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Sunday, 24 June 2018

What an Employer Requires

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.07
Karen Watton was 17 and just left school, two weeks ago now. So she was fancy free — but unfortunately had no job lined up yet. She was confident and hopeful though. Karen was very attractive, everyone said so, with her pretty face and thick mass of ash-blonde hair and a very shapely figure too. With these attributes Mr Jenkins said she would have no trouble finding something, and not just some dreary old dead-end job either.
Mr Jenkins was careers master at Fairmont School, and even though Karen had now left the school Mr Jenkins was still working to find her a job. Which was very nice of him of course. Mr Jenkins wouldn’t do this for just anyone. The girls he did it for tended to be the more attractive ones. Girls who in fact Mr Jenkins had fancied while they were at school. But of course while they were at school he couldn’t show that he fancied them. Or if he did he certainly couldn’t do anything about it.
But now he could. Because when a girl was no longer at school everything was changed. She was out in the big world. And Mr Jenkins was no longer her schoolmaster, he was just a man who could do something for her, if he felt like it. And he was going to feel like it if a girl was nice and friendly. And made no objection to his little foibles.
What were these little foibles? Karen found out quite soon, a week after she left school. Well she found out certain foibles — there could of course be others that she didn’t yet know about. But a week after leaving she knew enough to be going on with.
It was back at school in fact. Mr Jenkins phoned and said he would like to see her back at school to discuss progress on the job front.
Also he would like her to wear her old uniform. Karen naturally wasn’t too keen on that, she had assumed she was finished with it once and for all. But Mr Jenkins said it was important.
So she went back to school on this Monday morning, at 9 o’clock as agreed. Under a light summer coat she had on her school blouse and skirt and the school tie and also white ankle socks and smart black strap-over shoes too. Mr Jenkins had specified all this and so Karen had complied, though not feeling very happy about it. But the school was deserted naturally and there was no one to see her. It would have been really awful if some of the younger girls had been there to see her back in her uniform.
The other thing was that Mr Jenkins had said report to the dormitory wing. Fairmont School took boarders as well as day girls. Karen, living locally, had always been a day pupil but now she was to go to the dormitory wing. Mr Jenkins was there. He smiled and led her along a corridor and then into one of the small rooms with its single bed, study table, etc.
He closed the door and told her to take off her coat, then went to sit on the bed. Karen could feel her heart bounding a bit. Well, being in here alone with Mr Jenkins in this small bedroom and also of course the knowledge that the whole of the school was presumably empty apart from the two of them. She gave him a nervous smile. Mr Jenkins wasn’t that old, 40 maybe and he had a little beard that some girls thought was quite sexy.
‘Good!’ he said. ‘Well it’s really nice to see you again, Karen. And in your uniform. How does it feel?’
Karen made a face and said she had assumed she had finished with it.
Mr Jenkins, smiling, shook his head. ‘Wearing it is good for discipline. And that is very important. The people I can put you in touch with regarding a job are mostly very keen on discipline. And it is a subject which I have to admit is somewhat neglected at schools nowadays. Including, I regret to say, Fairmont.’
Anthony Jenkins was speaking evenly, his well-modulated voice sounding calm and controlled — but inside he was feeling anything but that. Karen Watton had been just about his favourite all of last year and the source of many hot fantasies. Now here she was and no longer off-limits. His eyes took in the firm tits under her school blouse — but mostly he was thinking about her bottom. Karen had a lovely firm-fleshed one, ripely rounded, which it had often seemed she deliberately wiggled in front of his yearning eyes. Her bottom had been the fount of many of his fantasies — though there had been other fantasies too. But he had had Karen’s bottom bared in a wide range of places — including right here. In one of the boarders’ cosy bedrooms. And now here he was… with the delicious girl… And she was going to agree to just about anything, wasn’t she? Well, within reason. And certainly what he wanted for starters at least…
‘Yes discipline, Karen. Years ago of course things were much more straightforward. You just spanked a girl’s bottom. Or for more serious matters gave her a caning. The caning would usually be across the seat of her knickers, pulled up nice and tight to give her the full benefit of it. And the spanking — well, that could also be to her bottom with her knickers still in place, or it might well be on the bare. Her knickers taken down for this purpose.’
Karen, standing in from of Mr Jenkins, had gone distinctly red in the face. Had she been expecting anything like this? What he had said was bad enough — but she could also guess where this disturbing talk was leading.
‘Did you know any of that, Karen?’
‘Uh… well, vaguely…’ She met his eyes and quickly looked down again at the carpet.
‘Well maybe you agree that perhaps those girls were fortunate? With that clear instruction in discipline. I am sure most of the problems we see nowadays, all this antisocial behaviour, is a direct result of a failure of discipline in schools.’
Karen squirming a little. ‘Ah… I don’t have any antisocial behaviour, sir.’
‘I’m not saying you do, as such. But you would no doubt be a more mature person. And employers — certain potential employers — are keen on that. The knowledge that a girl is disciplined and mature.’
Karen bit her lip. It seemed distinctly possible that Mr Jenkins could be about to say something she didn’t want to hear.
Yes. ‘What I should like to do is spank your bottom, Karen. I should like to see how you can take it. You know, no excessive writhing about, and without a lot of noisy yelling. Do you think you can do that?’
Her hands clenched at her sides — and Karen could feel the cheeks of her bottom automatically clench too. She could feel the colour which had flooded into her cheeks. Had she expected something like this? No. Well, she had heard whispers about Mr Jenkins but had dismissed them as just some girls’ excited imagination. But she really did need Mr Jenkins’s help.
Karen heard herself say in a whisper, ‘Yes sir.’
‘Good girl,’ Anthony Jenkins said approvingly. He could feel his stiffening penis tight in his trousers. ‘So I’d like you to take off your skirt.’
Don’t think about it, she told herself. Just do it. Her hands, a bit trembly, were at her skirt fastener. She slipped the skirt down. Underneath she had on plain navy school knickers, nothing fancy. But they were tight and form-fitting. Hugging the ripe curves of her bottom — and also delineating the bulge of her pussy mound in front. Hot-faced she placed the skirt on the chair. Mr Jenkins had got up from the bed.
‘Good girl,’ he said again. His voice perhaps a bit hoarse now. He had come over to her side and his hand took hold of one cheek of her bottom in the tight knickers. Anthony Jenkins could feel the heat of the nubile flesh through the thin cotton. His hand squeezed, and then jiggled the cheek. Again he reminded himself of the heady fact: delightful Karen wasn’t his pupil now but she was his to do what he wanted with. And she had no real choice but to accept. To submit. That fact made him feel almost light-headed. He was going to spank her bottom of course. But… anything else…?
He found a thought in his mind that wasn’t specifically the spanking. A delicious, heady thought that had wandered in from time to time before over the weeks when he had had Karen in his class. Could he actually…? He jiggled her bottom again. She stood submissively still. Why not…! He could feel his penis really straining under his tight trousers…
Karen felt the hand leave her bottom. There was a sound… like a zip being unfastened… And then Mr Jenkins had both hands at her waist. Holding her firm. Moments later… she gave a little gasp. Under her bottom…
Something was pushing in, at the tops of her thighs. Something hot. Fleshy…
She gave a shuddery squeal as she realised what it was. She wanted to squirm away but the hands held her firm. As the solid column of bare flesh thrust firmly in between her legs.
No…ooo…’ A frantic moan.
His voice close in her ear. ‘Just relax, dear. I’m going to spank your bottom in just a moment. But I want you in a properly submissive state…’
She tried to keep her breathing calm. Mr Jenkins had his erect thing in between her legs. It was out of his trousers and bare between her legs. Hard up against the moist crotch of her knickers. Karen felt faint. His hands were tight at her waist and she couldn’t move. Mr Jenkins was working his hips against her bottom…
Her head was in a real state and Karen didn’t know how long it went on. But some time later Mr Jenkins was petting her. And there was the sound of that zip again. Being refastened?
Mr Jenkins said, ‘Good. And now some more submission testing, Karen. I want you kneeling by the side of the bed.’ His hands pushed her down. ‘With your arms folded behind your back… That’s it. I want you to keep quite still for five minutes.’
It was difficult to keep quite still, she was all trembly. Her head in a spin. Kneeling now at the side of the bed — and still able to feel his big thing, sliding solidly in and out… Out of the corner of her eye Karen saw Mr Jenkins had gone to sit at the little desk.
Anthony Jenkins had some papers in front of him but his mind wasn’t on them. How could it be after that utterly thrilling act. He raised his eyes.
‘Are you keeping quite still, Karen? Not moving a muscle!’
She mumbled ‘Yes sir.’
‘Good girl. If you’re not very still I shall have to give you a double dose of course.’ A pause. ‘Now tell me… about your boyfriend. I know a pretty girl like you has a steady boyfriend. So tell me… what you do. Sex I mean, of course. Tell me what sexual acts you engage in.’
Karen, sweating, mumbled that she didn’t do anything. Mr Jenkins said he couldn’t believe that. Did she want the cane, for telling lies, in addition to the spanking? So Karen reluctantly popped out words. Things she did with Robert. With in her head still the overwhelming thought, like a big black bird, of that thing earlier. Mr Jenkins holding her and doing that.
‘Not screwing?’ he asked. ‘Are you sure, Karen. I mean I’m sure every 18-year old girl does nowadays.’
She steadfastly shook her head.
‘Hmm…’ Mr Jenkins was getting to his feet. He said the five minutes seemed to be up.
He came across and sat on the bed. She was to get up. He was ready to give her the spanking now. Mr Jenkins pulled her in between his parted legs. And then down across his left thigh. He pushed her head well down and her hips were across his leg. He gave her thrust-up bottom a preliminary splat. And then parted her legs a little.
‘Are you quite sure you don’t, miss?’ he asked. His hand came in between the parted legs, high up. Cupping her pussy. ‘Mmm…?’
Karen gave a squawking negative, writhing on his clutching fingers.
The hand came away. And then commenced spanking. Hard, stinging, spaced out spanks to the tightly-knickered cheeks of her bum.
Mr Jenkins’ hand was hitting a different part of the ripe round target each time it landed. The spanks really hurt! Really stung her bum! She tried to take it in silence but couldn’t prevent an involuntary little grunt or yelp each time Mr Jenkins’ heavy hand landed.
For variety his hand smacked down on the bare backs of her thighs as well. That stung even more!! Karen was finding it difficult to keep her bum still. Mr Jenkins stopped for a moment to grab her arms and get them behind her back. He got her two wrists locked in his left hand. It was painful, and also restricted her movement. The steady, deliberate spanking began again.
Mr Jenkins finally stopped. He released Karen and she stood up, on legs that felt like jelly. Her poor bottom! And the backs of her thighs as well! Her flesh was really smarting. But it wasn’t just the actual pain, there was as well the shock and trauma of what had happened. Being bent over his leg and summarily dealt with like that. She just felt devastated. There was also the sharp memory of what had happened before, when he had done that other mind-boggling thing. But it was over now. Wasn’t it?
‘I think you needed that, Karen! Don’t you?’ Mr Jenkins sounded a bit breathless.
Karen shook her head, not trusting herself to speak immediately, unsure if she could properly get words out.
‘It was just a start,’ he said. ‘Now we want to give you some with your knickers down. On your bare bottom. That’s the real business, isn’t it!’
She couldn’t believe it! He hadn’t finished! There was more to come. And with her knickers down! She tried to plead with him. Stuttery words.
Mr Jenkins cut Karen short, and briskly told her to slip her knickers down. He wanted her bare bum. ‘Come on. It’s discipline, isn’t it!’
She forced herself to slide the navy knickers down. Facing him and so showing him her pussy. Her glowing red bottom for the moment turned away. Mr Jenkins’ hand came out. Two fingers slid in between her legs.
‘Are you seeing that boy tonight, Karen? I dare say you’ll be all hot for some action, mmm…, after this? I mean a spanking can get a girl all hot for it. Isn’t that right? And… mmm…’ His fingers worked at her. ‘You are wet, aren’t you…?
Yes, when he stopped that awful business she was being pulled down next to him. To kneel, bending over the side of the bed. Her bottom was bare now of course. Mr Jenkins’ hand came on it. Fondling the hot flesh. She whimpered. All of this was really too much. It wouldn’t take much more to have her sobbing…
Mr Jenkins was pulling her arms behind her again. Gripping her two wrists together in the small of her back. A sharp preliminary smack under her bare nearside bottom-cheek.
‘Good girl. Just get your knees apart a little.’ His hand pushing. And then it began. Again.
Only a lot worse now. Because it was Karen’s bare bum that was getting it. His hand cracking in that same measured cadence. But, it seemed, twice as hard now.
When he finally finished this time Karen was crying. Hot tears streaking her face.
Mr Jenkins was hauling her to her feet. ‘That’s good. A few tears, I mean. It shows what we’ve done has had some disciplinary effect. And that’s the object of the exercise, isn’t it, Karen dear?’
His hand was still groping at her hot bare bum. But at least it was over now. It had to be. Mr Jenkins had had his pleasure, his fun. She could pull her knickers up now… And put her skirt back on.
Mr Jenkins, solicitous, said, ‘Yes, but… why not have a little rest first. That’s sensible, isn’t it? A lie down on the bed.’
Karen didn’t want a lie down, she wanted to leave. But she couldn’t afford to antagonise Mr Jenkins and he insisted that having a lie down on the bed was what she needed. So Karen had to agree. ‘Lie on your front,’ he advised, ‘and leave your knickers down. Let the air get to your hot bottom.’
So Karen had to do that, Mr Jenkins helping her onto the bed and then making sure she was in a nice comfortable position. This involved playing with her bare bottom for some longish moments. And then he was going over to the desk again. Back to those papers that he hadn’t paid much attention to before.
‘Try and close your eyes, dear,’ he suggested. ‘Maybe a little snooze…’
But Karen was in no state for relaxing. Her mind was fortunately all too alert, buzzing in all directions. Backwards to what had happened so far. And then forwards. Because it wasn’t over, was it? That was why she was still here. Mr Jenkins didn’t want it to be over yet. And so…
Not much later he came over to her again. Saying some soft words. And stroking her bottom again. Grinning he said, ‘Maybe I’ll have a little lie down too.’ And he was getting on the bed with her. He had taken off his jacket. But other than that…
He pushed Karen over on her side, to face him.
‘We could have another little test now, my dear. A friendly little test. What do you think.?’
His hand was down there. Unzipping his trousers again.
At the end of that first time in the school dormitory Mr Jenkins told Karen she was very promising. She had shown herself able to take discipline in a good old-fashioned way and the people he had in mind regarding a job would be very appreciative of that. Walking out to the car park with her Mr Jenkins said he had a couple of prospective employers for Karen to see and he was going ahead and arranging a first interview, with a Mr Mayhew who was looking for a nice girl as an extra secretary. The interview would be at Mr Jenkins’ house, tomorrow afternoon, Mr Mayhew was going to come round. They would have a cup of tea and then Mr Mayhew would do the interviewing. Mr Jenkins added that his wife would be going out so it would be nice and private for Mr Mayhew.
Karen’s head was in a bit of a spin. After all that had happened there in the dormitory room. Including that last business with Mr Jenkins on the bed. That had been a shock undoubtedly, what Mr Jenkins had wanted. But he had said, ‘You’re a big girl now, Karen. Not a schoolgirl. And it’s only what big girls do.’
Was that true? It wasn’t something Karen had ever done, not even with her boyfriend Robert. But, well, with what had already happened she was a bit bombed out of her head and almost beyond saying no to anything.
‘OK?’ Mr Jenkins said. They were in his car now, he was giving her a lift home.
Karen shook her head. Not meaning it wasn’t OK, just that it was all a bit too much. But she did need a job of course. This Mr Mayhew, was he going to want the sort of thing she had just had with Mr Jenkins? Maybe she should ask that. But right now Karen didn’t think she was up to even that.
Mr Jenkins answered himself. ‘Yes of course it’s OK, I know it is. You’re such a lovely cooperative girl.’
He put his hand on her knee, then slid it up under Karen’s short skirt. Up her warm smooth thigh.
He said he thought she should wear her uniform again tomorrow, but maybe not the schoolgirl shoes and ankle socks. He thought a pair of smart black high heels and tights. He rather thought Mr Mayhew might like tights. Tights with no knickers.
‘That would be nice, don’t you think, Karen. Something a little bit different for Mr Mayhew, to arouse his interest. Your delightful bottom in nice sheer tights with no knickers.’
Karen shook her head, but again it wasn’t that she was saying no. Just that this had been all a bit too much to take.

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