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Saturday, 7 April 2018

What Bottoms Are For

Prompted by my previous post (Further Education), I am posting another Blushes video featuring the same models.
Away from home for the first time, two girls who have behaved disappointingly at home are sentenced to a weekend of disciplinary training such that they will never want to repeat; cold dips in the pool first thing in the morning are the least of their problems!
The girls are first made to change into outfits which will afford ready access to their bottoms during the course of their first day with their disciplinarian host, then the maid is summoned and ‘made an example of’ so that the girls are left with no illusions as to what’s in store for them if they do not toe the line.
Mr Quigley wastes no time in finding an opportunity to introduce the girls themselves to the realities of a well-spanked bottom; the girls are adequately and tearfully impressed!
First thing next morning, with the sun hardly above the horizon, both girls are bullied into the cold swimming pool, quite naked, then ‘exercised’ with plenty of stimulating flicks across their chilled bottoms when they fail to come up to their disciplinarian host’s exacting expectations; then there are ‘swimming lessons’, out of the water, with spanking and canings which do little to improve their stroke but liven them up considerably! The maid too comes in for retributive punishment and no matter how used to it she ought to be she still makes more of a fuss than Mr Quigley judges to be appropriate; the girl will have to be caned!
And caned she is, after dinner that evening, face down on the dining room table, while the two girls are not to escape either before their bottoms too have been thoroughly warmed again by the enthusiastic Mr Quigley!
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  1. Fleas, excellent; love all the videos. If you have any more please post.

    Also here's a question for you ... what actually happened to Jane? There was a competition called Win Jane. Do you know from your collection what, exactly, happened to that competition?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. is this jane the girl who got involved with AB

  4. All girls must learn the lesson, that their plump, resilient bottoms are not there just for them to sit upon. The Lord God Himself put them there for purposes of discipline!

  5. This is horrible i wish spanking never was a thing The Bum was not for Spanking and hitting it it was for So you can sit down and on objects

    1. I want you over some ones knee learning how wrong you are about Spanking!

    2. You know, this is a pretty ignorant comment. I actually enjoy getting spanked, and it's also a great form of stress relief. Please educate yourself.

  6. Oh grow up and get over this knee and learn

  7. Yeah I wish it never existed it seems stupid and it actually can cause mental illnesses. Use a different kind of method to teach discipline please.

  8. No way i now spank and diaper girls often

  9. and always have a great time doing it

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