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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The St Winifred’s Trilogy 3 – The Head Girl’s Lesson

Janus description:
The grand finale! Colonel Forbes delivers his bombshell. Norton, the head-girl, is not after all the model of virtue and propriety she makes out to be — he caught her, together with her blonde deputy, necking in the woods with two boys!
These two most senior girls in the school are duly stripped of their privileges and their knickers. The blonde cries like a baby when Colonel Forbes pulls down her little white pants and slippers her energetically. Then the attractively arrogant Head Girl receives an amazingly full-blooded tawsing from him. A memorable slow-motion replay captures in unremitting close-up the systematic reddening of her pert, saucy bottom.
Finally, the tearful, woe-begone girls are caned relentlessly. They receive an incredible eighteen strokes apiece! Both are weeping copiously by the end. These are among the severest schoolgirl punishments ever recorded on video.
Part 1:
Part 2:


  1. Glad Norton got it! Stuck up bitch!

  2. Fantastic. Oh my! The memories, Fleas.
    Truly wonderful Janus film, I remember so well at launch, I think 1981.

    The early, mesmerising, game changer for me was The School Lesson from Janus in the fall, 1979. I was 20 years' old & a student in Atlanta. This later, more advanced St W's trilogy had the benefit of sound. It was pure schoolgirl corporal punishment which seemed authentic to me.

    I loved the basic, spartan settings (realisic!) which were not over-contrived or over-staged.

    Oh my! I so viscerally felt (& still feel!!) the caning hat the poor, naughty Blond prefect Slocombe gotten on her fairest, bare, white bum in video 2 - just like the harsh but fair, bare botty whoopings I gotten with the cane as a child from my parents, a bunch, in the 1960s. Like watching my sister take a caning for telling lies to mom!

    I still feel these early Janus films, from Harrison Marks, were real masterpieces, ahead of their time. They have not dated, already. despite the more primitive technology & quality.

    Some of the later films in the 1980s/90s lacked authenticity for me. They also gotten more sexual (mild porno) content rather addressing (undressing?) the simple task in hand of spanking & caning naughty girls' bare bottoms!
    Age 61 now, I gotten a very strict religious, upbringing in the 1960s/70s & so I guess I am a strict, spanking purist. This film is ace!!!! Thank you Fleas.
    Brenda xx