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Sunday, 18 March 2018

College Confidential

From New Blushes 2.19
The girl standing in the bath is a very pretty brunette with a ripe, full-fleshed figure. She is wearing only a pair of tight navy knickers which are dripping with water like the rest of her body. She is gasping, and clutching her bottom. The young man standing at the side of the bath grins as he raises the cane again…
This place, deep in the English countryside, is a correctional establishment, its existence known only to a select few. The girl is a college student…
Valerie couldn’t believe it. How could he talk to her like that! Coming out of Mr Symonds’ office her face was red and she was trembling all over. How could he possibly say such things! His words reverberated in her head.
‘What I think you need, Miss Hillier, is a little good old-fashioned discipline. Your knickers taking down. And then a good spanking to your bare bottom. What do you say to that?’
She had been speechless of course. Mr Symonds was a senior lecturer in the English department and she had been called in to discuss her work. It was about a month into the first term of her second year at college. Last year she hadn’t had Mr Symonds for any of her classes, and had had no problems with any of the other lecturers. But now Mr Symonds was different. Complaints about her work and there were other things too.
For one thing when she was standing at his side at his desk discussing her work he had a couple of times slid his hand round onto her bottom. The first time she had thought it was not really anything but when he did it the second time she had jerked angrily away.
Mr Symonds hadn’t apologised or anything. He had glanced up at her and observed, ‘You’re very jumpy, Miss Hillier. What’s the matter, did you have a bad night.’
She had wanted to make some angry riposte but thought better of it, That was two days ago. Two days before this summons to his office saying that he needed to discuss her work.
This time she didn’t have to go round and stand next to him. She was on the carpet, literally and metaphorically, in front of his desk. He said she needed to improve her work. And then he had somehow gone on to discipline. And that outrageous thing he had said.
As she had stood there tongue-tied Mr Symonds had given her a sardonic smile. And then continued: ‘Maybe I should do it, Miss. We could do it right here. Take your knickers down and bend you over my desk. And warm that nice ripe bottom up for you.’
She had finally found some words. ‘I… I… I’m going to report you. You can’t talk to me like that.’
Colin Symonds had eyed Valerie’s retreating figure as she exited. He could see she was trembling. Her bottom quivering! She was wearing a white blouse and fitting knee-length grey skirt above nylons and black high heels, and the skirt was tight and showed the shape of her bottom. A nice ripe one, with full, bouncing cheeks. She was a tallish full-bodied girl, big tits as well as the ripe bottom, and with dark good looks too. Choice. Yes a very choice specimen was Valerie Hillier. She could get him going just looking at her. But naturally he wanted more. Quite a bit more. Taking her knickers down and spanking her bottom for a start. Wouldn’t that be a turn-on! And it was no more than what a rather uppity 19-year-old needed. Especially such a choice-looking one.
He smiled to himself. Remembering her scarlet face, and especially her blurted response. When she was finally able to get words out! Report him! Well he just hoped she would. It would expedite matters, wouldn’t it?
Later that morning in the coffee shop, Valerie told her best friend Angela Goodard what had happened, and that she intended to report Mr Symonds to the college registrar.
Angela strongly advised her against this action. ‘Reporting lecturers is not a good idea. You can only get yourself into more trouble. I suppose he fancies you, that’s the problem. Honestly Val, I should just ignore it.’
But Valerie didn’t want to listen to that, she was still too incensed. ‘He just can’t say awful things like that. It’s disgusting! I mean we can’t be treated like… like cattle, or playthings, just because we’re students.’
Angela repeated her advice. ‘And there’s the other thing too. These whispers going round about discipline. They say that if there’s a problem with discipline you can be sent to one of these institutions. For a weekend or even longer. And they’re really awful. Symonds could claim you were being awkward, or even that you’d made it all up. Then say you needed to be sent off…’
Angela’s words sent a little shiver through Valerie. Yes, she had heard the rumours too but had dismissed them. It was just stupid talk. Nonsense.
‘Angela, you don’t really believe that rubbish. No, I really am going to go and see the registrar.’
Mr Wetherby, the college registrar, was silver-haired, with a patrician look. A bit daunting when Valerie was ushered in to see him in his rather grand office. She felt herself have second thoughts as he told her to sit down, but it was too late for that. He listened to her impassively.
‘Yes, well I’m sorry to hear this, Miss Hillier, but are you quite sure of it all? I mean, forgive me, but young women can have quite vivid imaginations. At times.’
Valerie bridled. He was insinuating that she had made it up. She got a bit angry, which maybe wasn’t a good idea. Mr Wetherby stood up. The interview was over.
‘Rest assured that I shall take appropriate action, Miss Hillier.’
In some confusion Valerie thanked him and turned for the door. Should she have apologised for getting angry?
Arnold Wetherby gazed impassively at her rear view. His eyes appraising the pretty student’s shapely bottom in her tightish skirt.
Valerie got the call two days later, Saturday morning, when she was having breakfast. Mrs Dunton, her landlady, went to the door and there was this youngish man in a chauffeurs uniform. He asked for Miss Hillier. When she went the man said she was to come with him. College business. She wouldn’t need to pack anything.
‘It’s alright,’ he said to her startled look. ‘No problem. Just come with me.’
Valerie was too taken aback to query it. Numbly she went to get a coat, then got in the black Rover next to the chauffeur.
They drove off. She turned to him. ‘What…?’
He laughed. ‘The Institution.’ His hand came down on her thigh and squeezed. ‘Didn’t they tell you? But they don’t always. I s’pose they like it to be a surprise. Or a shock, eh? One of them short sharp shocks.’
Valerie felt a surge of panic. ‘Stop! Let me out!!’
The chauffeur, looking straight ahead, squeezed her thigh again. ‘I could stop. For something nice, eh? A nice friendly fuck. Girls often suggest that to me. And I say fine, I’d really like it. But I still have to deliver them to the Institution. I mean that’s me job, innit.’
Valerie felt sick. She pushed the chauffeurs hand away.
‘Your first time,’ he said. ‘Obviously. Lucky you. Them blokes there are going to love you, a lovely girl like you.’
Her mind was still only partly focusing, it was so unbelievable. Vaguely she saw the countryside passing as they sped along. Eventually they left the main road. Through a village, the road getting more minor, then into a lane. They came to a stop before big iron gates. A man opened them and they drove in along a gravel drive. And there it was, a large Victorian country house.
Inside the front door was a small room with a reception desk and a grey-haired man with glasses. He looked in his records.
‘Ah yes. Miss Valerie Hillier. You’re here for a 36-hour stay. Released Sunday evening.’ He gave her an unctuous smile. ‘And with the hope of course that we will not need to see you again. But that is up to you, young lady.’
She started to expostulate but was cut short. ‘I should be careful of your attitude. A show of non-cooperation will only make your treatment that much more severe.’
He rang a bell. ‘Your minder will be here shortly. You can take your coat off.’
She bit her lip. The man’s words had scared her. As she began taking off her coat a younger man entered the room. He didn’t look much older than Valerie herself, with a beard perhaps to make himself seem older, and dressed informally in work shirt and grey corduroys.
‘Here we are,’ the man behind the desk said. ‘Mr Ronald Larkin. Your minder while you are here. You will address him as Mr Larkin or Sir. And the Sir goes for any other male member of staff. Got that.’
She hesitated, then nodded.
His voice became harsh. Did you hear what I said? Or would you prefer to have your knickers taken down for a first caning here and now!’
Valerie flushed scarlet. ‘No… No sir. Yes sir. I understand.’
‘That’s more like it. Take her away, Ronald.’
Clutching her coat, she stumbled out of the door. The young man, Larkin, closed it behind them. Outside he grinned and reached behind Valerie to grope her bottom.
‘Oh yes. Got to watch our step here, Valerie. I mean it’s bad enough even if you’re trying your best. That’s the way it’s got to be. Strict, eh? And not nice!’ He groped her bottom again.
‘Pl… Please! Please don’t do that.’ She jerked away from him. ‘And M… Mr Larkin. I think there’s been some awful mistake. I mean…’
Larkin laughed. ‘Come on. Along here. And they all think that of course. A mistake. But if your name’s in that book there’s no mistake. Well, apart from the mistake you must have made in being a naughty girl, eh?’
He had gripped her arm and was walking her along a passageway. ‘And I shouldn’t worry about my feeling your bottom. That’s going to be the least of your worries here.’ His hand came behind to her bottom-cheeks again. ‘And it is a really choice one.’
They went up some stairs and along another corridor. Then into a small, simply furnished bed-room.
‘This is yours, Valerie. Room 2A. Home sweet home, eh! But you won’t spend much time here. I mean you’re going to be busy-busy. Quite a bit of it in the bathroom. Girls are always taken into the bathroom first of all. A nice warm bath, eh! But that’s not all. No, it’s not the half of it!’
Larkin came close. Grinning, his hands reached to squeeze Valerie’s big tits through her white silk blouse. ‘No, it’s the cane, Valerie dear. The cane on a nice slippery wet bare bottom. That’s the big thing we’ve got to attend to in the bathroom. It’s how they always want a girl started off. To give her something serious to think about right at the outset.’
Her head spinning, Valerie automatically pushed his hands away from her tits.
Larkin frowned. ‘Just remember I can cane you as hard as I like. And for as long as I like. So don’t get all uppity.’ He pointed to the bed. ‘Take everything off and put those on. I want you in just those knickers. I’ll be back in five minutes. You’d better be ready.’
On the narrow bed was a pair of navy knickers. Valerie looked despairingly around. Was she dreaming all this? But she knew she wasn’t. Those rumours that she had thought so stupid were evidently correct. She thought for a moment of refusing to comply, but she knew instinctively that that wouldn’t help at all. She guessed it would just be done for her. The awful Larkin with maybe others helping him. Stripping her. Enjoying the fun of it. And then… a dreadful caning…!!
She began undressing. Everything off he had said. Then just those knickers…
Nude, she pulled the knickers on. They were schoolgirl type: navy, and of some elasticated material so that they fitted her rather ripe bottom like a glove. Valerie glanced at herself in the wardrobe mirror. She had a bountiful body, with large, big-nippled tits and full hips and thighs. Too ripe she sometimes thought, too fat, but her boyfriend James, and other men too, didn’t think that, men all seemed to find her body highly attractive.
And now it was displayed for that awful Larkin! She shuddered. Moments later he strode back into the room. he had a cane in his hand. She gulped, her hands instinctively moving to cover her nude tits.
‘Stand straight!’ Larkin barked. ‘Hands at your sides!’
She made herself comply.
‘That’s better. Discipline, my girl. Nice and straight. And stick those lovely big tits out.’
The cane came up, the end joggling one of Valerie’s tits. She whimpered.
‘Look… Please…’
‘What?’ He came in close. ‘Want to be nice? Friendly? And get an easier time?’ His hand slid in. To cup the mound of Valerie’s pussy through the tight knickers.
She squirmed away. ‘No…ooo…’
Larkin laughed. ‘Won’t do you any good anyway. I’ve got to be strict. You’ll probably be keen to offer me a taste of pussy before we’re through. But I’ll still have to do me job. Which is to give you a hard time, Miss Pretty University Student. And give that nice ripe bum a hard time. With this.’
He stepped back and in the same movement whipped the cane in across Valerie’s soft thigh.
She yelped, doubling over. The hot pain took her breath away.
‘Come on then. In the bathroom. Let’s get you started.’
Valerie was marched along the corridor in only the tight knickers. Her big unfettered tits were bouncing in an embarrassing manner but she knew she didn’t dare try to restrain them with her hands or that vicious cane would come snaking out again.
The bathroom fortunately was close. It was a small room with an old-fashioned bath and a table and not much else. Out of the partially open window Valerie glimpsed a stretch of garden. It looked so marvellous: a sunny freedom! Reluctantly she took her eyes away — and back to the cane in Mr Larkin’s hand. As she did he prodded her with it.
‘Run the bath. Half full. Then stand to attention next to it.’
He went out. She thought of running. But where? Outside! Anywhere. He was going to come back and cane her wet bottom! He had told her that. The pain would be unbearable! Yes anywhere…
But she didn’t. She would inevitably be caught. And be viciously dealt with. So she began running the bath. What exactly was Larkin going to do…?
He came back, still holding the cane. She had the water in the bath now.
‘Is it just how you like it? We want you to be comfortable, relaxed. Test the temperature.’
He made her bend over and put her hand in. It was simply an excuse so he could come up behind her.
‘Keep bending. Make sure…’
In her bending position Valerie’s bottom was thrust ripely out and Larkin’s hand was groping. The full cheeks, and then in underneath. She forced herself to keep still.
‘Good girl!’ His fingers at the crease of her cunt. Massaging. ‘You like it, don’t you…’
It was hateful. But it was better than the cane. The thought of the cane really scared her. And just maybe Larkin would be satisfied with playing with her cunt…
But that was a forlorn hope. With an excited laugh he took his hand away. ‘You do like it. You’re getting all wet. But we’ve got to have the other, Valerie. Come on, get in now.’
She was made to stand in the bath, with her hands on her head. Larkin splashed her with water. Then, with the knickers still on, she had to sit down. Larkin, grinning, groped her wet tits.
‘OK. Now stand again.’ She struggled up, the water sluicing down from her soaking knickers. Larkin told her to pull them up tight, as high as she could. Then put her hands on her head.
‘Stand still.’
She gasped, and jerked her hands down to her stricken bottom. The cane had sliced in across the soaking ultra-tight knickers and it felt as if she had been cut in two.
‘Hands on your head!’ Larkin barked. ‘And stand up straight. Let’s have some discipline!’
‘No! No m…more please!’
‘Come on! I’ve only just started.’
This time the cane sliced in across her wet thighs.
‘Maybe you’re not wet enough. Is that it?’
He forced her down into the water on her hands and knees. And then pushed her head. She managed to take a breath just before her face went under. His hand held her down… and at last released her. She gasped for breath, the water streaming down. Then Larkin was pulling her out of the bath. Saying she had to have the knickers off now. She had to be completely nude. And bend over the side of the bath…
Sunday mid-morning and Valerie is in the black Rover again sitting next to the chauffeur. She is not feeling at all good. Not after yesterday and last night. She was taken back to the bathroom three (or was it four?) times yesterday. For the same awful wet caning ritual. In between she was taken back to her room to lie nude on the narrow bed. With the door locked, supposedly for rest and to practice mental discipline. At times Larkin came in ‘just to check’. And also a couple of other men, minder or guards whatever they were, at different times unlocked the door and came quietly in. Men who like Larkin of course had to be addressed as Sir, and who had to be allowed to do whatever they wanted to in terms of ‘checking’.
The ordeal hadn’t stopped there either. Twice more, in the middle of the night, Valerie was roused and taken back to the bathroom for the same caning routine.
So no, after all that she isn’t feeling good. She is feeling shattered in fact. And now… where is she being taken, in the black Rover? Because her ordeal can’t be over, Valerie knows that. She isn’t being released until this evening.
‘How is it going?’ the chauffeur asks brightly. ‘Enjoying it so far?’
She doesn’t answer. He puts his hand down onto her thigh, sliding open her coat. Nervously she tries to stop him. There is the other thing of course. What she is now wearing under the coat. Or not wearing.
The chauffeur laughs and, ignoring her restraining fingers, pulls Valerie’s coat apart. Exposing her stocking tops and bare thighs.
Mr Wetherby! That is who she has been taken to see! The college registrar. This must be his country house. And Valerie is now in his oak-panelled study. She has been brought in here by a servant and is standing in front of Mr Wetherby. He is seated in his leather armchair, coolly eyeing her.
‘Well, my dear Miss Hillier…’
Valerie is wearing what she was made to put on for this visit at the Institution. Her coat has been taken in the hall, to leave her in just a black corset, with wide suspender straps attaching her nylons, and black high heels. That is all, nothing else. The top of the corset is low-cut, so that most of her tits, including the nipples, are exposed. And down below, the corset front is high-arched to likewise fully display the bush of her pussy.
All of this, the sexy corset and all her exposed flesh, is being coolly appraised by Mr Wetherby.
‘You’re getting the message I hope, my dear?’
She can’t speak. Her face is bright red. Exposed like this in front of him…
‘You see we do now have these arrangements for uncooperative young women. Very discreet, no one wants to embarrass you. You can simply tell your friends that you went home for the weekend. But we must have discipline. You do understand?’
There is nothing she can say. Valerie hangs her head, concentrating her gaze on the carpet just in front of her black shoes. Mr Wetherby is getting up.
‘Not much to say? Well that’s usual.’
He comes in close. His hand reaches to jiggle one of her nude tits. Then the hand slides down. And cups her pussy.
‘You’re a very lovely girl, Miss Hillier. But lovely girls can sometimes imagine they don’t have to observe the normal rules and regulations. And then they have to be disciplined.’
The hand is still at her pussy. Fondling.
‘So now I would like you to bend yourself over my table. I’m going to give you a little more of what you’ve been getting at the Institution. Yes, a touch of the cane, Miss. On your bare buttocks.’
That is what Valerie does say of course. She tells her friends that on the spur of the moment she had decided to go home for the weekend. ‘I really meant to phone to tell you,’ she says to Angela. ‘But, you know, everything was so rushed.’
Angela says of course she understands. And she doesn’t suspect anything, does she? Angela knows Valerie had that interview with Mr Wetherby. Valerie has told her it went OK, and he said he would talk to Mr Symonds. So it’s all over. And she doesn’t want to make any more fuss.
Angela seems to accept all this. So it’s all over. Except the awful memory. And no one knows.
Except Mr Symonds of course.
Yes Mr Symonds who started it all. He knows. He knows where Valerie has really spent the weekend. He knows about those canings. And all the rest. All that she had to endure at the hands of dreadful Larkin and the others at the Institution. Not to mention Mr Wetherby himself.
Yes Mr Symonds knows. He confirms this when he calls Valerie in to see him.
‘You can lock the door behind you, my dear.’
There is no point arguing, is there?
‘Good. Did you have an interesting weekend?’
She swallows nervously.
‘Lost your tongue? Anyway, now I would like you to take your dress off. And your knickers.’
Valerie glances desperately around.
‘We did speak last time about a spanking to your bare bottom I think? Actually we might make it a caning too.’
She gives him a despairing look.
‘Oh yes, Miss Hillier. I am going to enjoy this. So come on. Let’s have some action.’

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