Mr Hoskin is of course ready and waiting for her.
‘Hello,’ he says. ‘And what have you been up to, young Avril? out with that Stanley again I suppose.’
Avril shakes her head. Mr Hoskin ushers her through to the studio, his hand behind her giving her bottom an introductory grope.
In the studio Mr Hoskin leads Avril over to the piano and turns her to face him. Her wide eyes meet his. Eric Hoskin is in his forties with horn-rimmed specs and a shiny bald cranium. He reaches to squeeze Avril’s tits through her summer dress. ‘No? Not out with young Stan last night? I bet you were. Letting him do it. A nice fuck. I know what that young lad wants.’
Avril shakes her head again It is true that it is what Stanley mostly wants but Avril doesn’t let him. Well if she did he wouldn’t want to marry her, would he? And she thinks she wants that. Eventually at least.
Eric Hoskin grunts in a disbelieving way. Avril tries to stand still as he continues to squeeze her tits. Her tits are sensitive and she is not wearing a bra. Then his hand reaches down for her pussy, which is worse, a good deal more sensitive of course. Eventually he takes his hands away. Eric Hoskin is ready for some action now. He tells Avril to go and get changed.
She goes obediently through to the little room at the side which Eric has made into a changing room for choirgirl visitors. There is a dressing table with a mirror and also a couch. Avril’s chorister robes are hanging on a wall hook, and those of a couple of other girls too. Probably June and Charlotte, Avril thinks, because Mr Hoskin does quite a bit of practice with them too. She slips off her green summer dress. This leaves her in just the navy knickers that Mr Hoskin likes, plus white knee-socks and her white shoes. The schoolgirl knee-socks are also as specified by Mr Hoskin, Avril wouldn’t otherwise wear them now she has left school.
She pulls the white chorister’s robe over her nude upper body. The teats of her good-sized boobs are sticking out now. Mr Hoskin’s groping has got Avril a bit aroused, edgy. And of course there is more to come. Quite a bit more. She bites her lip, and squirms her bottom. In her mind she can feel it already.
She pulls the red surplice on over the white robe, makes a face at herself in the mirror, then goes back to the studio.
Eric is ready. Full of anticipation and eager to get on with the main business. He sits at the piano with Avril at his side and runs the sweet girl through a couple of choruses. But that is not the main business, it is just a preliminary, an excuse for the main item on the agenda.
Yes two choruses are sufficient. He gets up. ‘I think we need a bit of the other, wouldn’t you say Avril? To concentrate a girl’s mind.’
Avril makes a face. Mr Hoskin is going over to the upright chair. As usual he doesn’t want to wait long. Does she find it awful? Dreadful? Sometimes Avril thinks she does, and sometimes not. Right now, well, the prospect of it doesn’t seem too awful. For one thing she is a bit aroused from his groping. But of course whether she feels like it or not, she is not going to argue or be awkward. Oh no.
Mr Hoskin is beckoning her and she steps meekly forward. She gets down across his lap, and he yanks up her robes. Baring her thighs and her ripe, knickered bottom. He pulls her further over. Avril gives a little whimper. Her head is down now and her bottom up. She extends one hand to the floor.
Mr Hoskin is peeling the navy knickers down, halfway down her thighs. His hand at her bare bum. Groping a bit.
And then it starts.
She makes yelpy sounds. Gasps and grunts. It hurts. It really stings. She rolls her bottom and thighs. It’s nothing a girl can’t handle though.
After a bit Mr Hoskin pushes her up, but Avril knows he is unlikely to be through. And he isn’t. He wants her up on the chair. Kneeling up, facing the back. She grips the chair top. Mr Hoskin is holding her robes high, to keep her bottom bare. He tells her to arch her bottom out. Then more spanks.
The spanking continues. Avril is getting shaky, trembly. Her face is red. Like her bottom. And now he wants another position. Kneeling on the chair facing forward. With her hands down on the floor and her legs and feet through the back rails of the chair. He has had her in this position before and Avril doesn’t like it. Not at all. Because when Mr Hoskin has got her like this she knows she is giving him a full view of her cunt. Her pussy is up there and fully displayed. And, well, a girl doesn’t like showing it blatantly like that, does she? But of course Avril doesn’t have any choice.
Eric Hoskin peers intently. He likes to get a nice full view of a girl’s cunt. Avril, or Jane or Charlotte. He never tires of wanting to get a good look. They’re all different in the little details. Yes a nice look. And a bit of a feel too. His hand there…
Avril gives a yelpy moan. Yes, a bit of a feel. And then he resumes the other.
‘Feel better now?’ Mr Hoskin asks. Avril is struggling to her feet. It seems that the spanking is at last over. She shakes her head as she adjusts her robes again. Pushing her hair back. She feels all messed up.
‘No! You bloody hurt me!’
‘Now then. Watch that language.’
Avril pouts. Her bottom is still stinging. And she guesses Mr Hoskin is not through. The chances are he wants something else. What if she said she wasn’t going to let him? Said she’d complain to Mr Vanford. What then?
‘A girl your age needs it, Avril,’ he continues in avuncular tones. ‘Needs her bottom warming up. It’s good for discipline, and that’s something you young people don’t get much of these days.’
‘You really hurt me,’ she whines.
He grins. ‘Let’s have a look then. Let’s see you. Why don’t you lake your knickers off.’
‘Isn’t it time to go now?’ She remembers she said she would see Stanley afterwards.
Mr Hoskin says not yet, he needs to check her bottom. Avril knows that’s just an excuse to get her knickers off. But she complies. And then the red surplice too. She has to stand by the chair holding her robe up. Mr Hoskin says her bottom looks okay. He fondles it. And then fondles her pussy.
‘Hey what. Are you seeing that Stanley afterwards?’
‘Uh… maybe…’
Mr Hoskin says he wants her robe off. He makes her stand wearing just the collar piece. Standing at attention, her hands crossed in front of her. Then he says maybe they’ll go in the other room for a while.
Avril says she doesn’t want to. She should really be going now.
‘What d’you mean?’ Mr Hoskin smacks her bottom. ‘What’s the hurry. That Stanley will wait, won’t he? Anyway he’ll have to, my girl.’
What if I say no? Avril thinks again. What if I refuse. But she doesn’t. Not this time anyway. She lets Mr Hoskin lead her into the other little room. To the couch…
Stanley is waiting impatiently for Avril round the corner from Mr Hoskin’s. ‘Where’ve you bloody been!’ he exclaims when she gets in.
Avril tugs at her dress. Don’t use that language with me, Stanley Carter.’ She is not in a mood to take any nonsense from Stanley. ‘You know where I’ve been. Choir practice.’
Stanley drives violently off. ‘Oh yeah! Doing what?’
‘Maybe you’d just like to drive me straight home.’ Avril says coolly.
But naturally Stanley doesn’t want that. She makes him apologise, and he does. Because he wants something. He wants to get at Avril’s choice body. And with Stanley at least Avril can withhold it. She can exercise control. Of her body. In particular of that choice item she’s got between her legs. Maybe not with Mr Hoskin or Mr Vanford but with Stanley, yes.
They park, and Stan is allowed certain favours. To kiss her of course, and also to get his hands at Avril’s tits and under her skirt. Her soft warm thighs. He really wants to get his hand at her pussy of course but she refuses that. ‘Not tonight,’ Avril says.
So Stan is left a bit frustrated. Well frustrated but not frustrated. Because after a bit Avril does consent to do the other. Unzip his trousers and take out his urgent cock. She quite likes doing it anyway. Getting her hand on it. Wanking him. Pumping Stanley’s stiff and urgent organ. And being careful when he comes not to get his stuff on her dress.
And what about tomorrow night? ‘Well I’ve got to see Mr Vanford tomorrow,’ Avril says.
‘Bloody hell!’ is Stanley’s response. But of course there is nothing he can do about Mr Vanford. It is agreed that Stanley will pick Avril up from her job. And then, if he behaves himself, he can see Avril again in the evening. After her session with Mr Vanford.
The next evening Stanley, reluctantly, takes Avril to the gates of the Vanford house. She gives him a quick kiss and gets out. It is another nice warm evening. A nice evening for a little ride with Stan later, Avril thinks as she walks up the drive. If she’s in the mood then, after her session with Mr Vanford, and if he doesn’t keep her too late.
Mr Vanford is waiting for her. He is older than Mr Hoskin, maybe in his sixties she would guess. There is a Mrs Vanford but she tends to stay out of sight when Avril or one of the others, Jane or Charlotte, visit. Does Mrs Vanford know? Avril sometimes wonders. Know what Mr Vanford wants from her, Avril. (And as far as Avril knows wants it from the others too.) Is he going to want it tonight?
Mr Vanford is going to want something, certainly. He says he is going to have to go out for a while, some function or other, but he doesn’t need to stay long, so Avril can wait until he comes hack. And also as he doesn’t have to go out immediately he thinks they will have time for a little something first. A little disciplinary session.
They go up to the bedroom he uses for Avril’s disciplinary sessions. (And anything else he may have in mind.) it is a cosy little room with a view out over the grounds. There is a white bed with a pink-flowered duvet and a white dressing table and stool. On the bed are the pink-and-white pyjamas that Avril sometimes puts on. But Mr Vanford doesn’t want her in the pyjamas at the moment. He wants her clothes off but he wants her nude. That is what she has to do now. Undress. Everything off. And right away, because Mr Vanford does have to go out soon and he wants a bit of action first.
Avril obediently starts taking her things off, as she does thinking of what Mr Vanford has said. If he’s going out but wants her again when he gets back then it’s going to be a longish stay for her. Stanley of course was hoping she wouldn’t be too long. But she will be. She bites her lip. Well, she does like to see Stanley and she doesn’t want him angry all the time.
She has her clothes off now. Standing nude. Mr Vanford comes close and fondles her. Her tits and bottom. Her pussy. Avril trembles. She asks Mr Vanford how long he thinks he’ll be.
‘Why, were you planning to see that Stanley Carter?’ Yes Mr Vanford, like Mr Hoskin, knows about Stan.
Avril says yes.
Mr Vanford says, ‘Well, maybe our Stanley will have to wait. Do you think he can manage that?’
Avril manages a little laugh. ‘He won’t want to wait too long.’
‘Don’t worry about him. It will be good for his self-discipline. Young men need discipline as well as pretty young girls, don’t they?’
Because that is what nude Avril is about to get, some discipline. To her bottom. She has to put the bedside stool next to the mirror, and then place a pillow on the stool. And then kneel up on the pillow with her face close to the mirror. Look into the mirror and arch her bottom out.
She can see Mr Vanford in the mirror. What is it going to be. A spanking? Or that bloody cane. He can really hurt with the cane. Thoughts of Stanley and his problems fly out of Avril’s head. There are more immediate things to occupy her mind.
She thinks Mr Vanford is going for his cane…
That bloody cane! Christ!
Avril ruefully rubbing her red-hot bottom. Jesus! Mr Vanford has gone to get changed. Yes he is going out. And she has to wait until he gets back. Christ! How long will he be? Stanley will be going bonkers. Well there is nothing she can do about it, she has got to wait. For what? What is Mr Vanford going to want when he gets back? It depends what mood he is in. She can guess what it could be of course.
Mr Vanford said why doesn’t she get into bed. Put the pyjamas on and have a little rest in the bed. He is not going to be long. That is what he said.
Christ! Thinking about Stanley again. She is fond of Stanley and doesn’t really like annoying him. And she can guess how he feels about the fact that she has to see Mr Vanford. And Mr Hoskin too. But there is nothing to be done about it, is there? And Mr Vanford is going to see about getting her a job. Something a bit more exciting than that hairdresser salon. So she really has no choice.
Avril has put the pyjama bottoms on and now slides into the bed. Just the bottoms, she knows that’s how Mr Vanford likes her. No there is nothing she can do, so she may as well forget about Stanley. For the moment at least. Avril closes her eyes.
She jerks abruptly up into a sitting position. For the moment Avril doesn’t know where she is. Then she recognises the half-darkened room; Mr Vanford’s bedroom. She must have dozed off, and she has been awakened by the door opening. She clutches the bedcover to her nude tits. It is Mr Vanford of course.
‘Hello,’ he says. ‘Well that didn’t take too long.’
What time is it? Avril remembers Stanley, probably waiting for her at this moment. But she doesn’t have time to worry about that. Mr Vanford has a hairbrush in his hand. And she can guess it’s for her bottom. Painful! Christ! But not quite as bad as the cane though…
She has to get out of the bed, and kneel upright on top of the cover. Avril is wearing the tight pyjama bottoms, which now she has to take down.
Mr Vanford wants some fun and games. She has to lie with the pillow over her head. While he has fun and games with his hairbrush of course. They are painful games. Avril yelps as the brush stings various parts of her exposed anatomy.
Finally Mr Vanford stops. Can she go now? She mentions Stanley who is waiting. But Mr Vanford is not ready just yet. He puts the brush on the bed. Takes off his tie and puts that next to it.
‘No, not just yet, my dear.’ She glances at him, then looks away.
‘Are we going to want the vaseline, do you suppose?’ he asks.
Avril is a full two hours later than she had hoped when finally she gets to see Stanley. Naturally he is not at all happy.
‘I’m sorry, Stan, I really am. Don’t be angry. It was just that Mr Vanford wanted to do some extra practice.’
There is nothing Stanley can do about it of course. Except perhaps say he doesn’t want to see Avril any more. And he doesn’t want to do that, she is certainly the best-looking girl anywhere around. And also with being so late Avril is willing, in what time there is left, to be more lenient in what she will allow. Though not, naturally, the whole thing.
The other thing is that Mr Vanford had some news about this possible job he has been working on. He told her, when they were in the bed, that he has got someone for her to see about it. A man in town. She is to see him next week at his house.
That is good news. Or Avril hopes it is. She just doesn’t want to get to excited about it yet. Well there is the sneaking possibility that this man, Mr Silway, wants the same. The same as Mr Vanford and Mr Hoskin. More choir practice.


  1. Magnificent story. And a tremendously cute looking girl.

  2. Superb story and photos. Lovely body.

  3. Superb blushes does it again how did we let it go

  4. This is a great story which exemplifies the kind of world-building often found in the Blushes stable of magazines. All the elements are there. The hierarchy of the English village with a network of older men in positions of authority, cronies able to take full advantage of local girls. The girls' lower class parents asking no questions because it wouldn't be in their interests to do so, in effect prostituting their daughters to the spanking whims and other needs of the landlord class of gentlemen. A senior gentleman's wife, briefly mentioned as a background chatacter and also mysteriously colluding by accepting that her husband will get up to whatever it is he gets up to with girls young enough to be his granddaughter in the special bedroom overlooking the grounds which he's set aside for the purpose. I find something arousing about the idea of this wife's passive complicity. The most annoying character for me is the Robin Askwith type, in this case the girl's frustrated boyfriend Stan, whose youth gives him a less taboo claim to enjoy the girl. At least in these stories the Stan type lacks leverage, making him seem relatively disempowered when compared with his cheeky chappy young tradesmen counterparts in more mainstream porn. Funny thing is, when I first read Blushes as a younger man I'd prefer imaginatively to identify more with the salacious old codgers, even though the Robin Askwith type was closer to my own age. Best of all this story has an ecclesiastical slant. The atmosphere suggested by an English church with a pick of choirgirls and the potential for mixing states of undress with gowns, surplices and ruffs is nostalgic and exciting at the same time. The role of choirmaster is perfect for perversion in the setting of a typical Blushes village.

    1. Agreed. When I first found Blushes in my mid-20s, I preferred the attitude to women of these men who had droit de seigneur rather than all that chatting them up, hoping they’d let you sleep with them if you did as they said nonsense. Give me the right to donexactly as I please because they have no choice deference of the girl in this story. While she’s doing her best to please, you can grope her, cane her, strip her and sleep with her without compunction.

  5. Agreed. She is also one of the two schoolgirls who get a thorough bare-bottom caning in Blushes video ‘The Detention Room’ also kindly posted by Fleas63. I was pleased to get hold of the above magazine as it adapts photo-sets from eg Uniform Girls 2 & Supplement 5.

  6. I hope "B" gets a daily cold shower