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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

College Classics 3

It would be remiss of me not to follow up a Vida Garman story (Dulcie’s Introduction) with another video featuring her. And a rather marvellous one it is too, from the excellent College Classics series. Review from Spanking Film Review is below.
Otherwise routine schoolgirl bottoms-up stuff except for the appearance of British adult star Vida Garman. Here she takes the smartest and best-filmed spanking of all her work in our opinion, although her performances in several Cheek-to-Cheek films are more funny and friskier. In this film, she gets a good and memorable whupping.
Blond Jenkins and Saunders (Vida) cavort in the St. Luke’s school dining hall, writing disparaging graffiti about school staff on the chalkboard and failing to lay the tables as they were assigned to do, and play outside on the lawns, flashing panties upskirt. The girls are dressed in detail–white blouses, neckties, pleated skirts, white bobby socks, and black heels.
Professor Simpkins discovers them, and seeing his name among their scribblings, decides to take the British solution to discipline. “This will be a handspanking for both of you.” Blond Jenkins is taken OTK first.
There are frequent shots inserted of Ms. Garman’s face. In this film she wears long culy brunette hair and theatrical-style makeup, accentuating the flashing of her blue-green eyes. Her dramatic beauty, leaning toward more classic sophistication rather than giddy schoolgirl, slightly challenges the intended teenage persona here. We should say that when she gets into the spanking position, we are no longer concerned with casting.
Jenkins is handspanked. Simpkins is faux-severe and stern, as Jenkins struggles, pants down. “Hands down, girl. Keep your legs straight.” His leering interest in these schoolgirl bottoms suggests more than discipline.
Saunders (Vida) goes over Simpkins’ lap next. “What is going to happen next, Saunders?” At first weakly, then she must repeat louder: “I’m going to get spanked, sir.” Saunders wears non-regulation blue polka dot bikini panties. He bunches them as he spanks, and when he pulls them down he pauses to absorb the sight.  When she stands, skirt up, pants down, her high hard buttocks are prominent as foothills, riveting to see. “Stop snivelling.”
Simpkins makes sure we catch a glimpse of her fuzzy front as she flashes those eyes at us too. Hands-on-head, both girls’ bottoms are on display. They are to stand and contemplate while he gets his cane.
Here are inserted some naughty moments. Saunders stands with her arms outstretched, her plams loaded with textbooks. While Simpkins watches her enduring this posture torture, a sepia scene is cut in where Simpkins imagines he has pulled Saunders’ bra up to fondle her breasts and has lowered her knickers, behaving in a most unacademic way. Another flash of green eyes.
“This is where I cane you… thoroughly.” Both girls bend over the dining hall table. Skirts flipped up. Jenkins is caned first, the first three full-bodied snappy strokes on her blue panties. She claws the tablecloth in pain. Nine more on the bare bottom, then a thrilling loud shot with a yardstick. The caning is filmed from overhead and below as well as bottom-on. Closeups of glorious welts at the completion.
Simpkins moves to Saunders. Six strokes on her bunched knickers. He keeps her n tiptoes in her little white socks. “Grip the end of the table…head down.” The next four are on the bare, that marvellous bare, then the last two are ringing cracks with the yardstick! Devastating facials and flashing glances. Lovely welts. Her full spanked bottom is held on camera.
The professor concludes with a slow illicit fondling and fingering, of both bottoms, as the girls remain bent over. They understand this is part of the process. This film a must for your library.
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