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Friday, 20 April 2018

Valencia’s Obsession – part 2

Photo-story from Janus 104
Back in her native land, Valencia had an obsession. Her tutor at college was handsome, stern and very strict, and Valencia often fantasised about being punished by him — properly.
This involved having to go to his office, Room 305, after being ordered to remove her knickers in preparation for discipline.
Fantasies are rarely realised and Valencia transplanted to Britain unfulfilled.
We decided to recreate her fantasy and ask her to act it out. She agreed willingly and enthusiastically.
Valencia went to Room 305 and carried out the written instructions she found waiting for her on the table.
With bared bottom, Valencia was made to wait… and wait.
Throughout all this she was observed, unseen, by the ‘tutor’.
Eventually when he considered that the time was ripe, the ‘tutor’ entered the room.
He reached for his cane.

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