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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Learning the Bedside Manner

From Uniform Girls 50
Emma Falway was to spend the summer holidays getting work experience as a temporary nurse. She was 17 with one more year of school but Mr Hinton, her headmaster, thought she was not likely to get the necessary grades for a university place and Emma was quite attracted to the idea of nursing. Mr Hinton, when Emma went to see him to discuss careers, said nursing was a most worthwhile and rewarding profession.
‘The bedside manner, Emma. Do you think you have that?’ he asked.
Emma flushed — because for one thing Mr Hinton who was standing beside her had slid his hand onto her bottom. Lightly fondling one cheek through her grey uniform skirt. She shook her head — while standing compliantly still and letting the hand fondle. Mr Hinton did do that sort of thing to good-looking girls, and Emma being definitely one of the best looking girls in the Lower Sixth had had her bottom fondled before by Mr Hinton. The Head didn’t mean anything by it, or at least that was what Emma thought. Of course certain coarse-minded boys would say things about the Head. One thing they said was that he could ensure any good-looking girl got a really good job when she left school — all she had to do was let him fuck her. Emma certainly didn’t believe that. Well she didn’t want to believe it. Although the possibility that it might be true could cross her mind at certain times. Such as when he had her in his study for a talk about something, and then as he usually did he got his hand on her bottom.
Still fondling Emma’s bottom — and was it possible that he was thinking about how he might manage to fuck her? — Mr Hinton said, ‘Well I have no doubt you will be able to develop a proper bedside manner and a very good one. I am sure any male patient in particular would just love to have lovely Emma Falway at his bedside. With in particular her really scrumptious bottom. Mmmm?’ And at this the head went a good deal further with his hand. He pulled up her skirt and got the hand in between her bare soft thighs!
That was really a bit too much! Mr. Hinton had not gone this far before. And what did you do? Just stand and take it, as Emma had learnt to do with a routine feel of her bottom? She hesitated just for a second, her heart beginning to pound, and that was all it took — for Mr Hinton to get his hand right there! Right up between Emma’s legs and at her pussy! With just the diaphanously thin single layer of her nylon knickers separating the two!
As she let out a shocked yelp Mr Hinton helped himself to a quite leisurely feel of Emma’s shocked cunt — and then removed his hand. Then he said, ‘I think I can get you a place this summer. Work experience at the hospital as a temporary nurse. That will really set you up to start a course when you leave school next year.’
Poor Emma’s knees were like jelly. She could still feel the hand there, one finger sliding along the length of her so sensitive pussy lips. So that for the moment she couldn’t take in what Mr Hinton had said.
Getting a place at the hospital for work experience was considered quite something. A number of other girls in Emma’s class were clearly envious — and also a couple of boys made the sort of comment you might expect of them. Robert Henly said, ‘I suppose you let old Hinton have a nice fuck for that, Emma. Or at least got up on his desk with your knickers off and let him suck your cunt. I know he’s really keen on that too.’
Angrily Emma tried to slap his face. ‘Some of you boys are really sick!’ she spat. Her face had gone red — partly with the memory of what Mr Hinton had done which was to feel her cunt. And she did half have the thought that although that was all he had done (all!) he might be going to want something else as well.
Robert, laughing, caught her wrist so she didn’t have the satisfaction of giving his face a nice smack. Andrew Sothen who was also with them cackled, ‘Look she’s blushing. He did do it! Or maybe you sucked his prick Emma!’
Emma disgustedly broke away from them. She had better things to do than waste her time with such persons. For one thing she had an appointment after school to see this Dr Eldridge at the hospital.
‘Ah yes. Emma Falway isn’t it?’ he said. ‘Our new temp. And a very lovely young lady if I may say so.’
Emma felt herself flushing slightly. Dr Eldridge was fortyish, a tall man in a white doctor’s coat. She had been shown into this small room where Dr Eldridge was sitting at a desk and to the side was one of those examination couches. It was presumably Dr Eldridge’s consulting room. Emma was feeling a bit scared, not really knowing anything about nursing and thinking now that she should have read up a bit. As it was she who was bound to sound very ignorant if Dr Eldridge asked her any questions. He was getting up from his desk.
‘Tell me, Emma, do they smack girls at that school of yours? When punishing for misdemeanours I mean. Do they take a girl’s knickers down and spank her bare bottom?’
Emma tried not to flush any more. She did blush easily when embarrassed and it could be so mortifying to go bright red — as she sometimes did. She did her best to control it now — but could nonetheless feel her face getting hotter. Dr Eldridge’s query was of course completely unexpected and the thought of it — of having her bare bottom spanked by Mr Hinton or some other member of staff — was quite mind-blowing. She shook her head.
Dr Eldridge smiled. ‘I know it’s not as common as it used to be — in the good old days. And it does mean that a girl hasn’t had that disciplinary training which is so valuable. Especially in nursing which demands a good degree of discipline. So therefore if a girl has had no training in being spanked I make a point of seeing to it myself. And I suppose we could start right now, Emma? Before I see about your uniform. Yes? Get your knickers down and spank what seems to be a very shapely young bottom.’
Emma couldn’t believe this. Dr Eldridge couldn’t mean it! But… he didn’t sound as if he was joking. And to confirm this Dr Eldridge said just that. ‘I’m not joking Emma.’ As she stood immobile with a sort of sickly grin on her face. ‘Are you going to take them off yourself — or do you want me to do it?’
Yes, he actually meant it! And I can’t possibly let him Emma told herself feeling the panic gripping her stomach. The thought of it seemed worse than what they said about the Head. Being fucked by Mr Hinton. Well perhaps not quite that bad, Emma would probably think on reflection but right now she was in no state for reflection. Take her knickers down! For a bare-bottom spanking!
But Emma was doing it. Because what choice did she have? She really did want to do this nursing work experience. And if she refused to cooperate Dr Eldridge would most likely say she wasn’t the right type, he would find someone else who had more sense of discipline. So, red-faced, she was unhappily reaching up under her school skirt for her knickers.
‘Why don’t we have them right off,’ Dr Eldridge said matter-of-factly. ‘More freedom of action.’
The brief pink knickers appeared below Emma’s half lifted skirt and were reluctantly slid on down and off over her shoes. Dr Eldridge was standing leaning against the examination couch now. He beckoned Emma closer, holding his hand out for the removed knickers.
‘Good. I can see we’re going to get along very nicely Emma.’
Her knickers were placed on the couch. Dr Eldridge took her arm. And his other hand… began sliding up under Emma’s skirt. Up the front… She gave an anticipatory little squawk. The hand was heading for her bare pussy.
‘Just keep still,’ he said softly. ‘Just a little preliminary examination.. Before we get on with the spanking. Just part your legs a little.’
His hand was pushing Emma’s legs apart. Pushing in between. It was almost up there now. She gave a frantic little yelp… and then the hand was there. Cupping her quivery cunt.
‘Lovely,’ Dr Eldridge said. ‘We’ll have a more thorough examination up on the couch in a moment. After I’ve given you the spanking. But just a little feel first, eh…?’
One of his fingers had slipped in between the moist lips of Emma’s cunt. She thought she was going to faint…
Somehow she didn’t. And Dr Eldridge finally finished this heart-stopping examination. Finally taking his groping hand away.
‘Good. Everything seems OK Emma. As I say I’ll give you a more thorough check-out in a moment. Up on the couch and then we’ll see what your responses are like. But right now we have to have the spanking, OK? Are you ready for that? Let’s have you over the couch.’
Yes, there was still the spanking. That was next on the agenda. She was all hot and bothered from that hand playing with her pussy and now she was going to have her bare bottom spanked. It was too much! Maybe she really would faint! Dr Eldridge was pushing her over the couch now. Face-down over it. With her skirt pushed up over her back. And there was then still that other awful business to come. Up on the couch, to test her reactions… What did that mean? Was Dr Eldridge… going to screw her…?
But Emma’s mind couldn’t think about that possibility, awful as it might be. Dr Eldridge had started spanking.
His big male hand was cracking down! It really hurt! Her poor bottom was desperately writhing and jerking. Trying to escape the full force of those whacks but of course unable to as Dr Eldridge’s other arm had her tightly gripped. Discipline test or not there was no way Emma could keep still and take it. No way she could avoid her frantic yelps and squeals. So maybe she wouldn’t pass the test and therefore would not get this job. But she couldn’t worry about that. The hard spanks were still raining down. Maybe she would rather not have the job.
But no, Emma had passed the test. All Dr Eldridge’s tests. In spite of all that wriggling and yelping when being spanked, Emma’s discipline was apparently good enough. And she had passed the other test too, up on the couch on her back. Her reactions. Dr Eldridge hadn’t screwed her, it had been his hand again. His manipulative fingers. At her clitoris. He had brought her off. She had come, with big shuddery squeals. Dr Eldridge had pronounced himself satisfied.
So now Emma had a smart nurse’s uniform. A navy knee-length tunic with red-and-white cuffs and a white nurse’s cap. Also brief black knickers and bra with matching sexy suspender belt and nylons. This underwear had to be worn with the rest, it was part of the uniform. Dr Eldridge would routinely check that Emma was wearing it underneath when she turned up at the hospital.
Emma was to start at the hospital at the beginning of the week, reporting to Dr Eldridge. It was now Thursday and school had finished for the year. That was good at least, with no more of those awful interviews with Mr Hinton like that last one when he had felt her cunt. Also she wouldn’t be seeing awful persons like Robert Henly and Andrew Sothen with their awful nasty minds. It was certainly a good thing they had no idea of the testing Emma had been subjected to by Dr Eldridge. Was there going to be any more of that when she started at the hospital? Emma preferred not to think of that possibility — and anyway as it was just testing there was no reason to suppose there would be any more of it, was there?
But so much for thinking she wouldn’t be seeing Mr Hinton again. On Friday evening Emma got a phone call at home from the Head wanting to know how it had all gone and then congratulating her on getting the job. Then Mr Hinton said he was so pleased he would like Emma to come round to his house the next day, Saturday, so he could hear about it all in detail. She could come round in her nurse’s uniform so he could see how smart and attractive she looked in it.
Emma couldn’t think of any way of saying no, not on the spur of the moment. Anyway Mr Hinton, being the Headmaster, wasn’t a person you could easily say no to. So she would have to go. Saturday afternoon was agreed. Emma wasn’t looking forward to this visit. With good reason as it turned out.
She hadn’t been to Mr Hinton’s house before which was large with a big garden. Emma wasn’t interested though, she was only thinking about getting this visit over. There was the thought in her head of course of getting more of what happened last time — or possibly even worse. The things those awful boys said: perhaps Mr Hinton maybe really wanting to fuck her this time. Emma didn’t really believe he did that but once the thought was in your head.
She put a coat on over her uniform and carried the cap in a bag. She didn’t want to draw attention to herself on a busy Saturday afternoon. At Mr Hinton’s of course Emma had to take the coat off and put the cap on. He said she looked absolutely super. They went through to his sitting room. He said he would make some tea in a moment, after he’d had the chance to see her properly. No one else was in of course, Mrs Hinton being out shopping or something. Mr Hinton had given Emma’s bottom a feel as they went through into the sitting room. Now he made her sort of pose, turning round in front of him.
‘Yes, really really marvellous,’ he said. And then the Head said he wanted to see what she had underneath. He wanted to see what underwear went with the uniform. Emma didn’t want to show him but it didn’t seem like she had a lot of choice. She had the sexy black underwear underneath of course, it was part of the uniform. And now she had to lift the dress right up, round her waist, and show it all.
Mr Hinton went quite red in the face looking at the sexy little black knickers and suspender belt. Getting maybe even a bit redder his hand came out and gave her pussy a feel through the tight black nylon. He said seeing her like that got him all excited. And there was something he wanted to do. Oh Cripes! Emma thought. She had let go of her skirt now but the Head still had his hand up there underneath holding her cunt. He was going to say he wanted to screw her!
It wasn’t that as it turned out. Something almost as awful though. Something that awful Robert Henly had said and Emma hadn’t wanted to believe. Mr Hinton wanted her to get up on the table. Lying back with her legs over the edge. With her skirt right up and her legs open wide. And then, holding her spread thighs, he came right in there. His mouth at her cunt. Snuffling and nuzzling at her cunt through her knickers.
It was pretty dreadful. And then even worse. She had to take her knickers off so he could do it to her bare pussy. It was really awful — but at the same time she couldn’t help getting excited by it. Mr Hinton now licking and sucking her. Sucking her clitoris. No one had ever done anything like that to Emma before (she hadn’t in fact really believed it was something people did) and though it was awful it was a fantastic feeling. Really, really awful of course. But it undoubtedly got her going. Emma came, with a big writhing orgasm.
Afterwards Mr Hinton did make some tea. Emma with her knickers back on now and calmed down somewhat though not really able to believe what had happened. Mr Hinton said he knew he shouldn’t have done what he did but he was just overwhelmed with emotion. Anyway it was of course a very private thing between the two of them, which they must of course keep very secret. Emma said OK. Don’t worry, she thought, she wasn’t about to blab something like that all over the place.
Emma tried not to think about it afterwards though of course it was very difficult not to. She couldn’t bear the thought of facing those boys now! With her guilty secret! Hopefully she wouldn’t see them again until school restarted in the autumn. That would be awful but it was two months away and there was plenty to think about before then. Her nurse’s job! Which she was to start Monday morning. It was very exciting — but of course scary too. Dr Eldridge!
Emma had been telling herself that all that testing business would be over. But when she reported to Dr Eldridge, almost the first thing he said was, ‘We’ll do just a little repeat discipline test first of all, Emma. So take your knickers down and bend over the couch. I’m going to spank your bottom again.’
Yes! Emma couldn’t believe it! She had scarcely got her coat off! She felt ready to burst into tears, but managed to control that impulse. You just have to accept it, she told herself firmly. And unhappily did.
So Emma started off with a spanked bare bottom, which certainly wasn’t how she had wanted to begin. Try and forget it, she told herself afterwards, blinking rapidly to remove any suggestion of tears and pulling her knickers up over her stinging hot bottom. Dr Eldridge at least hadn’t done any of that other stuff although there had been a couple of feels between her legs. She forced herself to concentrate. Dr Eldridge was now telling her about her first duties. He had a couple of special patients that she would be dealing with. Mr Ancombe and Mr Vinworthy. These two gentlemen would be Emma’s special responsibility. It would be her job to keep them diverted and happy.
‘I know they’ll both appreciate having such a pretty nurse attending to them.’ Dr Eldridge said. And then with a little laugh, ‘You may find, Emma, that what they would like to do would be to practise your disciplinary training with you! Well, that won’t be a problem, will it? Now you’ve made a start.’
Emma’s heart gave a lurch. He didn’t mean she was going to have to let these patients spank her bottom, did he! But yes, that was what Dr Eldridge meant.
Mr Ancombe and Mr Vinworthy were both middle-aged men who had their own private rooms. There didn’t seem to be much wrong with either of them. A nurse called Amanda told Emma she didn’t think there was anything wrong with them, maybe they had just come in to get away from their wives. ‘And to get their hands on a nurse’s bottom of course. So good luck, young Emma!’
Emma’s face went bright red. She wanted to run away, or go and tell Dr Eldridge she had made a mistake, she didn’t want to do this training. But she couldn’t do either of those things. Everyone thought how lucky she was to be doing this summer job. No she was just going to have to go through with it.
Mr Ancombe was first. A fat balding gentleman whose eyes lit up when Dr Eldridge brought Emma in to him. Dr Eldridge went out and Mr Ancombe told Emma to go and lock the door.
‘We don’t want to be disturbed while we get acquainted, do we my dear? The doctor tells me you’re still at school. Lovely! And you need a spot of discipline from time to time. Well that’s marvellous! So shall we start right away? Take your knickers down. And get your pretty person stretched across the bed here!’
An hour later it was Mr Vinworthy. Just the same virtually…
And there was going to be a whole month of this…


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