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Friday, 30 March 2018

Spankers Gallery – Julie

From Roué 26
Frightened, tearful soft thighs twitching,
trembling hands between her knees,
Pushing skirt folds even deeper,
Pressing hard in case she pees.
Julie’s waiting for a spanking,
Sitting there outside his room,
Poor scared Julie sitting, squirming,
Waiting for the crack of doom.
Through the closed door of his study,
Come the gasps and sudden squeals,
Crisp hard smacks on Susan’s botty,
Making Susan kick her heels.
Julie winces at the wailing,
Softly wriggling chubby bum,
Thinks of Susan, long legs flailing,
Tight against Headmaster’s tum.
Now there’s only Susan’s sobbing,
Teacher’s hand has ceased to smack,
Julie thinks of Sue’s sore bottom,
And her nerve begins to crack.
Fingers fumble at the door jamb,
Key’s inserted, door lock clicks,
Winsome teenaged pretty Julie,
Eases crotch of tight brief knicks.
Oak door opens, out comes Susan,
Hot flushed cheeks all wet with tears,
Rubbing smarting crimson buttocks,
Adding fuel to Julie’s fears.
‘Y-you’re-t-to-go-in-n-now.’ sobs Susan,
Rubbing eyes and tear-stained face,
‘H-hur-ry now don’t keep him w-aiting,
He wants you to take my place.’
Nervous Julie turns door handle,
Opens door and inside creeps,
Frightened of her strict Headmaster,
Lowers eyes and sadly weeps.
Door locked quickly, teacher takes her,
To a chair and then sits down,
Spreads his knees wide then bends Julie,
Over lap and over gown.
Gym-slip lifted, pulled up waist-slip,
Fingers hooked in knicker waist,
Shameful striptease for his pleasure,
Partial undress to his taste.
Schoolgirl knickers hips descending,
Slowly peeled down lissome thighs,
Pert cream buttocks quite denuded,
All exposed to gloating eyes.
Julie feels his hands upon her,
Clenches fists and starts to sob,
Buttocks fondled, legs wide parted,
Hot male hands enjoy the job.
Fresh sweet schoolgirl, such a picture,
Golden hair and sky-blue eyes,
Stripped half-naked at his mercy,
Bared young bottom, chubby thighs.
Teachers have this frightful duty,
Naughty girls to soundly spank,
Hard male palms on rounded bottoms,
Teachers love it! Let’s be frank!
Though he ought to only spank her,
Teacher likes to feel her bum,
Likes to feel her squirm and wriggle,
On the ridge beneath her tum.
Claw-like fingers fondle bottom,
Probing pats across cool cheeks,
Inside thighs and ever bolder,
Index finger cherry seeks.
Julie hates such bold intrusions,
But what is a girl to do?
Hopeless to defy your teacher,
If he wants his way with you.
Julie’s cherry tickled gently,
Julie’s eyes go wide with fright,
Tries her best to curb her feelings,
Nips her thighs and buttocks tight.
Teacher’s finger goes on rubbing,
Parting Julie’s peachy lips,
Tough she hates it, shameless schoolgirl,
Up and down his finger slips.
Girlish bud all pink and turgid,
Clenching thighs and wiggling bum,
Wild exciting funny feelings,
Tremulous in Julie’s tum.
But her dreams are rudely shattered,
(Teachers are such horrid chaps),
Just when Julie’s feeling super,
On her bum land stinging slaps.
Sudden squeals from winsome schoolgirl,
Echo round the little room,
Now at last sweet Julie’s meeting,
Hand of fate and time of doom.
Weeping schoolgirl, happy teacher,
Smacked red bum in strict male hands,
Twisting thighs and leaping bottom,
Tears and sobs as each smack lands.
Crisp hard smacks keep Julie crying,
Teachers hand her bottom stings,
Bottom red and buttocks wriggling,
With gasps and squeals the study rings.
Julie lies there hot and trembly,
Burning tears salt-stain her eyes,
Sobbing ebbing to a whimper,
Funny feeling front of thighs.
Just like Susan, Julie closely,
Presses down on Teachers tum,
Wiggles well-spanked bouncy buttocks,
Finds the movement makes her come.
Tingling schoolgirl, just turned sixteen,
Blushes pink with waves of shame,
Feels her legs and thighs turn rigid,
Tummy taut and thighs aflame.
Naughty Julie hopes Headmaster,
Hasn’t noticed what took place,
‘Please don’t let him feel me trembling,
Or the blushing on my face.
Soon she’s standing on the carpet,
Fumbling up her slipped down knicks,
Tugs them up above her pubis,
Fair damp curls give Teacher kicks.
Sweet fair schoolgirl bites her knuckles,
As the Teacher helps her dress.
Hot hands fumbling under gym-slip,
Hand-cupped buttocks cause distress.
One last feel around her bottom,
Sore red cheeks that throb and glow,
Now at last her spanking’s over,
Sadly Teacher lets her go.
Teacher takes her to the oak door,
Turns the key and lets her out,
Susan’s waiting sitting wriggling,
On sore bottom there’s no doubt.
Both girls tell the lurid details,
Recount stories smack by smack,
Tell of bottom stinging spanking,
But… they keep the best bits back.
Susan felt the same as Julie,
Too ashamed to tell her friend,
Blushing Julie tells her story,
Not what happened at the end.
Both agree to keep their secrets,
Hide their smackings from their mums,
Tell them they’d been in detention,
Fib about their hard spanked bums.
Dark-haired Susan, fair-haired Julie,
Soon forget how much they cried.
Whilst the Head in chair reclining,
Knows they all were satisfied.


  1. I wasn't usually a fan of attempts to put spanking fantasies into verse but this one mostly works and I find it arousing as someone who loves schoolgirl otk scenarios. Just my cup of tea.

  2. Oh yes, this one really hit the spot for me!