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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Secrets of the Basement

From Blushes 90
Marcia Summers looked with pleasure at the latest additions to her collection of prints. Eight-by-ten colour glossies, the set shows two girls, one a pretty brunette of perhaps 18 and the other somewhat older, mid-twenties, also very attractive with shoulder-length golden auburn hair. The younger girl is wearing only regulation sexy black underwear with nylons and spiky black heels. The other one has on a skimpy shiny black lycra outfit which leaves her stiff-nippled tits bare, plus also black nylons and spiky heels. This second girl in most of the shots is holding a cane, and using it.
The younger girl is getting the cane mostly on her full round bottom, with her brief black knickers yanked down to expose her full-mooned rear for this purpose. (In one or two of the shots the caning is across the backs of her thighs with the knickers up.) She looks to be in some distress and is clearly in tears in some of the photos. There are angry red stripes across her succulent bottom and thighs. The action is taking place in an undecorated basement or garage.
Marcia, sitting on the sofa in her lounge, was looking at the pictures with pleasure and indeed some excitement because they portrayed herself, with her latest acquisition. The pretty brunette was called Lisa Bronley and she had only recently started work for Marcia — and had even more recently been introduced to the pleasures, such as they were, of female submission. Marcia gave a little sigh. One hand slipped down to stroke her pussy. The pictures were very good. Some of the best she had ever taken with that discreet camera rigged up in her basement.
Yes Lisa had been a real delight. In distress of course when the cane was whipping into her so tender flesh… and that distress had been hugely exciting for Marcia. And afterwards, when the caning had finally finished, the lovely girl had been correspondingly grateful and appreciative. All-in-all it had been a marvellous evening. Lisa had been very, very good.
Marcia looked up, to the carriage clock on her mantelpiece. It showed 7.12. Was there time? Her hand was stroking at her pussy still. She would like to do it properly. Bring herself off in a nice leisurely manner. Come once… and then probably a second… and a third time. Reliving that wonderful experience with her photographic record. And then perhaps call Lisa up. Talk to her about it. Ask her what she was doing. Was she perhaps sitting quietly playing with herself? And if not Marcia could order her to do so. Tell her to take her knickers off and start. And tell her also that they were going to have another session with the cane very soon.
Yes that would be marvellous, but Marcia unfortunately had a visitor due shortly. A Mr Stefan Laurent. Mr Laurent wasn’t welcome, not really, not at all — but Marcia was nonetheless required to show him a warm and friendly welcome. Because Stefan Laurent was a wealthy man who provided financial backing for Marcia’s feminist publishing venture Pride Press. Without this input the business could not at present hope to remain viable, so Mr Laurent’s backing was extremely welcome — but not he himself. Because there was a price to pay. He had a taste for pretty young women — such as were to be found employed as subeditors or researchers by Pride Press. But these young women were recruited by Marcia because she fancied them herself and it could be sickening to think of one of them in the lecherous clutches of Stefan Laurent.
The other sickening thing of course was that Mr Laurent fancied Marcia as well. And he could make demands which Marcia found extremely distasteful, but nonetheless had to comply with.
Stefan Laurent was coming round this evening at 7.30, to discuss a promotional matter, so there was really no time at all for Marcia’s private pleasures. She would much rather have spent a restful evening with a bottle of wine and her photo collection. Even better of course would be an evening with one of the lovely girls, which the photo sets portrayed, in the flesh. But those pleasures could not be enjoyed this evening.
Instead it had to be Mr Laurent, who would without much doubt want some service from Marcia. He might want her to suck him, or perhaps engage in penetrative sex. Or he might indeed wish to use the cane on Marcia. This last would be in some respects the worst of all. It was one of Marcia’s greatest pleasures to cane a shapely 18 or 19-year-old lovely, but having to submit herself to the same treatment, and by a man, could make her feel really sick.
But even the nastiness of having to take the cane was preferable to the thought of Stefan Laurent having his way with one of Marcia’s favourite girls. Lovely Lisa, or the new girl Julie Holway. Julie was a stunning blonde who had only just started work for Marcia, so she hadn’t yet had the opportunity to sample the lovely 18-year-old herself. Marcia intended to of course, at the very earliest opportunity. But Stefan…
Marcia reluctantly took her hand from between her thighs and got to her feet. Mr Laurent unfortunately had to be entertained. She locked away her photographs and wished she could lock away the real live Lisa and Julia in the same way. She did her very best to keep him in ignorance of the existence of her favourites. Once they were no longer her favourites, because one’s interest could wane, then Mr Laurent getting at them was no longer so heart-rending. Although Marcia could not imagine at the moment ever losing interest in Lisa. Or that new Julie.
Stefan Laurent was in a most sickeningly demanding mood. It was one of those really dreadful evenings when he wanted the lot. First of all he made Marcia kneel down between his pudgy thighs (at 45 he was considerably overweight) and suck him to orgasm — and he extorted full satisfaction by firmly holding her head and coming in her mouth. That on some of his visits might have been enough — a lot more than enough as far as Marcia was concerned — but not this evening. After a break for recovery he wanted more.
The cane first to get himself properly aroused. Marcia was made to take off her knickers and get her full black skirt up round her waist. Bend herself over the arm of the sofa… And then the as always devastating experience of receiving the cane which she so loved to whip in across the lissom backsides of Lisa etc. Marcia’s unwelcome visitor whipped her shapely rear six times with it. He would no doubt have given her more but by the fourth she was already frantically (and humiliatingly) crying out for him to stop.
So Stefan Laurent did stop at six. He was anyway by this time fully erect again, with the heady stimulus of Marcia’s writhing and jerking red-striped bottom, and her desperate cries. Getting his penis erect again was the object of the exercise and he now proceeded with the next stage of his pleasure. Which was to take Marcia sexually in that same position he had used for the caning, her head down in the sofa’s seat and her bottom raised over its arm.
Yes Marcia was really gutted by the time the ordeal was finally over and he had left. She poured herself a stiff drink and then, with a desperate need to scrub herself clean, took a long bath. To blank out the dreadful memory she naturally turned her thoughts to her lovely Lisa. She needed to have Lisa again and soon. Tomorrow evening perhaps?
But there was Julie too. She was going to go to work on Julie right away. Julie was young and innocent. Marcia was pretty sure of the latter which was just how she liked them. This meant, though, that she would not have had any experience of what she was going to get. So she would need careful handling. When was the earliest that Marcia could realistically expect to get Julie down in the basement? For a really proper session.
Marcia felt an intense urge to do it with Julie immediately. To be doing it right now. But… next week…?
She got out of the hot water and rubbed herself dry. Sitting on the edge of the bath Marcia poured herself another reviving gin, then oiled and scented her body. She was feeling a little better now. Standing she put more oil between her legs and slid her fingers in her pussy. Her fingers stroked her swollen clit, as she thought of lovely Julie. Julie in the basement, with her lovely bottom bare… Yes.
Marcia brought herself off. It was another stage in getting over her awful experience. She did feel a lot better now. But then the good feeling was spoilt by a nasty thought. A really nasty thought. The thought that somehow Stefan Laurent might discover her photos, and her basement. And get his hands on the lovely Lisa and Julie.
Just before he left Stefan had asked Marcia about her assistants. Had she got anyone new recently? Anyone nice? A laughing but at the same time possibly probing request. She had said no, no one special.
Marcia’s fears were well founded though. Stefan Laurent was in fact already in possession of certain critical information, from a girl called Karen who had excited Marcia’s interest some months earlier. Marcia had unfortunately failed to take proper account of the possibility that girls she had used as playmates and then lost interest in might bear a grudge. Her lecherous backer was already aware of her interest in girls and what she liked to do to them. Now from Karen he learnt about the basement where Marcia enjoyed her pleasures. His first thought was to ask Marcia to show him down there right away. It would be a big turn-on to give Marcia a caning in her own pleasure den, using one of the trestles or wall bars which apparently she liked to employ when caning or whipping girls. And then of course give her a vigorous screwing to complete his pleasure.
But on further thought he decided to keep this knowledge to himself for the moment. Because there was something even nicer to contemplate. Blonde Karen was no longer Marcia’s favourite, therefore there must be someone else. Marcia had denied having any attractive new girls but he didn’t believe that. She was probably breaking in another lovely assistant — and just as Marcia had feared, the thought of getting that new girl was a really, really big turn-on for Stefan Laurent.
Karen said she didn’t know — but thought it wouldn’t be too difficult to find out. It wasn’t. She reported back that there was a brunette called Lisa who had been with Marcia for a few months now. She was the right age, about 19, and according to Karen’s source very attractive. And there was another one too! A lovely blonde fresh from school called Julie.
Two for the price of one perhaps! Stefan told Karen she had done so well she really didn’t deserve the caning he regularly dished out when he met her. She didn’t deserve it — but she was going to have it anyway as Stefan Laurent, like Marcia, was extremely keen on using the cane and he hated missing a session. So Karen got her caning as usual followed by, also as usual at these sessions, being required to suck Stefan off. But he was properly appreciative and there was a nice little cash present to sweeten things.
Stefan Laurent could hardly wait for his next visit to Marcia.
Marcia found out two days later. A visit from her benefactor which as usual she did not welcome but managed to put on a show of doing so. Somehow she had a feeling it was going to be another unpleasant visit. This feeling was borne out when right away Mr Laurent indicated he wanted Marcia to suck him. She really didn’t like doing that.
When his quivering prick was nicely in Marcia’s mouth Stefan delivered his bombshell. He murmured that he believed she hadn’t been entirely honest with him. Marcia had said she had no nice new girls… when in fact he understood she had two.
The nasty shock caused Marcia to think she was going to choke on his big penis. She automatically tried to get it out of her mouth but Stefan held her head firmly in position.
‘Yes. The lovely Lisa and the equally lovely Julie. Isn’t that right Marcia dear? It seems you haven’t been at all honest with me.’
Stefan said silkily, ‘That wasn’t at all friendly, my dear.’ He gave a little grunt of pleasure. He usually took a little while in Marcia’s mouth but now with the sense of having her on the rack he could feel he was already close to coming. He gripped her head tighter. Marcia was still struggling weakly, wanting to get away.
‘No… not… at all…’ he gasped. Spurting now. Gripping her head and filling her mouth.
He finally withdrew, but kept hold of Marcia’s head, clamping her mouth shut. ‘Swallow it down, he told her, eyes glittering. ‘And then we must have a little talk.’
After reluctantly swallowing Marcia got shakily up off her knees. She was feeling really sick. She usually felt nauseous after having him come in her mouth but today there was this bombshell as well. She wanted to go to the bathroom and wash her mouth out. But Stefan Laurent wanted a drink… and was then telling her to sit down, next to him on the settee.
Marcia knew what he was going to want of course. One or other of the girls. Quite possibly both. She tried desperately to think of a way out but in its shocked state her mind wasn’t working very well. And in any case the truth was that there wasn’t a way out. Stefan Laurent held all the cards. As he spelled out.
‘What I should do Marcia is cut off your funding. All of it. And in any case with this recession things are very difficult. I’m needing to cut back wherever I can. You must understand that.’
Marcia gave a desperate whimper. If Stefan stopped backing her the press would fold immediately. And if it came to that… she had no real choice. No choice at all. Marcia felt close to tears. As Stefan now confirmed what he wanted as the price for continuing to back her.
‘I have heard that those girls might both be quite exquisite. So all I want is a little go… with both. That’s not a lot to ask between friends is it? And we do want to stay friends.’
But first of all Stefan Laurent wanted something right away. He wanted Marcia to take him down to this basement. That secret den where she liked to take her pleasure with her girls. It was very remiss of Marcia not to have shown him that secret hideaway before. She hadn’t been friendly at all. Had she? Well now he wanted her to put on that fem-dom gear and take him down there. Her tight little lycra dress… Black nylons and spiky heels.
Yes. And naturally the cane too. They were certainly going to need the cane. Stefan was getting tumescent again. He reached for Marcia’s hand for her to feel it now bulging out the crotch of his trousers. Yes he was more than ready for it.
And Marcia knew that now for the first time in her sexy gear she would be on the receiving end of her whippy cane. But that wasn’t what was really occupying her mind. She could probably take it if she had to. What she didn’t think she could take was the other. Lisa… and Julie.
But she was going to have to take that too.
Marcia is in the basement with Julie. Down here in her secret hideaway for the very first time with this delicious 18-year-old. This sweet and lovely blonde whom Marcia has lusted for ever since first setting eyes on her. Lovely Julie is stripped mouth-wateringly down to brief sexy black undies. A skimpy low-slung bra and ultra-brief knickers. With matching black suspender belt and sheer black nylons. Black spiky-heeled pumps. Yes Julie is stripped down to this ravishing gear, and is looking decidedly scared.
For one thing this place itself is extremely scary. The walls are prison-like, of bare unplastered grey blocks. And dangling at various points from the ceiling are frightening looking chains whose grim purpose one would perhaps rather not guess at. There are wall bars too, and a rough wooden trestle — which to the apprehensive visitor can be imagined being put to fiendish purposes. But most of all… there is Marcia Summers.
Because Marcia in her skimpy black Lycra les-dom outfit, with her tits bare, is holding a fearsome looking cane!
Is Marcia looking excited? Yes of course. It is after all her first time with Julie. Yes, but there is also something else. Some other thing which is taking the gilt off this very special experience for Marcia, so that it is not at all the unalloyed pleasure it would otherwise be.
That something is the knowledge that Stefan Laurent is here. Here in the basement. Watching.
He is hidden in that alcove by the stairs, which is in dark shadow. So he can’t be seen, not by Julie or for that matter by Marcia. The difference is that Marcia knows he is there. Julie does not. She has no idea. All Julie knows is that she has been brought down here by Marcia for an experience that will blow her mind. That is exactly the expression Marcia has used.
Julie’s relationship with her boss has now taken a sudden and mind-blowing turn. Two days ago she was invited to Marcia’s flat. She was plied with drinks… and then was unable to resist the older woman’s breath-taking advances. And now… this. This scary basement. The sexy undies. Julie has again had several gin-and-tonics. And now there is to come this experience that will blow her mind. Julie can guess now what it is to be. Marcia has that cane. That is it! She is going to be caned!
Yes. Julie is going to get it. But Marcia is going to hate doing it. It is going to be like some kind of fiendish torture for her. With the knowledge that hateful Stefan Laurent is watching her every action. His lustful eyes devouring each stroke that Marcia lays into Julie’s sweet bottom. Now there will be no pleasure for Marcia in it. Quite the reverse.
And then, when he has seen enough, Stefan has told her what he plans to do then. His big surprise, for Julie at least. He is going to come out of that corner. Perhaps with a big grin on his face. Giving poor Julie the shock of her life probably. And then… he intends to use the cane himself. On both of them. Herself and Julie. Turn and turn about, each time with the other having to watch.
And after that… although Stefan didn’t actually spell it out he made it pretty clear. As a final turn-on for himself he will want the other. He plans to fuck them both.
Trying to drive the thought of her tormentor out of her mind, Marcia tells Julie to get over the trestle. Stretch herself over it and spread her legs, with her spiky heels hooked inside the lower cross-piece. She tells herself not to think of the dreadful Stefan and what is soon to happen. Just… go through her normal pleasures. She yanks Julie’s brief knickers up into the cleft of her bottom.
The other thing of course is Lisa. This sickening rigmarole is planned for Lisa as well, the day after tomorrow. Lisa also knows nothing of Mr Laurent. But shortly she will and with a vengeance. That is another matter though. No one is thinking of Lisa right now. Right now all thoughts are on Julie.
She lets out a piercing yelp as the first stroke of the cane cuts into her soft and yielding bottom-flesh. Her ripe buttocks squirm and clench in a highly arousing manner.
Marcia bites her lip… Stefan in his hidden corner strokes his turgid penis.

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