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Monday, 26 March 2018

In Fragrante Delicto

From Blushes 17. Also published as “The Treatment” in Uniform Girls 53.
The tear trickled slowly down a soft, young cheek. Jason found it rather touching. It was as if a lemon had been gently squeezed and one drop of juice had emerged. However, Jason was not moved. He was used to tears on these occasions so his resolution was untouched.
‘You know the penalty, Jennifer?’ he asked softly.
The blonde head shook. ‘No… no, not really, sir…’ came the reply. The voice sounded as young as its 16-year-old owner.
‘Oh… I think you do, Jennifer.’ Jason smiled. ‘The other girls would have told you.’
Her cheeks went pink at that. She hesitated. ‘Well, y-yes, sir… but… I wasn’t sure…’ she stopped in mid-sentence.
‘Wasn’t sure whether to believe them or not?’ he enquired helpfully.
‘That’s right, sir.’ Jason nodded.
‘Well, you should have believed them Jennifer,’ he said, ‘and taken heed.’
The girl began to look flustered, if not agitated. He guessed she had not let herself believe the unpleasant truth. Pushed it to one side. Hoped. ‘It… it was the first time, sir,’ she wheedled.
Jason gave a little snort. ‘The first time you were caught, Jennifer,’ he said. She blushed more deeply. Yes, he’d touched her on a raw spot. She’d been playing these little personal games for a long time now, that was for sure! ‘Your House Mistress told me you were actually under a shower at the time. With a bar of soap. Extraordinary.’
Was that a sob? Now she definitely appeared agitated, not knowing where to look. Understandable. Very shaming for a girl of her age to be caught in flagrante delicto, as it were. They liked to keep these little secret pleasures to themselves. I… I’m s-sorry…’ she wailed.
Jason shook his head. ‘Too late for that now,’ he said emphatically. He could see the girl was getting rather desperate. ‘I… I… won’t ever do it again,’ she whispered.
Jason gave her a charitable smile. ‘That’s what they all say,’ he chided. ‘But I know differently. Such a thing must be punished. Before it gets out of hand. One small sin can be followed all too easily by a larger sin. The Church knew that… and, in former days, acted upon it. Why do you think discipline in the Nunneries was so strict?’
A shake of the head, a look of bewilderment. Did she know what he was talking about? Surely. However, she said nothing.
‘This School is a Church Foundation,’ Jason informed her. That is why a considerable number of the Church’s traditions remain. They mortify the flesh and are good for the soul.’ Jason realised he had begun to pontificate, as he customarily did. Still, wasn’t that all part of it? No point in hurrying things. The girl would remember it all the more vividly afterwards. ‘I am afraid, Jennifer,’ he said, ‘I have no alternative but to follow tradition.’
‘P-please, sir… just this once…’
Jason shook his head, but kept his features kindly composed. ‘It is not possible to make exceptions,’ he said. ‘It is not fair on the other pupils. Surely you understand that?’
If she did, she made no reply and Jason thought he heard another sob. A second, single tear trickled down after the first.
You are prepared then, Jennifer, to accept a just punishment?’ he asked almost kindly. ‘As many others have done before you?’ Jason pressed his fingers together and looked judicial. ‘I am afraid it is the only way. As in the case of epidemics, early immunisation is best.’ He could see now, by the look in her eyes, she was accepting defeat. The inevitable which she had tried to eject from her mind. That she must be punished for her sin. She had taken a risk and she had lost. ‘It will not be so bad,’ he said gently. ‘In fact, you’ll feel better after it.’ Jason nodded. ‘Rather like going to Confessional, if you see what I mean.’
He got the impression the girl was not taking too much of this in. Simply trying to bolster her will-power to face what she knew must now come. ‘Th-there’s no… no… other w-way?’ Such a pathetic little voice!
‘No other way,’ he confirmed. Then he swivelled his chair and adopted a more authoritative pose and manner. ‘Come, my girl, let us proceed. Let us proceed with what — in your heart — you know is right. What you deserve for such lustful sinning.’ Her eyes were getting larger. Those innocent eyes… yet not truly innocent. Her cheeks were suffusing once more. It was a time for firmness. ‘Jennifer,’ he said, ‘you will remove your skirt… and your knickers. Then you will come over here and place yourself across my knees. I shall then spank you.’ Jason paused. ‘I may as well tell you,’ he went on, ‘that if you were older… 17 or 18… you would not be simply spanked. You would be caned. So you have something to be thankful for. You are 16 still, I suppose?’
‘I… I’m just 16, sir…’
Ah, very young, he thought. Yes, it was best the girl be checked in her wickedness early. ‘Then you will do as I say,’ Jason continued. ‘I do not want to have to send for your House Mistress — and thus use unnecessary force. These things, in every sense, are best accepted on a voluntary basis.’
Did she care? Or was her mind in such a turmoil that it had no room for anything but the humiliating fact she was going to have to bare herself so intimately before receiving her punishment? Most likely the latter. Those eyes were darting left and right like goldfish in a bowl. ‘Oh… I… I… suppose I m-must…’
‘Yes.’ Jason’s tone was hard and flat. Then he saw the girl burst into tears as she unbelted her skirt and pushed it down. A sylph-like form was revealed. Slim waist, swelling hips, juvenile thighs. Under the skirt there was only a tight-clinging pair of white briefs. Most fetching. Jason stifled a sigh. The preliminaries had always given him the greatest pleasure but actuality was even more rewarding. He watched her move towards him, eyes lowered, still wearing those little briefs. Well, naturally, she would be shy. Sixteen? Only just.
Then she was close alongside him, those tears now running faster. ‘M-must I?’
‘Yes,’ he said. He could see the blonde fuzz under the thinness of those knickers. Yet they were going to come off. One way or another. There had been times when he’d ripped a girl’s knickers off. However, he preferred it if they removed them themselves. He watched contentedly as Jennifer did so. No sooner was the little item down around her ankles than she had covered that delicate fuzz with her hands. ‘Come here,’ he ordered sternly. Then, since she made no move, he seized her by an arm and tugged her forward. Gasping out, she fell across his thighs. Soft and warm. So lightly girlish. Ah… yes! He gripped the slim waist, saw the upthrusting young, bare bottom right before him. Exquisite! He would not be too hard on her at first, he decided. She was so young.
‘Remember. Jennifer,’ he said, ‘this is for your own good.’ She only sobbed more loudly… and Jason began to slap each cheek in turn. Quite gently at first, then gradually harder. The delicate white flesh changed to a pink colour. The girl went on sobbing, but was now gasping too. She thinks this is it, he realised; obviously the girl didn’t understand what a proper spanking was like. Oh the delightful innocence of this young creature!
‘Oh… p-please stop… that… that m-must be enough…’
Jason smiled. ‘I have hardly begun, Jennifer,’ he replied formally. ‘Your pleasure was great, so there must be a balance of pain.’ Jason began to slap that deliciously soft bottom a good deal harder.
‘Oww… ahh stop it… stop it… oowww… it… it’s too h-hard… ooohhh… oooww… oooww…’ What delightful sounds! Jason was entranced by them. Also by the sight of that beautifully rounded bottom bouncing up and down as it received his resounding slaps.
Harder… harder… harder! Now she was really beginning to yell. She had never imagined it would be as bad as this. Poor child… how naive she was!
‘Stoo…ooop… st-stooo…op… no…ooo… more!’
Features set, but mouth rictured in a smile, Jason continued to smack that squirming bottom before him with ever-increasing vigour. The girl deserved it… yes… yes… yes!
When he finally stopped, that single tear had become a flood. The pretty little face was virtually unrecognisable, eyes red with weeping, quivering mouth down-turned. She was truly regretting her natural impulses. ‘Go and stand in the corner, Jennifer,’ he ordered sharply. ‘Hands on top of your head.’ He was pleased to see how quickly the girl moved to obey. Perhaps now, he thought, that she knows what a good spanking feels like, she’ll be far more readily obedient in future.
The jelly-soft reddened bottom wobbled towards the corner. Quite an enchanting sight! Slim hands went on top of the blonde head. There the girl stood, sobbing her heart out.
Jason made a note on the file before him. The traditions of the school had been maintained. Any girl who behaved in that fashion knew what to expect; Jason felt smugly satisfied.
Then he turned his gaze to the quivering bottom in the corner. It was entirely up to him how long he kept the girl there. Perhaps half an hour would suffice.
The zip on that particular pair of trousers was very difficult to operate.
Still, he managed…

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