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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Intimately Related

From Blushes 22
‘Enjoying your holiday, Debbie?’ The tall, fair-haired woman had a rather disturbing smile on her face, thought the girl who had just come into the room. A knowing smile. It also occurred to her that her cousin Rose looked rather severe that afternoon. She realised that change of hair-style made quite a difference; it was drawn back tightly over the head in a rather old-fashioned way. Positively school-marmish. Mark you, her cousin was a good ten years older than herself. She had already grown up when Debbie was still a child, and the younger cousin had always been somewhat in awe of her. So much more experience of life.
That situation, however, was now beginning to change. At seventeen, Debbie considered herself quite grown up, and, of course, she was gaining experience. ‘Yes, thank you, Rose. Very much.’ It had been her mother’s suggestion that she stay with Rose for a few weeks during the summer holidays. For Rose had a small but delightful country house. ‘You’ll enjoy it far more there than in these stuffy suburbs.’
Debbie was beginning to agree.
‘I bet you are,’ said Rose acidly.
‘Whatever do you mean by that?’ Debbie experienced a slight tremor of unease.
‘Making plenty of friends, are we?’
‘Well… yes… a few…’
‘Boys as well as girls?’
To her annoyance, Debbie found herself flushing. It was little more than a week ago that she had met Rory, who was having a working holiday on a nearby farm — but, already, it seemed a lifetime. So much had happened. A whole new dimension in her life had opened up.
‘Yes,’ she replied, a little petulantly. ‘Any reason why not?’
‘That depends.’
‘Depends? On what?’
‘How you behave yourself.’ Rose was beginning to look serious; more like a mother than a cousin.
‘I am behaving myself,’ stated Debbie… and found herself colouring more deeply. She always flushed when she told a lie.
‘It didn’t appear so to me,’ said Rose, ‘when I happened to be walking through Moreton’s Fields. Down by the river.’
Debbie felt the blood draining from her face. Moreton’s Fields was where she met Rory. They had what they had come to call their ‘nest’ in the thick, tall reeds near the river-bank. Could cousin Rose have possibly seen…? Oh no… no that was too awful! So shaming. It spoiled the purity of their new young love. ‘I… I… don’t understand…’ she stammered, furiously trying to think.
‘Don’t treat me as if I were your age, Debbie!’ said Rose sharply. ‘You understand what I mean very well. You and that Rory. I saw you earlier in the week, canoodling in the woods…’
‘Have you been spying on me?’ Debbie felt suddenly angry.
Rose quite ignored this. ‘Kissing and cuddling’s alright. But not what you were doing this afternoon.’
‘Y-you’re horrid… simply horrid!’ Debbie blustered. She didn’t quite know what to say or do. Brazen it out or be contrite?
‘Mummy will have to know, of course…’
‘No!’ Debbie was utterly aghast. Her mother had always been straight-laced but all the more so recently, since she had been ‘born again’, as they say in religious circles. ‘You wouldn’t… oh you wouldn’t, Rose!’
Rose looked calm but confident. ‘Your mother put you in my charge. She made me responsible for you. I have a duty.’ It was all so smug and self-righteous.
‘Think what it would do to her!’ Debbie’s arms were outstretched pleadingly, her eyes were imploringly rounded.
Rose shrugged. ‘You should have thought of that, Debbie.’ She was very much acting the elder cousin, as she had done in days long ago. Debbie felt her cosy world crumbling all around her.
‘There… there must be some other way…’ she murmured, almost to herself. Rose looked even more smug and self-righteous.
‘Possibly there is,’ she said. Hope flared in Debbie’s eyes.
‘Oh Rose… Rose! Are you… you… going to be kind to me? I’ll never forget it… really!’
Rose produced one of her acid smiles. ‘No, you probably won’t,’ she said. ‘But Debbie, I do not intend to be kind to you. I’m going to smack your bottom, good and hard!’
Debbie’s jaw dropped; she took a step back. ‘W-what… you can’t be serious! I…I’m seventeen now…’
‘I’m perfectly serious,’ replied Rose. ‘As a matter of fact, my mother smacked my bottom when I was your age… and, I confess, for a similar offence. It made a world of difference. Still, if you wish me to tell mummy…’
‘No!’ cried Debbie even more vehemently. That idea was quite intolerable. On the other hand, so was the idea of being spanked by cousin Rose. The horns of her dilemma were sharp indeed.
‘Well, make up your mind.’
Debbie’s mind whirled. She felt hot, then cold. It certainly was a way out. No one would ever know the indignity she would have to suffer. Above all, Rory would not know. And at his name, a thought came to her. He was worth suffering for. It was like a kind of martyrdom for her lover. She would endure the shame and the pain for him! Debbie began to feel rather noble.
‘Alright then,’ she said quietly. ‘But you must promise not to tell anyone.’
‘About your carryings on?’ Rose smiled just fractionally. She seemed to be very well aware what was going through her young cousin’s mind.
‘N-no… well… yes, of course… that, too. But… but I mean about you spanking me. At my age…’
Rose smiled more widely. ‘I will tell no one about either matter,’ she said.
Debbie felt relief which, she suddenly realised, was absurd. She had endured nothing yet. What was she supposed to do now, she wondered uncertainly? Rose gave her the answer.
‘Take off your skirt and knickers then, Debbie,’ she said.
‘Oohh… must I?’
‘Of course. Who ever heard of a spanking being given anywhere else but on a bare bottom?’
Debbie flushed. This martyrdom was going to be more cruel than she had at first imagined. Her skirt off had always been a possibility… but her knickers as well! ‘Y-you’re horrid!’ She spoke as if she were a little girl again and cousin Rose had taken away a bag of sweets.
‘And you’re wicked Debbie. Come along, do as I say!’
Reluctantly, near to tears, Debbie removed her skirt. Then her knickers. Rather saucy ones. She had bought them especially for Rory’s benefit a few days before. Also, the white stockings and suspender belt she wore. The first such belt she had ever possessed. Very sexy. But not at that moment. She saw Rose looking at her in rather a strange way. ‘You are grown up, aren’t you,’ she said. Her voice sounded rather tight. But Debbie didn’t feel grown up at that moment. ‘Come across my knees, you naughty girl.’
With a final imploring look, Debbie stretched herself over her cousin’s lap. Was it going to hurt very much? This was the first time she had really thought about that side of it. So far, her mind had been filled with her wounded dignity. A little bubble of dread burst inside her. ‘N-not… h-hard,’ she said.
‘Put your arms behind your back,’ ordered Rose crisply. Debbie did so… and found her wrists most firmly seized. Oh the shame of it! Her bottom smacked at seventeen! Her bottom smacked, even though she had become an experienced woman. A sob shook her.
Then Rose’s hand began to slap her bare flesh hard. Far harder than Debbie had expected. It hurt. It really hurt.
‘Ooowww… oowww… owwww!’ she gasped out, head jerking back. ‘Aaaahhh… ooohhh… not so hard!’
Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
‘You deserve it… you… wicked… wicked… wicked… girl!’ shouted Rose above the cries.
Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
‘Stooooppp… ooowww… stop.’ Debbie was becoming desperate. The burning pain was awful… and getting worse all the time.
But cousin Rose took no heed of her cries of pain or her pitiful pleas. Her palm simply kept on whacking down remorselessly, first on one bouncing cheek, then the other. Frantic with pain, Debbie struggled to break free, her legs kicking out. But Rose, a county tennis player, proved invincibly strong. The tattoo of stinging slaps went on and on and on.
Until Debbie was screaming…
‘You… wicked… wicked… wicked… wicked girl!’ Every word was punctuated with a resounding slap from Rose’s palm. ‘Wicked… wicked… wicked… wicked…’
It was a martyrdom far beyond young Debbie’s expectations. Nothing was worth this increasing torment. Not even Rory.
‘Stoooo….ooopppp! Ooooh…  I’ll die!’
Above her, unknown to Debbie, Rose was smiling happily. This was something she had wanted to do for quite some time. Ever since her cousin had ceased being a mere school-kid and grown into young womanhood. It was, she thought, a most beautiful young bottom. Soft, lush and springy. And oh how it bounced as she slapped and slapped it. How that young devil Rory must have enjoyed that bottom, she thought enviously. And then slapped even harder.
Debbie had stopped pleading. She didn’t seem to have enough breath left for it. She was simply gasping and sobbing; blubbering like a child. Rose was well content. I’ve truly taught her a lesson, she told herself. Cousin Debbie would not be so quick to open her legs for a young man in future. That must be a good thing! She felt fully justified in what she was doing. Indeed, she felt quite righteous. And Rose did not stop spanking until her hand was quite, quite intolerably burning hot.
Before her, that young bottom glowed red. Twitching and quivering. With Debbie sobbing in pain and self-pity. Oh… oh… oh… how could this have ever happened to me, those sobs seemed to say. She was no longer a young woman — with experience. She was just a girl with a spanked bottom. A well, and truly, spanked bottom. Debbie didn’t even care about the shame and humiliation any more. The pain of it was paramount in her mind.
Then she was suddenly aware that a hand was running soothingly over her burning flesh. So very gently. Yes… yes… that hand which had tormented her so horribly, was actually caressing her. It was a quite astonishing turn-around. She lay there; bewildered. Yet liking it. Yes… liking it. It was like the calm after a violent storm. She realised she wanted that hand to go on caressing and caressing. Soothing that awful burning pain.
It was nice… very nice…
In fact, it was sexy!
Debbie was shocked by the realisation of that. Yet she could not deny the truth of it. Yes… yes… it was definitely sexy. That roving, gentle hand. It reminded her of… of…
No… she must not think of Rory. That was another world. And now a whole world away.
‘You admit you were very naughty, Debbie?’ At last Rose broke the heavy-breathing silence.
A sigh. ‘I…I suppose so…’
‘You know,’ said Rose firmly. But the caressing continued. Debbie was aware that she wanted it to go on and on. And on.
‘Yes… yes…’ she admitted. ‘I was naughty.’ There was a long pause. Debbie let herself enjoy the delight of that hand. Don’t stop… don’t stop… her mind pleaded. Just as, a minute or two before, it had been pleading the complete opposite. Then she said something which even surprised herself. ‘I won’t see him again.’
‘Good… good…’ Rose did not seem at all concerned by this dramatic announcement. It was as if she had been expecting it all along.
‘Did you hear what I said?’
‘Of course I heard, Debbie. I’m very glad.’ Another pause. ‘It was why I spanked you. To bring you to your senses.’
‘Yes… yes…’ Oh that lovely caressing hand! Although cousin Rose had spanked and humiliated her, she was beginning to feel the warmest feelings towards her. A kind of dependency. How strange it was; yet how nice!
‘You know, Debbie,’ Rose was saying, ‘there are more things to life than boys. Or men for that matter.’ Debbie heard the words but did not absorb their meaning.
‘I…I suppose so…’
‘You are not truly understanding me, are you Debbie?’
Understanding what, wondered Debbie. Oh… don’t let that hand stop! The external heat had now become internal as well. It reminded her of…
Yes… unbelievably… it did. It reminded her of some of those moments with Rory! ‘Ohh… oh Rose…’ she sighed.
‘Stand up, Debbie. I am going to make you understand better. Stand up and put your hands on your head.’
‘Wh-why?’ Debbie did not want to lose that delightfully caressing, yet so dominating, hand.
‘Just do as I say.’ Debbie stood and did as Rose had ordered. ‘I am going to demonstrate to you, my young darling, that there is no need for horrible boys. And the horrible probing things they have. No need at all!’
Debbie was momentarily bemused. How could Rose say that? Then she was even more bemused when she felt her cousin’s hand slip through her thighs… and start caressing again. Sometimes the same. Yet sometimes differently. What was happening? Oh what was happening? Debbie was beginning to melt inside.
She realised she was liking it!
She realised Rose was right!
‘Ohhh… oooh… that’s lovely…’ she sighed. ‘Don’t stop… don’t stop…’
‘I’m not going to, my sweet.’ Rose’s hands and fingers became even more active. This was the conquest she had dreamed of for so long! ‘Boys!’ she said with a sneer. ‘Who wants to bother with them?’
‘Ahhh… ooohhh… Rose don’t stop…’
‘You can spend the rest of the holiday with me. In my bed.’
‘Oohhh … Rose… yes… yes…’

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  1. Shame there are only a few pics in this one. Always made me wonder actually what happened to all those snaps that did not make the final magazines?