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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Village Secrets

From Uniform Girls 54. Quite the soap opera — maybe a new storyline for the Archers…
Behind the rectory is a small walled garden with a locked gate. To the left of the gate is a young maple tree whose yellow and orange tints indicate it is autumn. The wall and the locked gate mean that none of the windows in the 1930s building can be overlooked. But if one could look into that central ground floor window on this particular autumn afternoon one would see:
A quite small room unfurnished except for a couple of upright wooden chairs, with its single door half-open. And in the centre of the room a girl standing in full chorister rig. White surplice over ankle-length bright scarlet cassock. The girl’s head is uncovered to show corn-blonde curls cut short. The curls frame a pretty face which at this moment has a thoughtful expression.
She steps towards the window for a quick look out. Reassured perhaps that no one is out there she goes back to the centre of the room and her hands now go to the hem of the thigh-length surplice. Lifting it… up over her blonde head.
The girl’s name is Joanna Milway and she is 17. She has done this once before, two days ago. So she knows what is involved now. If of course things proceed exactly as they did on Monday. Monday’s happening did proceed pretty much as she had been led to expect by another girl, Chloe Stevens, who apparently has been doing it on a regular basis. Joanna questioned Chloe carefully, once she had got it out of her. And Joanna’s own first time was what Chloe had said. Even so it had naturally been very scary. The first time. And this time, the second, it is still scary, Joanna’s heart is definitely thumping. Well naturally.
Naturally. If you’re not used to this sort of thing. Taking your clothes off. For Mr Elsway. The Reverend Elsway. The vicar in other words. Taking everything off. While he watches through that half-open door.
Take everything off and then go in there in the next room… And let him spank your bare bottom.
It had been a surprise, of course. Finding out. Chloe naturally wasn’t telling anyone and it was only that chance thing she happened to let slip out, followed by her embarrassed laugh, which Joanna had picked up. And then, as Chloe became more embarrassed, pressed her harder. Joanna could be very alert, quick on little nuances. And also becoming aware, at 17 now, that things were not always what they seemed. There were certainly secrets in the village and she knew some already. Chloe and Mr Elsway was a new one. And when Chloe finally admitted what she let the vicar do, a very exciting one of course.
Who would have thought it of Mr Elsway! Although Joanna had caught him looking at her own legs. Her knees. When he came to tea and Joanna was sitting across from him on the settee. The last time Joanna had let her skirt slide up a little, to give him a bit more view, a bit of inside thigh and Mr Elsway had definitely looked — and perhaps gone a little red in the face.
But still, having Chloe take all her clothes off, that was something else. Her chorister’s outfit. It seemed Chloe had to put her robes on for this little ceremony, if you could call it that. Mr Elsway wanted Chloe in her choirgirl outfit. And then wanted it removed. Everything off. Chloe’s tits bare, and her pussy too. And especially of course her nicely-rounded bottom. That was the centre of Mr Elsway’s attentions. Was it the only item of his attention? Had he touched Chloe’s pussy for instance? Joanna had asked her that. Chloe had said no but had flushed. So maybe he did…?
He hadn’t touched Joanna’s pussy though, that first time. It was just her bottom.
Chloe was 17, the same as Joanna. A nice-looking brunette and shapely already, as Joanna was. Both filling out nicely. And of course they were both in the choir. They were the only girls of that age. Wearing those rather glam robes that their mothers lovingly made. These glam robes that Joanna now, this Wednesday afternoon, was removing.
She has the surplice and cassock off now. Underneath is what Joanna wore last time. What Mr Elsway wants. It is not very much. A pair of ordinary navy schoolgirl knickers. Nothing fancy, not the glam ones that Joanna will sometimes wear. And white knee-socks with her flat black shoes. And here again Joanna will for choice wear something more grown-up and glamorous than knee-socks. That is, nylons and a suspender-belt which she is aware many men and boys find distinctly more interesting than knee-socks. But they are not Mr Elsway’s choice for a bare bottom spanking. And that is it. Nothing else. No vest or slip. And no bra. So that Joanna’s nice-shaped tits which are already good-sized were bare under the cassock when she came round to the rectory. And now are quite bare.
She puts the cassock on top of the surplice on the chair and then stands up straight. Not looking through into the next room. But conscious of his eyes of course. Standing straight and facing the door. Letting him see her now nude tits. Which Joanna is of the opinion are better than Chloe’s, although of course Chloe’s are nice too. And now… it is the knickers. Slide them down. It is scary doing this. Joanna’s heart bumping. At the thought of being quite nude. And then being over Mr Elsway’s lap.
Chloe’s first time was a year ago, when she missed a choir practice. That was what she said. Mr Elsway went on a bit, and said he might kick her out of the choir. Though of course that was a rather empty threat in fact as the choir was small already, with few suitable candidates in Lesser Downfield and the surrounding hamlets. But that was what Mr Elsway said. That was the threat. But then he went on to indicate a possible lesser punishment. Which was spanking Chloe’s bottom. It would have to be strictly confidential of course. Of course!
Anyway Chloe was persuaded to accept this punishment. Which that first time did not involve taking her knickers down. Was Chloe being stupid to allow it, knowing that Mr Elsway wouldn’t really want to kick her out of the choir? Not really. Because the next time Mr Elsway wanted to spank her bottom, which was quite soon afterwards, Chloe said no, she didn’t think so. And also she wondered if she might want to tell her mother about the first time, even though she had agreed not to tell a soul. But now she might. But on the other hand if Mr Elsway might like to consider supplementing her pocket money… Which was barely sufficient for her needs…
Yes that was how it started. Mr Elsway had decided he could add a supplement. In exchange for the pleasure of spanking Chloe’s bottom. On the bare now. Regular visits to the rectory for this purpose. With Chloe in her full choirgirl rig and underneath those prim schoolgirl knickers and white knee-socks which he was to specify for Joanna. Chloe stripping down to the nude while he watched from the adjacent room. Just like Joanna. But sometimes for variety perhaps Mr Elsway doesn’t want all Chloe’s clothes off. Sometimes he does it with her still wearing the choirgirl outfit. Just taking her knickers down.
So that was how it started with Chloe. And Joanna wondered why Mr Elsway hadn’t tried it on with her. She had also missed choir practice now and then but had only got a mild reprimand. No threats of being thrown out, and then the suggestion that she might like to offer her bottom up for Mr Elsway’s attentions. Joanna could only think it was because her family was middle-class, whereas Chloe’s father was just a farm worker. Maybe Mr Elsway thought if he got found out he could handle the Stevenses but Joanna’s parents would kick up a stink. Maybe he would very much like to try it with herself. Those times he sneaked a look up her skirt when he came to tea! But he was too scared.
But he needn’t be. She wouldn’t mind the same. Taking her clothes off. And having her bare bottom spanked. Imagining it caused hot little shivers down Joanna’s spine. And between her legs too. Hot pulsations. In bed she slips her hand down there. Into her hot, wet split… No, she wouldn’t mind it at all. She wouldn’t mind a bit more pocket money too. And she certainly wouldn’t tell. Could Mr Elsway afford paying two girls?
It seemed he could. When she went to him. Feeling those shivers of excitement, but able to put on a reasonably confident demeanour. For one thing, Joanna knew Mr Elsway didn’t earn anything like as much as her father, her mother had said vicars’ pay was a pittance. Like Chloe’s father’s pay of course. So Joanna was able to seem in control. As she said she had a question to ask. Which was why had Mr Elsway let her off when she missed choir? Whereas poor Chloe got her bottom spanked.
Her bare bottom, Joanna added, to show she was fully in command of the facts.
Mr Elsway became most embarrassed. Red in the face. Sort of stammering it out: he didn’t know what Joanna was talking about. Etcetera. Anyway they finally got round to it. As Joanna, keeping her cool, said she wasn’t going to tell. That Mr Elsway was paying Chloe to let him do it. And furthermore that if he liked she wouldn’t mind the same. The same as Chloe. If Mr Elsway could afford it.
And it seemed he could. Yes. With the cards on the table Mr Elsway became more confident. As it seemed now that Joanna wasn’t planning to shop him. And not only that but here was delectable Joanna offering him the possibility of her own bottom! An amazing turn of fortune in fact! If he could afford it. Well maybe he couldn’t really afford it. Clergymen’s pay was a pittance. But the Reverend Sydney Elsway couldn’t resist. This unbelievable temptation.
No doubt it was scary. Well Joanna’s parents were a whole different kettle of fish from Chloe’s. Could she be trusted? But Joanna now knew about Chloe, there was nothing he could do about that. So… why try to resist this fantastic temptation. Joanna’s marvellous bottom!
He made her repeat that she wouldn’t tell. And, his voice gruff with emotion, he pointed out Joanna had come to him and made the offer.
Joanna smirked. ‘But no one would believe that.’
Sydney Elsway squirmed. He knew he was putting himself at the mercy of this delicious 17-year-old. It was madness! He should resist. And desist with Chloe. And maybe somehow… it would all never have got started. But…
Joanna was still smirking. And sticking out those delicious young boobs. Which he was sure were bigger than Chloe’s. He had to see them nude. And her pussy! And of course her bottom. Her cheeky bum which wiggled in an artless way when she walked in a tight skirt. No, unfortunately there was no way he could resist.
Keeping his voice as calm as possible Sydney Elsway suggested the next afternoon. Joanna in her chorister outfit of course.
‘What about underneath?’ Joanna asked demurely.
Mr Elsway, with a little hesitation, spelled it out. Why not? What he really went for. The navy schoolgirl knickers. The white knee-socks. And nothing else. No slip or vest. No bra.
Joanna has everything off now. Except the white socks and the shoes of course. He likes you finally in the knee-socks and shoes, but nothing else. Otherwise nude. Nude tits trembling firmly at each step as now Joanna steps to the door. Into the other room. Where Mr Elsway has been waiting. Watching.
Mr Elsway is a bit red in the face. Has he got an erection? He had one last time, when he got Joanna over his lap. Joanna knows about erections. There is Robert Inley for one. Robert is Joanna’s own age and she fools around with him a bit in a flirty way. On a couple of occasions she has been persuaded to touch his erection and give it a fondle. And then taken her hand away, saying she mustn’t. Leaving Robert a lot more desperate than before of course.
Yes Robert, and there is also Mr Cullings. Mr Cullings who lives next door to Joanna. Mr Cullings is Joanna’s little secret. A secret that no-one knows about, including Chloe, although of course Joanna now knows Chloe’s secret. Mr Cullings is rather desperate for Joanna too. Mr Cullings with his big stiff erection. Which he loves Joanna to stroke.
But this is not Mr Cullings or of course Robert, who doesn’t know a whole lot yet. This is Joanna’s new secret. Mr Elsway. Who had a definite erection the last time he got her nude body over his lap. So probably this time?
He says what he said before. What Chloe said he says to her before he starts. She hasn’t been trying properly, not paying attention, at the last choir practice. That sort of guff. To set the scene as it were. So she has got to be dealt with. Standing before him Joanna says a meek, ‘Yes Mr Elsway.’ As she wonders about that erection in his trousers.
He has been standing close to the door but has now gone to sit on the chair. An upright wooden one like in the other room. ‘Right then,’ he says. ‘Come on. Come here you naughty girl.’
His eyes of course riveted on Joanna’s body. Those slightly trembly tits. The medium brown bush. Her pussy bush. As now she steps forward. His hands taking hold of her arm and then it is her bottom. Pulling her down. Across his thighs. His lap… yes, she can feel it. His hand fondlingly at Joanna’s bottom as he gets her just so. While underneath there is that stiff thing. Like Robert’s. Like Mr Cullings’s. As big as Mr Cullings’s? She won’t really know… unless Mr Elsway gets it out. Wants her hand on it. And he doesn’t want any of that. So Chloe says. It is just the spanking. Your bottom.
The hand has done its fondling. For the moment at least. As the spanking commences. It stings alright. She gasps out. Little involuntary yelps as the hard hand hits her soft flesh. Oh yes it really hurts. And there is that thing under her belly. Sort of jerking about. Maybe Mr Elsway is going to come.
Joanna know about men coming. From Biology Class. The male orgasm. The erect penis shooting out all those sperms. To fertilise the female. Shooting it up in a woman’s pussy. Or a girl’s of course when she is old enough. Joanna is certainly old enough at 17, and Robert Inley would like to do it to her. And Mr Cullings of course. Yes definitely Mr Cullings. He has recently made serious attempts to persuade her in fact. He said it is good for a girl to start, at 17. Good for her hormones. But Joanna is not going to, she doesn’t want to get pregnant. Her tummy filling out, a baby growing inside her. Oh God!
Yes Joanna knows about the male orgasm, and not just from Biology Class. There is Mr Cullings. He has come when she has been on his sofa with him. With his wife out of course. He has come when she has had that big thing in her hand. The stalk of it in her fist, big enough that her fingers won’t go right round it. His white stuff spurting out.
But like this with Mr Elsway you can’t really tell. Only that it is certainly jerking around under her. As Mr Elsway whacks his hand in.
Joanna’s bottom is jerking about too. Writhing and rolling. Because it really hurts! She is writhing and jerking but Mr Elsway has her held firm in his left hand. Round Joanna’s back and gripping her upper arm. It really hurts but it is really exciting too. It was really exciting thinking about it, imagining it. Like last night in bed with her fingers in her pussy. Imagining it and bringing herself off. But this is even more exciting. The real thing. Being nude over Mr Elsway’s lap with his hand whacking her bare bum. Even though it really hurts. Really stings.
Maybe Joanna will come? Just by being over Mr Elsway’s lap like this. Being spanked. Is it possible? Without fingers in her pussy?
Perhaps she would have. But in fact Mr Elsway does it. Even though Chloe said he never did it to her. Never touched her pussy. In fact after Mr Elsway has been whacking Joanna’s bum for some time, he does it. He stops whacking… and his hand goes between her legs. To her hot pussy. Which is already all wet. His fingers go in, and find her clit. And begin working at it. And in no time flat Joanna is coming. Shuddering and groaning. Her hips working frenziedly against his fingers.
Afterwards Joanna sees Chloe. Chloe won’t admit it at first but finally Joanna gets it out of her. Mr Elsway does bring Chloe off when he has her over his lap. Quite frequently, Chloe now admits. His hand in her pussy after he has been whacking her for a bit.
‘We should ask for more if he does that as well,’ Joanna says. But they don’t. For one thing maybe Mr Elsway can’t afford any more. And of course Joanna doesn’t really mind. Even though after that first time she primly told Mr Elsway, ‘You shouldn’t have done that.’ No she doesn’t really mind it. And nor probably does Chloe.
Joanna begins going to Mr Elsway twice a week to have her bottom spanked. Mostly with everything off, except the socks and shoes, but sometimes wearing her choirgirl outfit and just her knickers taken down. To have her bottom spanked. And usually at the termination his hand in her pussy. Bringing her off.
Yes twice weekly visits. At the same time there are other developments. There are still those sessions with Mr Cullings next door. Mr Cullings who wants more than he is getting, which is getting his hand up Joanna’s skirt at her pussy. And having her handle his own organ and sometimes bring him off. He wants more than this. More specifically he wants to fuck Joanna. And she doesn’t want it. Well she might like to try it but is too scared. So when Mr Cullings keeps on at her she says why doesn’t he try Chloe.
Joanna says she thinks maybe Chloe is doing it already. Joanna doesn’t really think this — although Chloe might be. Chloe says she isn’t, but then she isn’t always particularly truthful. About letting Mr Elsway bring her off for instance. So Joanna tells Mr Cullings he should try Chloe. The thought of Mr Cullings doing it to Chloe is quite exciting. She tells Mr Cullings that if Chloe doesn’t want to cooperate he should say he knows about Mr Elsway and he will tell her parents.
So Mr Cullings does this. George Cullings very much likes the idea of fucking Chloe, who of course is a very attractive 17-year-old. And being the daughter of a mere farm worker, well, probably she is doing it already. Especially with this business about the vicar. So he sees Chloe and puts the screws on her. And as she is only the daughter of a farm worker he can be more positive than with the daughter of his fellow-middle-class neighbour. More forceful. So that although Chloe doesn’t want to, he does it anyway. Screws her.
He does it a couple of times. And then Chloe panics. She thinks she is pregnant and tells her mother. Who tells her father. In fact Chloe isn’t pregnant at all. Partly out of relief perhaps that his daughter isn’t pregnant, Chloe’s dad gives her a belting. Takes his broad leather belt to Chloe’s bottom. Up in her room with Chloe spread face-down over her bed. With her skirt off and her knickers down.
Partly as a result of the belting, in the emotional aftermath, Chloe tearfully tells her mother everything. About Mr Elsway and also about Joanna’s involvement. Joanna’s involvement with the vicar and also that it was Joanna who told Mr Cullings so that he could put the screws on her.
And then Chloe tells Joanna she has told her mother. In fact Mrs Stevens has decided there is not a lot she can do about it all. She could presumably shop Mr Elsway but he is the vicar. And she could go and see Joanna’s mother but she decides not to do this either. Chloe has of course already been told she is not to let Mr Cullings screw her any more, and presumably he won’t pressurise her now because Chloe’s mum could tell his wife.
Joanna doesn’t know her mother isn’t going to be told. Actually she isn’t all that scared. She could always portray herself as the innocent party. Although she would certainly rather her mother didn’t know. But there is also the other thing Chloe has told Joanna, under persuasion. The belting from her father. That is extremely exciting. Joanna insists on all the details. And then.
She goes to see Chloe’s dad. Mr Stevens. Phoning him, first of all to arrange a time when neither Chloe nor her mum will be around. Jim Stevens can guess what it is about because Chloe’s story of Joanna’s involvement has been relayed to him. Although of course he cannot guess what Joanna is going to propose. He suggests Saturday morning, when Chloe and her mum will be out shopping.
It is intensely exciting! More exciting almost than that first visit to Mr Elsway. Joanna isn’t wearing her choirgirl outfit of course, she has on her normal weekend attire of skirt and blouse. Bare legs with high heel shoes. And no knickers! No knickers is of course exciting. Going to see Mr Stevens wearing no knickers. No knickers and… that belt!
Chloe said it really, really hurt! As if it was cutting her in two!
Mr Stevens has conducted Joanna into the living room. Joanna has been here before, to see Chloe. It is small and a bit dingy but then of course the Stevenses are poor, aren’t they? Mr Stevens himself is quite big and brawny, no doubt a lot stronger than either Mr Elsway or Mr Cullings. Thinking of him wielding a cane is enough to make you have kittens.
He is standing by the fireplace, waiting to hear what she has to say. Joanna clears her throat. Conscious that she is shaking. With fear? Or excitement? Conscious of the fact that she has no knickers on.
She leads off. She is awfully sorry. About Chloe and all that. She didn’t really mean for Mr Cullings to go and see Chloe. Joanna makes a face. ‘Of course he has been making me do things…’
‘Anyway I really am sorry. And I really don’t want my parents told. So I thought… if you wanted to… you could give me the same as Chloe. That belt…’
As Mr Stevens takes in this probably quite startling suggestion, Joanna adds in a little-girl voice, ‘I haven’t got any knickers on. I took them off. To show th…that I was really ready to take it.’
`No knickers…?’ Mr Stevens says in a croaky voice.
Joanna shakes her head. She lifts her skirt up. High enough to show her pussy. Her brown bush. Then lets the skirt drop again. She steps towards Chloe’s dad. Has he got an erection?
As Joanna moves closer he repeats it. ‘No knickers?’ And reaches for her arm, to pull her closer still. Then, in range now, his other hand slides up her skirt. Up one bare thigh. Her flank. And then onto Joanna’s bare bottom. Her front is against him and she can feel the buckle of his big belt. And also below it Mr Stevens’s big stiff penis. Yes he has got an erection.
She squirms away just a bit, not enough to dislodge his hand on her bare bottom but to allow her own hand to slide in. To feel that belt buckle… and then down. Grasping his stiff organ through his trousers. Just briefly. Sliding her hand away again she mouths, ‘Of course I do…don’t really want that belt…’
But Joanna does get it. A couple of whacks with it. Mr Stevens says she deserves it. That is after he has had her over his lap and whacked her bare bottom with his hand. And also had his hand in between her legs.
He also says that if he isn’t going to tell her parents she is going to need more. She’s going to have to come round again. More of that belt? Which really does make you think you’re going out into orbit.
No, there’s no more of the belt. There’s some more spanking of Joanna’s bare bottom. And then there is something else. Mr Stevens says, ‘what you need, Joanna, is a bit of what our Chloe got from that Mr Cullings…’

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