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Friday, 16 March 2018

Dr Handley’s Private Practice

From Janus 31
We can now exclusively reveal that behind the prim and respectable facade of Dr Matthew Handley’s private practice an unprincipled and lecherous man is at work habitually venting his unbridled lusts on young females who have been assigned to him for examination.
Yes, the shocking truth is that in sedate, respectable Strathmore Mansions, behind that impressive door with its polished plate: Dr M J Handley, MB, ChB, Medical Officer to the Moral Welfare Service, lurks an evil unprincipled man. A man who does not hesitate to use his privileged position in order to blackmail girls and young women into attending strictly illegal special sessions at No. 26 Strathmore Mansions.
Sessions which routinely start with lecherous fondlings and fumblings and continue into bare bottom spankings and the use of the strap and the cane. Nothing in these sessions has anything to do with Moral Welfare, it is all simply for this perverted doctor’s pleasure.
An investigation has revealed that over many years now a countless number of attractive girls and young women have submitted to such sessions as a result of this doctor's blackmailed threats that otherwise they would be assigned further terms of Moral Welfare Training or would be given reformatory sentences.
This secret life of Dr Handley first became known six months ago when a comely young married woman, Mrs Angela X, took her story to a local newspaper. Pretty blonde Mrs X had previously complained to the authorities at what was going on but in typical fashion the matter was hushed up. She was told that wild and fanciful accusations against a respected member of the medical profession would only result in her getting another Moral Welfare Supervision Order, and she would be well advised to keep quiet.
There this scandal would have remained, hidden from public view, had she not had the courage and good sense to then go to the newspaper. Her story, which we now exclusively reveal, is one of simple and blatant blackmail by Dr Matthew Handley to achieve satisfaction of his unbridled and shocking lusts.
Angela X, a pretty and shapely blonde of 23 and mother of two small children, had been given a Moral Welfare Supervision Order after being reported to the authorities for immoral conduct. Mrs X’s husband Bill was frequently away from home on business trips and on these occasions Angela X had got into the habit of inviting the milkman in for a cup of tea in the mornings.
Mrs X admits that what took place on these early morning visits was not simply the consumption of that traditional English beverage. Angela X, sexually frustrated due to her husband’s absence, would allow the milkman to have intercourse, this normally taking place on the sitting room sofa with Mrs X, to facilitate matters, on these occasions wearing nothing beneath her housecoat. It was this which was discovered by her neighbour and in a zealous but not particularly neighbourly fashion she informed the authorities.
Mrs X was given a Moral Welfare Supervision Order, which she acknowledges was justified in the circumstances, and she was prepared to accept it and the prescribed punishment for her offence. The procedure was explained to her: she would receive a medical examination from the appointed Medical Officer, and would then be handed over to the Moral Welfare Officer. From him she would receive the appropriate CP — a caning — and she would have to report for three further sessions at weekly intervals. The Medical Officer’s role was purely one of checking that she was in a fit physical state to receive CP. As it happened, the Medical Officer was Dr Matthew Handley.
Dr Handley began acting in a most unprofessional manner immediately Mrs X was in his consulting room — in a manner in fact which, it has subsequently been shown, is quite typical of him. Telling Mrs X she was a very attractive woman, his hands at once were all over her, fondling and squeezing her ripe form.
And then, rather than asking his patient to undress in the normal way, Dr Handley began undressing Angela X himself, continuing all the while to fondle and grope. Dr Handley stripped Mrs X completely nude and then under the guise of carrying out a physical examination simply indulged in a systematic and lengthy groping session. The fact that this could in no way be interpreted as a routine examination is made quite clear by her sworn statement that halfway through this performance he made Angela X, while still quite nude, do a handstand up against the wall. And in this position the pretty blonde housewife was made to open her legs wide…
Mrs X was eventually declared fully fit, after what she estimated was a full hour of this perverted behaviour and was allowed to put on a white, hospital-style punishment gown. She then went in to the Moral Welfare Officer who, after considering her offence and the fact that it had continued over a period of almost a year, gave her 10 strokes with the cane. Four were with her knickers on and the remaining six were given on the bare bottom, all with Mrs X bent over the punishment bench with hands on the floor. She described the pain of this caning as being ‘absolutely agonizing’.
There were three further such sessions, as Angela X had been told, and that completed her Moral Welfare Supervision Order. That should have been the end of the matter but within two days of her final visit Mrs X received a phone call — from Dr Matthew Handley. He wanted this attractive young mother of two to attend his own private rooms, at Number 26 Strathmore Mansions, the next afternoon.
Not at all happy, recalling that first ‘examination’, Mrs X nonetheless went as requested. Dr Handley at once began behaving in his previous highly unprofessional manner. Although clearly there was no excuse for a further physical as he had given her what purported to be one four weeks earlier, nevertheless Dr Handley, sitting with Mrs X on his sofa, unbuttoned her blouse and then unfastened her bra to bare this pretty young housewife’s firm full breasts. He began fondling and groping and pinching her nipples exactly as he had done before. But this time he was also making some extraordinary suggestions.
He could, he said, very easily get Mrs X assigned to a second Moral Welfare Supervision Order, and after that it would not be a Supervision Order but a reformatory sentence. He would produce trumped-up charges for the purpose — unless she consented to let him spank and cane her as the Moral Welfare Officer had done.
Angela X, already hot and flustered by the way her bare breasts were being squeezed and played with, was almost too shocked to respond. When she did manage to gasp, ‘You can’t; I haven’t done anything,’ the lecherous Dr Handley simply replied, ‘But I shall say you have. And they’ll believe me — especially now that you’ve been on their books.’
And Angela X, too stunned to think straight, very soon capitulated. And allowed the lustful doctor to strip her nude apart from nylons and suspender belt, and then give her a six stroke caning with a heavy rattan.
The next day the randy doctor was again on the phone to Mrs X, telling her to report for another session at Number 26 Strathmore Mansions. But Angela X had now had time to think about the matter and, very courageously, refused. In spite of his threats she continued to refuse and when he persisted she complained to the authorities. Their reaction has already been stated. Angela X was told not to make wild and ridiculous accusations. Dr Handley was a most highly respected man, etc. However it may be assumed that an official had a word with the doctor, for after this complaint his importuning ceased. It was then that Angela X took her story to the newspaper.
Investigation soon showed that Mrs X’s experience was by no means unique. Various women and girls who had been through Dr Handley’s hands in the course of a Supervision Order admitted, when questioned, to being propositioned afterwards to agree to similar sessions. Some had refused him and a refusal usually seemed to mean he eventually gave up his lecherous pestering without putting his threats into practice. But many other women and girls, fearful of the consequences, had submitted and had gone to 26 Strathmore Mansions for spanking and caning sessions. Such was the hold that this malignant individual held over these women, however, that none was prepared to publicly denounce him.
It was therefore clear that if this moral outrage was to be exposed it would have to be without the cooperation of the girl concerned. Documentary evidence was obviously required if this man was to be trapped — otherwise the whole thing would be denied and there would be a cover-up as there had already been with Mrs Angela X. But this evidence would have to be obtained without the knowledge of the girl taking part in the session. A case could then be assembled, including, it was hoped, photographic evidence, so that Dr Handley could be brought to court.
Under the pretext of checking the lighting system in Number 26 Strathmore Mansions, several high-resolution automatic cameras were secretly placed in the room which Dr Handley was known to use for his disgraceful activities. In all, photographs of two girls and a young married woman separately involved in the above activities were taken. The most complete set was of a 19-year-old student at an Arts College, Tracy B.
Tracy’s name was already known to the investigator and she had previously been observed making visits to Number 26. When questioned she admitted she was going to regular spanking and caning sessions at Strathmore Mansions but, like others in Dr Handley’s clutches, said she had no choice in the matter. In fact Tracy was going to Dr Handley twice a week which might indicate she was a special favourite of his. She was certainly a very attractive girl with shoulder-length black wavy hair and a tall shapely figure.
Like all of Dr Handley’s playthings Tracy had been recruited following a Moral Welfare Supervision Order. She was reluctant to state what this was for but eventually admitted it was for selling herself: part-time prostitution in other words. Her college allowance did not stretch very far and so, like a number of her friends, she claimed she turned to this method of supplementing her income. One can imagine there was no lack of clients eager to enjoy Tracy’s lovely body for the quite reasonable sum she said she charged.
Tracy was eventually shopped when one of her college professors found out about her extra-curricular activities and wanted to have regular sex for free. When Tracy would not agree he informed on her, hence her Moral Welfare Supervision Order.
The set of photographs obtained of Tracy was excellent both in quality and in forming a complete picture of what went on in Dr Handley’s den of iniquity. These photographs together with all the relevant details which have been unearthed have been handed over to the State Prosecutor. Necessarily, Tracy was informed that she would be the central character in the State’s case, and she was most distressed when she heard this. Her fear was of the painful publicity, which she saw as particularly disastrous with respect to her boyfriend. She had managed to keep him in the dark about all of this — her part-time prostitution, the Supervision Order, and her subsequent sessions with Dr Handley.
In fact Tracy has been assured that there is no need for her involvement to be made public. The photos which would identify her will be kept private and only shown in camera to the judge and jury when the case comes to court. Respecting her very understandable wish for privacy, and also that of Mrs Angela X, we have refrained from revealing the surnames of either of these ladies in this article and have also not used their photographs.
However we have no hesitation in using the name of Dr Matthew James Handley and in denouncing this pestilential character in the strongest possible terms. Together with all upright citizens we look forward to seeing this man properly disgraced and behind bars.
Exhibit A in the Case against Dr M J Handley: STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL AND NOT TO BE MADE PUBLIC.
A set of photographs presented as evidence in the case against Dr Matthew Handley, Medical Officer to the Welfare Service. The girl with Dr Handley in the photographs is Miss Tracy Marie Blanchard, a 19-year-old student at the Chelmsden College of Arts.
She is seen entering Dr Handley’s private practice at Number 26 Strathmore Mansions on July 3rd 19**. Her outfit is typical of what she would wear to such sessions, i.e. black leather miniskirt and jacket with underneath a black ‘wet-look’ blouse. She has black patent leather high-heeled shoes with bare legs.
Inside Number 26 the girl is greeted in an apparently affectionate manner by Dr Handley who almost immediately removes her jacket. She is required to perform a preliminary toe-touching exercise and the doctor is seen kneeling down lifting Miss Blanchard’s short skirt to examine the crotch of her white knickers.
The black wet-look blouse is next removed, this giving Dr Handley the excuse for some groping and fondling at the girl’s breasts. Then Miss Blanchard, now nude above the waist, is instructed to resume the toe-touching position. A further excuse for lascivious fondling.
Dr Handley then resumes undressing the girl, now removing her skirt and knickers to leave her nude apart from the black high-heeled shoes. He indulges in some pseudo-medical ‘inspection’ of her body and his gloating expression can be clearly seen as he paws lecherously at her bottom.
Then follows 15 minutes of nude marching on the spot under the lustful eyes of the doctor. At the termination of this, Miss Blanchard is seen standing in front of Dr Handley whose gaze is fixed on her private parts.
In the next few photos can be seen Dr Handley’s pre-punishment ritual. First the girl has been made to kneel upright before him, hands behind her back, in a posture of supplication. Then, still kneeling, she has to place her hands on her head. This pose is held for a further quarter of an hour as a prelude to the punishment proper.
Commencement of the illicit punishment is seen in the next shot where Miss Blanchard is standing and the doctor is removing a strap from his inside jacket pocket. Without warning this five-tongued strap is lashed across the girl’s bared bottom. This signifies the start of the strapping session. Miss Blanchard gets in a standing bent-over position with hands on the stool: this is Dr Handley’s routine position for using the strap on a girl’s or woman’s buttocks.
There are eight hard lashes of the strap, Dr Handley holding the girl steady with his left hand on her waist. The stripe marks of the strap are clearly visible across Miss Blanchard’s buttocks. The strap can be seen coming transversely down across the buttocks and is also employed in an ‘up-and-under’ motion to reach the undercurve of the girl’s bottom.
Following this Dr Handley is seen seated on his settee with the girl standing facing him, still wincing from the effects of the strapping. The nude spanking is about to begin. In the next shot Miss Blanchard is stretched out face down over the doctor’s lap. Dr Handley’s hand has now started to make sharp contact with her bottom. Noteworthy in this photograph are (a) to the left a magnifying glass which Dr Handley is known to use in pseudo-scientific inspection of girls’ and women’s bottoms and (b) to the right a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream liqueur together with two glasses.
Spanking continues in subsequent photographs, the doctor’s right hand splatting down onto nude bottom-flesh. In one shot Miss Blanchard is seen rearing her head up at the force of the impact. In another the flattening effect as the hand sharply strikes the girl’s bottom is clearly seen. Also quite clear (next shot) is the way Miss Blanchard’s rear has been extensively marked up both with the strap and the palm of Dr Handley’s hand.
In the final shot of this sequence Dr Handley applies cold cream in the affected area. Miss Blanchard’s posture could be interpreted as that of one wriggling with some pleasure at what is taking place, but there is no evidence on this point. During questioning Miss Blanchard was adamant that she in no way co-operated with Dr Handley’s activities and took part only under duress. There is, however, the fact of the bottle of liqueur and two glasses.
This terminates the photo sequence.

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