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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Passing the Test

A continuation of New Recruit, from Blushes Uniform Girls 40
Sophie is feeling just a little faint. Well what girl wouldn’t, standing for the first time like this? Standing on the seat of a chair in the Guides’ snug retreat, Mr Minley’s loft. Just herself and Mr Minley. And with nothing on! Sophie that is. Mr Minley of course is in his scoutmaster’s rig. But Sophie is in the altogether. Well effectively. There are just her shoes and socks, and her knickers pulled down to her knees. And Mr Minley in close attendance, his tape measure in hand. In his left hand. His right hand is thus free to go here and there.
It is going here and there. Here… and there. At this moment it has slid between Sophie’s quivering thighs. The hand is there and indicating that she should part her thighs some more. But if she does… she will be quite open… to that hand. It will be quite free to… well she knows what it will do. Inevitably. Where it will inevitably go. Right in to a girl’s number one place. Yes. But.
She has to do it. She is one of Mr Minley’s Guides now. Mr Minley is the Leader and so naturally she has to obey him. And accept… what Mr Minley wants to do with his hands for one thing.
Sophie gives a shuddering little whimper. The hand has gone where she knew it would. Right there. Softly fingering her. Ooo… ooohh…!
‘Have you got a boyfriend?’ Mr Minley quietly asks. His finger — or is it his thumb? — is gently tracing along her entrance. Along that so sensitive line. Making her wonder if perhaps her knees are going to give way. A boyfriend.
‘Uh… ah… not really… Well… Oooohhh…
We don’t really want boyfriends in the Guides. They are an unwelcome distraction, very bothersome to girls. And of course only interested in one thing. This thing. Eh Sophie?’
No doubt to make quite clear what it is that boyfriends are only interested in, Alfred Minley’s finger has slid in. Into Sophie. She is quite sure her knees are going to give way now. This is too much. The finger is in her… and doing things.
She gives a desperate little yelp. She is going to fall… off the chair.
Sophie does. Slowly toppling down. On top of Mr Minley. Somehow he manages to stay on his feet. And his hand manages to stay right where it was. His finger up in her.
They get sorted out. Disentangled. ‘I’m s…sorry,’ Sophie stutters. ‘I… sort of lost balance. I…I’m not used to being measured.’
‘That’s alright,’ Alfred reassures her, straightening his beret. ‘Not to worry, you are a new recruit.’
Actually he is quite pleased with her. It was not all unpleasant having the lovely girl fall on top of him. And she has made no great fuss about where his hand was. Some girls can be ultrasensitive. Joanne for instance. Joanne made quite a fuss when he first tried to get his hand on it. It took a good deal of patience and careful explanation before she would submit to it without a lot of annoying struggling about. The delectable Sophie has done none of that however. Perhaps she has had some experience. Nonetheless.
‘But… ah… we may need something. To remind you to show more disciplined behaviour in future. It probably won’t mean a caning, Sophie. But I rather think a spanked bottom may be called for. However, right now we had better get on with the measuring.’
Yes, the measuring. There hasn’t really been much of that as yet. Alfred gets her back up on the chair and this time really does get some done. Her lovely slim waist and those exquisite, really quite full tits. (The nipples need some manual attention first to bring them up to their erected dimensions, thus ensuring he doesn’t get a false measurement.) The delicious flanks, the buttocks. And also…
There are also other measurements that one might not immediately expect. Certainly ones that seemingly Sophie does not expect. For instance Alfred Minley’s tape passed between her thighs. High up. As high as it will go in fact, pulled tight into her crotch. Or more exactly tight into the lips of her pussy. Sophie’s wide-eyed look of alarm — as Alfred pulls the tape firmly to and fro — gives perhaps some idea of the shock-sensation generated. The feeling, maybe, of shooting off into orbit.
Alfred finally takes the tape away. Pulling it out of Sophie’s pussy lips. She slowly comes back down to earth.
‘Was that nice?’ he asks. ‘Some girls find it rather interesting. Did you find it interesting?’
She doesn’t know what to say. Her face is bright red. Possibly if Mr Minley had done it for much longer she would have come. Which would have been impossibly embarrassing. But anyway Mr Minley is not waiting for an answer. There is something else.
‘Anyway I suppose, we should now have… that spanking. Yes Sophie? Now that I’ve got your measurements. For that business earlier.’
Yes an early spanking is always necessary with a new girl. An early caning is too but a caning is best coming just a little later, not on her very first visit to the loft. But a spanking on her first visit is a good idea. It can get a girl nicely attuned to Guide ways and Alfred Minley’s disciplinary methods and requirements.
Alfred sits on the chair and Sophie has to get over his lap. She is still big-eyed from the tape working to and fro in her pussy. Now there is this other no doubt surprise dimension, because Amanda will not have mentioned spankings in her up-beat descriptions of Guide activities. Yes, Sophie’s blue eyes are big and wide alright as she steps forward and presents herself, her nude body, over Mr Minley’s waiting lap. A lap that at its centre contains an upright stiffness that the trembling girl cannot but be aware of.
Sophie is aware of what it is of course. It is Mr Minley’s stiff thing. All big and stiff. And what does it signify? With what has already taken place in this snug but scary loft, and what is about to happen: this bare-bottom spanking — well there is a lot more to being one of Mr Minley’s Guides than Amanda told her. A lot more. How much more? Mr Minley’s thing… He is manoeuvring her now. His hand at her bottom. So that she is not pressing too painfully on his thing. Adjusting her… so that it pushes up between her legs. Mr Minley’s hand is there too. With his final adjustings. It is where she is already extremely hot and bothered of course. That awful tape…
Yes the hand has abruptly ceased its adjustings and cracked sharply down. A sharp and painful spank. Sophie’s lovely rear jerks in automatic reaction as she lets out her yell. She is a very mobile girl, a lot of movement. Alfred recalls her falling off the chair a little earlier when he had his hand between her legs. As his hand now continues to crack down there is a good deal more movement to accompany her yelps. But he has got a firm hold of her, his left hand gripping her with her arm caught behind her back for good measure. Sophie’s bottom and legs can jerk about but not a lot else.
He continues the spanking. Until those ripe moons of her buttocks, and also of course the backs of her thighs are a nice uniform bright red colour. A really energetic spanking is always a good idea on a girl’s first day.
‘How did it go?’ Muriel Stevens asks her daughter brightly. ‘Did you have a good time?’
‘Yes…’ Sophie replies. She has just come from Mr Minley’s and is still feeling a little dazed. ‘Yes. It was… OK.’
In reply to a further question she says she should soon have her uniform, maybe next week Mr Minley said. And then… Sophie says no thanks, she doesn’t feel like any supper. She is feeling a bit tired, she thinks she will go up to bed.
‘Yes of course darling,’ Muriel says, with a slightly quizzical look.
Upstairs Sophie gets undressed and puts on her nightie, then brushes her teeth and gets into bed. Lying under the covers flat on her back and gazing up at the ceiling. Her body still but not of course her mind, which is crammed full of all that has happened at Mr Minley’s. Up in the Guide loft. A whole lot of experience that is quite new and scary and frightening but at the same time hotly exciting in a way that is not at all entirely unpleasant. Has she guessed that there might be something of that? That sort of thing, as well as what Amanda was telling her? Well not really guessed — but it crossed her mind.
Although all of what happened certainly didn’t cross her mind. No, all by a long shot. Sophie’s hand slides across, to push up her nightie. And then comes down again, this time onto her exposed pussy. She softly strokes herself. Opening her legs her hand slides further in, along the line of her slit. She doesn’t usually do it, well not very often, but right now she can’t help it. Not after her session with Mr Minley in his loft. She is going to have to bring herself off.
It is what Mr Minley did of course. After the spanking. With her still over his lap. ‘I think you need something else now, Sophie dear.’ And then he did it. She came. Quickly. A really big one.
As Sophie does now, using her own fingers. Groaning into the bed cover. Thinking about her next visit to the Guide loft. He said that next time… she might have to have a caning. Part of her disciplinary training. Groaning, Sophie thinks about the cane. Thinking also… about Mr Minley’s big stiff thing…
The Guide outfit is a blue short-sleeved blouse with darker navy skirt. The skirt is quite short, its hem some way above Sophie’s knees when she puts it on. Amanda’s uniform skirt is short too, so Sophie was not surprised when she saw her own. There is a pretty yellow scarf and also a beret. Altogether it is a fetching outfit; it has taken less than a week to arrive.
The blouse is decorated with a number of badges but of course not as many as Amanda’s because some of hers are for various specific skills and proficiencies. For instance Amanda now has her Woodcraft badge. But there are other ones too. Some seem a bit mysterious. One of Amanda’s, in white lettering on green, says GREEN FOR GO.
What can that be for? Amanda just giggled when Sophie asked. ‘You’ll see,’ she said. ‘You’ll get yours, or I suppose you will. Then you’ll find out; I mean it’s a bit secret.’
Now her uniform has arrived Sophie has to report to Mr Minley for a special meeting. This will again be just herself like last time, only now she will be wearing the new uniform. Sophie is feeling just a little scared — remembering that first time. Remembering also that on that occasion Mr Minley mentioned the cane. This is sufficient to send shivers through a girl, never mind all that other stuff. Will she be caned? And what’s this GREEN FOR GO business?
Sophie can sense that there are mysteries in the Guide group which as yet she has not been told about. Scary mysteries? Yes, she thinks so. GREEN FOR GO; is that a scary one?
Up in the loft again. Mr Minley tells Sophie she looks super, really great. But looking really great is only part of it. A Guide has to learn other qualities too. Discipline of course is a main thing.
Sophie can guess what discipline means. It probably means more spanking. Her bare bottom, over Mr Minley’s lap. And also probably the other. The cane. She bites her lip. She can’t help asking about the other thing.
‘Wha… What about GREEN FOR GO, Mr Minley. How do I get that badge. I asked Amanda but… she wouldn’t tell me.’
Alfred Minley smiles. ‘You want a GREEN FOR GO badge? Good! I’m pleased to hear it. You can have one this afternoon, but you have to earn it of course. You have to pass the test. We can do the test, a little bit later.’
Sophie has a sudden thought. A sudden scary thought, about what GREEN FOR GO might be. She can feel herself flushing. She wants to say no, she doesn’t really want the badge. Maybe she will be after a few weeks, months perhaps. But… not now. Not this afternoon. She can’t help herself glancing at the bed, over in the corner. That is what it is for. For testing. For the GREEN FOR GO test…
But she can’t say that now. She should have kept her mouth shut.
Mr Minley is going to start with something else. Discipline. Her knickers. They have to come off. She is going to have her bottom spanked. Over Mr Minley’s lap. And then… after they have made some tea… she is going to get some more discipline. The cane. A first taste of Mr Minley’s cane.
That cane. It is just about impossible. An impossible pain. Three strokes. Only three strokes you might say — but if you have never had three strokes like those Mr Minley gives her… well you can have no idea. No idea at all.
But then… there is the other. GREEN FOR GO. ‘We do the test on the bed,’ Mr Minley says. ‘You’ve got your knickers off so you’re all set. So just… get on the bed.’
Sophie has forgotten about her red-hot bottom. In the face of this new situation. She shakes her head. ‘Actually… I don’t really think…’
Mr Minley gives a soft little laugh. ‘Of course you do, Sophie. A girl needs her GREEN FOR GO badge. It’s a sign that she’s grown up. Come on, get down on the bed. Don’t worry, you’ll pass without any trouble at all.’
Sophie still has her uniform on. But no knickers. The knickers came off for the spanking Mr Minley gave her first of all. And they remained off for the caning. And now, well, she’s going to need them off for the GREEN FOR GO test.
Sophie gets on the bed. Her body trembling. She has just had that caning, her bottom is still stinging from it, but she has no thought of it now. No thought of her stinging bottom. She can only think of this test. GREEN FOR GO. Mr Minley is on the bed with her. She hears a sound that cannot be loud but it jangles in her head. The sound of a zip. Being opened. And then… Mr Minley has taken her hand. To put it on something. Something hot. Smooth and hot and hard. Sophie knows what it is alright. Oh yes. There is the feeling that she is going to faint… but there is no doubt what it is. What she is now holding.


  1. These delightful photos are from a photoshoot used, for what was probably their original purpose, to illustrate an earlier story called 'The Loft'. That's a really delicious and psychologically powerful story in which a young lady finds herself forced to take an unwelcome trip down memory lane both in her head and for real, and encountering in herself the same helplessness and inability to escape from certain attentions that she'd encountered three years previously. I do hope 'The Loft' will one day be making an appearance on this blog.

  2. Don’t approve of smiles in Blushes like the last picture. Still she’s probably relieved to be clothed again after the discomfort of the intimate naked fitting session. The outfit won’t be on long - not least as he measured her up between her bare legs for unwanted intercourse. I’d bare her again, cane her and get inside. That’ll wipe the smile of her face.