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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The St Winifred’s Trilogy 2 – The Sixth Formers’ Lesson

Janus description:
The action continues. Two very pretty sixth-formers are accused of inciting a ‘sit-in’. The Colonel is outraged at such blatant insubordination. The shivering, trembling girls nearly faint on the spot when they’re awarded fourteen strokes of the tawse, followed by fourteen of the cane — all on their bare bottoms, in full view of the assembled gathering.
The icily-severe head-girl really lays into them with the tawse, until they’re whimpering like little kids and frantically rubbing their blazing behinds. The blonde girl has to kneel up on the chair for the cane, her gym tunic hoisted up at the back, her navy-blue knickers down around her knees. The Headmaster canes her so cruelly that she collapses into tears. Likewise her friend, who gets so feverishly agitated that she forgets to count aloud the strokes! She wails in anguish when the Head announces his intention to starting all over again…
Part 1:
Part 2:

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