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Friday, 16 March 2018

Getting Mandy’s Measure

From New Blushes 2.07
Mandy Nicholls stood nervously outside the Headmaster’s door. She had a sort of tingling feeling all over her attractive 17-year-old body and her heart was thumping too. Well it was scary alright! She had been late for school twice in a row and the second time, this morning, her form master Mr Palmer had given her a hard look and written out a note for Mr Soames. Another girl, Emma Mansfield, had giggled and whispered, ‘Lucky you! Mr Soames likes to use the cane!’
Was that Emma just trying to scare her? Mandy had no real idea because she was new here at St Hilda’s; it was just her second week. Maybe she should have been a bit more careful in getting to school on time but it was too late to think that now. Did Mr Soames really use the cane? That thought had been about the only one in her head all day. It was enough to get a girl’s knickers quite wet. And Mandy was afraid hers were! She slid her hand unconsciously down there, to her rather excited pussy. Just a quick and nervous touch of her hand through the short grey St Hilda’s skirt. And then reached out to tentatively knock…
Vernon Soames uttered an authoritarian, ‘Come in.’ He knew who it would be because Sidney Palmer, form master of Lower Sixth C, had alerted him. Yes the new arrival, Mandy Nicholls. Apparently she had been late twice already in just her second week. Perhaps she needed scaring a bit. Well he was very capable of scaring girls. Vernon Soames, 55, was large and solidly built. He could put on a ferocious expression. And also but not least he was prepared to use the cane. Maybe he would use it on young Miss Nicholls. He recalled her as being somewhat fetching…
Mandy rather stumbled in and closed the door behind her. Yes, distinctly fetching one could say. Quite tall and slim, but at the same time with unmistakable bulges thrusting out the front of her grey school jersey. And the short grey skirt contained unmistakably womanly hips. She came nervously forward to stand in front of his desk. Below the short skirt her legs were long and shapely, fetchingly clad in white knee socks above black medium heel pumps. Her face was distinctly appealing too. Framed in shortish blonde hair, it was heart-shaped with full lips and blue eyes. The eyes now had an anxious look.
Vernon Soames put on a stern and authoritarian look and made his voice match as he asked Mandy to explain her behaviour. She stuttered out that she had unfortunately overslept.
‘Indeed Miss! Well I have ways of making girls remember to wake up in the mornings. Including the cane. A nicely caned bottom is a very good reminder I find.’
Mandy’s eyes widened and she unconsciously shifted the weight of her hips from one leg to the other. She could feel her knickers getting wet!
‘Have you ever been caned, Mandy?’
‘Uh…’ She nodded. Flushing. ‘Uh… yes… yes sir.’
‘At your other school?’
‘Yes… yes sir.’
It had been Mr Waitley the Headmaster. Six months ago now. A crystal-clear picture of it appeared in her mind. Mr Waitley in his gown – with underneath a yellow shirt and bow tie. Telling her he would keep her in for a long detention — or she could have the cane and it would be over. Her knickers had been wet then no doubt as she stuttered out the second option, eager not to be kept in as she was seeing that boy Robert. Mr Waitley had made her bend over the stool, and flipped her skirt up over her back…
Afterwards, when he had finished caning her, his hand had briefly fondled her red-hot bottom. ‘Next time, Mandy, it will be with your knickers down. Understand…?’
With your knickers down?’ Mr Soames asked and she shook her head. ‘No sir.’
He was getting up from his desk now. She swallowed nervously. Mr Soames was very large, a lot bigger than Mr Waitley, which made you think it would be that much worse. The thought of him caning you made Mandy’s bottom squirm in her tight knickers.
‘Well I usually like to make a girl take her knickers down. The cane is more effective on a girl’s bare bottom of course. And besides that, girls don’t like having to take their knickers off. Well, not for the cane at least. Isn’t that so?’
Mandy stammered out her agreement. Was it hot in here? She could feel she was sweating.
‘Why don’t you take them off then, Mandy. Your knickers.’
‘What! Wha…what sir…?’
Mr Soames had come round his desk now and his big hand pinched her arm. He growled, ‘You’re not hard of hearing, are you?’ As well as unable to get up in the mornings.’
‘No sir… I… please sir… I don’t want the cane ‘
‘I didn’t ask if you did. Take your knickers off!’
Could she refuse? Mandy didn’t think she could. For one thing Mr Soames was rather overpowering. Overwhelming. You didn’t think you should get into an argument. Oh God! Take her knickers off!! And she knew they were wet, she just knew
Certainly sweating now she reached under the short skirt. Grabbing her knickers… and sliding them down… this was really awful. With Mr Soames just inches away, looming over her. Oh Christ! They were white ones. And they were bound to be wet! Between her legs. It would show, an awful damp patch. She slid them on down her legs. And off, almost falling over as she bent to get the knickers over her shoes. Then quickly crumpling them into a ball in her hand. Straightening up, scarlet-faced. What now…? The cane…
She met Mr Soames’ eyes and quickly looked away. He was standing close in front of her.
‘And did you enjoy it?’ he asked. ‘That other caning.’
‘No! No sir!’ she still had hold of her knickers.
‘Hurt, did it? Sting?’ He was moving round behind her.
‘Yes sir. It did. Awfully…’
Mr Soames’s hand was fiddling with the hem of her skirt. At the back.
‘But you had your knickers on then of course…’
‘Yess…’ she gave a little squeak. The hand was going up the back of her skirt. Up the backs of her bare thighs! Mandy’s legs trembled.
The hand was right up! It was at her bare bottom!  Large spatulate fingers tweaked the nude flesh.
‘Well you certainly won’t like it on the bare, will you?’
She was really shaking now. And getting really wet! She knew she was! Her pussy… it was really wet. Oh Christ!!
The fingers gave one cheek of her bum a painful pinch. She let out a shuddery squeal. Then the hand came away. Mr Soames came round in front of her again.
‘I want you back in school tomorrow. I haven’t got time to cane you now. Tomorrow, at 10 o’clock. In the changing room. OK?’
‘Yes! Yes sir.’ She could still feel his hand on her bum. Jiggling the bare cheeks. And then that pinch… but he wasn’t going to cane her now at least. Tomorrow… tomorrow was Saturday.
‘Take your knickers. But don’t put them on. You can go home like that, without any on. To make you think a bit. And remember 10 o’clock sharp, in your uniform. You can tell your mother where you’re going if you like. And what for. I’ll be very happy to discuss it with her if necessary.’
‘Yes sir. Right…’
He went to open the door. As she passed through his hand slid up the back of her skirt again, for another quick grope at her bare bum. Mandy gave another nervous yelp.
Mandy didn’t mention anything to her mother. She didn’t want her involved. Probably Mr Soames would regard telling her mother as wanting to cause trouble and then he would probably make it even worse for her. So Mandy said nothing. She was in quite an excited state though. For one thing there was the thought that pretty definitely she was going to get the cane tomorrow morning. And the other thing was that she had come home, on the bus, with no knickers on. Her knickers screwed up in her bag and nothing on under her short skirt.
She could have put her knickers back on of course, once she was out of the Head’s office. But she didn’t. Well, what if he left school quickly, in his car, and was there waiting for her when she got home. ‘Just checking, Mandy…’ OK it wasn’t likely but you didn’t know, did you? So she didn’t put them on. And certainly it was exciting, a sort of scary feeling. Her skirt might be blown up by a gust of wind! Or she could trip over!!
Anyway she was definitely in an emotional state when she got back. Such that she had to go up to her room for a while. Mandy was definitely wet now. And very soon wetter! She couldn’t help it, she just had to. Bring herself off with her hand.
The school side gate was open and she went in. It was eerie, the place empty and all those blank windows eyeing her from across the quad. It wouldn’t be quite empty, though, because one person at least would be here. Mr Soames. Flexing his cane maybe! With a little shiver Mandy forced herself to walk across the tarmac and then round the side. The changing rooms were at the back. Would he be waiting?
No. She pushed open the door but it was empty. A couple of pairs of girls’ knickers were hanging on the wall hooks, and a vest. Did anyone own them? But no Mr Soames. Could she have got the time wrong? Or the day…
Then the door abruptly opened behind her. ‘Oooohhhh…!’ she gasped involuntarily. Yes, Mr Soames — but not in his usual smart suit. He was wearing instead a boiler suit and wellington boots. Then she remembered a girl saying he liked to poke around in the school gardens at the weekend.
Yes, he said he’d just been pruning and watering. Mandy said ‘Oh…’ She remembered that at her old school you could sometimes do gardening instead of other punishments. Might Mr Soames offer that — rather than the caning?
It seemed not. ‘Shall we make a start then? I expect you’re keen to get on with it. Take your skirt off.’
‘Yes… Alright sir…’ She wasn’t keen of course. Mandy had hardly got any sleep thinking about it. The cane — and on the bare he had said! In Mandy’s head was the memory of that awful caning from Mr Waitley, which had been with her knickers on. Now… they were going to come off…?
She slipped the skirt off and put it on the bench. Underneath she had on navy knickers, nothing fancy. Mr Soames eyed them…
‘And now the knickers…’
She bit her lip. It was going to be on the bare! And with her skirt already off she would be showing him everything. Her pussy… that was presumably what he wanted. Making her show it. Mandy met his eye, then looked away. Her hands were obeying. Sliding down the navy knickers. Taking them right off, as she had in his office. Holding them in one hand her other came across to cover her pussy bush. Mr Soames briskly told her to take her hand away.
‘When a girl’s up for a caning I’m afraid it’s no use being too concerned about her modesty. Is it?’
‘N… No… sir…’
‘No, you should have thought about it before. When you were dawdling about being late for school.’
Mandy gave a little whimper. Because as he spoke Mr Soames’ hand had come out… and was cupping her pussy. His big hand enclosing her bushy nest. Her hips quivered. Oh Christ! Mr Soames holding her pussy!! And she was wet there, again…!
He held her pussy just briefly. Then he was stepping back. Had he felt she was wet? She felt faint, and her face was burning. Mr Soames told her to kneel up on the bench.
She scrambled up, quite eager to be up there and with her hot face close to the wall. Except of course that Mr Soames was going to cane her like this. Oh Christ…
His hand was at her bare bottom. ‘Did you… ah… tell your mother, Mandy? That you were getting a caning.’
‘No… No… sir… I didn’t want to i…involve her sir.’
‘Well, I think that was sensible. So it’s just the two of us and no one else need know. Can you… ah… open your legs…? Wider…’
She was doing it… and Mandy just knew what was going to happen. And it did. Mr Soames’ hand. Coming in between her legs, from the back this time. But the same target. Her pussy.
‘I thought you were a bit wet, Mandy. And you are, aren’t you? Quite wet.’
She gave a shuddery groan. His fingers were right in the wetness…
‘Does it excite you, Mandy? The thought of the cane. Some girls do get excited at the prospect and that makes them quite wet. Or it could just be anxiety of course…’
‘Anxiety sir!’ she blurted. ‘I’m just… just awfully anxious. Scared… of the cane… sir…’
‘Ahh… I see…’ His thumb was at her clitoris. Rubbing it. She gave a throaty squeal.
Then the hand came away. ‘Anyway we’d better get on, hadn’t we. Actually, Mandy, I do seem to have forgotten my cane. The most essential item, eh!’
Mandy bit her lip. Her cunt was all hot and twitchy. His hand had really got her going! What now? Her head was spinning a bit.
Mr Soames was wandering around, seemingly oblivious of the fact that he had almost brought her off. Then: ‘Ah! What about this!’
He was holding a hairbrush, lost or discarded by someone. ‘This will do, as a temporary measure…’
Yes, this bloody hairbrush. He began whacking her bum with it. Mandy kneeling on the bench with her arms spread, holding onto the shelf and the wall hooks. And Mr Soames whacking her bare bum with the back of this brush. It bloody hurt!  As bad as a caning? Yes, probably. Really stinging! She was yelling out and jerking her bum about, but Mr Soames was keeping it reasonably still with his hand firmly in the small of her back. Still enough to keep finding the target with that brush at least.
‘How does it feel?’ he asked after a bit, his voice breathy from his exertions.
‘Ohhhh…! Really… dreadful Please!! No more please!’
‘Good. Having some effect then!’
He gave her some more. Then put the brush down, but he wasn’t finished. He said he felt like having her in a different position. Mandy was told to stand up on the bench, still facing the wall. He was going to hand-spank her bum now…
On her already sore bum the hard spanks of his large hand felt pretty dreadful. This really was bloody appalling, and Mandy was close to tears. Of course what he had done first, his hand at her between her legs had got her all on edge, and made the other a lot worse.
At last the spanking stopped. And then Mr Soames stuck his hand in between her legs again!
‘Still anxious?’ he asked. ‘Still wet, are you…?’
Mandy almost collapsed. Well she did sort of collapse, and finished up on the floor. Mr Soames pulled her to her feet. ‘Are you sweating?’ he asked. And she was a bit. ‘Well, take the rest of your things off. Your jersey and blouse and that.’
So she had to take everything off. Except her shoes and the knee socks. ‘Doesn’t that feel better?’ Mr Soames asked. ‘A nice airy feeling I should imagine…’ His hand slid over Mandy’s now nude tits.
Breathing heavily, she wondered what was going to happen now. Well she was virtually nude and alone here with the Head. And he had been feeling her pussy. Rubbing her clit in fact. Getting her all hot and bothered. As well as whacking her poor bum of course, which had got her hot and bothered too. So… what now? Well, a girl could imagine all sorts of things, if she had a good imagination and Mandy did, quite.
What happened was that Mr Soames said he had to go out and check on the watering he had been doing. Out in the school garden. Mandy was to sit here and wait till he came back. And cogitate on the error of her ways.
Well, maybe that was a relief. The fact that nothing more was going to happen, for the moment at least. Yes it was a relief — but it also left Mandy feeling a bit high and dry. Frustrated? Yes. She didn’t know what she had been expecting but it wasn’t just having to sit there.
She had the fleeting thought that maybe she could bring herself off. She could really do with it, and she could no doubt accomplish it quite quickly. But Mr Soames might reappear at any moment…
When he did come back, some little while later, he said, ‘Right. That’s it. For today.’
But there was something else. Because he hadn’t actually caned her he would like her to come round to his house tomorrow. She could help him with some gardening, in his own garden. And he would also give her the caning. He had a cane at home. Was that alright?
Mandy was putting her things on now, with Mr Soames’ help. His hands helping and going in various intimate places in the process. That made it difficult to concentrate. But she got the message. She was going to get the caning after all. Tomorrow, Sunday. At Mr Soames’ house…
What was she expecting? Mandy didn’t know what to expect, except presumably the bloody cane of course. But apart from that. Was there going to be anything else? She couldn’t help feeling pretty excited. As well as scared at the thought of the cane. Anxious, like Mr Soames said. That could make you pretty damp between your legs. And Mandy was. Before she was due at Mr Soames’ at two o’clock. Excited and anxious. So that she had to bring herself off. That calmed her down a little bit.
She did get the bloody cane this time!! In Mr Soames’ bathroom! With nothing on! Completely nude! And a bit damp…
She had done some weeding in his garden. She hadn’t really got dirty at all but Mr Soames said when she had finished that a bath would be a good idea; he didn’t want to send her home all dirty. So he took her into the bathroom and said he would help her get undressed. Mrs Soames was downstairs somewhere but that didn’t seem to bother Mr Soames.
She got her clothes off, or rather it was mostly Mr Soames doing it, with his hands going all over, as before. While this was happening Mandy asked in a scared little voice if she really had to have the cane. Thinking this was a good time, when Mr Soames was getting his hands everywhere, her tits and between her legs, etc. But Mr Soames, not stopping what his hands were doing, said, ‘Yes. I think so, dear. It is essential.’
Then she was in bath, with Mr Soames still helping, soaping her and everything. And then… Well then he gave her the cane. When she got out and had dried off just a little. He made her stand at the washbasin, still nude and a bit damp, leaning over it and with her legs straight out behind. The cane on her nude, damp bottom. It was killing!! Utterly killing! Like being blasted off into space or something!!
But after it…
Mr Soames said, ‘Good! You took that very well.’
Mandy was sort of hopping up and down. Trying to come to some sort of terms with that stinging pain in her bum.
‘Keep still,’ Mr Soames said. Grabbing her and pushing her up against the washbasin again. ‘Did you dry yourself properly…? Or are you still a bit wet…’
And his hand went in between her legs. Properly this time. To her pussy. Opening her and going for her clit. She made a gasping sound, pushing hard against his hand. Because she really needed it. And Mr Soames wasn’t messing about. Not this time. He was doing her properly.
Afterwards they had some tea. Mrs Soames brought it into Mr Soames’ study and then went out, with a coy smile, leaving Mandy alone with her husband.
And then, sipping his tea, Mr Soames asked if she would like some part time work. Typing up some records, etc. She could type, couldn’t she? Mandy said, ‘Yes. More or less.’
‘Well then, maybe a couple of evenings in the week and perhaps Saturday mornings. Would that suit? Round here of course, not at school.’
Mandy was still a bit flushed from the events of the bathroom. The cane… and then Mr Soames very expertly bringing her off! She moistened her lips. Then said, ‘Yes. OK. Yes sir.’
Mr Soames grinned. ‘We may perhaps need just a touch of the cane now and then. Do you think? To make sure you keep up to the mark. But that’ll be OK, I’m sure.’
Mandy made a face. ‘Oh Christ! Not any more of that cane!’
Mr Soames laughed. ‘We’ll see, eh? You can wear something nice of course. No need for the uniform. And make-up. Now then, what would be a suitable rate for the job? Allowing for the fact that we may need a caning now and then!’

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