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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Sports Comeback

This is the follow-up video to Spanking College from Cheek-to-Cheek featuring the same three gorgeous girls.
The review from
As with the other CHEEK TO CHEEK productions, this involves mild spanking and very pretty actresses. Lots of undressing, shower scenes, etc. The storyline here involves three girls not performing properly in school sports.
The girls are caught drinking and partying, and must report to the headmaster. They either take his punishment or leave school. Undressing and shower scenes as the girls put on their gym clothes. The Head sends each girl on a run with a paddle smack to her buttocks.
Trestle time in the gym. Each girl drops her shorts or skirt and bends over a trestle, nothing but a sawhorse with a blanket pad. Legs spread wide, pussy flashes. Then a variation of the diaper position worthy of description. A brunette sits cowboy style on a chair then throws her legs up in the air, and wiggles up until her bare bottom reaches the top of the back of the chair. She is supported by the chair back and her hands on elbows–like the bicycle position. Very revealing and helpless - she can see the paddle coming.
Lunge position for more spanking, then hands-on-ankles, then into the showers.
The film concludes with a trestle tawse spanking on a stage, the presumption being there is an audience. Hands-on-ankles for the cane.
Part 1:
Part 2:

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