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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Mr Fulford’s New Maid

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.17
The girl on the stairs has a distressed look. Her pretty face is flushed, tearful. She would like to wipe a hand at those big brown and very moist eyes but that is not easy as she is carrying a tray of tea things and really needs two hands for it in her present wobbly-legged state. We can see a lot of her legs of course. The whole shapely length of them in the black nylons with the bare soft pale thighs above. We can see her bottom too. Her bare bottom. The rather wobbly bare cheeks are red, inflamed. We can see all of this because the skirt of her black dress is pinned up to her waist at the back and underneath it she has nothing on. No knickers. Just the slim black straps of a suspender belt fastening the taut tops of the sheer black stockings.
It is a maid’s dress this pretty girl is wearing in such a revealing manner. A plain black dress with a little white collar and with a white apron tied round her waist. A white maid’s cap with black lace inserts sits on her head of thickly curling brown hair. The black stockings end in white high-heeled shoes. Yes she is a maid, this unhappy-looking girl with the tray and the red-glowing bare bottom. A maid no doubt who has just had her bare bottom spanked.
That is correct, she has just had her bare bottom spanked, but she is not really a maid. She is not employed as such. In fact she is still at school. Her name is Avril Mayfield and she is 17 and in her last year in fact. No, she is not a maid but she is having to act as one. This weekend and next. Here at the house of Mr Harold Fulford.
Why is Avril acting as a maid in Mr Fulford’s house? And who is Mr Harold Fulford for that matter?
We will come to who Mr Fulford is shortly but Avril is undergoing disciplinary training, that is why she is here performing as a maid. Training in the Rangers. Avril is a member of the local Ranger Group and has been for almost a year now. It is very enjoyable, good fun. But once a girl reaches her seventeenth birthday there is also a more serious side to Rangers. Once you are 17 you are required to take the various disciplinary tests.
Girls know this, that there will be this requirement once they are 17. Maybe they are not too happy about it but they all accept the fact, it is part of Rangers. And so Avril has accepted it too. Not that girls know what exactly is involved in the disciplinary testing. There are no detailed statements on the Rangers clubhouse notice board, and nothing is formally said at meetings. But a girl may hear whispers of course. Avril had heard whispers. Some of them could rather take your breath away. And give you that tingly feeling between your legs. A glowing dampness…
You don’t know whether to believe whispers, though, do you? Maybe they are just that — silly whispers That is what you may think. But when you do reach 17 you’re going to know. When Mrs Elliott calls you into her little room for her talk. As Avril was called in, at the Wednesday evening group meeting two days after her seventeenth birthday.
Elaine Elliott is Group Leader. She is only 25 herself, an attractive blonde with a shapely figure. Some of the girls have swoony feelings about Mrs Elliott but not Avril, she doesn’t get those feelings about members of her own sex. But now, quite soon, standing in her short-skirted blue uniform in front of the pretty Group Leader, Avril did find herself feeling decidedly hot and bothered. Those whispers…
Elaine Elliott, brushing back a strand of her curling blonde hair and maybe a little flush-faced herself, said that as Avril knew, the disciplinary testing would now begin.
‘So would you please take down your knickers, Avril. And come here and get across my lap.’
Could you believe it! No Avril couldn’t! Not really.
Mrs Elliott with a rather hot-faced smile. ‘Come on, Avril dear. It’s a requirement. Your first discipline test. I’m going to spank your bottom. You’re not going to fail your very first test, are you? No? Come on then, get your knickers down!’
Well what could a girl do!! The answer was nothing really except… do it…
It was awful! Decidedly! Avril hardly knew which end was up. Although of course it was without doubt her bottom end that was up. Her full, ripely-rounded bare bottom squarely across Mrs Elliott’s neat lap. With the Group Leader’s hand smacking firmly and decidedly painfully down on Avril’s squirming nude flesh.
Awful, yes! It went on for quite a while, as Avril let out desperate gasps and splutters. Finally the spanking hand ceased. Elaine’s calm voice now, with perhaps just a slight tremor. The hand began softly caressing the hot flesh. Elaine was telling Avril what would come next. The next stage of her testing. It would be Mr Fulford…
But Avril could hardly hear, couldn’t concentrate. Because the hand had now gently pushed her trembly thighs apart. And then slipped in between them. Elaine’s cool fingers at Avril’s moist sex! The fact was that Elaine just couldn’t resist it, knowing as she did that a bare bottom spanking was a pretty sure way of getting a girl going. Getting her on a very short fuse.
It did that to Avril alright. She gave a shuddery gasp. Elaine made a little moaning sound herself. As she began massaging Avril’s clitoris.
Mr Fulford? Harold Fulford was Area Supervisor for the Rangers, with responsibility for all the Ranger Groups in the southern half of the county. So you could say it was natural he wanted to be involved in the disciplinary testing of 17-year-old Rangers in his area. Well, a person in that position needed to be sure that standards were being maintained. Avril knew about Mr Fulford. Knew something at least, from those whispers! Could the whispers be true? Well a girl wasn’t going to find that out until she was round there. Round at Mr Fulford’s big house on the edge of town. But here at least was Mrs Elliott confirming that Avril had to go.
And Avril’s parents, Susan and Tony Mayfield, they had a pretty good idea too. But they told themselves, like other sensible parents, that Mr Fulford wasn’t doing it for his own enjoyment, for pleasure. It was to discipline a girl, and there was no doubt that a 17-year-old girl did need discipline.
More unfortunately Avril’s brother Steven, a year younger than her, knew too. He knew because his friend Derek’s sister was also a Ranger and had already had to go and see Mr Fulford. Avril’s parents weren’t going to say anything, not wishing to cause her embarrassment, but Steven. Well younger brothers were like that, weren’t they?
What Mrs Elliott had told Avril of course is that she is to go round to Mr Fulford’s at the weekend and perform maid’s duties for him. Go round there on Saturday and again on Sunday and do menial jobs wearing a maid’s uniform. This is what Mr Fulford usually requires as a disciplinary test. Avril somewhat nervously announced this rather unwelcome news when she returned from Rangers after the Wednesday evening meeting. To tell the truth her head was still in a bit of a spin primarily as a result of that session over Mrs Elliott’s lap. The breath-taking bare-bottom spanking — and the even more breath-stopping hand between Avril’s legs. And now there is to be this other. Mr Fulford…
The elder Mayfields glanced at each other. Avril’s news was not exactly a surprise to them. Susan Mayfield said matter-of-factly, ‘Oh really dear.’ It was obviously better not to discuss it. Unfortunately Steven was in the room too. His eyes gleamed.
‘A maid! For Mr Fulford!’ He chortled. ‘I know all about that. He’ll cane her! He’ll cane her bare bum!!
There was immediate bedlam. Avril giving a shriek of anger made a grab at Steven. ‘You horrible bastard!’
Susan tried to separate them. ‘Let go of him, Avril! But really Steven! How could you say such an awful… Oh! Ohh!’
They were struggling together. Steven laughing, Avril half in tears. What Steven had said was of course no more than what those whispers had said. That Mr Fulford would cane you. Cane a girl’s bay bottom…
Susan eventually managed to calm her daughter down. Getting them apart and sending Steven out of the room. Her arms round Avril now. Avril who was still tearful.
‘Don’t let it upset you darling. Steven was just being silly.’
But Susan had a good idea that what Steven had said was true. She rather thought, from what other mothers had said, that Mr Fulford did cane his 17-year-old Rangers. It might not be strictly speaking allowed, but no one complained or made a fuss about it. The feeling seemed to be that if he did, well, it was probably good for a girl. Susan couldn’t help her thoughts turning to it. The mental picture of Mr Fulford caning Avril’s bottom. And then the other thought. What it would be like. Imagining it happening to herself. Being bent over a chair or something. And having Mr Fulford raise her skirt, and lower her knickers…
She made an involuntary little moaning sound. She could almost feel the fierce cane slicing into her bared buttocks. It was quite awful. But at the same time definitely arousing. Hugging Avril Susan tried to close her mind to it.
Oh God! Saturday morning and Avril has cycled over to Mr Fulford’s. A nice sunny June morning, lovely outside, and how nice to have been able to keep cycling. Not stop at Mr Fulford’s but go off and maybe meet James her boyfriend somewhere. Or really do anything except… Oh God! He won’t really, will he? The… Oh Christ… the cane.
Avril is wearing a dark full skirt with a white blouse and cardigan over it. Mrs Elliott said this outfit would be suitable, but maybe Mr Fulford will decide he wants her in a maid’s dress instead. If so he will provide this. That was what Mrs Elliott said. Mrs Elliott is also responsible for the rest of what Avril is wearing. The black nylon stockings fastened with a black slim-strapped suspender belt. And the white lacy-edged French knickers. Mrs Elliott thought these items would be regarded as most suitable by Mr Fulford, and the Group Leader in fact actually provided Avril with the suspender belt and knickers.
‘We want Mr Fulford to be suited, don’t we Avril dear?’
Did Avril want that? Oh Christ! What she wants is to turn tail and run but that isn’t on, is it? No, her bike is parked now round the side of the house and she has to knock at the door. Her head is in a spin. Maybe no one is in, he has forgotten and gone out somewhere. And she’ll just quietly leave…
But the door opens. As she knew it would. A smiling lady. Mrs Fulford?
‘Ah. Avril, is it? Come in dear. Mr Fulford is expecting you. Of course.’
Oh God! Avril is feeling slightly sick. Her head still spinning so that she seems not fully aware of what is happening. But she has evidently followed the lady along the hallway and now, here she is in this room. Standing before this table. On her rather wobbly legs. The door closed behind her and the lady gone of course. Facing Mr Fulford.
Mr Fulford is oldish, in his fifties perhaps one might guess. Tall with grey hair and a rather intense look, like a school headmaster maybe. Avril has met him before, he visited the Ranger Group one evening, shown around by Mrs Elliott,  but of course he wasn’t there to see Avril Mayfield on that occasion and she had been able to remain anonymous. Now of course that is not the case. By no means. She alone is here to see him. Avril alone is here for Mr Fulford. For him to discipline her. Her bottom…
She tries to force herself to concentrate. He is asking her questions about herself but her mind keeps drifting onto something else. What is to come. This table. Is he going to make her bend over this table? For the cane! Oh Christ!! Or will it maybe be somewhere else? One awful whisper she can remember mentioned a bedroom. It happened in a bedroom. A caning. And also… something else…?
Oh Christ!!
Mr Fulford is getting to his feet. He is frowning. ‘Are you really paying full attention, Avril?’
Her mind snapping back. ‘Oh yes sir. Yes…’
He comes round to her. His hand squeezing her arm. ‘I’m not sure I can believe that. I think we may need something. To concentrate the mind, my dear.’
‘Oh… Aaa…aaahhhhh. Please…’
His hand has let go of her arm. And gone to her bottom. Cupping the right cheek of her bottom through her skirt. There is a rubbery sensation in her legs.
‘Pl…Please… M…M…Mr F…F…Ful…’
‘I rather think we need something here, Miss. Can you bend over the table. I do think discipline is required. Yes.’
Oh Jesus! Her worst fears have been realised! She is lying face-down over the table. And Mr Fulford has her skirt up and those pretty French knickers down. They are halfway down Avril’s thighs. So her bottom is bare. Oh God! His hand is there. On the flinching bare flesh. And she knows what is coming. No…ooo.
‘No sir! Please sir!!’
‘What?’ His hand fondling, fiddling with the bare cheeks. ‘What my dear?’
‘The cane sir! Please not the cane!! No… No…ooo…!’
‘Not the cane? But the cane is a most effective instrument, Avril. For disciplining girls of your age. The most effective in my opinion. There’s nothing else to compare with the cane. As I’m sure you’ll agree once you’ve had a touch of it. What shall we say — three to start with? On your bare bottom.’
‘No sir! Please! No…ooo…’
Mr Fulford’s voice hardens. His finger and thumb give Avril’s fleshy bottom a painful pinch. ‘Stop saying no,’ he growls. ‘Or it will be six to start with. It’s discipline we’re talking about, isn’t it?’
Avril gives a shuddery little cry. It is too impossible. The cane! On her bare bum! She can already feel it! The hot, impossible pain… She gives another desperate yelp.
And then she feels it for real.
For a fraction of a second there is the just the cane’s sharp impact. A firm, zippy cut landing squarely across the undercurve of the two cheeks of her bottom. Just that, no pain immediately. But then it starts. And rises. Rises. Welling up. A hot stinging pain. She writhes her stung bottom, emitting gaspy yelps.
Mr Fulford’s voice from up above her frenzied bottom with now it’s bright red stripe. ‘You see Avril? Very effective. Don’t you agree? Now try to keep it still. For the next one…’
And then he brings the cane down again.
‘Hello Avril! Back again then.’
The pleasant-faced lady whom Avril now knows is Mrs Fulford lets her in. Avril has been home for lunch but has had to come straight back. It was awful, her father at least was out but her mother and brother were there and of course they knew, or could guess. Her mother didn’t say anything but naturally horrible Steven did. Leering at her at the table, and then when he got her alone in the kitchen whispering hotly in her ear.
‘Was it with your knickers down? I bet it was! Let me see Avril!’
There was an intense little struggle, terminated satisfactorily for Avril when she managed to get her knee sharply into Steven’s balls.
But now she is back here at Mr Fulford’s. For more of the same! That bloody cane!! Mrs Fulford is leading her through into the lounge.
‘Mr Fulford is upstairs dear. He likes to take a little nap right after lunch. And he would like you to take some tea up to him. I’ll make it in a moment. But first of all…’
First of all there is this maid’s outfit. A maid’s dress, black silky material with a little white collar, and a maid’s cap, white with black lace inserts. These items are here on the settee in the lounge. Mr Fulford wants her in them this afternoon. And there is something else too.
‘Ah… no knickers dear. Nothing at all underneath in fact. Just the dress. With your stockings and the suspender belt of course. That is how Mr Fulford would like you. For the… ah… discipline, dear.’
Mrs Fulford gives a sympathetic smile. No doubt she is used to this, aiding Mr Fulford in his disciplinary duties with girls. So it doesn’t embarrass her.
‘Alright dear? I’ll leave you then, and go and make Mr Fulford’s tea.’
And here she is, with the tea tray, in Mr Fulford’s room now. Avril in the maid’s dress with nothing underneath it except for the black suspender belt. Mr Fulford seems to have got up from his nap, he is sitting in an armchair in a dressing gown. Avril has got this far, she has navigated the stairs in her high heels and trembly-legged state, without breaking or spilling anything. But now, perhaps with the thought of what is going to happen, she falters. Her heel seems to catch slightly in the carpet. Whatever it is she gives a sudden lurch, and a desperate little yelp. She manages pretty well, she doesn’t send everything flying. But a few drops of milk do sail out of the jug and onto the tray.
Mr Fulford frowns. It is no doubt an excellent excuse. If he needs an excuse. He shakes his head.
‘Self-discipline, Avril. Control. That’s what we need, isn’t it?’
She gulps. ‘Yessir.’
‘Yes. Put the tray down then. On the table. And come here.’ He adjusts his dressing gown. ‘A smacked bottom, don’t you think. For starters. And then I should think the cane again, wouldn’t you?’
Avril turns. Her mind is a bit of a blank. She manages to place the tray on the table.
‘Now lift your skirt up. Right up round your waist. And come here. Across my lap.’
‘Alright dear?’ Mrs Fulford asks.
She is used to seeing girls like this of course. After Harold has had a disciplinary session with them. Flush-faced, a few tears perhaps, the hair a bit mussed. And of course the dress. The back is unfastened revealing a wide sweep of bare flesh, while the skirt has been pinned up at the back, to expose more flesh — the whole of pretty Avril’s bare bottom. A rather red bottom it goes without saying.
Avril doesn’t answer Mrs Fulford. She is not really in a state to. Her poor bum! Not to mention Mr Fulford’s other assaults. And her legs — well, they don’t really seem to belong to her and she is having difficulty controlling them.
‘Here, let me.’ Mrs Fulford takes the tray from Avril and puts it down. And then turns to the poor sweet girl. Poor thing indeed, because Harold can get a bit carried away, she knows that. When he gets his hands on a sweet girl like this. Not that it’s not good for them. Oh no, girls at this age do need disciplining. But even so…
Margot Fulford puts her arms round the unhappy girl. She is sniffing. Her poor bottom of course. Still stinging no doubt. Still hot. Margot can’t resist sliding her hand down. To the quivering flesh. Oh yes it is hot. Burning! Her hand caresses. Avril gives a sob.
If what she has gone through wasn’t bad enough, Steven, when Avril gets home, is really unpleasant. He is still smarting from having Avril’s knee crunchingly in his balls. He can still feel the mind-stopping pain of it. And is determined to get his own back.
‘OK!’ he hisses when he gets Avril alone. ‘I’m going to tell everyone that Mr Fulford caned your bare bum. Everyone. I…I’ll write it on the notice board at school.’
Avril pales. He wouldn’t do that, would he? No! Because although some people may guess, or suspect, what can happen in Rangers disciplinary testing, that’s not the same as having it broadcast from the rooftops.
She adopts a more placatory line. Even saying she is sorry for what happened, it was an accident. Steven appears unmoved, he is still going to tell everyone. Avril, forgetting thoughts of dignity, pleads with him. And now a different look comes into Steven’s eye. He is no doubt imagining the scene. Imagining his sister being spanked, being caned… His voice is tighter now.
‘Well maybe I won’t. But you’ll have to show me. Let me see your bum. Where he caned you.’
Avril feels a hot flush. What Steven wants is too much. She shakes her head. But he won’t budge.
And so… they go up to her room.
‘Look, Steven, really…’ she says weakly.
But he insists. She has to take her knickers down and pull up her skirt. Yes you can still see the marks of the cane.
‘No!’ she breathed. But Steven persists. Well there is no way he can resist the impulse. His hand touching the still sensitive flesh…
Avril has to go back to Mr Fulford the next day, Sunday. She is also going to have to go Saturday and Sunday next week too. And it’s not getting any better. No, not at all. On Sunday morning there is something else for her to wear. A pink sleeveless T-shirt and fishnet tights. Nothing else. Well nothing except her high heels which she has been told to bring. But no knickers. Just those net tights enclosing the bare flesh of her bum.
It feels pretty awful.
But it’s going to feel a lot more awful. When he gets that cane out. Avril tries not to think about that. Or the other thing. Because there is also something else for her to do today. It’s not just taking tea up.
Mrs Fulford comes in. ‘Ah… that’s very nice dear. And I think Mr Fulford is ready for you. Just have a look at this first.’
She hands Avril something. It is an instruction sheet. Avril looks at it, forcing her eyes to focus on the words and diagrams. It is describing how to apply a massage cream. In Mrs Fulford’s hand in fact is a tube of the cream. She now hands this to Avril as well.
‘OK dear. I should go up to him now.’

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