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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Moral Welfare – video

From Janus 28
JANUS deals in superlatives. Probably the best way to introduce the new MORAL WELFARE video, which we release this month, would be to intimate that this very special two-part production was conceived, scripted and directed by the Editor of Janus, and designed, lit and shot under the photographic direction of the Janus photographer, using broadcast quality equipment and top flight video engineers, backed by the largest budget ever for a video of this kind. The result is what might be expected: simply superlative. It represents the greatest breakthrough so far in CP video art.
The magic quality so evident in the last dozen or more issues of Janus magazine reaches a new peak in the MORAL WELFARE video, which is closely based on the photo fantasy in Janus 26. It features three completely new, extremely attractive girls who all deserve and receive stern lectures and really strict, exacting corporal punishments — together with two professional actors of high calibre who project the subtly altered, futuristic world of the Moral Welfare Service absolutely convincingly.
The performance of the Medical Officer, Dr Matthew Handley, whose task is to examine girls sentenced to a course of Moral Welfare Training at each visit and, if possible, pass them ‘A.1. fit for severe punishment’, is a masterpiece of urbane sadistic lechery. Dr Handley is obviously well aware that he has been handed the best and most coveted position in the entire medical profession on a plate by fate and he fulfils his duties with genius. Wearing an unassailable mask of professional plausibility, Dr Handley manages to derive, constant erotic enjoyment from his work whilst functioning as an effective and committed member of the Moral Welfare team. Few indeed are the girls who pass through his hands — the phrase is an understatement — without feeling that they have already been punished more than enough… long before they have been ushered in terror into the Moral Welfare Officer’s cell-like black punishment room for the real business to begin.
Readers unfamiliar with the scenario are advised to refer to Janus 26 for a full explanation of the purpose and procedures of the Moral Welfare Service, an official institution established as an adjunct to existent punitive judicial methods and equating, in the last analysis, to a super-powered probation service with CP. However, the imagination can only stretch so far and words cannot convey the magnificence of this powerful TV drama. All video viewers should order it straight away to avoid frustration and deprivation.
The MORAL WELFARE video is a perfectionist’s production in every particular, yet before one can dwell on the details one is overwhelmed by the spellbinding breadth and brilliance of this highly original, though totally believable, vision. The very concept of the Moral Welfare Service, brought to such vivid life, is breath-taking. The reality of the drama, and the authenticity of the varied and elaborate punishments, is beyond doubt. The video is a giant step forward in the genre, and unlike any previous CP video. Each of the two parts is complete in itself; together they are longer than twice the average length of a single CP video and show one continuous drama of rigorous psychological and physical discipline and chastisement within the essential context of reforming female miscreants.
The three offenders — a blonde teenage shoplifter, a delinquent Asian schoolgirl, and a real punkette in full regalia — are all beautiful and all are subjected to long, uncomfortable waits to be seen by the doctor, followed by painstaking and salacious medical examinations and finally the fateful trip to the punishment room where we see seven separate chastisements carried out. After being lectured and groped and lectured again, the poor beauties are spanked and strapped and caned until the tears pour copiously… and then the doctor has the exquisite satisfaction of examining them again after punishment. Anyone who may be offended by the erotic aspects of severe discipline should think twice before viewing, although the subject matter is handled artistically and in very good taste, without crudeness.
The dinner-jacketed Moral Welfare Officer, clearly a very unpleasant gentleman to fall foul of, is authorised to apply unlimited corporal punishment to the bare and knickered behinds of young ladies sent to him by the justices, and in one case by a school headmistress, for thorough-going moral reformation. He has the air of a highly elevated sergeant major and his barked reprimands prior to and during the beating of their bottoms possess a reforming power founded in his cruel moralistic zeal. ‘I am going to enjoy making you cry, girl!’ he shouts at Stella Castle, the shoplifter, as he starts to lash into her bare bottom with what must be the whippiest, swishiest cane ever shown in a CP video. ‘My cane will give you no rest until we both have seen the miracle of your transformation — into the kind of girl you should have been in the first place!’ he promises the bewildered, pleading girl at her first punishment.
The dialogue is electrifying throughout and the pace never lets up but continuously intensifies. In contrast to the cold, harsh arch-disciplinarian of a Moral Welfare Officer, the doctor is smooth to the point of perversity and he is a sheer master at softening-up the punishees for his superior, using different tactics in every case. His lecherous, lugubrious and at times very sarcastic personality, placed in a position of great power, automatically inspires paranoia in every girl he examines. The girls are always nervous before being punished, some are petrified, but he never fails to amplify their fears, flatten their hopes, contradict their entire outlook on life, and physically disturb them, so that they will be helpless putty for the Moral Welfare Officer to re-mould according to his own rigid and uncompromising values, into what he terms ‘a perfect product of the Moral Welfare Service’. And this high official is not above gloating over the imminent prospect of exercising his infallible expertise upon a particularly charming bottom.
The three miscreants sentenced to punishment — Stella Castle, the blonde shoplifter, Jassi Hafeez, an 18-year-old schoolgirl, and Lorraine Simmonds, the punk — are very different cases in all respects — in body and mind, offence, punishment, and reaction to punishment. Stella, who pleads her innocence right up to the moment of truth, submits to the inevitable agony and humiliation with the best grace she can muster, although clearly this is anything but easy for her. Perhaps her severe thrashing comes as something of a release for Stella, for before we witness her caning and strapping we share with her the fear and apprehension of her long wait to be examined. Then, trembling, she tells the doctor she is ‘so frightened of being caned’ and she certainly looks scared. When the doctor goes too far in examining her, Stella Castle slyly offers to do anything… if only he will get her off the scheduled punishment.
Continuing to fondle her as if she were the daintiest morsel to have come his way all day, the doctor expostulates: ‘But that is precisely why you have been sent for Moral Welfare Training! You think you can buy your way out of any problem with your body. But this time, Stella, you’ve met your match. Your body is going to suffer; and what’s more I’m going to make sure that you receive extra punishment for trying to bribe an officer of the Moral Welfare Service in this most immoral manner!’ Appalled he may be, and he’s certainly true to his word, but that doesn’t stop the doctor’s hands from wandering at will…
The rather delicate, very school-girlish Jassi Hafeez, who has been referred to the Moral Welfare Officer by the Headmistress of Courtlands Girls School for ‘persistent truancy, failure to do homework, inattention and persistent misbehaviour and lack of any response to authority’ receives a more decorous examination but finds herself trapped in one of the doctor’s whimsical domination games. She learns a humiliating lesson in obedience from him before the Moral Welfare Officer awards her the hard, crisp, tear-jerking hand spanking over her chocolate brown school knickers that terminates Part One.
The girl is crying hysterically, the spanking seeming to have hurt her pride even more painfully than her bottom. The Moral Welfare Officer is typically unpitying and masterful. His attitude is precisely appropriate in view of the problem to be solved. He shouts: ‘Stop whimpering! Stop fidgeting! Prepare yourself for caning!
In the second part of the video, we witness this caning. The punishment from the maestro is obviously fully deserved, and a necessary corrective step in the right direction for the bitterly chastened schoolgirl. She seems to suffer so much, however, that we expect there will be those who will feel sympathy for her and hold their breath as Jassi endures her full quota of cane strokes over her tightly-knickered small bottom. There is nerve-tingling poignancy in her having to thank the Moral Welfare Officer repeatedly for punishing her, until he is satisfied that her gratitude is sincere. In the next scene she is still sobbing, as the doctor again makes her stand with her hands on her head while he stares her up and down — only this time, she’s had to raise her skirt hem so that her pretty bare legs are on display…
The third girl, Lorraine Simmonds, is an arrogant punk with a tall and curvaceous figure and a gorgeously tempting bottom. After she too has waited ages, the doctor confronts her in a state of amusement, commenting with menacing jocularity upon her failure to comply with the Moral Welfare Officer’s orders to ‘get your hair cut and burn those ridiculous clothes!’ This is Lorraine’s second appointment and one would have expected her to know better than to present herself again with the same appearance that caused her to be sent for Moral Welfare Training initially. Lorraine is belligerent and answers the doctor back, but such is his self-righteousness and assurance that this only increases the tolerant amusement with which he interrupts her protests. He completely negates the punk’s claim to self-expression and proceeds to give her the devil’s own examination, during which he has immense difficulty in removing her insanely tight jeans from her bottom.
Lorraine has spirit — she calls the doctor a pervert and a lecher whilst he is mauling her breasts — but this insult is merely music to his ears for he knows that when he reports it to the Moral Welfare Officer he will be granted special permission to give her additional punishment himself. The Officer takes a very stern and moralistic line with Lorraine Simmonds and after the doctor has spanked her bare bottom the girl receives an almighty strapping and caning which makes her shriek and swear with pain. It is only afterwards that we discover that this punky beauty is just the kind of girl Dr Matthew Handley likes to get his hands on! But with a bottom like hers, it’s fully understandable. Her post-thrashing examination is aided by magnifying glass and instant camera, and just before the final blitzing sequence the doctor informs her that he is going to take some photos of her scorched bare bottom for his personal… personal records. If this isn’t invasion of her privacy, nothing could be.
Whilst we do not feel that it is possible to do even partial justice to the MORAL WELFARE video in a written article — the video simply must be seen — we can at least indicate that it is the most advanced and ambitious CP video Janus have produced. It is difficult to describe because there is nothing to compare it with. Tremendous care has been taken to create a video that is superlative in all aspects. Much inspiration and expertise have gone into this highly professional production, and the atmospheres and dialogue, the action and the discipline sessions are all superb, as is the camera work. Oh, and one other thing. Hilarity — for the viewer, though not for the participants — cannot altogether be ruled out.
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  1. The videos are excellent but I find myself preferring the stories.

  2. Do like the Asian girl in this. Pretty in her uniform. She must be mortified nowadays that she 'starred' in such a high quality production. Silly cow. Laughs loudly.

  3. I thought Jessica looked very cute in her little uniform. It was a pity that she wasn't punished on her bare bottom though. Still, I like the way she blubbered after the discipline was administered. A naughty girl well-chastised. As for the lovely Lorraine, what a wonderful subject she makes for Moral Welfare! I was a bit too young for Punk, as I was just 16 when Thatcher seized power and things changed VERY quickly after that. Mind you, I always fancied hot Punkettes, and frequently fantasised about what would happen to one if the Daily Mail got it's way and public flogging was brought back for jay-walking or whatever. Thank you for bringing back memories of a simpler time... ��