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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Posing for Mr Parsons

From New Blushes 2.21
Kristin was on a seaside holiday with her parents but not enjoying it. They had arrived two days ago and already she was bored. They had been here, Swanage, before when she was younger and then it had been okay, she had been happy with the beach and harbour. But now she was 17 and it all seemed boring. For one thing her boyfriend Simon wasn’t here. He had gone on a working holiday in a hotel in Blackpool and she had wanted to go too but her parents had said no, she was too young to go with him by herself. And so here she was, moping around.
Those first two days had been awful anyway, rainy and cold. Today was better, the sun was shining and the wind had dropped. A good day for the beach, her mother said encouragingly. But Kristin didn’t like sunbathing, she burnt easily. Resignedly she said she thought she would go for a walk, round the town, and see them later.
And that was where she met him. The man. Mr Parsons. Kristin was wandering rather aimlessly in the street behind the front which had some not very exciting shops, mostly offering trinkety gifts. She had stopped to look in the window of a little boutique, which she decided was also not up to much, when he spoke to her. ‘You’d look nice in that dress.’ Something like that.
She turned. He was standing next to her. She had been partly thinking of Simon, her thoughts distracted, and this man could have been standing there looking at her for some long moments. She felt herself flushing slightly. He was fiftyish with sleek grey hair but good-looking in an older-man sort of way, in a yellow sweater and dark slacks. You weren’t supposed to talk to strange men of course. Well they always wanted something didn’t they? That was what Miss Mellanby, at school, or Kristin’s mother would say.
He had first seen her at the end of the street, a pretty blonde with a tallish, slim figure shown to advantage in white shorts and a pale blue tee-top. How old would she be: 17 perhaps, and still at school? On holiday here with her parents pretty certainly. He had followed her at a discreet distance, drawn by her shapely movement as she strolled along. Her long slim legs and the rhythmic movement of her buttocks in the tightish shorts. Nothing blatant but to the discerning eye full of rich promise. And Colin Parsons’s eye was discerning of course. Discerning and experienced. You got a lot of pretty girls in a holiday resort and they were frequently at a loose end and approachable, even if they weren’t actually looking for something.
She had stopped briefly at a couple of the shops, glancing in the windows. And then a longer stop at the boutique, which was where he came closer. Ready to make his approach. His eyes again caressing her slim but ripe flanks. Imagining the shorts down. And her knickers too. Had she ever been caned…?
No, she shouldn’t have responded. Just made some polite noncommittal reply, indicating she wasn’t interested. Men had tried to chat her up before, once or twice, back at home, and she had done that. But now it was different. Well she was on holiday, wasn’t she? You expected there to be something, not just being bored. Something happening. What sort of something? Her eyes met his. He didn’t look scary, not the sort of person who would attack you or anything. Perfectly respectable.
Of course Miss Mellanby at school would say you could never tell. You couldn’t trust any strange man, perfectly respectable-seeming or not. But Kristin wasn’t listening to those sort of negative thoughts…
So she smiled, a little shyly, but she wasn’t scared to talk. Yes she was on holiday, with her parents. He said she should be on the beach, a nice day after the bad weather. She shook her head, she didn’t like sunbathing. He said he lived here, mentioned some sort of business but she wasn’t concentrating enough to catch what he said. What was she thinking of? Was she expecting it? When he said after a bit more chat, well, if she wasn’t doing anything why didn’t he take her for a cup of coffee or something. Anyway after just a moment’s hesitation, and feeling a little shiver of excitement, she said yes, okay.
A little cafe down a side street. She had a Coke. What if her parents came in and saw her here, sitting in the corner with Mr Parsons? That was his name. But they wouldn’t come here, it was away from the tourist places.
They talked some more. He was easy to talk to. She told him about school. A bit boring! And then Simon. Well he asked her if she had a boyfriend. Yes but away in Blackpool.
Mr Parsons laughed. ‘Frustrating then, is it?’
She felt herself flushing.
He said, ‘I mean a girl your age, quite grown-up, she can get frustrated without her boyfriend.’ He laughed again. ‘Her hormones. I expect they tell you all about hormones at school.’
She was flushing again, more. How had they got on to this. And then he said the other. About being quite a keen photographer. Of pretty girls especially. And she was an especially pretty girl, he said. Meeting his cool grey eyes she was blushing again. Yes he wanted to photograph her. She should have said no of course. Well certainly her mother, or Miss Mellanby, would have said that. But Kristin didn’t, did she.
‘Well have you had a good morning, Kris?’ Jane Fairford asked her daughter, remembering that Kristin was a bit mopey at breakfast. Girls that age could be moody of course. ‘We didn’t see you on the beach. It was quite hot.’
It was lunchtime, back at the hotel. Kristin managed to sound bored still, apathetic. ‘Oh I was just looking around.’ But it was difficult. Not easy to keep that gleam of excitement out of her eyes. Because of course things were very different now. The boredom with this place had gone. Mr Parsons had seen to that.
After the cafe they walked round to that flat where he said he liked to do his indoor work. He took a few of what he said were preliminary shots. Different poses. He said she was stunning. A lovely girl with a stunning figure. Could you believe that!
Kristin was really too elevated to eat, but forced something down in case her mother wondered what was up. Mr Parsons had some business to attend to that afternoon, but he wanted to see her again tomorrow morning. More poses. Yes. And…?
Yes and what else? Anything? Kristin could certainly imagine other things. After lunch she said no, she didn’t want to go with her parents to the beach. Maybe she would have a little lie down in her room first, then perhaps explore some more. Her mum and dad said okay and went off.
Kristin did go up to her room. Locking the door. Because there was something she just had to do. On the bed. Her knickers off. And her urgent fingers down there, between her legs. She didn’t normally do it that much but now she was pretty desperate. She was all hot. Thinking of Mr Parsons. During the posing this morning his hand came onto her bottom. And not just once. And tomorrow? What was going to happen tomorrow? Would it be just more poses of the stunning girl? Kristin, with hot thoughts of what else there could be, brought herself off. And then again.
Kristin standing in front of Mr Parsons. Trying to keep calm, relaxed, as he has told her, but her heart is undoubtedly thumping.
She is wearing a little black sleeveless top which fits slinkily to her slim figure. The top has a skirt with it but Kristin is not wearing the skirt, Mr Parsons does not want it. So below the waist she is in just her brief and rather tight white knickers. Tight to her flanks, and tight to the bulge of her pussy mound too. It is partly this, her pussy pretty much displayed to Mr Parsons’s keen gaze, which is the cause of the thumping in Kristin’s chest. Well, that and the thought of what else may be coming.
She is also wearing white knee socks and shiny black strap-over shoes. The socks and shoes obviously emphasise her youth, they are what a young girl might wear. Whereas the rather sexy top is definitely more adult attire. Also Kristin has her blonde hair rather sophisticatedly bunched high on her head, held in place with two pink combs. This hair style has been done by Mr Parsons. Kristin’s outfit has been provided by him too, she changed in the bedroom and now they are out here on the landing.
Colin Parsons’ keen eyes survey Kristin with some satisfaction. His new prize, and an extremely delectable one. Without doubt the prize of this year’s crop of holiday girls. And not only is she so delectable in appearance, she is a lovely girl too. Which for Colin Parsons equates to being amenable. Cooperative. Agreeing to what he wants. No, delectable Kristin Fairford is not going to give any problems.
This thought, as she stands submissively in the top and her knickers and knee socks, has given Colin Parsons a very considerable erection.
Mr Parsons wants more poses. Kneeling up on a high stool now. She obediently lifts her head and turns it sideways, at the same time thrusting her bottom out. He is standing behind her. The camera’s shutter. Click! Click! ‘Lovely,’ he breathes. The ripe swell of her taut buttocks in the tight little knickers. His hand comes out to lightly caress. He tells her to lift the top higher, above her waist. Click! Click!
Colin Parsons helps her down off the stool. Kristin can feel her face is burning. The thought is embarrassing, proper models surely don’t flush, they have composure. But Mr Parsons doesn’t seem to mind, he tells her again how well she is doing. But now there is something more he wants. Something to make a girl flush even if she wasn’t flushing before. He wants her knickers down.
She hesitates. ‘Come on,’ he urges. ‘A little bit of glamour. You are my glamour girl.’
‘I…I don’t know…’
‘Come on. Or you know what disobedient schoolgirls get. They get their bottoms spanked. Or the cane even.’ He laughs. ‘Or don’t they do that at your school?’
Kristin says a nervous ‘No!’ Mr Parsons has already mentioned spanking as it happens. She thought it was just something to say, but now here is this repeat of it. Anyway she makes herself do it. Standing before him she fumblingly slides her knickers down. Her heart thumping now alright. She can see his eyes. Focusing on the blonde bush of her pussy. She makes herself stand still
‘Lovely. Exquisite!’ The camera is greedy for her. Click! Click! Click! The thought darts into her head. These pictures. What if someone saw them. Her parents. Or the school. But they won’t. Mr Parsons has already told her they are just for his very private collection.
Back at the hotel. It is five o’clock. Jane and Michael are just back after a walk round the harbour. Kristin has returned too. Where has she been? ‘Oh, walking around. I… uh… met this girl. Amanda. She’s on holiday too.’
This is a fabrication of course, the only person Kristin has met is Mr Parsons but she can’t say that. And she thinks she had better say someone or maybe her parents will start worrying. Maybe try following her! To the flat. And see…
See Mr Parsons spanking her. Kristin over his lap. Her bottom bare. And his heavy male hand whacking down…
Kristin feels just a little faint at the thought of it.
‘Where is she from, this Amanda? Is she nice?’
They have gone in for some tea. Sitting at their corner table. ‘Uh… Coventry, somewhere like that I think she said. Yes she’s okay. I…I said I’d see her tomorrow.’
As soon as possible Kristin retires up to her room, saying she wants a lie down before their evening meal. What she really wants of course is the other. She really needs it again. To bring herself off. As her mind runs hotly over the afternoon. Those poses. And then of course the spanking.
He said maybe he should do it. Girls her age needed a bit of it. Discipline by a man. Her father didn’t do it, did he? Smack her bare bottom. Kristin of course shaking her head. The thought of her father doing it.
‘So there you are,’ Mr Parsons said. ‘Okay then. Take your knickers down. And come here. Let’s have you over my lap.’
They were in the lounge now. At the flat of course. And she had her knickers back on at this point. Back up. Mr Parsons had gone to sit on an upright chair.
‘Let’s have them right off in fact,’ he added. ‘Less restricted then, eh?’
And somehow she was doing it. Taking her knickers down. And right off. And getting down over his lap. But she didn’t have any choice, did she? That was how it seemed anyway. If Mr Parsons told her something, and gave her that look with those still grey eyes… Well there was just no way she could say no.
His hard hand whacking down. On her bare bottom. It had taken her breath away. Made her feel almost sick in fact. It had hurt, but there was more than that. A really intense feeling. Like having sex… Not that she had yet, not the whole thing. But she did things with Simon of course. And did the other. Doing it to herself. But it was more than any of that. More intense. So it probably was like doing the whole thing.
And tomorrow… she is going round there again of course. The flat. More shots for Mr Parsons’s collection. And what else? He wouldn’t really, would he? The cane! Mr Parsons had said he had a cane…
Kristin is standing in the bathroom. She is wearing a different outfit now. A white vest and tight black silk shorts which have fancy purple braces attached. White ankle socks and sandals. She is standing against the wall, the window behind her and the old-fashioned bath to the side. An apprehensive look on her face? Yes, apprehensive. Because Mr Parsons has said…
Kristin swallows. He isn’t going to really, is he? She thinks of her parents, on the beach probably. Then a little thought of Simon, up in Blackpool. Would she rather be there? Maybe she shouldn’t have got into this. Mr Parsons. He’s not really going to, is he? Well the spanking was one thing. But the cane
He has just gone to the other room. They have done some shots of her in this outfit, and now he has gone… to get it…?
She shivers. Maybe he was just joking. Then there is the sound of his footsteps.
She gives a little moan. Yes. He has a cane in his hand. Mr Parsons, wearing a smart suit today, he said earlier he had a meeting with someone. In his suit and this cane in his hand.
She blurts, ‘No, please!’
He gives her a querying look.
Shaking her head. She tries to laugh, as if it’s a joke. ‘Please no. I mean, you could spank me again…’
He comes close. Takes hold of her arm. ‘You like the spanking then, do you Kristin? Girls frequently do, I know. But you have to learn to like the cane too.’
He steps back. ‘So take the shorts down. I’m going to give you a taste of it. It hurts of course. But being hurt is good for a girl. So come on.’
She stands immobile. Paralysed it seems.
The cane flicks out. A little cut across her thigh. Not hard but it stings nonetheless.
‘Come on.’ His voice firmer. ‘If you don’t cooperate, Kristin, I shall just do it anyway. Take your shorts down myself. And then give you a double dose on your bare bottom. Really make you feel it.’
She hesitates again but this time just for a moment. Then with a desperate little moan reaches for the shoulder straps holding her shorts. Slipping them down. Then wiggling the shorts down. They are very tight. And underneath she has nothing, no knickers. It is just Kristin. Pale rounded flesh with at the juncture of her thighs her blonde bush.
She doesn’t have to take the shorts right off, just midway down her thighs. Her hand goes to cover her pussy, but Mr Parsons pulls it away. And his own hand goes there. His big hand cupping her pussy. Kristin’s knees feel like they’ve turned to jelly. But the hand doesn’t stay there for long. And now Colin Parsons is turning her, to face the wall. Briskly telling her to stand still.
The cane zipping into the soft flesh of her bottom. She gives a desperate yell. Her hands automatically going back to clutch her stricken rear. The cane zips in again, across her errant hands.
‘Don’t do that. No hands. You need to show discipline, Kristin dear.’
He grabs her wrists and holds them together behind her back. The cane whips in again…
And then he wants her bending over. Hands down to the floor. ‘Come on Kristin!’
With a wail she reluctantly gets in the position. Her bottom and hands are really throbbing. Colin Parsons eyes her thrust-out rump. With between the cheeks a lovely view of her cunt, the lips partly parted. Oh yes, Kristin Fairford is definitely the prize of this year’s crop of holiday girls.
And now they are in this bedroom, one of the two bedrooms of the flat. Kristin is posing by the walnut-and-tile washstand. She is in just her white knickers, ankle socks and sandals. Her torso, her boobs, bare. In front the bed has been stripped of all the bedclothes, there are just the bare springs. A few minutes ago she had to pose on the bed. Sitting, then lying on those bare springs. It was painful, but she was too distracted to really bother, her head was too full of what happened earlier.
Yes, her head is still going round and round. She wouldn’t be sure what day it is if you asked her. In fact it is Wednesday. Kristin’s third day of visiting the flat. Her appointment today was for right after lunch. This morning she went on the beach for a while with her parents. But that seems a long, long time ago.
This afternoon…
They had another disciplinary session first. That awful cane. Mr Parsons is very keen on discipline for girls. Kristin had to take her knickers off and bend over the bed. That was before he removed the bedclothes. Oh yes. The bedclothes were still there then. And a bit later too. Because Kristin was in the bed a bit later. Her knickers right off now. And Mr Parsons too. Mr Parsons in the bed with her. Her bottom was still hot from the caning, but awful as it had been she no longer had any thought of the caning. Not with what Mr Parsons was doing. Fucking her…
Well, she wanted it, didn’t she? At night in bed, and those times when she had to slip up to her room and lock the door. Thinking about it as she brought herself off. Imagining it. Mr Parsons fucking her.
Well now it has happened. What does she feel? She doesn’t know what she feels. It is too much. She can’t think. Except there is just the thought of it going round and round in her head. Mr Parsons fucking her. Her first time of course. Did it hurt…?
‘You’re not concentrating,’ he says rather sharply. ‘Listen to what I say, your arm forward, and the knees slightly bent.’
Colin Parsons steps forward and slaps Kristin’s bare thigh. He feels slightly annoyed with her. Now he has had her. A slight feeling of anti-climax. He puts her in other poses and the camera continues to build up its collection of choice images. Click! Click! Click! He pauses for a little while. Diverting himself with some spanking. He does it quite hard, causing gasping grunts from the recipient.
Is he getting a bit bored with her? He does get bored with them of course. Even with the most delectable ones and sometimes after just a few days. And sometimes having a girl can serve to hasten the process. The posing, and building up the collection of images. The spanking and caning. And then having her… Well that’s it, isn’t it, what else is there? And there are always more of them.
This morning he saw a really choice brunette. And spoke to her…
Kristin walks along the front. It is a sunny day today but she is scarcely aware of it. Her face is taut, her eyes glazed, she doesn’t know where she is walking. She doesn’t know what she is going to do. Mr Parsons…
He didn’t want to see her today. He said he had some business. With nothing much else to do she walked over in the direction of the flat. Where for the past four days she had gone with him. And then she saw him. Mr Parsons. With another girl. A pretty brunette. They went in the building. They were obviously going up to the flat.
At first Kristin couldn’t grasp it, it was like her mind was paralysed. But then the awful truth forced its way into her head.
It is finished. Mr Parsons has got what he wanted. Those pictures. And caning her. And then fucking her. And that is it. It is finished. Now there is this other girl…

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