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Friday, 20 April 2018

Valencia’s Obsession – part 1

Photo-story from Janus 103
Miss Valencia Fuentes is an imaginative and naughty young lady.
It seems that just a few years ago, whilst at college in her native land, Valencia had a handsome but strait-laced tutor who persistently berated her for numerous girlish lapses and indiscretions. He was very stern with her in particular, and the lash of his tongue at times was ferocious.
The tutor’s dominance was so great she often fantasised that, one day, he would make her take down her knickers for real punishment.
Or, shockingly, order her to take off her knickers before reporting to him privately in his office, which bore the number 305 on its door.
He would, he would… But he never did.
The fantasy has persisted and even become a nocturnal obsession.
When we learned of this we decided that the decent thing to do would be to help Valencia enact her fantasy.
This time, however, there would have to be a happy ending.

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