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Friday, 27 July 2018

Spankers Gallery - The Tutor

From Roué 36
Albert Smythe had never had much time for the fairer sex. Indeed, he had married only to ensure a continuation of the family line. His wife had passed away several years ago — but not before presenting him with two sons (both by now well up the military ladder) and, shortly before her demise, a daughter, Gertrude. This third and last issue was, not to put too fine a point on it, an accident, and, because of that and his disinterest in females in general, she was also unwanted; in the way.
So, at the earliest possible opportunity, Smythe had despatched young Gertrude to his sister in the Isle of Wight. It was there that the girl spent her formative years in the care of her Aunt Gladys — the woman sending regular reports as to Gertrude’s progress to her brother’s secretary up in London.
By the time she had finished her schooling, the girl’s academic advancement had been quite good — so much so that a post as receptionist at the local surgery was in the offing. To complete young Gerty’s education; to ensure that she would be admirably suited to such a position and, therefore, not end up in service like most of her contemporaries, her aunt employed the assistance of one Mr Thomas Hartley, a private tutor. Mr Hartley was to spend four hours each weekday with the girl.
For the first few weeks these sessions had gone very much according to plan. Gertrude was keen and attentive, and picked things up quite easily. She was so eager to avoid the duties of a scullery-maid or similar menial that she got down to her studies with laudable diligence. It was after about a month, however, that Gerty’s behaviour began to show signs of deterioration. She became inattentive and, when admonished, would cheek her mentor.
Not wishing to cause the girl’s aunt any concern, he chose to deal with this matter himself, giving Gertrude lectures as to her behaviour. These reprimands, though, did not appear to be having any effect. After all, the man thought, what good is a telling-off if one cannot back it up with threats… and what use are threats when one cannot carry them out. No, it was high time that he had words with his employer and upon his arrival at the cottage for Gertrude’s Wednesday lessons he asked the girl’s aunt for a moment of her time. With Gerty well out of the way in another part of the dwelling, the two sat down to tea and scones.
‘Your niece,’ Mr Hartley began, ‘is coming along quite nicely… But I feel compelled to mention a recent worsening of her behaviour.’
‘Oh, yes?’ the woman said, laying to one side her cup and saucer, ‘pray, tell me more, Mr Hartley.’
‘I feel, Madam, that she is not paying me the respect that my status demands. I feel also that, when scolded as to this, she refused to take seriously my words. The problem, if I may be so bold to suggest, lies in the fact that she knows her naughtiness will go unpunished; that no matter how often or how firmly I rebuke her, she will avoid the necessary correction.’
‘Then, Mr Hartley, you must punish her… whenever she deserves it. While she is in your charge, you have this right… and she must be made to understand that.’ So saying, the woman rang for the maid and, upon the servant’s arrival, had her fetch Gertrude.
When all three were assembled in the drawing-room, the new regime was spelled out in no uncertain manner to young Gerty. The girl was made to state her understanding and agreement, and she and her tutor repaired to the schoolroom for the day’s lessons.
With this newly-afforded authority as to the girl’s punishment, Mr Hartley was not going to waste any time in getting down to much needed chastisement of his charge, ‘Whenever she deserves it’, his employer had said — and she had chalked up more than enough black marks to merit a hiding by now.
‘You will remove your pinafore,’ he told the girl, ‘and will come over my knee for a spanking.’
‘B-But, sir…’
‘No talking back!’ he barked, ‘Unless, that is, you wish me to inform your aunt of your recalcitrance…?’
‘Very well, sir,’ Gerty said, and set about the removal of her outer garment. With this item of clothing removed, and with the girl standing sheepishly before her tutor in her underskirts, the order came to lie across the man’s lap. ‘At once!’ he added.
Head bowed, Gertrude slowly laid her young trembling form over the trousered legs of Mr Hartley. Within seconds her underskirts had been pushed clear of her beknickered bottom. She then felt the man’s fingers delving underneath the waistband of her white cotton bloomers — the garment being tugged down over the twin hemispheres and coming to rest just below the cheeks of her fleshy rear.
The target area cleared for action, Gerty’s spanking commenced. As each smack was administered, the tutor felt a lifting of the frustration the girl had caused him over the last few weeks. He spanked long and hard, increasing both the speed and severity of the blows. Gertrude’s cries became more and more audible, and after a mere minute the girl had been expertly reduced to tears. ‘Pleeease, sir…’ she squealed, but her pleadings were to no avail. Indeed, the man’s right palm — itself beginning to smart — sped towards its reddening target faster still. The spanking was to teach the girl a never-to-be-forgotten lesson, thought Mr Hartley, and he was to see to it that she would not be released until her young bottom had been thoroughly attended to.
This point was reached after some four minutes. Gerty was sobbing convulsively, her bottom was beet-red, and the tutors right arm ached as it had never ached before. She had received a lesson, alright, and it was to prove to be the first of many that the naughty young lady was to undergo prior to her taking up the position at the surgery.


  1. Lessons are best learned over a bare bottom

    Wonderful short piece Fleas, & an incisive account of appropriate chastisement upon the orthodox place provided by God. Oh my! I so loved this powerful story first time around (early 1980s) Mr Hartley is a no-nonsense super-hero who saves the day. We sure need more gentlemen like him, already! And naughty lil' Gertrude will be thankful for her sound spankings over the long term (if not in the short term).

    In this lovely cute drawing, poor lil' missy! Her layers of clothing are beautifully adjusted. I also saw myself in the early 1960s, over my father's knee already, having my uncovered, lily white botty spanked scarlet sore in yore. Oh my! I soon graduated to the cane (my mother's strict insistence!!) & so maybe Mr Hartley will apply the rod to Gertrude's bare backside soon, or even better, will show Aunt Gladys how to bare her naughty niece's bottom & skelp it scarlet with the rattan stick! In my sure works!!!
    Lovely cute drawing & narrative - most memorable Fleas.
    Brenda xx