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Friday, 13 April 2018

The Spanking Interviews - No.1

Another couple of Blushes videos, which were advertised in the early editions of the magazine – see below. I have split the videos into the different sessions. I’m not sure where they get the count of nine girls – I make it seven + the editor’s secretary.
When your favourite spanking magazine editor puts an ad in the paper for models he is very surprised at the result. Not only do amateur models apply but also a top fashion one, there are a couple of beautiful girls you will have seen in the pages of Men Only and Club International, a schoolgirl trying for her first job, the reluctant girlfriend brought along by a well-known London playboy and the usual city secretary trying to make the big time. With the editor’s secretary getting a girl from the local coffee bar during lunch break, it makes a total of 9 girls. What happens to them?? Well somehow our lecherous editor manages to persuade them they should ‘audition’. Using canes, a switch, strap, slipper, riding crop, a tawse and hairbrush and not forgetting the old school ruler, and his very red hand, each of them ends up being thoroughly punished and abused, not to mention interfered with.
The result on the girls is very interesting indeed and should not be missed, we see a young very reluctant blonde turned into a screaming nympho with even 2 men and 1 girl beating her and playing with her at the same time, and unable to give her satisfaction. You will also see a very ‘upper crust’ lady with a fantastic brown body, beaten to a point of sexual arousal where she cannot resist interfering with herself. Then there are the 2 girls who have always been close friends and find their friendship takes on a new meaning before your very eyes as they are beaten at the same time and can only find solace in each other. These scenes are real and have nothing to do with the story line, they were filmed as they happened… and there is more… and you will see many tears. To say the publishers were pleased with the result is an understatement, so much so that they were unable to decide on enough to cut out so we end up with almost hour-long films.
Girl 1:
Girl 2:
Girl 3:
Girl 4 part 1:
Girl 4 part 2:

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