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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Problems With Knickers

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.10
Karen Winford sitting waiting in Room 6A looked apprehensive but not what you would call really scared. Room 6A was a kind of anteroom to Mr Bradley’s office and was where girls were required to wait when they had an appointment with the Head. It was usually full to overflowing with books and papers, and today was no exception, every surface piled high except the chair which was currently supporting Karen’s round bottom.
Karen’s bottom was in fact the cause of that look of moderate apprehension. Pert, blonde Karen, a member of Lower Sixth B, had been sent to Mr Bradley for failing to produce her English essay on time. It was now several days late and Mr Prescott had finally lost patience with her. She had only been at the school a few months, with her parents transferring to the area, and probably Mr Prescott thought she needed a reminder of what was required at Highview School. Well, maybe she was used to a more lax regime at her other place.
In any event a visit to the Head in these circumstances could involve unpleasantness for the visitor. Quite possibly the strap. Or even the cane. Either one applied to the culprit’s posterior. Karen knew this, she had been informed on the grapevine. Hence that look of apprehension. Well, no one likes the prospect of being strapped — or caned! — on the bottom.
But Karen wasn’t really, really scared. The strap had been used at her other school, and Karen had twice been on the receiving end of it. But there had been a way of dealing with the hazard at St Jude’s, or at least of lessening its full impact. What you did was put on an extra pair of knickers. Or even two extra pairs! No one was going to be any the wiser. Well, the master involved wasn’t going to make a detailed inspection of your knickers, was he? So he wasn’t going to find out. Having your bottom strapped when you were wearing three pairs of knickers, one on top of the other, wasn’t really painful at all. Just a sort of glowing feeling. And if the truth were told the whole business was rather exciting…
Karen, demure in her white blouse and red tie, navy pleated skirt and white knee socks, had three pairs of knickers on now. She hadn’t discussed the matter with anyone, beyond learning that she could expect the strap. She had just gone on her St Jude’s experience. And she was ready. A little apprehensive. Well, of course, naturally. But not scared. No cringing fears of the searing bite of heavy leather. Because it wasn’t going to be like that…
Four o’clock he had said, right after the last afternoon class, and he was only a few minutes late when he came striding in. Karen bit her lip. Mr Bradley was a big man, bulky in his academic gown. No doubt with a powerful arm! She could imagine how painful a strapping from him could be if a girl hadn’t taken precautions! She got to her feet feeling a hot tremor of excitement.
‘Hello! Karen isn’t it? Karen Winford?’
‘Yes sir,’ forcing a nervous smile.
Mr Bradley started on about what the school expected of Sixth Formers; the need to have work in on time, etc. Quite a lot like that. Then finally: ‘Anyway Mr Prescott tells me he’s warned you more than once, miss. So I think we need something else. Don’t you? The strap. Across your bottom. Does that sound reasonable?’
Karen wanted to say boldly, ‘No sir. Not at all.’ But instead gave a mumbled sound of reluctant acceptance.
‘Speak more clearly. Right. OK then. I want you kneeling on the chair facing the back. Alright? So take your knickers down please and get up there.’
‘Wh…What…?’ she stuttered. She couldn’t have heard right.
‘I said take your knickers down and get up on the chair. Come on, quickly!’
Yes. She had heard right. Oh Christ! But he couldn’t! He meant on her bare bottom. No one was ever strapped at St Jude’s on the bare bottom. It was across the knickers. Two or three pairs usually but the master didn’t know that! Now…
She should have checked of course. A quiet word to someone. Because maybe here at Highview Mr Bradley always strapped a girl’s bare bottom…
‘I… uh…’ What could she do! Probably it would have been best to quickly slip down all three pairs together, and hope Mr Bradley didn’t notice. And just accept the awful punishment of having her bare bottom strapped. But, in a panic, Karen just worked the top pair down.
‘Good,’ Mr Bradley said off-handedly. As a pair of navy knickers appeared below Karen’s skirt. But then, in a more or less automatic manner, he slid his hand up under her skirt. Up the back. Maybe he just always liked to feel a girl’s bare bottom before starting to dish out her punishment. But what Mr Bradley’s hand encountered was not bare bottom — it was another pair of knickers!
He made sounds of surprise at what his hand had discovered. Karen tried to squirm her guilty bottom away.
‘Wha… What…’ Mr Bradley sounded apoplectic. ‘What do you think you’re playing at, miss!’ he finally managed. He had stood back now, confronting her.
‘Sorry sir. I… uh…’
‘How many pairs of knickers have you got on?’
‘Uh… three sir.’
‘Sorry sir. I mean, we did it at my other school sir.’
‘Lift your skirt up. And then take them down. One by one…’
‘Er… yes sir.’ Red-faced she did it. Lifted her skirt up round her waist. Then slid down the other knickers. A white pair. Another navy pair underneath. And then at Mr Bradley’s indication lifted her skirt again, back up round her waist. To reveal now her bare bottom — and at the front the dark-blonde bush of her pussy.
Mr Bradley came close. His hand took hold of Karen’s bare bottom.
‘You did it at your other school. Was it allowed?’
‘Uh… no sir.’ She was shaking. ‘No… no it wasn’t actually, sir.’
‘You were cheating then.’ Mr Bradley’s hand gave her bare bottom a brisk smack. ‘You were cheating on your punishment.’ The hand intimately cupped the cheek of Karen’s quivering bum. ‘And you were attempting to cheat here, on the strapping I was to give you.’ There was another sharp smack at her bum. ‘I don’t think much of cheating at my school, Miss. I shall want to talk about that. But first of all we will have the strapping as planned. Get up on the chair.’
Karen gulped. It was still a bit difficult for her mind to grasp. She was going to get it on the bare! Could she plead with him? Beg! But it was evident from Mr Bradley’s hard-eyed look that this wouldn’t work. Especially after what she had done. Attempting to cheat Mr Bradley’s strap! A major crime it seemed!
She hesitated, and then went to the chair. Climbing onto the seat. He wanted her kneeling on it, leaning over the back, her arms in amongst the pile of books on the table. It was a position that would thrust her ripe bottom out…
Mr Bradley turned her skirt up over her back. His hand fondled Karen’s quivering bare bottom.
‘Normally I would have been rather easy on you, Miss. As it’s your first time. But in view of events that will not be the case. You will be getting a good hard thrashing…’
No!’ she yelped. ‘No!! Please sir…
The broad leather strap had cut in across the fullest curve of her bottom. The pain was excruciating, like nothing she had ever felt before. Her body automatically straightened up…
This time it sliced into the top of her thigh just above the highest pair of lowered knickers. Again a killing pain!
‘Get back in position, Miss!’
Mr Bradley’s hand gripping one of her wrists. He twisted it painfully behind her, forcing her down over the back of the chair again.
‘Let’s have some discipline here!’
And then that dreadful strap again.
She heard her desperate yell. The pain in her arm held tight behind her back but most of all the fierce hot sting in her bottom. Well, her bottom and that one across the soft flesh of her under-thigh. This third had gone across the fullness of her bum again.
Oh Jesus Christ!!
She couldn’t take any more!!
But it wasn’t stopping!
Walking home Karen was close to tears. Her poor bum! It still felt red hot! Well almost red hot. Maybe the stinging pain had eased just a bit now. But really it had been quite devastating. And back in Room 6A she had not been just close to tears, there had been actual ones. When Mr Bradley finally finished and let her get down off that chair. There had been wet tears sliding down her face. Just like a little kid.
Thinking about it did make her feel like bursting into tears again right now…
Karen was walking though normally she took the bus. She had missed her regular one of course but there were others. But she had chosen to walk. Even though it was quite a way to her house. The reason she was walking… was because she didn’t have any knickers on…
Mr Bradley had confiscated them. All three pairs. And sent her on her way bare-bottomed under her skirt. Lifting her skirt and giving her bare bottom a final smack with his hand…
How could he do that! Take her knickers! But he had. And so she hadn’t wanted to go home on the bus. Sometimes on the bus if you had to stand you got some man feeling your bottom. And, well, with no knickers on… it could clearly be a lot worse. What Karen could imagine was the man realising she had none on… and then sliding his hand up under her skirt..
So she was walking home. With no knickers on.
But that wasn’t all. There was more! Mr Bradley had said that as a punishment for trying to cheat like that… she was to wear no knickers to school for the rest of the week.
She was to come to his office each morning first thing so he could check she was complying with this instruction.
It was only Tuesday now. So there were three more days. Three whole days without knickers…
Wednesday morning. Karen woke up about five o’clock and just lay there thinking about it. Thinking about the awful things that might happen. Starting of course with her bus ride to school. When one of those groping men could slide his hand up her skirt to her bare bottom — or even worse her pussy! And she would have to go on the bus as she always did, there wasn’t time to walk between breakfast and school.
That was the first awful hazard. The next was having to go and see the Head. That would be awful too. He was bound to do something awful. And after that… but Karen would rather not think beyond that. Well, there were just so many awful possibilities when you had no knickers on. Beginning with tripping over in front of everyone…
Thankfully the bus ride at least was OK. Today there was no man with serious groping intentions standing right behind Karen. Was that a good omen? She was going to get through the day with nothing really awful happening?
Mr Bradley was pretty awful. Demanding to know if she had obediently complied with his instructions and then not content with her (red-faced) answer that she had. No, he needed to check. So Mr Bradley’s hand went up the back of Karen’s skirt to her bare bottom.
‘Good!’ he told her, helping himself to a nice feel. Then a little laugh. ‘But I’d better double check, eh Miss?’
And Mr Bradley’s hand then went up the front of her skirt. To Karen’s pussy.
So the visit to Mr Bradley wasn’t nice at all. But the rest of the day went OK. Nothing untoward. Until right at the end of afternoon lessons, 4.30 and time to go home. And then just as Karen was packing up her books and trying to decide whether to risk the bus or walk, Mr Prescott came up. Mr Prescott who of course had caused all Karen’s problems by sending her to see Mr Bradley.
Mr Prescott said brightly, ‘Ready to go then!’ As if he wanted to forget all about the fact that he had got Karen a bare-bottom strapping. She of course could not forget and replied with a rather stony-faced, ‘Yes sir.’
But then Mr Prescott said he was going her way and could give her a lift home. Well you did not normally get the offer of a lift from a master (nor want it either). But today it would solve Karen’s little bus dilemma, and also refusing was maybe not a good idea, as he might take it as being unfriendly and could make you suffer for it at some future time. So Karen said, ‘Yes. OK. I mean thank you, sir.’
But he didn’t drop her off at her home right away. Instead they went to Mr Prescott’s place. ‘Why don’t we just have a nice cup of tea,’ he suggested.
They did have a cup of tea but that wasn’t why they had gone to Mr Prescott’s. The reason was that he knew she didn’t have any knickers on. Mr Bradley had told him. And Mr Prescott wanted to get in on the action…
‘Come on!’ Mr Prescott said when they had had the tea.
He wanted her to get over his lap. He said he wanted to check everything was OK after her strapping. ‘Come on! I really feel it’s my duty,’ Mr Prescott said with a leering gleam in his eye.
The dirty sod! But what could she do! Because Mr Prescott said if she didn’t be sensible and co-operate he might have to tell the whole class she was not allowed to wear knickers for the rest of the week. And not just the class, he might mention it to all the other masters in the staff room too!
So Karen had no real choice but to get over his lap. Mr Prescott right away got her skirt up round her waist. To feast his eyes on her bare bottom. And of course his hand quickly getting in the action too! Grabbing and groping. With a few sharp spanks as well when she objected to this.
‘Keep still! I’m just making sure no harm’s been done…’ but what he was doing was feeling her up. Karen’s bottom and then not just her bottom. She yelped as his hand pushed in between her legs…
‘Stop squirming! Mr Bradley could have caught you here with the strap…’
Meaning her pussy. Because it was her pussy Mr Prescott now had his hand on…
There were two more days, Thursday and Friday, to be endured. The morning visits to Mr Bradley and also afternoon visits to Mr Prescott’s place after school. Because, yes, Mr Prescott wanted the same the next two days. ‘A nice cup of tea, Karen?’
And it was the same of course. There was some tea but then there was the other. He had got her all hot and bothered that first afternoon with his hand between her legs. Karen hadn’t really had it before. Men, and boys of course, had now and then attempted a good grope but she had always been able to squirm away or otherwise prevent it. But there was no preventing it when she was over Mr Prescott’s lap with no knickers on. It was pretty awful of course.
Yes, but she discovered something else. The second time and the third especially. Something other girls had said of course but Karen hadn’t wanted to really think about. It was awful but it was also a real turn-on too. She almost came those two times…
And so next week when Mr Prescott said after school, ‘How about a nice cup of tea?’ Karen hesitated but then said, ‘OK then.’
She didn’t have to, not this time. There wasn’t that same threat of telling everyone she had no knickers on. Because now she did have some on. But, well, Karen said OK.
And then when they had had the tea and Mr Prescott said in a jokey sort of way that he wanted her over his lap again, well, she didn’t really object. And she didn’t really object either, although she pretended to, when he started taking her knickers down.
After that she started going round Mr Prescott’s pretty regularly. It meant for one thing that he wasn’t going to be hard on her in class. If she didn’t get her work in on time Mr Prescott wasn’t too bothered. He certainly wasn’t going to send her to Mr Bradley for a bare-bottom caning. Not with what she was letting him do.
Because the thing was that she had come to like it. Those things Mr Prescott did. And after a little bit what he wanted her to do to him. They might be pretty awful things. But they did give a girl a buzz. A really, really hot buzz.

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