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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Caning Machine

A film from Spanking for Pleasure with an infamously hard cut from an over-calibrated machine. Rumour has it the model sued…
As a sharp eyed reader of this blog noticed, the set and equipment also seem to have been used for the photo-story A Testing Time in Februs magazine, although in that story the model in the film appears as the avenging wife Marjorie Baxter rather than being on the receiving end of the machine.
From the film blurb:
At an austere educational establishment deep in the English countryside, discipline is upheld in traditional fashion by the Headmaster Brigadier Hodelius Urquhart-Norton who has invented a caning machine. The contraption is so terrifying that it’s mere presence acts as a deterrent. However one Italian student finds herself in deep trouble and must face a stroke from the machine. The Brigadier spanks the girl firmly and uses his riding crop on her but nothing can prepare her for what she is about to receive.
The review from
An oldie and famous for its conclusion, which we were surprised to find was not as we had expected. Actor Martin Sykes plays one of the great sleazy ageplay spanking aristocrats, one of those gentlemen you will find at the bar pinching bare bottoms in a George Harrison-Marks-era film. He is a devious weasel. An actress credited as Luna Winter is the guinea hen here.
To silly tension-intended soundtrack music, we watch Sykes assembling his caning machine, a Rube Goldberg device in light of the current spanking machinery, but a lot of fun. Luna arrives late and signs the punishment book. She has an appointment, for what Sykes tells her is “mortification of the flesh,” as he shows her the machine.
We must get started. Luna first bends over a desk for a palm-size tawse on her jeans. She then takes her jeans and knickers down together–don’t know why they came down in a bunch — for more tawsing on the bare, the camera work showing up and down her legs. OTK, a slow and silly spanking, but ritualized, with fondles.
After a fade and cut: “Taking effect? We’re halfway through.” Luna has dressed again in this interlude and kneels on a chair for the crop on her tight jeans.
“Now… strip!” Lovely shock and awe, slow grudging compliance, excellent stuff. Luna gets naked and shows us everything. Sykes is wonderful when he is firm and angry.
It’s time for the climax. While she stands there nude, with Sykes in professorial garb, he loads the cane by pulling it back like the string of a bow and locking it, bent and ready to be sprung, in place. Naked Luna will assist in a demonstration first. She holds a pillow just so  Dykes releases the spring and the cane whacks the pillow, startling Miss Winter. No mistaking how this works.
Now it is her turn. She positions her bare bottom and Sykes makes his setting and loads the cane. He releases the trigger. Luna jumps and screams. Sykes checks her buttocks. “It’s nothing… nothing.” Not true — the single welt is already noticeable. She is let off — she did not run off as other reviewers have described. This torque is too much. We had to wait 20 years for a European company to get the sweet tension just right and add automation.
Part 1:

Part 2:
And for those who like to cut to the chase, here is the infamous stroke:


  1. The model appeared in that Roue magazine where there was a contraption and she had to position herself, head on the floor and legs open above her. Startlingly good looking and what a fantastic body. I'm sure she had a fun time telling the Judge that she intended to sue when she willingly consented to be filmed in a spanking film. 'But your honour, I didn't think it would hurt that hard'! 'Really, dear? Come and see me in my chambers. Oh and bring that cane too'.