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Monday, 19 March 2018

Up in the Morning

From Blushes 42
She would soon be all of twenty three years of age, and Ann felt that at long last she would be able to settle down to a life of party-going and no longer have to worry about those boring old lessons at school. No more travelling backwards and forwards at the end and beginning of terms and no more sour-faced old teachers.
She sighed happily as she snuggled down in her comfortable bed because even her father had gone off for a few weeks and even though she loved him as all good girls should, she had to admit that sometimes even having daddy around could be positively boring.
There would be that Mr Grace who seemed forever lost in the surrounding garden whenever he came up to the house. That was his temporary job, of course, and he had been doing that ever since he left the services where he was in her father’s regiment. Something about him being a Warrant Officer, no less, although as far as Ann was concerned, Grace was very loud whenever he spoke. That was because he was the sergeant major, she supposed.
Anyway, Grace was going to teach her all about botany, he called it gardening, but she had to accept that he was indeed very wise as far as the garden was concerned, and despite his gruff manner sometimes, he managed to produce the most beautiful layouts in the garden. She thought, jokingly, that the flowers and various plants would not dare to grow attractive under the stern methods of Grace. The gardener did not usually stay at the house, but daddy had said that he could have the bedroom at the end of the corridor to look after Ann.
‘And you will be under his care, Ann,’ daddy had told her as Grace, stone faced and without batting an eyelid nodded with something like respect. Daddy was the only person that Grace did respect it must be said.
‘Don’t stand any nonsense now Grace,’ her father had said brusquely. ‘I want her to help you in the garden. She’s no namby-pamby and she must pull her weight domestically as well as in the outhouses.’
Ann had been very quiet during the explicit instructions that her father had been issuing, and she tried not to respond to a shiver that went through her body. There was nothing that she could put her finger on as far as Grace was concerned, but she had known him since she was a child, and always she held him in great awe rather than respect.
As she lay down that first night, she knew that she would get the results of her ‘A’ levels by the time the fortnight was over. Even this did little to help out the nagging fear of the low marks that she felt sure she would get. Oh to hell with it, time to sleep and she closed her eyes and fitfully slipped into a deep sleep.
Waking up was a completely contrasting state of affairs. She opened her eyes and they opened very wide. Grace was in her room.
‘Wha…what are you doing in here?’ she sat up in the bed collecting frantically the only garment that she could find. A tight-fitting vest. Hastily and trying to keep the clothes up round her chin, she pulled the garment over her tresses and pulled it down to cover her shapely thrusting breasts.
‘I’ve been reading this report from your school,’ he said.
She was still very confused and she shook her head to clear it from the night’s sleep.
‘Look Grace. Piss off out of this room and let me get ready,’ she snapped. She might have held him in awe, but she wasn’t going to tolerate his trespass into her room like that. Not yet she wasn’t! Time was fast running out for Ann to exercise her own foibles and actions as far as Grace was concerned.
‘Get bathed, then back in here as quickly as you can,’ he had suddenly transformed into the sergeant major Warrant Officer again.
Whatever her own thoughts might have been right then would never be known, she was out of the bed and through to the bathroom like a frightened rabbit from the hounds.
It took her some fifteen minutes to return and she was pulling the hem of the vest down in a tightly stretched state to cover her precious modesty and dignity and also the puff of hair that she had at the juncture of her thighs. The fact that her shapely splendid thighs were very bared worried her less than what was on view if the vest had been allowed to remain at its natural level.
Another ten minutes in the company of Grace had her thoroughly conquered and in a completely different frame of mind. She was bemused, confused and something like deep fear of him had now taken over. Her eyes threatened constantly to flow into tears and her body had shuddered when he had outlined his intended course of action. And he had also produced a long wicked looking cane!
‘No more of this Grace business… Mister Grace in future. And I certainly will not tolerate swearing,’ he sounded horrified, angrily horrified at her terminology.
‘I’m sorry Mr Grace,’ her small voice answered as she shuddered in further embarrassment and shame. She felt so absolutely helpless and she was certainly very vulnerable.
‘You will now place two pillows at the centre of the bed,’ he pointed out the spot with the tip of the cane.
Grace studied the chubby roundness of her bottom as she gingerly leaned over to take the pillows. Ann knew she would never argue against such an authoritarian voice. She might complain and she might protest but argument never once entered her head. And he had made her stand to attention too. The vest, losing the restraint of her hands, had surrendered to the natural cut of the cloth and the small nest of her pubes had been displayed. And she could not verbally try to stop him when he had lifted the hem all the way up to her shoulders and left her shapely young titties exposed. And when he had actually held them in his hands, Ann had been completely overcome at his audacity.
‘You will not have time to think of letting your young men do this,’ he had warned her.
Crazy thoughts filled her head when she felt the hard nipples reacting to his clever fingers. They seemed to swell with a sexual drive that none of her girlfriends at school had managed to produce! Her helplessness increased when he stroked the hair of her pussy.
‘Nor this. There will be no time for young men to do this either,’ he assured her emphatically.
Her mind was not on young men touching her speedily warming sex, the pouting area of her softness was responding just as her titties had, they reacted to thrilling sexuality.
‘Twelve strokes I think young lady. Just to start off with. These marks you have from the school,’ he referred to her school report, ‘are terrible. And I think your father will fully approve of my action.’
She slipped onto the side of her bed as her head, although crystal clear, throbbed with the terrible situation which she now found herself in. She was on all fours and listening to Grace insisting that she get her bottom fully rounded and thrust back.
‘Please, Mr Grace, please not too hard,’ she pleaded.
He liked the idea that she did not beg to be let off, but rather she had pleaded for it to be not too hard! It meant that she was accepting the caning rather than screaming blue murder at the very idea.
Ann felt the knot of shame gripping her tighter and tighter as she made her bare bum roundly targetable. Her knees were tightly held together and then her face was blushing even deeper when Grace appeared to be testing the suitability of the orbs for a caning. She had to remain very still whilst his palms ran freely all over the shapely nates and Ann was breathing slightly faster than when she had first adopted this position. She was wishing that he would get on with the punishment, all this stroking and feeling of her bum was giving her all sorts of strange and some would say, naughty feelings! Each time his hand stroked the lowest part of her bum that meant that the soft lips between her legs, those same lips that he had felt when she had been standing there, would respond with little heated throbs that ran all the way round and round the lips themselves, and she was even more bemused at the treacherous betrayal of her senses.
She should not be liking this one little bit, and yet she was feeling the same sensations that she had suffered when Cynthia at school had climbed into her bed and done things with her breasts and pussy one night. Except with Grace, who she felt sure should not be doing these things, was emphasising the thrills through every nerve of her sex because he was the man and she was the helpless girl.
She found it difficult to concentrate on why she was doing this, and even Grace could not help notice that Ann was actually pushing her bottom out more and more provocatively! When that cane splatted down across the meatiest part of her bottom, she thrust under the stinging sensation that flashed across from one cheek to the other. Her mouth then responded with a sharp-sounding yell. Another five strokes managed to contact the speedily writhing buttocks and then she was actually lying on top of the two pillows, the six lines on her bottom revealing the state of the game so far.
The next six came down too, this time her tummy was rubbing the pillow and thus making her respond to strong sensations of confusion as she cried, begged and pleaded without knowing what she was pleading for! He saw how the pillow cover had worked between her legs and was covering the excited heated lips of her sex.
‘That will never do,’ he admonished her.
When she was lying on her back, he told her to pull her knees all the way up, and once again had to sharply rebuke her for trying to get her hand over her tight-lipped pussy.
Ann was the perfect shape now, the rounded lined cheeks of her bottom were perfectly presented and she sobbed in helpless responses to her deep sense of shame, confusion and also that slightly ‘nice’ sensation that throbbed all the way from her sex area. The heat of the pain had also produced a heat of passion and the long waves of continuous hotness gradually made her randy!
Her arms gripped her legs and then she was getting a further six strokes on the twisting, writhing and thrusting cheeks of her bottom.
When he next placed her, she was still sobbing fitfully but he saw how she once again thrust her very tramlined bottom into a most satisfactory pose as though wanting his punishment to continue. She gasped and sighed when his hands ‘inspected’ the discipline of her nates and then another sigh came from her mouth… erotically Ann was being given the greatest pleasure of them all… it seemed only natural, as far as she was concerned, that Mr Grace should be doing what he was right now… he was after all a very good gardener and it was her garden that he was attending to, in a most thoroughly delightful manner.

How does your garden grow?
By the following Wednesday, Ann had grown accustomed to the idea that she had accepted Grace as the man who would punish her if she stepped out of line. She still blushed at the memory of displaying her bottom in the manner that she had done, and she was doubly ashamed of herself for the manner in which her naked body had surrendered to his domination.
This was her first visit to the garden to give him some help. He took her to the very end of the large open space, and it was a part that she did not know existed. Unlike his precious nursery area, this was very overgrown and needed a lot of attention. She was dressed in tight-fitting white shorts and this revealed once again the perfection of her thighs with the fully contoured cheeks of her bottom pressing tightly to enhance the shapely curves properly.
He set her one or two simple tasks in the overgrown and bracken-laden ground and then left her. Before he had walked away, he had slapped his hand down twice, once to each pertly rounded cheek and left her rubbing the bottom ruefully.
Her mind was not on the allotted task and she was positively dilatory in her application to it. He could see how little she had done when he returned and his harsh admonishment left her in no doubt what he intended to do.
‘Not out here Mr Grace,’ she gasped horrified.
‘Take your knickers and shorts down at once, Miss,’ he snapped, revealing his anger at her daring to argue.
He felt gratified when she, with indecent haste, slipped the shorts down her legs together with the knickers inside them. When he made her lean against the tree, he was able to pat the soft cheeks once again. She flinched noticeably when he produced that horrible cane as though by magic. Trembling hopelessly, Ann leaned forward when he told her to.
‘Now… bottom back; thrust Miss,’ he snapped.
It was a voice to be obeyed and despite her natural distaste, Ann thrust her bum into the fullest roundness. She choked again and again as a hand once more ‘tested’ the springy, yet smooth quality of her bottom and again she felt the shameful reaction to having to stay perfectly still whilst her bum was felt all over. She was not too sure why he had to feel the upper protuberances over her shirt top, but felt that silence was the best response to this even though her young tittles responded to the generous feeling he was giving them.
‘Admit that you have been lazy,’ he insisted.
‘I don’t like doing this horrible work, Mr Grace,’ she choked.
‘Admit that you have been lazy,’ he repeated.
‘But… yoooeee… please… that hurts,’ she called out as the cane came down to leave a crisp response and a line across her cheeks.
‘Admit it,’ he snapped.
Swiiissh… inevitably and to help him achieve the desired response from her he had given her the second stroke.
‘Nnn… ggggooo… ahhh… please that hurts my bottom,’ she yelped as he pressed her upper torso against the tree.
‘Will you admit that you have been idle.’
Swwiii… thwacckkk… ‘Yaar-rooo… oh no… please, alright… I have been idle and lazy,’ she hastily corrected her earlier reluctance to co-operate.
‘And what happens to naughty, idle and lazy girls.’
She refused to answer that one, at first.
Swiiisshh, thwack… that one lower down and almost into the crease itself.
‘Aaaghh… no… eeek,’ her voice gave vent to the angry heated lines on her bottom.
‘I want to hear your answers Miss,’ he snapped.
Swiiissh… swish… thwaccckkk… and each stroke was properly received by her verbal shout of pain.
‘They, they get their bottoms caned,’ she said.
‘And you have been lazy,’ he told her for the umpteenth time.
‘Yes, yes, yes… I have been lazy and idle,’ her voice seemed now to know the correct responses!
‘And what must I do’
‘Cane my bottom,’ she replied, helpless now, knowing she could not avoid the eventual outcome.
‘Now tell me it all over again.’
He was standing there with the cane pressed against the skin of her bottom as though the wand of punishment would surely remind her how and what she was to say.
‘I have been very idle, and lazy, and I deserve to have my bottom thoroughly caned,’ she sobbed.
‘And how do you posture yourself for this punishment?’
‘With my knickers and shorts down, and I have to make my bottom present like this,’ she pushed her bottom back attractively.
It was a hopeless situation. There was always the forlorn hope that he would be lenient if she co-operated. Even the thought that he might ‘feel’ her between her legs did not worry her so much now. She might even ‘like’ that, but when he lifted the cane again, she knew it was only in preparation to bring it down hard again. She was not wrong. The cane whistled and then only stopped its descent when it contacted fleshy cheeks, her cheeks and when the zipping flash of stinging sensation ripped through her bottom, it had a vocal aftermath.
‘Aaaghhh… please Mr Grace, my bottom feels so sore. Please, I implore you, no more cane. Please. Please. Anything. Any other way. No more cane,’ she pleaded.
He did not raise the cane again but told her to stand with legs properly placed some eighteen inches apart. She did so with no hesitation. Her upper body pressed against the tree and when he told her to push her bottom back she did so, even though she thought it was to enhance her nates for a further caning.
‘You’d rather I did this?’
His hand was stroking over and over, round and round the curvy contours of her bum cheeks.
‘Yes. Yes please, Mr Grace,’ she assured him.
‘And how about what the boys do to you?’
‘Yes please,’ she moaned in surrender to the hot thrills once again stirring her blood to new heat.
‘So you want my hands between your legs?’
‘Yes, yes please,’ she choked in full anticipation.
The trouble was, that it was not to avoid a caning, but because she really did want to feel something more positive on her sex mouth. The lips of her sex were hot and tingling right now. She ached to have him play with her.
‘Admit it then… and ask nicely,’ he smiled.
‘I want you to play with me, between my legs, please… I want it very much,’ she responded as hot blushes filled her attractive face.
‘Push right back.’
He watched the appreciative manner in which she really did push her bum right back.
‘Oooh……’ surprise and strange pleasure were in that sound. Wet warmth soon transformed into heated lubrication…
‘And tonight I shall deal with you… in the bathroom I think,’ he told her in a very controlled toned voice.
‘Yes… ohhh… er… yes… please,’ she moaned.
The fingers, expert at pulling weeds and planting seeds had managed to plant inside Ann a strong desire to have him deal with her in the bathroom. Her body had started to tremble again and sheer heated orgasms burst from her body as she bent almost over to have him take care of the passage that was demanding so much attention.
She watched his retreating back as he strode briskly away from her. Her shorts were back where they should be and she ruefully rubbed the cheeks that had experienced the second thrashing from his hands.

Clean and tender
She was startled when Mr Grace came into her room. She had heard his slow approaching footsteps as he climbed the stairs and sat on the end of her bed half fearful and yet half hopeful. Fearful lest he should call out to her and hopeful that he would not. She clutched the white vest to her body so that her shapely young breasts were hidden from prying eyes. She certainly had not expected him to simply walk in without at least knocking on the door. She could have protested but the events that morning when he had raised line upon line across her bared bottom persuaded her to make no such protest. He could find enough excuses and reasons to thrash her bottom without her giving him anymore. She was still in a quandary as to why she did not attempt to stop him once he came on as the strong man that he was; she seemed to lose her defence mechanism completely and her whole being reacted to being a passive, obedient young lady. Although she also wriggled and writhed when he was spanking her bottom, she still had not deliberately tried to jump out of the way, and she felt that this was because he would be able to thrash her even harder and more often.
‘You cannot bathe with that on,’ he told her gruffly and snatched the vest from her to leave her delightful titties exposed once more.
She stood up reluctantly when he told her to, and her eyes never once left that thin swishy cane that had become a regular part of his habit to carry. She stood awkwardly before him, her tight-fitting knickers a precarious garment and the only one that she wore right now. Once again she discovered her cheeks flushing very red as he eased the knickers down her thighs so that he was able to see the fluffy hair thatch fully exposed before his very eyes. She knew he had seen it on several occasions now, and he also reminded her that what lay between her thighs would not be available for young men and dirty-minded boys, but it still made her want to shrink away as his hands once again ran up and down her thighs inside and at the back so that the soft lips between her legs which he said would not be available was soon responding to warm dampness and tingling thrills. She felt that she should not be responding like this to Mr Grace, but she dare not utter one word or sound of complaint.
‘Been doing this to yourself have you?’ she nearly jumped when his fingers rudely went straight to the puffy lips of her sex.
‘Nooo… oh noooo…’ she gasped at the onslaught on her pussy.
‘Are you telling me not to do this?’ his barking commanding voice asked.
‘No… no, I am not Mr Grace,’ she hastily assured him.
She would dearly have loved to tell him to get his hands from her quim, but that was unthinkable right now. Especially as he had the cane resting on the bed next to him, and not only that, there was something rather nice about the thrills rippling through her.
She was standing now with her hands on her head and without realising it, she was pushing her pelvis towards his inspecting hands. Ann was very excited despite her display of reluctance.
‘And are you telling me that you have not done what all girls do to yourself?’ he repeated the question.
‘Only a few times,’ she moaned in a renewed state of confusion.
‘When was the last time?’
‘I…I can’t remember,’ she lied blatantly.
‘Into the bathroom,’ he gave her rounded bottom a few spanks as she hastily moved forward away from him.
He watched her as she bent over to prepare the bath. The rounded cheeks looked even more provocative as she pressed the plug into the plug hole and that spot that he had deliberately excited was easily revealed each time she bent over.
She was kneeling beside the bath now, swishing the water round with her hand to get the bath oils to mix, her tummy pressed on the smooth edge and then she felt a hot flame spread out over her bottom. It had been unexpected and this caused her body to go into many different states of thrusting and wriggling.
‘Aaagggh…’ her mouth responded as the sheer blistering heat of the leather-soled slipper made its mark on her right nate.
‘Stay still,’ he snapped.
‘I can’t, I can’t,’ she wailed helplessly.
‘You can…’ Swipe, ‘You must…’ swipe, ‘And believe me you will,’ swipe, swipe, swipe.
Splatt, Splatt, Splatt.
‘Yeeooo… no….’ her voice raised louder and louder, as her body tried harder and harder to wriggle away from the descending slipper as the sole struck each cheek of her rounded bottom in alternative spanks.
‘Now, young lady, stand up,’ he barked.
Snivelling the copious tears that cascaded down her face, she stood up and he directed her into the warm water of the bath.
‘Face the wall.’
Slowly Ann, still eyeing that dreadful slipper, turned her back to him and he was able to see the full red moons of her bottom.
He soon had her with her hands running up the wall above her head and she was again told to thrust the area for punishment right back. She seemed to have been attuned by now to instant and immediate response, because there appeared to be no hesitation when she did exactly as he had demanded her to do.
The shapely cheeks, perfectly now, eased into the more pronounced posture of being pushed well into curvy rotundness. Her nipples brushed the tiled wall and the coldness seemed to inflate them even more so that the small pinky nipples grew in torrid reaction to the caressing against the tiles. Her titties were taut too with the upward thrust of her hands high above her head.
Another half dozen smacks from the leather-soled slipper had her forgetting the torrid state of her breasts and she once again writhed the stinging nates from side to side and even went into a rapid backwards and forwards movement with her hips as if she could not make up her mind whether she wanted to wriggle from side to side or to thrust them in a piston-like dance to ease the stinging fire now spreading rapidly all over the backside area itself.
She was pleased to adopt the kneeling posture in the water itself but this pleasure was short lived because even that had her bottom perfectly rounded for a further dose of the slipper. She was obliged to dip the hollow of her back and this in turn did wonders to the rounded thrust of her blazing bum.
‘Owweeee…’ she gasped in added pain and even surprise because instead of slippering her again, his hand took up the caressing strokes round and round the cheeks so that he was able to gauge the heat now pulsating out from her hot rear end. She found herself once again unable as ever to prevent her body from easing back further and further as though welcoming the handling of her bottom. The nates separated and so did her knees. She was physically showing him that she was enjoying the touch of his hand especially when it stroked near the warmer slot of her puffy lips, which she could not help but expose to him by the full backward thrust of her bottom.
‘Mmmm… ohhh… yess…’ she slowly let the mewing sounds emit from her mouth.
The inviting sight that she was showing off to him was too good to refuse, so Grace slipped his hand between her thighs and started to finger the full peach of her sex.
‘Aaaaa… ohhhh… please… yes, yes,’ she just could not help herself from moaning in pure passion heat when his thick finger slipped all the way into the tight sucking tube of her orifice.
‘You do remember doing this to yourself, don’t you?’
‘Yes… yes, I do. Not inside though,’ she choked helplessly.
‘You played with yourself recently didn’t you?’
‘Yes Mr Grace,’ she responded, way out of her depth now and her whole mind had been transported to the high state of erotica.
‘When did you last play with yourself?’
‘Three nights ago, she admitted shamefully.
‘And when before that?’
‘Last week,’ she choked as she felt the resulting heat of her sex slowly increasing in temperature.
‘And you do it often don’t you?’
‘Yes, yes, yes. But I never feel as nice as I do now,’ she was virtually pleading with him not to stop.
‘Now admit that you have been a naughty young lady.’
‘I have. I’m sorry I have been so naughty,’ she choked.
‘And you also know what must happen to naughty young ladies don’t you?’ he added a further nail into the coffin of her dignity and modesty.
‘Yes, Mr Grace… they must be punished… on their naughty bottoms,’ she choked as the sensations in her quim grew to that indescribably beautiful pitch.
‘So what must happen to you?’ he finally got her to admit it.
‘I must be punished on my naughty bottom,’ she groaned.
He was delighted with the manner in which she had admitted her naughtiness, and also the correcting method which she would accept. The slipper made her howl and she wanted to be able to keep still but it was impossible. Bending, standing, kneeling, she took the leathering and only yelled with the burning sensation of pain. All the time, the heat seemed to travel from the spot from where the slipper landed and then generated towards the lips of her sex… it was all a crazy mix up of passion, pain and pleasure and her heightened erotic reaction had her thrusting back more times than she was trying to move away from the descending slipper.
The bathing scene was something else again, because as she stood there sobbing lightly in the aftermath of her tanning, he did not trust her to clean herself properly and decided to assist this important hygienic act. He used no clothes though and his hands diligently applied themselves to ensuring the thorough cleanliness of the whole of her anatomy. He used the shower head to rinse the suds from her torso and when she had dried, talcum-powdered and cosmetically arranged herself for the night, he insisted on feeling her to ensure that she was properly dried.
After cocoa and biscuits, she was back in the bedroom where it all started. He had deliberately left the cane there and now she was once more eying the thin whippy stick. Her bottom was throbbing still although she had to admit that the burning sting that was always an immediate aftermath of being punished on the bum, had subsided now and it was indeed only a throbbing ache.
‘Are you going to cane me again?’ her eyes widened as she saw him pick up the stick.
‘Most certainly, we are not going to resort to half measures,’ he told her as she stood before him.
She was undressed, except for her vest, as she placed herself on the edge of the bed and recollected that this was where it all started.
‘Thrust,’ he told her.
Her immediate reaction again reminded him of her new adopted role and how she was prepared to adapt to it.
The bare cheeks pushed up, and they were still showing the red blotched marks of her bathroom discipline. Her hands gripped the bedclothes.
Swiiissh… thwack… a low muffled sound came from the point where her mouth was thrust into the bedclothes.
Again and again that now familiar sound of thin wood racing through space to end with a distinct sound of smooth rounded fleshy cheeks receiving that cane, and the final muffled noise of the body reacting to the pain-filling bottom.
Grace’s eyes bore witness to how twin up-thrust cheeks were able to wriggle most attractively and also give him the full exposed view of the delightful soft lips that lay between her thighs and immediately beneath the wriggling nates themselves.
She was once again on her back, her legs thrust high into the air… and with him holding the ankles, he was able to direct that they stayed there as his hand brought the cane down time and time again onto the thrusting area of her lower bottom cheeks just where the crease expresses the point where the nates join the thighs…
She lay there sobbing softly, her eyes watching the shadowy movements in the half light of the darkened room. She saw his garments being divested one by one and as he pulled the clothes back to lay his own body next to her still-naked torso, Ann slowly opened her thighs as she lay fully stretched on her back.
Tomorrow was another day, she reasoned.

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  1. Well done MR Grace should be how all youngsters are treated